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Are You More Jealous Than A Scorpio? 7

When things are good, I like writing about my relationship. When things are tense, I like writing about my relationship. I especially like to write about jealousy, and the other night, on the phone, having fun, I started to probe. Now I’m no Scorpio, but a Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House likes to […]

Saturn And Neptune In Opposition In The Natal Chart 2

Sometimes I think (says Virgo Moon) that to love is to choose. It’s rational, says big bear Saturn. You wake up one day and choose. Decide. Today is The Day that I commit to love. And then Neptune says: I fall I fall I fall I fall oops whoops I LOVE HIM (or her). Sounds […]

More Words For Virgo Moon: Getting From The 5th To The 7th House 2

“Gotta be me,” he said. It made me pause. What the hell did that mean? Did it mean: don’t tread on me? Did it mean: he puts “me” above “we” ? Or maybe he felt oppressed by me in the moment, just this moment, he with his free-ranging chart. Was I squashing him? And, if […]

What’s A Virgo Moon To Do? Getting From The 5th House To The 7th 4

Virgo Moon asks: What is love? When someone tells you that they love you, what does it mean? To them? To you? And do your definitions agree? And if they love you with all the genuine feeling in the world, does it mean that they see you? For who you really are? Deep seeing, deep […]

Love Advice for Virgos And Other Worriers 5

The sign of Capricorn rules my 5th House. I am not the Life of the Party (according to Isabel Hickey).  I am Saturnian in Love. So what happens when the Life of the Party falls in love with… Not the Life of the Party? Dear Fellow Star Gazers, I have Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, Virgo […]

Wednesday Morning Astrology (Eclipsing!) 5

There it is again: the silence. It’s early morning. Early-ish. In the Big City. I hear the birds outside. Someone pressing buttons on their cell phone out back. The computer humming. My fingers typing. One cat purring and… my own thoughts inside my head, sleepy thoughts. The astrology? Read on to find out!