Thanksgiving Astrology Blues Clues + Your Chariot Awaits

"mercury trine uranus"
Little moments can take you out of yourself, good OR bad.

I had one of these today – was feeling fine and then I got a “little moment” and I felt out of my inner peace into something darker and Chiron.

It was all Chiron. A Chiron moment. Here is a link to a recent Chiron post. 

And no surprise then that a Mercury Chiron aspect is building now in the sky and could cause you some small pain, some little moment of wound or disappointment — no matter how stable you actually are or feel. Chiron isn’t always present reality. Still can hurt though.

Don’t let it bring you down. Because you are more than THAT, whatever it is. You are always more than what you hate the most about yourself, more than your wound.

"Venus square Chiron"

The weekend looks better, much better.

Mercury squares Chiron yes but then turns around to trine Uranus. The “trine” is positive, flowing, harmony. Not edgy like the square.

It’s like…

you speed so fast, so far, from that painful place. Yes.

I remember when I left Philadelphia. This was after grad school and before my mother had died. I moved to Philly for a few months because a few friends had moved to Philly and I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I was 25, a poet, skill-less, a graduate of THE creative writing program and… I moved to Philly.

I stayed for a bit with some warm-hearted cousins (I felt lost) and eventually I rented my own place in some artist’s house (I felt lost) who had lampshades hung up on the walls, but it just didn’t work. I was smoking over a pack of Marlboro Reds a day.

I remember calling my mother crying (nothing new there) and I decided to move back to Iowa City (which I had always liked) but not before stopping “back home” in Miami.

I forget how long I stayed but I remember the Greyhound bus ride down south, how happy and relieved I was to be leaving that dirty painful city and heading back home to mom.

That’s what this progression feels like to me. The pain of Mercury square Chiron sadness becoming Mercury trine Uranus freedom. Freedom from pain.

And then to make things even better and more healing, Venus makes that same good aspect (the trine) to Chiron on Sunday.


So, basically, don’t worry too much if you feel sad and unmotivated today and tomorrow. Things will look up. Your chariot awaits.


"Venus trine chiron"

This One Is About You: Venus Square Chiron (July 30th!)

"Venus square Chiron"

So we need to talk about this Venus Chiron situation.

My previous blog post was a bit controversial, but in a good way.

I had people complaining, as people tend to do, but MORE people coming to me and saying YES and thanking me.

But let’s move on, for a moment, away from Moon Pluto aspects (although you know we shall return!!!).

Chiron in Pisces went retrograde on July 1st.
Venus entered Gemini on July 4th.

Pisces and Gemini “square” and the square is an aspect that you should always be aware of — whether it happens by transit or it’s in your own birth chart.

Keyword TENSION is often associated with the square, and I agree with that, but let’s go a bit deeper, briefly.

The retrograde status of Chiron at this time signals a REVIEW. It’s not a new issue coming to light (is it ever?).

I find that squares are so unconscious that they feel second nature. And they are!

"sun square pluto"
Ace of Wands in the wild

We just do those squares in our charts. We just live them. Whatever! It’s just who we are. We don’t question them. We don’t notice what they are doing but we should!!! Because squares tear us apart, hold us back, mess up our relationships especially if they are Venus squares! Eventually we realize we got PROBLEMS. And that WE, not just fate or other people, are a problem.

Here is a caveat for the haters who read my blog anyway: 

YES there are always exceptions 
YES you may experience your square differently
YES not all squares are created equal 

Due to the proliferation of information and astrology experts on the social media, I have to add these caveats – to save the haters from having to waste their precious time and energy from telling me that it’s different for THEM or for people they KNOW. 

YES, I am aware. 

"venus square chiron"
Ace of Wands in the wild

So the squares are DRIVERS, motivators — we want what we want and the squares get in the way and yet they push us —


they are drivers that repeatedly crash into walls until how the square functions comes to our consciousness. Over and over and over.

For example:

your relationships continually fall apart and not in a good way (and you may not even be conscious enough to see this) and you have your natal Venus in a t-square or grand cross in your birth chart.

THIS IS WHY. This is WHY your relationships fall apart.

And until you get under those squares, untangle how they function and YOUR part in the stuckness, it won’t ever change. Realize you have a blind spot and you may need your partner or friends to tell you, show you, without you getting defensive.


And you may have a Venus Saturn square and feel like: okay I’m not doing the low side (being cold, distant, parental, taking on an authoritative role, turning the relationship into teacher/student or some other up/down binary) and yet…. that Venus Saturn square keeps Venus’ love (for herself and others) all seized up, cold, and afraid.

