Celebrate The Wound: Chiron In The Birth Chart

"venus conjunct chiron"

Worst case scenario:

This is what Chiron is, in the birthchart. This is what Chiron shows. The worst case scenario. This is what I found myself saying to a client the other day: that where Chiron is – in the birth chart – is that person’s WCS.

She’s got a Venus Chiron conjunction. That’s how this blog post was born.

And forever and ever we get triggered, when something (a transit, a person’s chart) touches our Chiron (and any planets near our Chiron).

I said to her: as soon as you start to love (Venus), your Chiron (your worst case scenario, your wound) wakes up.

I hate it when people say: oh the worst case scenarios don’t happen because of course they do. Her partner’s wife died in an accident. And there was a man I went out with. Same story. Here then gone. My mother went into the hospital and didn’t come out a day later. And often the WCS isn’t death at all. It’s surviving something no one should have to bear.

This is your Chiron. Somewhere in your chart, the unthinkable happened. That house, those aspects. And you get triggered, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I said to her:

You can’t not feel both. Venus AND Chiron. This won’t keep you from happiness or keep you from love, but you must surrender to being the healer and to being healed. Surrender to help and helping. To hurt and hurting.

To find Chiron in your own chart, you have to know how to read your chart. It’s actually pretty simple once you know the ground rules. There are free charts available on line of course and Google is your friend. Dig around. This is also something that we can talk about in a Reading so let me know.

Sometimes I see a Chiron placement in someone’s chart and wonder how it feels to them, that their wound feels as bad as mine does. It reminds me of a huge wave. A huge wave waiting. It waits for just the right moment and then you see, feel nothing else. Only the wound. That’s all you are. You become the wound. Nothing more. And we all have Chiron somewhere.

Is there help or hope for Chiron?

Yes. To dive in.

I don’t think we had this language before but things change. What you do with Chiron is talk about it, write about it, expose it, share it. Make it be known. Open it up. Show it off. Maybe not with everyone but, well, depending on where your Chiron is, you’ll KNOW who you need to share it with. Don’t hide anymore. Let it be seen. And then dance on its grave. Celebrate your wound. Crown it. Glory it. It’s what shouldn’t be seen so see it. SEE IT!

Got questions about your Chiron?
You know how to find me. Moonpluto@gmail or look here for info about my amazing Astrology & Tarot Readings

I feel serious tonight. Gonna try to blog a bit more and then head to bed. Love you xoxo

For The Orphans And Other Pluto People: The Stars This Week


To soothe your Root Chakra (yes, soothe, not fix not heal), clean your house.

This can be as simple as a simple sweep but what I find SO difficult is, again, this perfectionism which is at the root of Venus Chiron square Saturn pain: it won’t ever be perfect. It will still be “dirty,” it will still be “toxic” but the truth is:

it is NOT dirty. It is NOT toxic. 

Your body, your home, YOU are not dirty and not toxic and you do not need a cleanse.

So this morning I was posting in the class about Crown Chakra because I wanted to start at the top but my search led me to Root and irony indeed I was cleaning my root, my house, when I got an IBS flare-up (hello Root Chakra) and felt bad about my inability to properly clean this huge house and as I was saying yesterday: it won’t ever be done. We aren’t ever done.

So what? What if it just sits there? What if you sit there with it? You and the dust and dirt on the window blinds? What then? Can you sit with it? Knowing what is there? Proof. How does that feel? To be “dirty”? To have an unfinished task? To be imperfect and wrong because having a “dirty” house or a “dirty” body is wrong isn’t it? Isn’t it? What if you had no reason to feel guilty. Indeed you have no reason to feel guilty. I wonder if you can let the guilt go. If you’ll allow it. Holding onto it is exactly what creates the sludge in your chakras.

North Node leaves Virgo for Leo in May so let’s get these lessons while we can.

I wanted to give you some advice for this week which is filled with topsy turvy energy:

Sun enters Taurus
Mars enters Gemini
Mercury is rx and returns to Aries
Pluto goes retrograde

If you were born into a family who is gone for whatever reason (they are dead, you cut them off, they cut you off, abandonment, etc etc etc) it may be helpful to go about soothing the Root Chakra in unconventional ways, away from the “expert” opinions, I mean this morning I quite quickly (oh not that quickly) discovered that in part I soothe my Root Chakra THROUGH my Crown Chakra. For me it’s not about NATURE or putting crystals all over my body or PERFECT WHOLE FOODS.

Crown helps Root, FAITH/God helps Root. Crown IS Root. See? Find YOUR truth.

For some of us the Root Chakra won’t ever be this EARTH SCHOOL IDEAL of… money in the bank, family in the bank, secure partnerships in the bank, health in the bank, every goddamn thing saved up and in the bank and Taurus Season is coming.

I discover most things through experience. I do some listening, some reading but mostly I learn from personal, intimate experience. Just telling you who I am. I know a lot of people who are filled to the brim with classes and book learning and this teacher and that but not me. I do not judge them. Just showing you how I am different. What I tell you is what I know from my experiences in my BODY. It’s never theory. So I learn a little something and I take it INTO my body and out comes something else, MY TRUTH. Absorb, process, share.

