WEEPY + HEALING Venus Trine Chiron Let It Flow

"venus trine chiron"
You’re totally on the edge of what hurts you, totally on the edge and you see at the edge of the edge that maybe just maybe that little light in the distance which could end all your misery.

Stop. T

hat’s impossible right? ALL MISERY CANNOT END but


there can still be a little light and there is magic in the world, right?

The new newsletter here so please LOOK it is about the Full Moon in Gemini which is coming this weekend 

But what I want to talk to you about right now is VENUS TRINE CHIRON which is healing love. OF SELF!!! OF ALL YOUR FLAWS LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF!

Venus trine Chiron takes all your self-defeating hopeless self-loathing, hating, all the ways you reject yourself, YOUR CRIPPLING INSECURITY, it takes all of that and…

smiles on it. GRINS on it!! That’s what it does!!!!

It may last but a moment but it’s a good moment because it’s so easy. For a moment. And unexpected. For a moment. Because it’s not just Venus trine Chiron EXACT today but also the Venus Uranus inconjunct which makes this ship bounce and feel uneasy a little motion sickness HOW CAN I POSSIBLE HEAL THIS RACKETY RICKETY OLD SHIP BUT STILL

the trine. The trine comes to big kiss you. Today.

"venus trine chiron"

What else do you need to know? Nothing. That’s it. Except that the new newsletter is out and the Black Friday deals continue TODAY!!!

Faith Without Proof: The Stars This Week

"saturn square neptune" Your transits emphasize. They underline.

Transits point a finger at issues that already exist, that have been existing, and possibly hidden or avoidable, in your life, good or not so good.

And these transits expose your shortcomings or fears or holes in the bucket or bring culminations and Wands of success.

Do not fear transits but know you must learn new skills and level up, even when good things happen. Find new strength inside yourself. See the events and people in your life from new angles. Work smarter. Take the right risks. Reach out. Leave the house or whatever your comfort zone is. Make sense?

This week is intense. I’m honestly not sure where to start.

Moon in Taurus
Venus in Libra opposes Uranus (money falls from the sky)
Venus in Libra inconjunct Chiron (just in time to pay all those bills…)
Mars sextile Saturn

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (words of harsh)
Mercury square Neptune (unreliable narrator)

Full Moon in Gemini (if you need peace and quiet you will have to guard the door)

Saturn square Neptune (faith test)

Chiron goes direct (faith test)

Moon in Cancer aspecting Uranus and Pluto AND Venus and Mars in Libra
PLUS Sun Saturn square Neptune

And I feel like I can’t even pick it apart piece by piece because there are SO MANY PIECES. I will say this though.

I think you make progress. In how you feel and in your perspective in regards to your Sagittarius House and the challenges you face there. The Gemini Full Moon shines a light and shows you the FACTS, what must be done. And it doesn’t feel as bad (until the weekend you get a belly ache). Jupiter is doing his thing over in your Virgo House but he takes a back seat this week or perhaps he is your silent strength here. But it’s like… Jupiter happens LATER, after you do the work. Funny to think of Jupiter as silent but Jupiter in Virgo chooses words carefully.

Sun and Mercury and Saturn square Neptune. Reality versus fantasy, what you hoped would happen. You can no longer ignore the discrepancy and I know you’ve been struggling. The difference is NOW you start to take action because you know WHAT TO DO. Mars sextile Saturn.

Sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius:


What I wrote on my Facebook while the Sun was in late Scorpio, this morning:

So we are under this Sun Mercury Saturn conjunction with Sun still in Scorpio. In case you wonder why you feel blue. Saturn in Sag puts the breaks on your faith and can force a routine on you, a job. Saturn is work and we have to work harder at the silver lining these days. The upside is your faith can become solid. I think that’s what Saturn in Sag is for. To make our faith unshakeable unbreakable.

But first your faith has to be broken. The way a broken bone or heart is stronger after it mends.



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Venus Inconjunct Chiron: Hurts

"venus inconjunct chiron" I feel like this week hurts —

Venus Chiron hurts. Mars Saturn hurts. A Full Moon Eclipse exposes our hurts, illuminates them. A Full Moon Eclipse, actually all the Full Moons, show where we are tending to get a little crazy — your Libra/Aries axis at this time.

So I better draw a card for the hurting:

Card for today and as a “shadow card” for this week, hovering in the background:


You have a choice.

I recommend to feel the feelings fully — and also do this other thing as well,  do the other Wand.


News coming soon about the new class 

The Stars This Week + A Week To Remember

"full moon eclipse in aries"I’m not sure how to talk about my weekend yet — so instead I’ll talk to you about the week ahead.

Remember that Mercury is retrograde now, in Libra.

I had my first taste of it this morning, some internet streaming troubles on two different sites. I trashed a plug-in and then downloaded it again. The problem sorted itself out, both sites are working fine now, and I probably didn’t even need to do the whole plug-in thing but I did, on no coffee, under-slept-ness, and weird brain due to the weekend that I don’t know how to talk about yet.

I don’t mean to suggest something horrible happened. I mean to suggest there was a breakthrough of some kind and it’s still breaking through — kind of like the ripples of an orgasm, maybe the world’s slowest ever.

But about the week ahead:

I do not like tomorrow’s Venus Chiron inconjunct (confusing and painful) BUT it gives way to Tuesday’s Venus Uranus trine. Weird week for Venus, weird week for love — expect pop ups.

A couple weeks ago I went to a show at a “pop up” club. Not permanent. Or think of it like a pop up kid’s book (my childhood favorite): in your face, colorful, made of paper. Love made of paper. What might that mean to you? That it is fragile? Wilts when wet? Venus has done this trine before but now she’s in direct motion, no time to waste. You’re in or you’re out.

