Advice For Your Weekend: DO IT DIFFERENTLY (Mercury trine Uranus)

"venus square neptune"
Hmm. Looking at the landscape for this weekend. A few details. 

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday (which needs its own blog post).
Moon will be in fret and putter Virgo.

Sunday is fascinating to me.

Mercury (retrograde) in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius are busy (of course). Your mind and your heart. They’re in a wee bit of “trouble.”
A wee bit.

Mercury trine Uranus.
Venus square Neptune.
Mercury square Chiron.
All in one day!

AND the Virgo Moon will uncomfortably aspect the planets in Sag AND Uranus in Aries. It’s uneasy. Tricky. Discordant. Sagittarius wants no fences and VIRGO MOON IS A FENCE! Sag says LET’S GO and Virgo says: are you sure about that????

It’s not some terrible gruesome weekend BUT we have a mutable mess.

Gemini fills in the empty leg of the t-square. Are you listening Gemini?

I am not predicting the terrible and the gruesome but I think you will feel pressured to… measure up, to solve problems and put out fires, to be THE ONE they come to and make it all better, Gemini. And, frankly, I don’t think that’s your job — not this weekend anyway.

Mercury Uranus in inspired. GREAT!
But Venus Neptune is blindsided.
And Mercury Chiron is that negative tape loop in your head.
Can we just cruise on that Mercury Uranus vibration? Maybe.

How to navigate all this and turn it into something productive which is what Virgo Moon always wants? 

Putter. Tend to the little things. Straighten up the smaller room. Fold. 

Do it differently.
Do it out of order.
Do it fresh and new and Uranus + Virgo + Mercury retrograde?
That’s the sky. It’s what we have. It’s good!
But do it differently than EVER before.

"venus square neptune"
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A Letter To Jupiter In Libra: To The Broken-Hearted Who Haven’t Found Love

"jupiter in libra"
Our Lady

I don’t know why you haven’t found love yet
, and yes it does concern me.

You aren’t the only one I talk to who hasn’t found love.

I don’t mean to make you sound un-special because you are special. You are unique. I just mean you aren’t alone in this. Hey, I’m right there with you. My love life is legendarily bad. Venus on the South Node in a t-square with the outer planets can do that to a witch. But enough about me.

I feel you. I hear you. I’m writing for you and to you. And I’m not going to tell you not to mourn or worry

but I do want to tell you take a breath even in the midst of that “party I’ve never been invited to” feeling.

Not gonna dismiss your feelings or invalidate your feelings or tell you that your own crap karma got you in this position (despite my own chart details!). I’m not gonna blame you. We both know that the hooked up vs. the unhooked up look alike. They aren’t better looking or more talented or evolved in any special way. Really!

I’ve got gorgeous successful forever-single clients. Or they had long relationships that are now since gone and can’t seem to find mid-life love. Whatever the case. Whatever the case you aren’t alone and I wish I had the answer. It’s almost no point sometimes in even asking the Tarot because the answers can be smug: oh you need to do this or that and obviously you aren’t doing this or that correctly OR YOU WOULD HAVE THE LOVE YOU SEEK. Fuck off Law of Attraction.

Dear Jupiter in Libra: 

You won’t be Libra in forever. HURRY THE FUCK UP.

You, God of Abundance! God of Luck! Soon enough you’ll be in dark disturbing relentless bottomless pit SCORPIO (I kid, I kid). We only have until when? September?

Can you PLEASE help these folks out? They are good people. They bathe regularly. They’re mostly sane! They mean well. They are smart and interesting and innocent and all the good things. It’s not fair. Jupiter in Libra WHY AREN’T YOU BEING FAIR? LIBRA IS FAIR.

Jupiter, I know you rule blessing so I am going to pray. I am going to pray every day until you leave Libra that my clients who want love so bad will find  GOOD LOVE.

Thank you.

Mama MoonPluto looking after my flock.

"new moon eclipse in leo"
Hanged Man – 2015. Pastel. Staten Island.

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Do Not Get Married This Week (Venus Problems)


"venus square neptune"

What else to tell you about Scorpio Season?

It’s dark. It’s quiet. I say this as the dog is barking next door and the cat is trying to jump up on the little table where I’m typing this. And the other cat just ran like a lunatic down the hall.

Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Virgo. It’s a smart, secretive sky. Spy sky.

Tuesday: Venus square Neptune 
Wednesday: Venus sextile Jupiter
Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars sextile Chiron. 
Friday: Mars square Uranus and a Libra Moon. 
Sunday is the New Moon in Scorpio. 

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun Venus but we’re in Scorpio time. Undercover. She makes a hard aspect and a soft aspect this week. She’s the star this week.

And OH how did I not see this? Saturday is the Venus Saturn conjunction. 

It’s almost 9pm and I feel like I need to think about this but let’s see what I can tell you until I come back tomorrow…

Venus Neptune is sensitive.
Venus Jupiter is hopeful.
Venus Saturn is realistic (or pessimistic).
Who wins? The Neptune/Jupiter love train or Saturn the Teacher?

I wonder if you know what you want or how has it changed since… last week?

Venus Neptune Jupiter is stupid embarrassing hope but then Saturn.
Sorry about that Saturn. Keepin it real. A damper. Be wise. Grow up. Don’t be stupid and embarrassing says Saturn. He/She wasn’t that into you anyway. You could lose hope if you aren’t careful. The up side of the Venus Saturn is that Venus can soften Saturn”s fear.

And then there’s Mars square Uranus which is completely out of control and which Mars in Capricorn does not appreciate at all.

Do not get married this week.
Do not get divorced his week.

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune, conjunct Saturn and sextile Jupiter. The way she loves is SO HUGE but then Saturn. Fear. Contraction. Saturn.

No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t work, does it? So Venus gets sad. Don’t be sad Venus. Scorpio Season is good. Scorpio Season is rich. Do your magick. Dust off your altar. New candles are in order. Sweep. Dance with your dead.


Part Two Of A Continuing Series On The Spiritual Life And Death Of The 8th House

"chiron in the 8th house"
Okay so this is NOT a new discovery of mine and perhaps not a new discovery of yours – but it is something I am currently experiencing.