Clear light. Clear channel. Find the gunk. This is something easy to visualize. Where is the block. Start at the top and can you go all the way down in your mind? Where is the gunk? You can gently relax those chakras so they feel less afraid.

This week I recommend more stillness than ever before. Chakra study for fun not for self flagellation or finding new ways you are sick. Simple tasks okay but keep MISSION tasks to a minimum. Start but don’t finish. Have relaxed Pisces-flow-mind while doing Virgo small steps. Keep options open. More circles and less straight lines. Both/and instead of either/or.

Make sense?


Sad Sky & Venus Square Saturn

"venus square saturn"

This sky feels crazy difficult to me so I figured I better come here and blog. This sky feels like loss, feels like mourning. I wrote this on my Facebook timeline:

It would be surprising if you didn’t feel at least a little bad right now under this sky. These are sad transits. Even with Venus now officially direct this has been a greater season of loss than I could’ve imagined. So where does the redemption come in? Is it possible? If you need to cry, you should cry. Don’t hold it in and don’t wait for a better time. This is the time.

It’s this Venus Chiron conjunction square Saturn. About as brutal as it gets.

The only advice I have right now is to let go of perfection. Let go of the dream of perfection. That you’ll get it all figured out, ever. That your budget will stay balanced. That all your friendships will survive. That your house will not accumulate too much dust and dirt over and over and over. Life is this process of over and over and over.

Live small for the next few days. Live small. And maybe you will say to me: but MoonPluto I already DO live small.

I was at church tonight and I didn’t like it. The Great Vigil wasn’t so great to me. Discontent. How I missed the solemnity of the previous days of Holy Week. All this happiness felt out of step with Venus Chiron square Saturn, you know?

And right now I think to myself: maybe no one in that room felt anything resembling happiness at all and yet we were all there, gathered together, to create this THING. Everyone mattered. Even my small role, back of the church, last pew, mattered. As a witness to this time, this day, mattered.

And yet this sky — is it a death sentence or a life sentence? Listen: we need some guidance for this week. We need some advice. The Venus Saturn square won’t even be exact until next week and we can’t STAY here, in this space. We can’t. I can’t. So I’ll do what I do and draw a few cards for surviving the week ahead.

I do think the Sun entering Taurus WILL help but we need more.

Our advice for the week ahead? What will give us strength, if strength is what we need? Page of Pentacles. Work. Tend to the body. Tend to the books. Feels like normal life and this also feels like TODAY is the hard day and things will ease up. Will slip back into normal life as the days pass and the aspect nears its perfection.

Pages are messages. Pages are messengers. Pages are angels. I know this card is all about small steps and grounding but if you feel at a loss, then call out. Doesn’t matter what you believe. Let the earth be your witness. Patience. Commitment. Even if all you’re committed to is another day here.


Hello Mercury Goes Direct This Week (And Venus Inconjunct Jupiter)

"venus inconjunct jupiter" I have been very affected by this Mercury retrograde period but NOT in a bad way (knock on wood). Nothing broke (knock on wood) and I did, am doing, a lot of clean-up.

Finally going to give the blog a much needed makeover this month. Decided to put the Private Blog on hold, which may or may not resurface at a later date. Other work-life organization (Mercury through my 6th!) and forward movement around projects that started months and months ago. Classic review and redo.

I also have a health thing on my mind and hmm this could be Mercury retrograde through my 6th as well hmm hmm and hmmm.

How was it for you?

Mercury goes direct next week, Wednesday, at… one degree Aquarius. I hadn’t realized. Back so far.


In other news: 
Sunday: Venus sextile Pluto. Venus conjunct Chiron.

And I have written and spoken about this before: remember Mars? Mars in Pisces. Mars also conjoined Chiron and now Venus does it too but this time it’s a KISS. Venus can kiss and make better what Mars stabbed. Think about it. January 31st was the Mars Chiron conjunction. Ring any bells? Last week of January hotspot for something ARGH! Something that pissed you off or hurt you OR obsessed you, pissed you, and hurt you.

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours ;)

So Mercury goes direct mid-week. We have a Scorpio Moon and Sag Moon. Venus Jupiter inconjunct, and some gals in one of the chat rooms love to talk inconjunct SO THIS IS FOR YOU, LADIES!

Remember with the inconjunct:

they, the two planets, the two energies, can’t see each other across a crowded room, like your handy dandy opposition can. Think about it that way, visually. It’s a straight line across (with the opposition) but not with the inconjunct. It’s crooked. They don’t make sense to each other. They may be horrified by each other. They may not even SEE each other. But they MUST live together.

Also remember that the inconjunct is often a health/body thang or a money/resources thang. Because in a natural chart, the first sign, Aries, will inconjunct both VIRGO (6th) and SCORPIO (8th) (and you can add in all the other key words as well for those houses).

I remember writing about the inconjunct this way: the dissociation aspect. Each side doesn’t quite know (much less understand) what the other side is up to (until they start observing themselves). The inconjunct person has to do EACH side fully to be happy. Denial creates misery. But then there is this weird disconnect. Who will I interact with today? Sag? Or Cancer? There is no integration. It can be jarring. And it’s not about finding balance or meeting in the middle or blending. No Temperance card here. You can’t marry Sag and Cancer and have a Cancettarius!