Be vigilant about your squares, people. Put them under the microscope. Sometimes I counsel people to toss the microscope but your squares need it. It’s like allergies. You could die if you let your guard down.

"venus square chiron"
Squares operate like this

While Venus is in Gemini, Venus will square Chiron (and Neptune, but Chiron is the one on my mind today).

And when Venus squares Chiron you will get a heads up. You will feel it!!

This aspect is exact July 30th so consider it “building” until then. Building up to the revelation! Interesting on the same day, Venus is sextile Uranus (which is an easier aspect) and the Moon is in Scorpio. RESEARCH THE WOUND.

The truth or information that is revealed will be about YOU:

how you DO relationship.
How you do love.
How you do social life.
How you do girlfriend or boyfriend or husband/wife/partner.
How you do self-esteem.
Blind spots!
How you do friendship.
How you do all these interactions with others.
A painful truth comes.
Forget about THEM. This one is about YOU.

You think everything is so fine. Or not so fine. You think you are in the right. You think you are up on your own personal natal squares. You think you know.

And this: victim victim victim. I’m a victim. I’m an angel and THEY SUCK. Victim of fate. Victim of other people. And here comes Chiron to validate that! Chiron comes along to make you feel worse. I got no money, no love, no health, no meaningful purpose, no god, no this, no that, no man, no woman, no family, no sanity, no home, no beauty, no personality, no clothes, no shoes, whatever your story is, no matter how true or false it is. Venus square Chiron feels like that. Wounded and never gets better.

And yet somehow you are keeping your internet on, reading this blog. Even if that’s all you got, you got it. It’s a start. Waking up is a choice.

So Venus, which is about our survival more than people usually realize, comes along to square Chiron which destabilizes Wounded Healer Chiron from his/her healing and tending activities and studies and mentoring and makes Chiron STOP the healing and tending and fixing and studying and learning and forces Chiron to pay attention to…

her. To Venus. Poor Venus. Ugly and unloved. Not because she’s in Gemini but because Chiron is squaring her and that’s how she feels and nothing can convince her otherwise.

And then it passes. The transit passes and life goes on so the question becomes what to do for and around this – while it’s happening – so you can gain from it instead of just let it pass you by, throwing its bloody thorns.

Venus in Gemini likes to dance. She wants Chiron to dance with her. Clouds part. Love. This Venus square Chiron is about love, your experience of love.

You MAY need to start from the beginning.

Last night I was all up on YouTube searching for a good novena to St. Rita and I stopped by one video which told the story of St. Rita (a pretty intense one but hey she’s a Saint and they tend to have those kinds of stories) and she is one of those Impossible Causes saints, like St. Jude and I prayed because I got something in my life that sometimes feels like an impossible cause hell yes (sometimes more than one thing! Sometimes a a legion of things that feel this way). And I prayed and I prayed for her intercession (as I tend to do) and I got DEEP into my victim feeling. and it didn’t feel bad. Deep deep deep deep deep and I prayed and prayed and prayed. Pray for us, Saint Rita! You have GOT to help me with this. It requires INTERCESSION n shit.

And the rest of this blog post isn’t about Saint Rita interceding on my behalf – that remains to be seen – but advice for your Venus Chiron transit or if you have a hard Venus Chiron aspect in your chart.

Creative victimhood. Make something of your status, of your station. If you’re gonna play that way, then OWN IT. Have a sense of humor about your lowly worm-ness. Not that prayer is necessarily creative but it was an ACTION. And an action has a little core of belief in it, or a little core of faith. That somehow the situation can change for the better.

I think we can get so lost in Chiron in Pisces. Can feel muddled. It’s so damn vast. No boundaries, no borders. Just floating around in the martyrdom but when the Venus square comes along, your self esteem may very well rise up on a Gemini wave. She wants to dance. She wants to be pretty. She wants to talk! She wants to know she is okay and doesn’t require fixing or healing at all. She IS pretty and she does dance.

The square is like the thorn on Saint Rita’s forehead (you’ll have to google her story if you don’t already know) but Saint Rita wasn’t just a thorn, you know? She wasn’t just a wound.

You aren’t just a wound.


The Stars This Week: Imperfection, Uncertainty, Trust, And Connection

"venus square chiron"

In response to a client who wishes she’d never been born – and is having a dark night (or two or three) of the soul-

I said to her, among other things:

nothing and no one is stopping you from leading the life you want (and it’s true). Some of this is about making peace with imperfection, uncertainty, trust, and connection.