I wrote poems about this as an undergrad – spiritual longing.

That was one way it found a voice. Poems. And then at Iowa, the same. Poems about the search for union with God. Over and over and over. (And then I think: what does that even mean? Union with God and yet that was the language I used at age 25.)

So really this is a rediscovery, a re-remembering and Jupiter in Libra is opposing my 8th House. And I have Chiron (with Eris) and also Ceres in the 8th House. There are other transits too to mention but I wanted to start with the 8th House.

The 8th House rules (among other things) intimacy and our deepest exchanges with others and I want to tell you that the deepest exchanges may not be physical or of the body or financial (we call the 8th other people’s resources i.e. the 8th is the 2nd to the 7th – the spouse’s money). If the 8th is about energy exchange then it’s about ALL intimacy, including spiritual. Closeness. Exchange. Union. (Oh I want to define my terms more but I just have to post this!)

Which is where I’m at now and why I tell the stories that I tell in Chat Room A (the Moon Lodge), stories that I don’t yet tell anywhere else but am starting to a bit, here. The revolution has started and it cannot be stopped and it doesn’t want to stop.

What I know for sure for myself — and possibly for many many Venus/Neptune people of which I am one (Venus Pisces, Venus 12, Venus Neptune aspect people): that ALL (yes all) love and especially sex is a spiritual SEARCH.

And it is up to us to find the right way, right path, right channel and from this correctness, the BETTER human to human partnerships of all kinds will result.

But I’d like to go a step further and say this task is for ALL of us. Not just the Venus Neptune people.

I think my 8th House transit is but one transit that is making this bloom for me. There are more including the recent Virgo Eclipse which was bang on my Ascendent and Vesta (exact).

To be continued.. 
Part One is here.. 

How Venus Is Your Venus (The Venus Blogs Continue…)

"venus square saturn" The fact that a well-aspected Venus makes it much easier for you to attract.

Self-aware Venusians will admit this. They attract what they want and what they don’t want. They attract across the board. That is the gift of the well-aspected Venus. Being able to attract (to draw to you, to magnetize others so that they GIVE to you or WANT you which often means giving to you) does NOT automatically mean that the choices you make (following these attractions) are healthy, sound, good, or good for you.

You may attract Mr or Ms Wonderful AND Mr or Ms Butthole and choose Mr or Ms Butthole EVERY TIME.

See? Your Venus is in great shape but your self-esteem, self-worth, still sucks. And/or you have Neptune goggles and see POTENTIAL of the person and ignore the fact that they are mean, broke, and won’t help with the housework.

Venus isn’t everything, but a “happy” natal Venus is a good thing in my humble opinion. Makes LIFE easier. Wouldn’t you RATHER have people giving you gifts? The “dark shadow” side of the good Venus people? Laziness, using others. Oh I don’t need to bother because he (or she) is going to do it. Venus WAITS. Venus draws to her/him. Wise Venus is self-aware and uses her/his powers to create beauty in the world without abusing others.

An example to make a point:

I get clients who get “too many men” and then I get clients in a man-desert. Both are unhappy. Both are searching and yes more often than not, the Too Many has that Venus Mars sextile or trine or Venus on/aspecting the 7th/descendent which depending on the chart may bring more SEXUAL attention than “marry me” attention or “serious relationship” attention (because other chart factors come into play). And those in a man-desert start to feel like pariahs and may choose behaviors that go against THEIR OWN NATURE in order to attract or seduce.

"pluto opposition sun"The Women in the Tarot are Goddesses and Venus is but one of the many faces of the Goddess. Empress, all the Queens, High Priestess. Strength. Star. World. Three of Cups. Eight of Swords. Nine of Pentacles.  (I would love to see an all female Tarot but that’s another story.)

Consider for a moment that the Eight of Swords is a “badly” aspected Venus (natal or transit). She has difficulty drawing what she wants — or she has tension once she gets it.

I was looking through one of my books from the Occult Library this morning and found some notes in the margin. Yes I’m that girl. I write in the margins:

Venus square Saturn: attracting restriction. Attracting cold lovers. Trouble enjoying what you have.
Venus square Neptune: attracting liars, deception.

Venus values getting along with others. Something I talked about in the previous blog post. Venus and CONNECTION.

Quoting Joyce Levine:

Venus is the principle of attraction. We typically think of attraction  as passive. Yet attraction is an inviting energy that draws to us what we want.

(Thus the reputation for Libra or other Venusian types as more controlling than you may think — this attraction they are “doing” is not passive at all but “appears” so i.e. NOT doing something on purpose is very much DOING SOMETHING just indirectly for whatever reason but most often to achieve a goal. The Venus square people have a harder time with this indirect accomplishment.)

In the plant kingdom, writes Levine, flowers are the reproductive part of the plant. Their scent and beauty attract animals and insects…. In the same way, beauty and sociability draw people to us.

I like Tess Holliday and like posting her images because to me she is very Venusian. She is a model after all, presenting beauty and glamor. But she is creating a new “ideal.”

Now, we don’t really need any more ideals of women BUT this one so flies in the face of convention and today’s beauty standards. She also presents more than beauty and glamor — she presents self-love which is DEEPER VENUS.

Fat women, big women, in the culture where I exist, are supposed to be hidden away, not thought of as beautiful or sexy (except as fringe fetish), and of course lectured about their health (as if it’s anyone’s business, as if thin = healthy). Anyway, Tess’ existence in the world and her very public career is creating a powerful trickle-down effect for me and for many women.

We LIVE in our bodies, every day. Our bodies should not always be works in progress. Oh I’ll do such and such when I’m thin. Love myself when I’m thin. Get a boyfriend when I’m thin. Climb that mountain when I can fit in such and such size. That kind of thinking is LIMITING you (Venus square Saturn) which is your choice but why not live instead of die?

That’s all for now, my friends. See you later with more Venus xx

"venus square neptune"

New Moon In Taurus Feeds You + The Scary Stars Next Week!

