WEEPY + HEALING Venus Trine Chiron Let It Flow

"venus trine chiron"
You’re totally on the edge of what hurts you, totally on the edge and you see at the edge of the edge that maybe just maybe that little light in the distance which could end all your misery.

Stop. T

hat’s impossible right? ALL MISERY CANNOT END but


there can still be a little light and there is magic in the world, right?

The new newsletter here so please LOOK it is about the Full Moon in Gemini which is coming this weekend 

But what I want to talk to you about right now is VENUS TRINE CHIRON which is healing love. OF SELF!!! OF ALL YOUR FLAWS LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF!

Venus trine Chiron takes all your self-defeating hopeless self-loathing, hating, all the ways you reject yourself, YOUR CRIPPLING INSECURITY, it takes all of that and…

smiles on it. GRINS on it!! That’s what it does!!!!

It may last but a moment but it’s a good moment because it’s so easy. For a moment. And unexpected. For a moment. Because it’s not just Venus trine Chiron EXACT today but also the Venus Uranus inconjunct which makes this ship bounce and feel uneasy a little motion sickness HOW CAN I POSSIBLE HEAL THIS RACKETY RICKETY OLD SHIP BUT STILL

the trine. The trine comes to big kiss you. Today.

"venus trine chiron"

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And Then The Letting Go: Mercury Square Chiron (Nov 24th)

"mercury square chiron"
From some experiences we do not recover. Life hands them over like terrible hostages. Or maybe you are the hostage of the bad dream that came to life. I’ll tell you right now what to do about it:

feel the feeling and let it go.

Now what does this mean: feel the feeling. 

I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean it takes a minute. It often takes longer than a minute. It can take years. But you feel. You feel that ten year feeling and then you let it go. I think we hold on because we don’t want to let it go. Because often it’s all we have left. Someone dies and our grief is what’s left. We carry it like we carry their favorite coat. I still have two of my mother’s perfumes (from over 20 years ago).

The blog post I wrote right before this one is here and has a similar theme. Click here to read. 

"mercury square chiron"

This weekend we have an exercise in this letting go because today and tomorrow could make you wince a little.

Mercury in Sagittarius who just wants to say whatever is on their mind comes up against Chiron and painfully so. It’s not just self-doubt. It’s feeling like nothing you ever think or say is okay.

Do you have a Chiron square to a personal planet?

You may feel like you are wrong or mistaken for even existing.

I don’t recommend being born with this aspect but if you have it, you have it and if you have it, you are a teacher. I’m sorry you have to live with this bloody broken heart but the only way to possibly alleviate some of this pain is to accept this fate and not isolate yourself in your pain.

So teach, teacher. You have to teach.

"moon square neptune"

The Stars Today: Graces

"full moon in aries"
Yesterday for me was an oddly difficult day and I’m not sure why, not sure what was being triggered but today should be better.

We have an upbeat exact Mercury Jupiter conjunction and OH I did predict today would be good but I think maybe I posted about it only on my Facebook and yes you can Follow or Friend me there.

Today we have Venus Chiron harmony and Mars Neptune harmony. It’s a soft sweet day of trines and sextiles and the Aquarius Moon is mostly well-aspected. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (recovery, grace) being supported by love and desire.

I drew Six of Pentacles for myself, shuffled, and drew again and it felt like the same message, an obvious one – Temperance. YES yesterday was so intense that today is for the rebalancing and as one gal in the chatroom put it: LIBRA! Right the ship today.

From my FB about today:

Tuesday is a special day next week although these aspects are in orb now –
Venus trine Chiron and Mars sextile Neptune. AND Mercury conjunct Jupiter – same day!!!

So two stories are being told.
Mercury Jupiter is good news for you
and Venus Mars etc etc is understated. An understated miracle.
If you blink you may miss it.

(And the miracle may simply be that you succeeded in not setting yourself on fire)

And I am trying to sum it up simply. Because it’s really really good but you may not notice the blessing.

It’s a day for –
healing of wounds. And in large part it’s about your perspective.

This isn’t about medicine or fixing. It’s that the right people show up or have shown up and they say: here. This way.

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The Security Of Insecurity Of Cancer Season

It’s still Cancer Season.

This week Venus and Mercury both enter Leo but this feeling of INSECURITY… I don’t think we shake it.

Now if I told you that this week will be easier than last week, you’d probably believe me and I believe me too — despite this weird Mars Uranus inconjunct that folks are talking about and despite Venus and Sun (this week) square Uranus.

What I think matters most (as usual) is how your own personal chart is affected. When planets change signs it matters and this week we’ve got two, so something’s opening or something’s closing and it will play out as it must and honestly I don’t believe this week will seal the deal for anyone. For me? I’m going 12th House.

There will some irritation for sure this week. But beyond that? The Full Moon isn’t until next week. Maybe you can take a breath.

Cancers, do watch my video for the week of July 11th. More videos to come today. Wish me luck I get them done!

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Transits Trigger: Venus Trine Chiron

"saturn square neptune"I want to blog but I’m not sure what to say. I’m enjoying doing the Tarot videos very much but the astrology feels empty to me. I’m not sure how to write about it anymore in an interesting way.

I can tell you that today’s Aquarius Moon feels lighter than the weekend’s Capricorn Moon. I can tell you that this week’s Venus aspects feel good and strong and loving to me.

And then I thought of something to blog about. The idea that transits wake up the pain that’s always there, right under the surface, especially Chiron transits and we have a Venus Chiron trine this week.

What needs healing? Venus will sextile Pluto and inconjunct Uranus before trining Chiron. Think of it in steps. Step One, Step Two, Step Three.