But about this Venus Jupiter, the two benefics in this wonky formation that needs adjustment. Do we turn down the Neptunian longing and sweetness to make room for Leo bravado and showtime? Or do we turn down the volume on Leo because we must encounter Piscean despair. How is that possible? Really. How is this aspect even possible? 

A rhetorical question, yes :)

Too much Venus and Jupiter in general and we get lazy. Maybe we stop trying.

But with the inconjunct and this one in particular…

Think about it this way:

Pisces = 12th House. 12th House wants and loves to be alone, meditate, commune with spirit and love the Collective, love EVERYONE whereas Leo = 5th House fun and gambling and casual sex. The 12th House is NOT a silly house. It is many things but it is not silly. The 5th IS playful and the house of kids.


That’s what this week is for. It is for NOT making sense of what doesn’t make sense. Maybe in your money life but DEFINITELY in your love life. It just doesn’t fit. Yet.



I Am The Routine Bitch: Help For The Distracted

"mercury sextile saturn" I was just telling someone that I am the ROUTINE BITCH.

I love creating structure and framework for people. And I love working with procrastinators and those of messy mind —  although a Routine Bitch (Routine Coach?) can only do so much. I can’t make you do the work — but I can help you make a map and encourage you.

Today the Moon is Void of Course. Many of us will be distracted but tomorrow the MOON IS IN VIRGO ALL DAY and you know what Moon in Virgo wants? Yes, my lovelies, a schedule. ORDER. So plan your worker-bee-work accordingly.

This is how we, the Star Lovers, live our lives. We notice that on Thursday, February 5th the Moon is in Virgo AND Mercury is sextile Saturn. Yes Mercury is retrograde but that doesn’t mean abandonment. Aquarius is a FIXED sign. We hold steady. But we may be tending to items and issues that are rooted in the past.

Mercury (mind) sextile Saturn (work) + Moon (what I need to make me feel okay) in Virgo (work) = NO REST (unless your particular chart/experience/timing indicate otherwise.)

PS WEEKEND PREDICTION: Venus sextile Pluto and conjunct Chiron. Venus is following in Mars’ footsteps here. So a resolution or a new chapter is coming to the issues that Mars Chiron was stoking. It will feel better though, much better. Venus has a lighter touch, a kiss to where it hurt so badly about a week or so ago. 

The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Venus Pluto

"venus square pluto"

I am back in care taking mode. I am back to thinking I can fix things (people too?) which is not always the best approach but I prefer it to feeling helpless.

This Venus Pluto square has knocked me on my ass and… OH.

Just realized. Just realized JUST NOW. No wonder. My Chiron is involved. My 8th House is involved. I have been up to my neck in sewer and as I write this I am taking a metaphorical shower, washing some of it off.

Transiting Venus in my 8th House conjunct my natal Chiron squared by transiting Pluto. Love hurts. Intimacy hurts. And that’s putting it sweetly and inaccurately. The sewer metaphor is better. What hurts is when you realize that *you* have acted like an ass. I have so much Virgo and long for perfection that when I realize I’ve behaved badly, I feel ashamed. Why aren’t I perfect yet?

It’s like a storm sometimes. That’s what emotional intensity is often compared to. Emotional Intensity as a THING, a syndrome. The storms come and you lash out instead of… anything else.

And with the 8th House involved there’s going to be a high degree of stink but you know what I’m doing today? I am trying love.  Well, I don’t have to try.  I do love. Trying to pick up the pieces with love. Will not cut self or anyone else.

Did you have a similar yesterday? Or a similar today so far?

I feel like you guys like this kind of writing, it’s the kind of writing (I think) that I started blogging with — honest about the ugly emotional stuff.

But listen — this blog post is not just about me. Take a look at your own chart. Where is transiting Venus? Where is transiting Pluto? Any natal planets involved in the square?

I’m in a Tarot mood today. Gonna draw another card. With the intention that this is an ADVICE card for me and for anyone feeling gross (Pluto) or ashamed (Pluto) under the Venus Pluto square.

Venus rules love. You know this. Venus rules pleasant smells and beauty pageants.

And Pluto? Pluto rules the anus, folks! Pluto rules tarpits and tapeworms and horror (to name just a few things).

Put these two in square and…



Yes, smile. Once again I must mention, the Moon is in Sagittarius. Let that be your light today. No matter how wobbly and lost you feel, there is light.

And this lovey happy Sagittarius Moon is trining the very same natal Chiron of mine getting whipped by Pluto. See? That’s how it works. The hurt and the help.

And this is ironic: I put up a Blue Velvet film still for Venus square Pluto and the Tarot card I pulled for today’s advice was the Knight of Swords and this is what I’m thinking: whatever got turned around or upside down yesterday (or today) by Venus square Pluto… don’t build on that. Detatch from the horror you found or the horror you made. Choose Venus (in Aries) over Pluto. Move fast (Aries) in the direction of love and with Mercury in Pisces? Speak (Mercury) from the soul (Pisces).