Amazing to me that the Sun enters Libra on Wednesday already! And the Sun sextiles Saturn.

Pluto goes direct on Thursday and Mars enters Virgo, squaring Saturn. If you can’t keep up with the changes, you’re not alone. The Full Moon Eclipse is Sunday at 4 Aries and something is coming to a close —  let it be something you don’t need at all. The Full Moon is on my 8th House Chiron – I’m happy to dump it, this issue that has plagued me throughout the Uranus Pluto square and the Eclipses and Nodes in Aries/Libra. DONE! Chiron is a painful thing and Full Moons EXPOSE.

I think I better blog each day to give you a head’s up and keep writing –  but I wanted to give you the landscape today and remind you that our Mercury (mind) and our Libra (relationship) are lost in space; that Mars Saturn is frustration but maybe not as frustrating in Virgo/Sagittarius which tend to adapt; that the second Eclipse is coming and these weeks in between are nothing to place a bet on but do keep passing the open windows. I will if you will. And that Pluto direct means you can finally move forward THERE.

About my weekend: I think we were trying to out-walk our feelings. Know the feeling? But that’s not how it works.


On Continuing The Theme Of Mourning + Stirring Occasionally: The Stars This Week

"jupiter trine uranus" Monday: Venus Uranus trine (it still matters, still exact)
Tuesday: Moon in Sagittarius. Venus Jupiter inconjunct Chiron
Wednesday: Full Moon in Capricorn. Mars Pluto shockwave warning
Thursday: Mercury sextile Uranus
Friday: Mercury square Chiron, Mercury sextile Jupiter

So I kept getting hurt. My body, not my heart. The continuing story of. Not every story is a mourning story but FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN coming and we all know that Full Moons are deaths. Well I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart. Everything mending, in progress mending, very Seven of Pentacles, a bit of pause, no longer walks. Keeping up with body-happy-positive blogs and ideas, working with clients, and rain, New York rain overcasting. Rice noodles cooking at the moment, taking longer than the box insists.

What’s up with you? How’s your heart? Venus is in Leo. Jupiter is in Leo. Leo rules the heart. How’s your body? I’m thinking of you. I’m feeling a little lung pain in you. Tenderness, soreness. I hope you’re okay. You can breathe just afraid to sometimes. That’s what it is. I know the feeling. It gets me in the middle of the night usually and then I find something on YouTube to relax me. YouTube is really the best thing ever.

"full moon in capricorn" So what about the week ahead? 

Previous blog posts discussed the Full Moon. I don’t want to go back there right now. The week itself does not alarm me a ton. I know some people really do not like inconjunct energy and this one is Leo to Pisces. Presence vs. Absence. She loves me, she loves me not. But there it is again — the heart. We have to talk about the heart. Leo rules the heart. Leo rules the King and Queen. Venus and Jupiter in Leo and remember Jupiter is leaving Leo but Venus is staying pretty much all summer so TAKE HEART. Sing, whisper, hum to yours. Tell it stories, bedtime stories in a whisper. New good incoming stories and poems of love and starlight.

Mercury rules the week’s end through squares and sextiles, hard and soft conversations with the neighbors, siblings, cohorts. Painful sometimes. Or crazy. Or jubilant. Plans made with great faith. We’ll talk about the weekend as it gets closer but, again, this week does not alarm me beyond belief despite the downward spiral of Capricorn Full Moon. Take a vow of silence. That’s my advice. Respond not to the haters, graters, and baiters.

On continuing the theme of mourning, a little more about this week’s Venus Chiron inconjunct OUCH. You may want to be brave and puff yourself up all Leo style pride, but Chiron is a soul draw. Know what I mean? Not a blood draw but a soul draw, soul pinch. These two in aspect. Venus and Chiron. Like Chiron in the 7th. Or Chiron in Libra. You think they’ll never ever see you, value you. Put the right price tag on your forehead. YOU have to put the right sticker. And Jupiter makes it big, enlarges this pain. What to do? I was talking about singing to your heart and you can massage it too with your fingertips in a circular motion (because not everyone has a voice) but if that’s too much for you just put your hand there. Try it.

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
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I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

"venus trine uranus"

New Moon In Cancer! New Home, New Baby

Yes, the New Moon in Cancer may be overshadowed by the good news of Saturn going direct, as well as an unpleasant Venus Chiron aspect HOWEVER if you are a mid-degree Cancer baby, smile smile smile because this one is for you :)

By the way, Venus Chiron to me feels like you aren’t quite sure how to take care of yourself so you wind up taking care of others instead of taking care of yourself thus depleting your precious resource i.e. YOU.

I am searching for my own New Moon intentions. 11th House for me. A hope? A dream? A goal? Widening my network/net. It’s a question mark for me and I was just doing a New Moon reading for someone just now and reminding her that New Moons are ideas of ideas of ideas. Not born yet. Cancer is the mother. Something (or someone) WILL BE BORN.


Find 16 degrees Cancer in your chart. Find ANYTHING at 16 degrees in your chart (give or take a few degrees, on either side) to check whether it is aligned with any planet or angle, progressed or natal. And any alignment matters. There may not be a clear manifestation but it counts. It could be an internal change and internal changes often lead to… healing your life in actual ways so don’t discount any of it!

Tarot for the New Moon in Cancer: 

Queen of Pentacles, Strength, Ace of Pentacles: dang! I have not seen this Queen for a long time — for anyone! DO NOT GIVE UP! Two Pents and a little strength is what you need. This is practical magic here. Do the work and say a prayer. Are you worried about money? Or how to get from point A to point B? Solutions are coming. New Moons, seeds, visions, I can’t help but groove on the birth energy here in these cards but also taming what needs to be tamed – you must eat, sleep, take care of your body so you’re strong enough to get it done.

Love, MP


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