"new moon in taurus" I was just quoting astrologer Charles Carter on my Facebook Timeline — some words from him about Venus Neptune, the inharmonious aspects.
We are under a Venus Neptune TRINE (harmonious) today.

“In some respects these (the inharmonious aspects) seem to lead to more definite results than the trine and sextile, for they bestow a divine discontent, and a constant restless seeking for an ideal which is not easily realizable on earth.”

So the question becomes (one of the questions becomes) do these hard aspects lead to satisfaction or just more frustration?

He does say “DEFINITE RESULTS” and I can’t quote the entire article here and those of you with the square already know… how difficult your love life has been at times (or still is) and how careful you need to be with others — but we also know there is more than one way to screw up a love life ;) we can’t just blame Venus Neptune aspects!

"venus trine neptune"
Photo by me, from Tarot of the Hidden Realm

I will tell you this:
I have spent much of my life seeking
(The Other. North Node in my 7th) and then I found myself.
I know it sounds awfully corny but it’s true!!!!!!!

New Moon in Taurus tomorrow:
New Moon in BEAUTIFUL.
New Moon in EMPRESS.
New Moon in what you HAVE. What do you have?
What do you want? What do you want more of?
New Moon in Forest, New Moon in Earth, New Moon in Tree, New Moon at Home, New Moon Feeds You.

The Taurus that I have known are… patient, the MOST patient. No matter how much Aries they have in their chart (and they often do), they will listen to you. They will hear you. They will feed you. They talk to plants. They save plants. They hear plants. Their voices are sweet.

Just talked to a client who is starting not just a new job but… an adventure :) The Fool card + graduation + new job + the spring Eclipses across her 2nd/8th axis. I predict good things for this girl and the cards were spot-on. Love when that happens. New Moon in the 10th House in Taurus: PLANTING.

"new moon in taurus" IN OTHER NEWS:

We have an intense week ahead:

Mercury goes retro on Monday.
Thursday is nuts with Sun into Gemini and Venus opposing Pluto AND the Moon in Cancer aspecting both Uranus and Pluto. Expect the unexpected. Expect a tear or two. Dramarama.
Sun opposes grim Saturn on Friday (boo!). I am giving you a caution here.

As usual these days, the mid-degree Cardinal signs got their hands full.

You want sweet news? Let’s draw a card. I feel lucky ;)

I drew the Tower.
So I drew again.
Cuz I wasn’t feeling a BAD vibe per se.
What’s this BREAKTHROUGH about, dear Tarot?
Seven of Cups.

Trying to find the words here. Okay. I think you finally get the message. You get the news. The delay is over. But the message speaks SEVEN OF CUPS. It’s not all clear. Just the first layer/level.  The wait is over but a different kind of wait is in store for you. And I’m getting another image and it’s weird. It’s of an egg cracking. And I see you smiling. What is this egg? Do you know? Your smile is huge. Looking at the options in the Seven of Cups reminds me of someone counting their money but it’s not their money yet and they don’t know how much is there but the dream is of riches and sailboats and…

The egg cracking. The Tower. The wait is over. So you know a little bit more but not the whole story yet. That’s to come.

I’ll be curious if this resonates for you…


Taurus Season ALREADY? #teamempress

"venus sextile uranus"

So the New Moon has come and gone. 

Venus square Neptune.
Moon in Taurus.
A good day for romance if that’s what you’re seeking.
But the word MESMERIZE came up in a reading today and I had seen the Seven of Cups for this one couple and that made a lot of sense.

My point: Venus square Neptune IS mesmerizing. It is not stable. It is… not real. It’s a beautiful dream. Which is nice. Or devastating. Depending.

Tomorrow: write a poem. Don’t get married ;)

Next Week: is it just me but I feel like ARIES SEASON has gone on forever and yet I’m surprised the Sun enters Taurus on Monday YES MONDAY.

It’s a busy week actually–

We are under a:

Mercury Jupiter square (Taurus/Leo, which feels like an ego battle to me so choose yours wisely!)
Mars Mercury Pluto trine (Taurus/Capricorn, slow and steady WINS)
Venus Jupiter sextile (this one is super fun are you kidding? GEMINI/LEO FUN)

Of course I must remind you to check your Houses, because there’s where the action is, particularly TAURUS action (9th House for me).

Over the weekend we have a Venus Uranus sextile. Venus is love and money and Uranus is “expect the unexpected.” Sextiles aren’t trines though. They require your attention/elbow grease so I suggest you pay attention and get ready to DO something about that sudden surprising opportunity.

I like this week. I think there’s enough good and interesting to offset sensitive Moon in Cancer feels.


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The Stars This Week: Sad Venus

"venus square neptune" I was just saying on Facebook DO NOT GET MARRIED this coming week.

We have a Venus Saturn Neptune t-square afoot!

Venus opposing Saturn. Venus square Neptune. Venus in Gemini. Saturn in Sag. Neptune in Pisces. You do not want this blot on your love life. Trust me.

Will this doom marriages? No, not necessarily. But I’d avoid it if possible.

Venus Neptune (in hard aspect) can’t see clearly, idealizes, catastrophizes.
Venus Saturn (in hard aspect) puts fear before love, fears rejection and runs.

And this Saturn (reality) Neptune (fantasy) square isn’t going away anytime soon (well, Saturn back into Scorpio helps of course but then Saturn swings forward again) but better if Venus Goddess of Love ain’t hanging out with them during your ceremony.


The Impossible: Stories For Sagittarius Season

"new moon in sagittarius" I caught myself. Just now.

I was priding myself on doing the impossible.

I was saying something to this effect in one of the chat rooms recently “I have done the impossible!!!!”

With some pride bravado AND truth.

I just finished exercising and was about to run a bath for myself when I heard this thought in my head:

Why don’t try to do something a little easier?? Instead of THE IMPOSSIBLE? (As though I had a choice. Do I?)

Making life difficult for yourself.

I don’t think we TRY to do this.

Although a palm reader once told me that I did, my soul did. And an astrologer once told me that my soul chose Agony & Ecstasy (in regards to my love life).

I want a simple life.



A simple life.