What does Venus Pluto mean to you?
And Venus Uranus?
And Venus Chiron?

What needs healing? 


Why You Need To Pay Attention To Jupiter In Leo Right Now (and Venus inconjunct Pluto)

"Venus inconjunct Pluto"I felt redeemed today, earlier today. The gift of nectar sweet truth.

Both Venus and Jupiter in Leo trining my 8th Chiron in Aries.
Venus is exact to it now.
Jupiter has a few more degrees but is in orb.
And I was thinking to myself lately about this — looking forward to it, to the Jupiter Chiron trine specifically and forgetting that Venus is there too, deep in my 12th House pounding away at the waves.

Keep your eyes on this one — on your fire trines. On what Jupiter in Leo will bring you.
Jupiter is at 7 degrees Leo now and will get to 9 degrees by month’s end.
Jupiter gets as far as 22 degrees before going retrograde in early December.
This is no small travelogue, right? This is MOST of Leo.
Then sweetie pie J goes all the way back to 12 degrees before turning direct in April 2015.

SO LISTEN UP YE PEEPS OF EARLY DEGREE FIRE SIGN BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE FOR JUPITER TO TRINE YOU THERE! (Early degree i.e. at least 7 degrees because that’s where Jupiter is now as I type this)

Got it? Jupiter goes retrograde at 22. And then goes direct at 12. So we are right now covering material and experience and gifts of sweet nectar truth and story and Jupiterean abandon that you WILL NOT EXPERIENCE AGAIN until next time. And next time will be different. Yes, it will be different.

"jupiter trine chiron" Venus inconjunct Pluto this week. And Mercury trine Pluto. And I’ll write about the weekend in a separate post but about this Venus Pluto inconjunct:

What is the inconjunct? I call it the aspect of dissociation.
Think of anyone  you know who has a chart full of this stuff. Sagittarius Cancer for example. Gemini Scorpio for example.
You kind of have to wait around until you get the part that YOU prefer to deal with, you know?

Let’s say you like Gemini style but not Scorpio style and you’ve got a Gemini guy or girl and you are grooving grooving grooving on her/his witty vibe AND THEN when you least expect it — or for months on end — all you get is the person living out their relentless surgical analysis of your personality!

Or let’s say you have a Sag/Cancer girlfriend and you love her nurturing caring sweetness vulnerability and home baked pies, but have no patience for her Saggy oblivious distractibility.

See, many of them are just as freaked out by themselves as YOU are. Once they get a clue that they even are this way. And some never do. The inconjunct is not about meeting in the middle (like the opposition is) — a seesaw which goes one way and then the other way and the goal is to have it level. The inconjunct has no such “easy” way out. It cannot be blended. IT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP DO YOU HEAR ME THE INCONJUNCT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP. NO SMOOTHIE HERE, BABY!

We get Gemini intact and we get Scorpio intact and FULL-ON. But only one at a time! And sometimes five minutes apart. Like contractions! It can be shocking like contractions! And I call it dissociation because we get shocked when the “other” sign shows up. And they get shocked too — if they aren’t comfortable with BOTH the energies. Some natives are and some aren’t.

Now, in terms of an inconjunct by transit? We will all experience this. Venus in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

You better worship Venus in Leo (let people have their moments of pridefulness or vanity or glory, earned or not) or she will be PISSED and she will be mean and she will toss her hair and slam the door and #byefelicia.

So let Venus in Leo be and do Venus in Leo. Try not to be shocked or annoyed when she storms in and she storms out with script in hand. Because before you know it, Pluto in Capricorn will show his face too, and he is less pleasant and he is DEVILISH.

Understand, Venus in Leo is ultimately a loving pussycat that you better learn to stroke the right way or she will scratch and bite — but Pluto in Capricorn? Pluto in Capricorn is ccccccold. And is the other face of this transit. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care about you at all. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t going to bother hair tossing or storming or loving or making a scene. Pluto in Capricorn is long game strategy silence master builder scorched earth master plan THE ART OF WAR. You think everything is fine until one day: poof. No trace. Not even a hairbrush. Not even a hair.

You have to give them BOTH your time and attention. Can you do that? Can you embody both Venus in Leo AND Pluto in Capricorn for the next couple days without burning anything down?

So we are all under this energy, this unpredictable hide and seek switcharoo and whichever one predominates in your world is anyone’s guess. Or mine! But we’ll all have to deal with them BOTH.

Expect a few apologies by week’s end ;)

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Venus Trine Chiron And Energy Astrology

I am loving the comments on yesterday’s Venus post and a couple people were talking about their Venus Chiron aspects and I had an AHA MOMENT — that I have a wide trine between my Chiron and Venus.

Never did I notice this before, perhaps because it is so wide.

But orbs are a many splendored thing.

I routinely take note of energy in the chart (wider orbs, poetic analysis) even when the numbers don’t match up.

Also, this trine is a pre-natal trine for me. My mother felt it. Venus trined Chiron and then moved on. This aspect IS in me. It’s in my soul. It may be… even more in me and part of me than what the average astrologer would see in my chart.

I love having a link between the 12th House (where my Venus is) and the 8th (my Chiron in Aries). The link between my spirituality and sexuality which I have always felt deeply I now see in my chart. No wonder I always thought I’d find God through the 8th House.

Know the rules and then adjust them. Get to know the energy in your chart. Are you mostly conjunctions? Squares? Oppositions? Sextiles and trines? What if you just looked at the signs and let the degrees go, as an exercise.

If you widen the orbs in your chart, what do you find? 

Love, MP


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