Tarot Class Starts Next Week!!!

"venus in libra"From my Facebook:

What makes a good Tarot spread?
How do I improve my intuition?
Why is it important to have a deep understanding of the ELEMENTS for Tarot?
Why do the Court Cards confuse people and is there a way “in” ?
These are some of the kinds of questions I want to address in the Tarot class. We begin Tuesday.
Discussion based in a “secret” group here (Facebook).
I’ll be making audios/videos as well for you. Private material not available elsewhere although often my classes DO inspire blog posts!
I’m creating a week by week plan for us.
I’m not going card by card (although we’ll do a card of the day) and by the end of this class you will have a good/better/great grasp of this magical oracle and more confidence with your readings.
Message me at moonpluto@gmail

Four Weeks
Learn as you go, participate as much or as little as you want.
Yes there will be homework for those who love homework 🙂
Sliding scale is $95 – $150.

PS I also want to discuss the Tarot numbers, Minor cards vs Major, reasons to consult Tarot cards, the famous Celtic Cross spread, how to create your own Tarot spread, and more….