Tarot Fail: Moon Conjunct Chiron By Transit

Despite the Moon in pow yang Aries today, I was feeling some despair.

And I’d like to say that I don’t mind feeling despair. I’m all about the feelings, feeling the feelings. But despair is a place, a pit, right?  It doesn’t move like tears move.

So I decided to pull a few Tarot cards about a particular situation, partly to get my mind off of my big picture despair and the “action” card of my 3-card spread was the Fool. Good wisdom, Tarot. Thanks for the reminder.

Some notes I took in one of my Tarot books which I recently got out of storage: “anything goes, spontaneity, complete faith, total spirituality, change of direction, trust natural responses, believe in yourself, follow your heart.” The Fool is the flip side  of despair.

I decided to check my transits and oh yes the Moon in Aries is conjunct my natal Chiron. Likely this transit will hurt no matter what else is going on. The good news though is that the Moon travels fast. (Transiting Pluto is square my natal Chiron as well so today it’s Pluto square Moon *and* Chiron.)

Now, the Fool seems like a bigger leap than I want to take this morning so I will draw a card for the medium action because I think my Fool activity will happen tomorrow and not today.

Punchline: I drew the Tower. And then the 10 of Swords. And then the 8 of Swords. And then the 8 of Cups.

And then the High Priestess. Hmm. Angel.

These are Moon conjunct Chiron cards. Chiron is the wound that keeps on wounding and having the Moon there by transit makes you FEEL it. Usually you can repress it. You have to repress it. Because you have to live. Can’t walk around wounded all the time. But then the Moon in Aries (in my deep dark hidden 8th House) comes along to remind: I’M STILL HERE. The grimiest part of self we wish… didn’t need us anymore. The grimy part we try to starve who gets hungrier and hungrier and then a quick fire transit like the Moon in Aries lights up the dark and the cards show… not some dire prediction but what’s been there all along. She pokes her head out of the 8th House (or wherever your transit is) and you can either push her back down deep into that house, or love her all the more. Honor her.

Taking my chances here. One more: Two of Wands. Just by writing this blog post, I shifted the energy and I believe that’s how these things work and I think this is the sister card to the Fool that I was searching for earlier.

The medium action to take. Courage, says this card. Fearless says this card. You can think about what your next move should be says this card. And then do it.

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