"new moon in sagittarius" To do my work and be… surrounded by loved ones, human and animal. To make a good living at what I do. To make art and have it be appreciated. To stay in good health. To have holidays and birthdays and a minimum of suffering.

Too much to ask, Heavenly Father?

And I was about to draw my bath thinking about the impossible and the New Moon in Sagittarius.

I use this example a lot: the highest vibration of Sag, for me, is… my old friend Esther seeing in me what no one else saw. Seeing sooooooo clearly into me. She saw what everyone else thought was impossible. She saw past it. (Her Scorpio Rising probably helped.)

So let’s learn to do this for ourselves. See what no one else can see. See what we’re afraid to see. All we are. And not stay fixed in these little roles, little rooms that others/family of origin/the culture/family/ourselves keep us trapped in. Let’s go beyond this impossible. There is more for us.

Your thoughts?

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Faith & Problem Solving: Venus square Neptune

"new moon in sagittarius" You don’t how yet, but you will. 

You don’t know exactly how it will pan out, resolve, finish.
But it will.

Because things change. Because it has to change.

Your thoughts on this?

This is today’s theme…….

Under Venus square Neptune one may say:

whatever you discover, whatever you know IS an illusion, is not true.

(Sagittarius tends to pride themselves on their knowing arrived at through reason and logic but with a Neptune square? Ha!)

So I say:

under Venus square Neptune you can come up with ways and means previously mysterious to everyone on planet earth :)

Some of these ways and means will unlock your locked door…

Hear that? The wind?

The wind.
Or maybe it’s the sun.
The dust motes.
The traffic.
The eye of the needle
The shake of the cat’s tail.
The first sip of your morning coffee.
The answer is in there between the different sounds of your day. Om.
The sound the books make. Om.
Venus square Neptune is poetry is music. This is not poetry or music this is advice. Om.

Don’t give up on today. Search today. Seek today. And trust beyond reason (says the Venus Neptune square). There is nothing reasonable about a Venus Neptune square. Trust beyond reason that you’ll figure it out AND that it will be good.

Sag wouldn’t settle for anything less. They are stupidly optimistic, up until the last moment. You can probably see one of them now if you go to the window, or from the corner of your eye, down the road, jumping back on her horse, charging off to another land…



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Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship Without Losing Yourself (Part One)

"new moon in libra"I don’t know if men have this problem. I’m not a man.
I can’t and won’t speak for them. Not today anyway ;)
But I can speak as ME. As a woman, THIS woman, in a relationship.

To be free of this terrible longing and yet to remain IN relationship.

Dare I say it again. Okay. I shall. The list.

Sun in Libra.
New Moon in Libra.
Mercury will enter Scorpio but then RX back into Libra.
North Node in Libra.

Or maybe YOU WANT to lose yourself, hmm?
Such folk exist. I do not judge.
My Libra Season journey
My New Moon in Libra INTENTION: to reflect and write on this.

I’ve taken an informal poll. Apparently I know plenty of women who have experienced same. Even the same… emotional condition. Even ones who do NOT have Venus in the 12th House. Or Venus square Neptune. Or Neptune ruling their 7th. Or Neptune IN their 7th by transit.

Quoting someone here because she put it so well:  Please see me, please love me, please don’t make me feel needy.

Sometimes I listen to music to indulge this feeling. Because sometimes it feels good. I enjoy it. The masochistic 12th House. And then other times, well, there are other times.

"venus inconjunct uranus"What is it and, if needed, how to make it stop. I want to dive deep into this topic, make myself sick with this topic, get to the root of the root of the root of this lovesick topic :) Pluto, now direct, is transiting my 5th House. 

I do thus declare my LIBRA SEASON blogging obsession. It will be fun!


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PSA: Self-Respect Is THE Most Important Thing In A Healthy Relationship

"venus in the 12th house" Of course this is my opinion. Others may feel otherwise.

But if you don’t respect yourself, you will let others walk all over you, and you will go begging.

My Sunday Sermon advice: DO NOT GO BEGGING. If you find yourself begging? You’ve go the wrong man or wrong woman on your hook. You should not NEED to go begging.

(Another PSA: most of my new blog posts are going under wraps soon. A post like THIS one? Definitely will go PRIVATE. So please visit THIS PAGE for more details on how to subscribe.)

One way to find out the level of your own self-respect is to check out the condition of your VENUS. What kind of stress is she under in your natal chart? Is she too hard on herself and tends to feel guilty? Do you blame yourself for all the relationship woes? Could be a Saturn problem. Saturn likes to hit you with a stick ;) Does she forget her worth? Could be Neptune! Neptune gets confused. Neptune can also be involved in self-blame. You tend to disappear before your own eyes. Jupiter could bring an inflation of value but I think most of us could use a bit more of this. Squares and Quincunxes in particular show inner tension, uncertainty. You don’t trust yourself. Venus Uranus is going to make you run or feel restless and thus you will often fall for runners so THEY leave instead of you. So many ways to talk about Venus but I want to get back to my Sermon :)

If you find yourself in a hamster wheel relationship, having the same fights over and over again, having the same THOUGHTS over and over again (you aren’t even WITH your love but are obsessing), I want you to focus on these three things:

-stopping. If it’s an interaction, you must stop the interaction. Example: never bring up THAT topic again which gets you nowhere every single time. Instead, back away. Stop sending emails into the void. Shore up your boundaries and stop opening up the wound. Different story if they bring it up and actually have an action plan. My advice for you though — O Obsessed One — is to practice stopping. And I am talking about self control and mindful awareness. Stop yourself before you start that fight again, before you push to a painful point. Sometimes in my own relationships there would be topics that I would beat to death. Why? Because those topics would NEVER get solved. And I am INCAPABLE of pretending that everything is fine when it’s not. But eventually I learn to back away. Distance is helpful in this case. Whether you live with the person or not, create mental and physical SPACE around you. For your own sanity. You may say: but MoonPluto is this possible?? Yes it is. Takes a little time, patience, and discipline. You can do it.