And also, I think now, creativity. Creating your life. This is such a different state of mind than fear mind or trauma mind.

Let’s talk a little bit about next week:

Pretty stable, pretty even.

Well aspected Scorpio Moon on Monday. Moon enters Sagittarius on Tuesday morning. Wednesday brings us nobody’s favorite, a Moon Saturn conjunction, but we also have a Mercury Pluto sextile which is perfect for… anything. Perfect for thinking, writing, doing, creating. Scorpio and Capricorn. Realistic, smart, focused. Thursday we are still under this good Mercury Pluto (insightful!!!!!) and also fun moon: Moon conjunct Venus and trine Uranus but then Friday.

Friday hurts when Venus squares Chiron (noooo) but shines when she trines Uranus. I’m sorry we all have to manage both but we all have to manage both – Chiron insecurity and Uranian surprise. It’s a good surprise though. You know what this reminds me of? That you’re in love with your new boyfriend or girlfriend and things are exciting (that’s the Venus Uranus trine story) and then you hear some news about an old flame (the Venus Chiron square) and it gets to you. Bad.

Brush it off and get back to work. Capricorn Moon over the weekend hasn’t got time for the pain AND over the weekend Mercury does the same, but in reverse (kinda): Mercury inconjunct Uranus but trine Chiron. Your thinking, your pain. It shifts.


Rest Your Tired Mind: Mercury Trine Jupiter (Retrograde!)

"mercury trine jupiter" The gist of a reading I did not long ago, today:

something can be RIGHT. 100% right. The right decision in every way and it can STILL HURT.
You can still grieve. You can feel sad and scared and full of regret and nostalgia and rosy Neptune AND

You know what? 

Sometimes the MORE you feel that rosy Neptune, the more right the decision is. The power of that Neptune shows you.

I’ve felt this for sure. In my recent past. I regretted a decision that everyone told me was right. They didn’t have to live with the consequences, true, but that didn’t make it less right or true.

Damn. Life is really hard sometimes. Really hard. But remember this: even when you make the right decision, it can feel crummy — for all kinds of reasons! Which is the reason why we delay making such hard decisions. The floodgates open.

We weren’t just under a Sun Jupiter trine today but also a Venus Chiron square (sad tension) some of you may have felt that more, felt that Chiron ache, but tomorrow you can rest your tired mind – we have a Mercury Jupiter trine (both retrograde). Try not to think too hard. Or problem solve. Or correct the grammar of others. Yes I know it’s Capricorn and Virgo but both are looking back back back…


Sun Trine Jupiter In Earth Signs: The Practice Of Hope

"sun trine jupiter" I am going to be taking a break from YouTube.

To see my videos, just go to my Facebook business page. Click on the link.

You don’t need to be a Facebook member to see these. I think. Not positive.

But try the link and let me know. 

ARIES AND TAURUS videos are up – for the Jan 23rd Full Moon in Leo. You can hear all about Taurus’ ORCHARD OF AGONY :)

Gemini and Cancer up shortly. Hopefully will finish them all today/tomorow.

Stars today:

Sun trine Jupiter HELPS. Hope. Optimism. Hard work! Capricorn/Virgo.
Venus square Chiron hurts. Sag to Pisces YUCK a mutable mess. Venus in Sag REJECTS all that mushy longing. She just wants to be FREE. Ride off on her horse.

Listen: what you focus on GROWS. You decide.


VENUS On The Loose! Wednesday, October 16th

An interesting and possibly unpleasant day for love and lovers. (Or relationships in general. Or finances. But there’s more to the story. Read on!)

You want your chains UNCHAINED but OW OW OW OW OW OW those chains are… hard and cold and spikey and are attached to not only OTHER PEOPLE (ew) but to everything you wish you weren’t feeling. EW.

My teacher used to say Sagittarius “only wants to hear good news.” Do you agree?

My teacher was a Libra who always seemed more than a little disgusted with everyone around him. Oh dear it is THAT kind of day ;)

HOWEVER, Venus in Sag also trines URANUS today and this is your Houdini moment. GET OUT OF JAIL FREEEEEE.

Fire trine fire. Today it’s fine to go up in flames (not down with the ship) by looking towards the HORIZON and into your bloody pulpy heart.

Fire = forgiveness.

Don’t ask me how I know this. I just know :)

Love, MP