Tarot For The Summer Solstice + Burning Brambles

"moon conjunct pluto"
Wednesday morning

Try this: 

Card One: Last summer
Card Two: Right now (this minute!)
Card Three: This summer
Card Four: Set THIS intention
Card Five: Nurture yourself with THIS
Card Six: Your summer Helping Spirit

Let me know what you discover! 

"new moon in cancer"
Our Lady

Who should they have been. Your parents. To have been better. For you. These are Cancer thoughts. Cancer questions.

The Sun’s in Cancer now. Mercury too. And maybe they were just fine. Maybe they were perfect. And maybe they weren’t. It’s okay to think about this. It’s okay to think about what went wrong and what Baby You would have liked. And it’s okay to get it now. “They” say we have to give it to ourselves now. Not put that pressure on anyone else. Whatever it is that didn’t reach us, what they couldn’t give. Safety, security, perfection. Milk.

This week in class I started some Tree of Life teaching (Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism – and I feel guided, not sure why it’s happening now)

and started to talk about the sefira (sphere/sefer/book/portal) of Tiferet which is often translated as beauty and may very well refer to “balance”

but I like this definition that I heard today: perfection. Tiferet is associated with the Tarot Sixes.

What does perfection have to do with Cancer Season? Because mother. What she did, what she didn’t do, how we manage our lives now. How we don’t. Milk.

I was telling a friend last night who also has her Mercury and Mars in Cancer (although hers are square her Saturn whereas mine sextile my Saturn) that the older I get the more I see the full dysfunction of my growing up. Whereas earlier I could see the good and I could see the bad, very polarized, but now I see this wider perspective-y picture. I wonder how it will shift when I’m a little older and a little older and a little older, until the end, until I see her again, coming out of the shadows to greet me.

Isn’t that heaven? Perfection. When the earthly claims and karma have dissolved. Today my priest told us that heaven is right now, all around us.

"moon conjunct pluto"
Ace of Wands

And today in that class (the one I’m in, not the one I’m teaching) we were talking about fire. How it cleanses, purifies, destroys, prepares us. And suddenly I remembered the image of the burning brambles from the Torah, the voice from the fire, God’s voice, and how the bush was not consumed.

I haven’t reviewed the text yet, but am remembering:

doesn’t God say: Moses, Moses (so often the name said twice), and then asks Moses to remove his sandals? I’ll have to check. Because he’s standing on holy ground. Teaching even one drop of wisdom from the holy Kabbalah is holy ground.

The burning bramble story is part of the Exodus story. God is about to tell Moses to lead the oppressed Israelites out of Egypt (this is the abridged version of course). Moses gets his wings, so to speak.

Why am I telling you this? Because I think this summer, this Sun in Cancer season, will be a time of miracles for you, a time of courage, a time where you are asked the impossible (impossible to you or scary) and like the Six of Swords (which I kept drawing today in different decks) you cross the water, you get there.

"mercury mars in cancer"
Crossing the water

Happy Solstice xoxo 

6 thoughts on “Tarot For The Summer Solstice + Burning Brambles”

  1. Oh Aliza. You hit it on the mark again! You match my experience so uncannily.

    Today my husband was clearing out old VHS tapes that I held on to from my late mother and I thought my father taped over me and my twin sister’s Bat Mitzvah recording with Terminator II. I laughed and though how SO like my father to do that. (you can’t make this stuff up) But then I discovered I was wrong.

    I have serious daddy issues from my father being a Vietnam vet and an alcoholic who left. And I am realizing how much of my story is wrapped around his.

    Time to deal. It’s affecting my health through fear based reactions that have gotten worse with age.

    Cancer moon might be the perfect time to realize how damaged that little girl inside me is.

    I forgive him though.

    Thank you. Don’t mean to make this all about me every time I post. But I guess that what happens when your Dad is a narcissist.

    Blessings and love.

  2. Thanks for the Tarot idea! Got 2 kings, a knight, and a page! 3 cups cards. And the hanged man for my “nurture” card. Interesting I got king of wands for summer helper card, got him the other day in an advice spread… Hmmmm. I need to use Cancer season to tune in…

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