-no begging. Why don’t you love meeeeeeee?? Why don’t you want meeeeeee?? Trust me, if you are at the point where you have to ask the person these questions then you don’t even want to know the answers. You’ve hit a wall. Okay, my three points here definitely connect but I wanted to list them separately. If you start to witness yourself begging, you have to stop. A self-respecting woman or man doesn’t beg. Doesn’t go chasing after others who don’t want you. “But baby WHY don’t you do such and such for me? Why aren’t you acting in such and such a way for me?” Bottom line: they aren’t. They aren’t acting the way you want. And maybe you are TOTALLY right and they are fucking up OR fucked up. Or perhaps it’s simple incompatibility. Or ridiculous expectations. Begging gets you nowhere and it decreases your self-respect. Stop chasing people who do NOT want to be with you. How do you know if someone wants to be with you? They give you clear undiluted ACTION. Words are frosting but it’s action we want to see. Consistent action that takes into account… YOU.

I dated a guy once with zero sex drive for me (or in general — who knows…). He kept swearing he was attracted to me!! But there was always an excuse for his lack of sexual expression or initiation. I had hurt his feelings and this decreased his desire. Or I was too angry. And YEAH I was angry. Because I got involved with someone (fell in love/emotionally attached) who had no dick for me! And oh boy I had passion for him. I used to initiate all the time. He RARELY initiated. And sometimes he would even refuse me. Or just not notice me as a sexual being. And we would FIGHT about this. It was maddening! There I was, in a close relationship with someone, fighting for them to show sexual desire for me. You can see how messed up this is. And messed up it can make you, even after you piece back together your sexual self-esteem. Advice: Find people who actually WANT what you want. And don’t take their rejection of you personally. Eventually, I got wise and backed away — but after a lot of pain and confusion. I kept TRYING. Sometimes we have to stop trying. Or try differently. Or just fucking walk away.

-self respect. You have to have self-respect. And if you have no clue what this is… well, use your feelings as your guide. I know you can feel that dip, when you dip below what feels right for you. But sometimes you just keep going, diving into the wreck (to quote Adrienne Rich). Yeah, think of self-respect as a feeling. I trust that you can tell when you are violating your own code. It will show up in your body.

Also please think about your Venus. What aspects do you have and to what planets and what themes arise? Do you go PLUTO? Does love become about who has the most control or power? My readers know I have Venus in the 12th House and one of my life’s goals is to… well it’s not even always about boundaries. I think I DO know how to say NO. And to fight for my boundary. But another insidious Venus problem can be CONFUSION i.e. what actually happened, what actually IS happening… Not trusting your own reality.

Okay, my friends, this blog post has gone on for long enough. Please read below for the latest in MoonPlutoNews.

Love, MP

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Venus Square Neptune, October 10th

I admit I’m in Cloudland.

We got married yesterday and twice so far I have used the phrase “my husband” in writing.

I like this. Wait. Maybe three times. I like this a lot.

We got married under an applying Venus Neptune square but I don’t mind this so much.

I know this energy well. I have it in my natal. In fact, I have Venus Neptune sprinkled all over my damn chart. And it no doubt explains a little of my Cloudland in this sense —  my ability, yesterday, to FEEL the presence of angels, guides, spirits. Blessings. As real as my fingers typing on this lovely computer. It was so strong. It’s still with me.

Venus Neptune, my friends, is nothing if not REAL. 

I do not believe we can have happy & functioning relationships without our outer planets participation.

We need the thrill of Uranus. The expectorant of Pluto. The good news of Jupiter. The limitation (forsaking all others) of Saturn. And also the mystery-solitude-illumination-inspiration of Neptune.

I can truly enjoy missing my husband when I am away or he is away BECAUSE he is mine. Not because I am longing and pining. That would be sad Neptune, masochistic Neptune. And I’ve had ENOUGH of that for one lifetime.

I know you may feel differently. You may feel the hurt-so-good-divine-discontnent-hurt me and I’ll hurt you back is plenty nourishing. And that’s your right of course. Such bloodlettings and angsty evenings are rich fodder for poems and songs and masturbation ;)

But for me? I had to not only commit in real time, real life (not easy, not trying to make it sound easy) to one real human, but also to bid adieu to any and all ghostly demarcations and supposedly keener sounds (Sorry Wallace Stevens!).

I need to write one of those SEVEN TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP blog posts. Next time, next time.

Love, MP


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Welcome To Your New Moon In Libra Support Group

So we are all recovering from the New Moon in Libra. (Well, some of us.)

The Sun and Moon have been opposing not just transiting Uranus but, for me, my natal Chiron and my Chiron does not like poking and prodding. My Chiron prefers to be left alone in my 8th House.

But enough about me…

How’s your weekend going?

The Moon doesn’t enter Scorpio until tomorrow morning (in the wee hours in the Big City) and we have a whole slew of Moony aspects as well as Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto. DEEP THOUGHTS and deep feelings. THE WELL. A good day for psychic readings, giving or getting.

Definitely keep your eye on this Mercury. The retrograde beings on the 21st! You want to find your Scorpio House and… do a little self-inquiry, even some prediction.

What will return? What will renew? What will review? Scorpio can be paranoid though so watch out for that. Be keen without cruelty.

Monday, the 7th: Venus enters Sagittarius. A good time to explore LIFE and LOVE again. Very Fool card to me. If you’ve been feeling drowny and stagnant, for god’s sake get out of the house. Go for a walk. Have fun.

Tuesday, the 8th: Mercury conjoins Saturn. A serious day with a nod to what the retrograde period is about to you. Take it seriously. Seriously. Serious peeps, this is YOUR DAY! Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, the 9th: Moon in Sagittarius as antidote to Tuesday’s heavyosity

Thursday, the 10th: VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE. I have this in my natal. Romantics among us will LOVE this day (and this week actually, as the aspect applies). Daydream to your heart’s content. Fantasize a pirate ship, a stowaway, a desert island, a love supreme, the Orient Express, the top of the mountain, expedition to your heart’s content, little snowy cabin at sunset. Imagine. AND PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT i.e. don’t feel guilty about it. I will listen to my Hope Sandoval and stare off into space, pondering my Beloved. Drift, dream, drift dream, eat ice cream, drift, dream, write a poem, read a poem, drift, dream, eat ice cream.

