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An Excerpt From This Week’s Planetary Round-Up

So I just finished editing the Planetary Round-Up for the coming week, my new feature on the blog. I wound up dividing it into sections:  highlights, important aspects, how to work with the energy, this week’s visualization, this week’s ritual, tips for nurturing, and a thought for the week (like an affirmation but more than one phrase). […]

The Unprocessed Virgo

It is nighttime in the Big City… Are you ever so busy that you don’t have time to process? Can you imagine how this is for a Virgo-type, like me? It’s like being a Sagittarius who can’t find the party or a Cancer who refuses to eat or a Capricorn who quits their job or […]

Simple Advice For Thinky Types Who Do Readings Of Any Kind 7

So, like, you have to leave your brain behind. Turn it off. I look at charts but I’m also doing more Tarot these days, and what I do, what I have to do is turn off my Virgo Moon, my Virgo Rising, my Virgo South Node and run like hell towards my Pisces North Node, […]