WEEKEND: SUN squares JUPITER aww yeah. THIS IS THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. And the answer could very well emerge from inside you. It’s not from any outside source or recognition. It’s a quiet, inner knowing that… FREAKS YOUR SHIT OUT. Why? Because it matters so much. Because it’s the Sun (you) and Jupiter (HUGE). This excitement could even be over that new brand of kale chip the store down the street is selling. See, it’s all very personal. Basically, your HOPE comes back. Your kale chip hope.




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Love, MP


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How to best use and not abuse this massive energy attack in your life.

Mars will be spending 7 months in one (maybe two) houses of your chart. What the hell?

Manage and master this FORCE for good. Libra = love and relationships and keeping the peace.

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Stop Trying To Fix It: Venus And Her Squares

I posted this in the Venus Mars classroom this morning.

Stray thought on Day 6/July 27th/Saturday

A different way to work with squares to Venus. Not to try to fix them. We talk so much about healing the squares. Even I do. How to get over this, how to get over that. It can get exhausting. Squares also exhaust because of the tension inside. Squares force us to want to self improve. If you have Venus squares, you can take the pressure off by looking away, by doing something different, by not engaging, by taking breaks. 

What if you just let the squares BE THERE without trying to fix them. More acceptance would be VERY VENUS. 

And then you have to have people in your life who fit with your squares. If you have a Venus Saturn square, then you probably need some decent Saturnian people in your life – older, wiser, mature, colder even. Less hot and demanding. Venus square Neptune needs romantics and idealists. Venus Pluto needs dramatic energy sources to tap into. Venus Mars needs MEN or male energy. 

I often think of Venus squares as causing “romantic” problems, relationship problems but if the Venus square person can step back and stop trying to fix their squares and LOVE THEMSELVES anyway, it will relieve some pressure. Stop trying to be the perfect ideal Venus for anyone and everyone. That is the low side of too much Libra. The self disappears.


See? This is what you’re missing ;) We’ve got another week in the Venus Mars class and I am pondering doing a GODDESS ASTEROID course next. Similar format. Probably just a week though. Are you interested? Email me. I’d probably be doing this one on my own and using Demetra George’s awesome book (cutting and pasting from there) as my guide but of course jumping off into my own theories.

Love, MP

Full Moon In Capricorn: Ten Of Cups?? Yes!

Oh we got a lot going on.

Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow. Mercury goes retrograde next week. Jupiter enters Cancer next week.

The Sun in Cancer is ***already*** trining Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and damn Jupiter is too ALREADY, even at 29 degrees Gemini.

Do you have a sense at all of what this summer’s Grand Trine in water signs means for you? Big picture, little picture. How are you FEELING?

Jupiter in Cancer on the 25th. Sun trine Saturn and Neptune AND Mercury going retrograde on the 26th. Busy busy busy. On the 27th, Venus enters loving Leo.

Sometimes I don’t have an analysis for you. I’m just observing. Of course I can point out the early degrees of the water signs are where you should pay attention but I think this is bigger than that. It feels, it is, major.

And my heart goes out to the Scorpios, especially the Pluto in Scorpio peeps with Saturn up their asses. Saturn goes direct July 8th. This is good.


Matchmaking is hard work! Whew. No details revealed here. Protecting the innocent. But I was trying to match up a bachelor a couple weeks ago and they are currently chatting. No pressure from me but who knows?

The other love topic on my mind is a Saturn Neptune one. How hard it is for so many of us to choose Saturn i.e. REALITY over Neptune, fantasy and no it doesn’t have to be either/or BUT I do have these two in opposition in my chart.

And recently I, yes I, made such a choice. I chose not to indulge my Neptune side and… it took PRACTICE. To be real. Over and over and over. Because my habit, my tendency, my nature would be to… go for the lover who isn’t showing up. The lover who left. And… not cling to the one who is there.

The good news is we get older. The good news is we can change. Even a Venus in the 12th House square Neptune :)


I want to draw just one card for the Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn.

Hmm drew a card that I drew for someone earlier today: the 10 of Cups. Be ambitious about fulfilling your emotional needs :) Work hard at it. Closer than you think. Full Moons are about fulfillment, culmination, endings. The ending could be… an end to your sorrow.

In my chat room, one of the gals was making some Solstice/Full Moon resolutions. I decided I wanted to give up a certain obsession which is interesting because today I was super duper obsessed and got really upset about it. Not so easy. How to live with… what we don’t want to live with. Is this another Saturn/Neptune question? But in this case it’s too much Saturn, too much harshness. To much focus on lack, on dis-ease. We all need a little escape.

You know where I’m going with this, right? Saturn and Neptune are trining now and whoo hoo here comes the Sun and here comes Jupiter and water signs exist to sympathize and empathize and heal and SAVE YOU SAVE YOU SAVE YOU.

Believe (says Jupiter) that it is possible to be whole again. Or for the first time? Hmm.

Love, MP


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How To Handle Your Neptune Lover (From Earth Girl)

Hello and Good Morning, my darlings :)

Writing to you from the Big City, Monday Morning Moon in Cancer. How are you?

Coffee’s brewing and I’m in a pretty good mood after the Mother’s Day emotional whirlwind. A highly charged day to say the least. We are expected to feel *one* way but I don’t think we ever feel *one* way about anything.

Oh and pass the cream please, I like my coffee light.

Which brings us back to the Moon in Cancer.

The Moon, they say, is at home in Cancer. The Moon “rules” Cancer. If you know anyone with this placement then you are likely familiar with their kindness, sympathy, mothering (not always smothering), hard protective shell, mood fluctuations, and bloat :)

Cancer people probably say “awwwww” more than anyone else.

Lucky for us, psychic, trusting Moon in Cancer is making sweet contacts with the heavenly bodies, a Grand Trine which means that… I think you’ll feel better today than yesterday, better than the day before. Emotions are flowing freely, smooth movements, even if they are tears. Intuition, too, is on target. Trust yours. Moon trine Neptune. Moon trine Saturn. Fantasy and reality get married and live happily ever after.

Bittersweet Moon in Cancer factoid: they carry their home on their back (like the crab) but many feel homeless, at a loss, in this world, always seeking safety. That’s the best gift you could give a Cancer… assuring them that they are at home with you, safe. That however they feel is just fine. Cancer is the most “personal” sign. They will not relate to you from the point of view of the populace but how life feels to them.

Cancer is “moody” yes. My moods can change throughout the hour but underneath that surface wave is a solid core and belief. I know I love you even if you scare me. I know I love you even if I’m afraid. I know I love you even if I love you :) I know I love you  even if I don’t say it so much. And so on.

The one skydive we have on the menu today is Venus squaring Neptune, an aspect I have in my own chart!

As I’m fond of saying, Neptune is illusion, delusion, confusion (and I’m not the only one who says this!) and in hard aspect to Venus… money isn’t quite clear. Love isn’t clear either. There are no rules of the game, only waffling and mist.

You have to work that much harder to grasp the motivations of others, to get a good seat on the reality train. The windows are always foggy.

Venus in the sign of Gemini means you have more than one option, decision, but… I think that may ALSO be an illusion. Still, questions arise: Do you love her or him? Will you make your money this way or that? Your head keeps turning. Keep your head. Remember why you made that decision in the first place!

Neptune in Pisces has good intentions and really wants to heal you, really wants to save you although the details disappear.

One of the biggest problems with Venus square Neptune though is that it feels like bliss. But there is a truth hangover like no other. You wake up and it’s cruel Saturn in your bed not tinkerbell Neppy.

“Murder your darlings” is what one of my poetry teachers said to me 20 years ago. Those lines you are sooo attached to in your poem, do they really serve a purpose. Are they making the poem better? Is it just ego?

Sometimes the dream MUST die. Sometimes it is good for the dream to die. Because then, only then, can we get real about our love and our resources, what we value (Venus).

I value clarity and sanity more than any dream. I’ll take a side of fairy dust but not for the main course. Makes me feel crazy. Can you see though that I am creating a binary opposition? I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my birth chart. They are not integrated yet. Oppositions tend to favor one side and then the other side. Strive for balance!

There are others though (not endangered species at all) who need the dream as much, if not more, than what is real. They consider the dream to be REAL which is happy talk to an Earth Girl like me.

I’m picturing this pit bull (that I used to walk) with a toy in her mouth. Don’t even try to get it from her HOWEVER all I had to say was “drop it” and she would and I’d throw the ball again and a new dream (and dream catcher) would be born.

That, my friends, is how you handle your Neptune lover.


Happy Monday

Love, MP


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Crazy Desire And The Venus Neptune Lover

A complaint I hear from clients (and I’m going to put this in my own words) and something I’ve experienced in my own life is when desire is merely received and not returned.

When you are given the High Priestess treatment rather than The Magician ;) The circuitry is not maintained.

And it’s something you know or something you feel and  people with Venus Neptune in their charts (especially the hard aspects or Venus in the 12th House) keep on offering that desire (at least that’s what they think they are doing) which then turns into sacrifice and pain and woe is me. Oy.

That the man (or woman) just takes it and either… does nothing (acknowledging or not acknowledging) or even, at worst, keeps you prisoner with it. Offering you a distant future in the clouds that looks something like the 7 of Cups. Maybe Baby. When I get my shit together. When I… do this, that, and the other FIRST. Sigh.

Poor Venus Neptune. She’s lived through this before. And before that. Probably lifetimes of it.

(And by the way, this is written from Venus Neptune point of view. I am not here to blame the object of Venus Neptune’s desire but attempting to explain a psychological process.)

Venus Neptune people recognize this problem instantly as pleasure challenge and it takes WORK and consciousness to change this mental heart habit and to begin to seek out YES rather than getting addicted to disappointment and emotional slavery.

There are many variations of this of course. I am feeling this acutely in my own life after having a phone call last night with a Scorpio (high school friend) who years ago (he’s one of those Sun Neptune Venus conjunct people) who talked a big talk (how we were soulmates, meant to be together, would see each other soon) and then went and married someone else. I didn’t even find out until years later.

And this leads me to another topic actually: be kind to your neighborhood Scorpios these days, especially the mid degrees, especially the Scorpio stelliums. Saturn is crushing them right now and this friend of mine also has Libra planets that Pluto in Capricorn is squaring and basically it’s a shitstorm. Worse than a shitstorm. If there was any support in that chart, I couldn’t find it. Except for Jupiter direct making trines to his Libra planets but again that’s a promise that may not deliver. I feel like Job he said. Decimated but still… protected somehow. I know the feeling, I said.

So I’m friends with my Scorpio friend (he’s got Moon in Aquarius, I’ve got an 11th House stellium) but can’t take what he says (concerning me) seriously because his words of love will enter my 12th House and build a garden there that will only die young.

What’s the solution? You, Venus Neptune person, have to become aware of what YOU are doing. Don’t blame the other person too long. Notice when you are waiting hoping longing sacrificing. Unlatch yourself from the boobie of fantasy :)

And the other part of it this is… if you are single and don’t want to be single, don’t waste your time anymore with dead flowers.

Try to get your needs met because lord knows they will continue to make you miserable if you don’t.

Funny. I am listening to a Pandora station and Bon Iver is singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Exactly. Venus Neptune keeps trying with her/his Venus Neptune tricks but has victim-mentality so they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Because it hurts so much, they feel they are RIGHT. Get what I’m saying? It’s my most important point here.

Maybe the first step for you is hanging out with your friends or going someplace new or internet dating. Do *something*–

By the way, I’m not saying that the love you are sacrificing yourself for NOW won’t ever work out but put your heart on a timer.  Pay attention to reality. LIVE in reality. Listen to what people say and watch what they do. Believe you can find someone who will echo amplify intensity return your crazy desire :)

There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing at all.


Water Water Everywhere! A Cancer Discusses (Her) Feelings

Dear Neptune People,

Is happiness possible for you when you’re not longing for something or someone?

I ask myself this question tonight because I do not find myself emotionally unhappy at this time. Nothing hurts. Self? Remember this moment. Because you will forget this moment. So remember this moment. When everything felt fine.

And I am saying this as a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars who is not afraid to feel.

Yesterday, on the phone, I had to get off the phone so that I could cry. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed. It was just something that I had to do. Awareness of pain. Feeling pain. Could not repress it. And I needed to do it alone. So I took it. What I needed. (Wondering what the air-sign Moons are thinking about all this.)

This Neptune question occurred to me as I put on my Spotify and chose a song that makes me feel that longing melancholy feeling but I’m not longing for a person. I’m feeling content. So that’s the question: what happens when Moon Pluto (all you Moon Plutos out there) or Neptunians feel… okay.  Water signs feel so much no wonder they get accused of whining or remaining in victim posture no matter what else is going on. They can get addicted to discontent.

So this is an open question for the Neptune people who, perhaps, in this moment, do not find themselves wanting but find themselves… at home on this earth. For the moment.

Edited to add: And what’s ironic is that while I was editing this blog post, I had a revelation and my mood shifted. Not that I went from content to discontent but I went from content (which was true, no self-deception there) to awareness of what caused me those tears yesterday. See, with Cancer (and other water signs), the feelings just get deeper and richer and colorful and dark-sad and then WHOOSH you come up for air like a big beautiful fish! (Rainbow rainbow rainbow, and I let the fish go — Elizabeth Bishop)

Three minutes later, the revelatory deep feelings passed. And now I feel content again but… softer.

How do you experience your feelings? 



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Venus Square Neptune: Who?

When you’re trying to figure out whether “he loves me, he loves me not” ask yourself who has consistently showed up in your life, who?

Not intermittent love. Not dramarama. Not maybe/maybe not/tomorrow.

Venus was square Neptune today which is confusion and can be deceit in love. But also beautiful longing.

Squares contain worlds.  But my advice is to go above and beyond the square. The way a short person (like me!) finds a chair to stand on, stretches their neck up, and looks past what they could not see before, into the distance. Reminds me of the three of wands. It just takes a little practice. And then a little more. Squares need our attention, our practice.

I was thinking about this aspect because I have it natally and I always check myself: is this real? Am I dreaming? Is it true? Is it not true? Venus square Neptune people may never feel sure enough. Like Venus Pluto people, they test. Aw hell, all the Venus square people test but in different ways.

Venus Uranus runs (but it’s not me, it’s him/her)

Venus Pluto dramatizes (crisis = passion)

Venus Saturn cools (fearing rejection)

Venus Moon smothers (am I woman enough? I will prove to you that I am!)

Venus Neptune disappears (hides the true self, doesn’t participate)

Venus Jupiter regrets (after giving too much)

What’s your Venus sitch? 


Venus In Sagittarius: Open Mind Open Heart

"full moon in cancer"Because the news is so awful, it makes me want to blog about something very light, a little escape, since I have no words of wisdom. Who does? No one I would listen to ;)

And I feel the need to make some space between me and my routine, what I usually do, and yet the desire to maintain. I don’t do astrological analysis of tragic events.


Looking for a little hope in the sky, for those who are interested and/or ready, Venus into Sagittarius this weekend is good news. She’s less emotional than Venus in Scorpio, less Joy Division and more Big Country ;) and she loves loves loves loves to travel, within and beyond her borders. I suppose there must be a Sag Venus out there who is a homebody, but I haven’t met her yet :)

Something I’m experiencing now in my life: Mars went through Sagittarius first and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  A sense of dread for me, heightened awareness (no doubt emphasized by aspects Mars was making in my chart.) Mars is war. Mars moving on from my 4th House brought relief which was then picked up by the Sun in Sagittarius (ah sunshine at home), followed now by Mercury and Venus.

Notice if you feel similarly. It’s fine if you don’t :) but this has been my experience. What I want is for you to get a sense of the individual planetary energies.

Venus entering Sagittarius also means Venus will square Neptune and then Chiron and all you Pisces peeps out there. Venus will square you Virgos out there. Venus will oppose Jupiter and you Gemini.

Venus square Neptune = the vision of love you are believing is only partly true which isn’t to say you are being deceived but I pulled the JUSTICE card this morning for the folks in MoonPlutoLand and my favorite interpretation of this card is about honesty. Being honest with yourself. That you haven’t been and you need to be.

“Hard” Venus aspects don’t concern me like hard Mars aspects. In fact I think you could be in for a lovely time. I know, I know, it seems impossible to believe in this moment, but I suggest you align yourself with the mutables i.e. you can keep your vision big (Venus in Sagittarius) but pay attention to the details of your life (Virgo) while knowing you are connected truly to all on this earth, for better or worse (Pisces) and use your words (Gemini): speak, write… if you are having trouble processing your emotions and the shock of yesterday’s shooting.

xo sending love xo

Just because. A video I was watching this morning

Venus, Imagination, Love

"venus in the 12th house"How important is your imagination when you’re in love?

And I’m not going to define exactly what I mean by this. I want to leave it open.

I had a synchronicity yesterday. I wanted to write about this topic, about how i need my love to capture my imagination, how essential that is for me, how reality, Saturn, is not sufficient, and about Neptune in my chart (Venus square Neptune, Venus in the 12th House, Pisces on the descendent, a Saturn Neptune opposition), and I had chosen a book from the shelf to read on the train, and was reading the preface which I had never read before and he says these words:

“It’s my conviction that slight shifts in imagination have more impact on living than major efforts at change…” (The book is Soul Mates by Thomas Moore.)


Your thoughts? 



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Lament Of The MoonPluto People ;)

"saturn in scorpio"I do declare, I cannot remember the last time that I wasn’t longing for someone.

Sighing and longing and hoping and waiting. Hello Venus in the 12th House square Neptune

My cupboard is bare. There are no bottles and boxes of aching and lamenting in there. And it feels kinda… weird.

Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio next month. From the marriage sign to the marriage bed. At this point? Anything is possible.

How’s your love life? 



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