MOTEL RECOVERY At The End Of The Year (GOODBYE 2017)

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"mars trine neptune"
This week we recover.

Christmas Eve recovery.
Christmas recovery.
December recovery. November recovery. 2017 recovery.
Recovery recovery recovery.

I DREW A CARD FOR US: Four of Wands. Something good.

"uranus going direct"

And there is FLOW to this week so I want to encourage you to REALLY check in to this deep deep recovery.

Restful *while* making progress. As though recovery is a place and time. MOTEL RECOVERY. Check yourself in, my friends. They have those little bottles of liquor and cable t.v. or whatever you need. Whatever you need. A comfortable bed.

Mars is trine Neptune this week. What does this mean? Passionate clouds. Do you hear me? PASSIONATE CLOUDS! 

This week’s Moon is Aries then Taurus then Gemini. That young part of the wheel. You are brand new.

Remember that Aries is FIRST, the first sign of the zodiac, spring buds. ENERGY IS HERE. Motel Recovery.

Do you feel this? Take this rest NOW. Why? Because the first week of January has a FULL MOON and Uranus going direct and other stuff. Other stuff.

So we are wrapping it up, my friends.
Goodbye 2017.
Goodbye PAST.
Goodbye PAIN.


"moon opposition saturn"

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The Full Moon Eclipse, Uranus Direct, And The Gospel Of Better

"uranus stations direct"
full moon lunar eclipse in gemini!

Prepare for the ride as Uranus stations direct. Oh. Wait. You can’t prepare for Uranus.

One thing you can do is pull up your meditation techniques! You have those, right? And ways to clear your energy, right? Sweep your body from head to toe. Sweep it. Use your imaginative forces as Edgar Cayce says.

I’ll tell you how I eased my monkey mind this week, my wack monkey mind going round and round and round…

The Full Moon in Gemini squares my natal Moon in Virgo and it also does for a client I read for yesterday morning but think it means different things for her than for me but a Moon square is a challenge to emotional stability, a challenge to the home, the core foundation. Remember the leaky faucet I was writing about the other day…

But remember: Sun in Sagittarius: keep the faith; don’t torch the faith. Mars in Virgo: it’s productive to fuss over the details. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: it’s okay to be mostly confused.

The time for defeat is not now.

I think it’s funny (not funny, but you know what I mean) when people say I give them hope because I spent so much of my life, since childhood, feeling hopeless. I was one of those people who would say “I have no bootstraps!” when others would tell me to “pull myself up by them.”

I have a lot of cardinal in my chart, yes, but even you fixed signs, even YOU fixed signs can slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly… ya know… find your peace.

Not perfect but better.

Thing is you have to find YOUR way and I tend to believe the Nodal Axis is one of the keys, along with Saturn and Uranus: Saturn building and Uranus breaking… your life.

Imagine that: breaking your life could be a good thing.

I feel like we’re on the ledge, the edge, the precipice, the Eve of something… important and new and… you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. And that’s kinda cool and kinda scary and kinda alright and kinda… hey. Can you feel that? I felt it. Just now.

But back to the meditation stuff: this week I really did keep returning to my breath. Every time thoughts came up that I didn’t want to entertain because they got me nowhere — I said to myself “thinking” each time a thought arose. Tried not to attach, tried not to push away hard — And I returned my attention to my outbreath and I did this pretty much for two day straight and life changed and the situations that were disturbing me got better in the meantime and I credit Pema Chodron among others with teaching people how to do this–

The Buddhists are fucking livesavers and I don’t mean that roll of round shiny candy.

I’ll leave you with this thought for the evening: all the folks who read here, the ones who comment, the ones who write to me for readings. Thank you for trusting me with your stuff.

The New Year is right around the corner and it’s like… tomorrow is the beginning of your New Life. Tomorrow.

So when the morning comes… be humble (for Mars in Virgo). Lively! (for the Sun in Sagittarius). Steady (for Venus in Capricorn). Curious (for the Moon in Gemini). Be really REALLY curious.

And let us know how you’re doing :)

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The Stars Today: Marry It, Marry It, Marry It

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
as above, so below

Be free: Sun in Sagittarius. Love the work: Venus in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo. Think twice: Moon in Gemini heading to Full and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Hold steady: Uranus stations direct.

And the Moon opposing Mercury Retrograde as I type this: what you feel, what you think: balance it. Swap it. Marry it. Marry it? Yes. Venus in Capricorn: it’s hard but it’s worth it. 

There’s a line from a Donald Justice poem that goes, “I will die in Miami in the sun” which was actually a take on a line from Vallejo that goes “I will die in Paris on a rainy day.” And me? “I will die on this treadmill in the Big City.”


Pre-Eclipse feelings at the gym this morning as the Gemini Moon prepares to square my Virgo Moon. You mutables are really feeling this one.

Mars in Virgo, working on my fitness (sings Fergie) but… I feel like my heart will burst these days like a bomb.

But it’s not a heart of terror–

Can’t hear exactly what it’s saying, what the heart is saying, because Donna Summer is now singing I Love You in my headphones while I’m on the treadmill and the incline soothes my three-of-swords heart.

There is bliss in the blood, the pumping of it. It’s like a city too – pathways, routes, all leading to that One Place: heart. Heart-town!

Sagittarius runs. Capricorn waits. Sagittarius flees. Capricorn commits. Sagittarius is fast. Capricorn is slow.

So… you must wed both of these energies that are active in the sky now as we prepare as we prepare as we prepare for the shaking up and the over-turning: Uranus direct, the Moon in its Fullness, Mercury stationing direct a few days later, Jupiter direct later this month… And the Eclipse which will eclipse…

You WILL feel emotional these pre-Eclipse hours. You MAY have felt like a maniac this week already.

And I am telling you to marry this energy because this energy wants your commitment, wants you to see it through, wants you to lie beneath it like a strong board that can’t be broken, not even by the greatest Kung Fu master or Magician. 

Strong strong strong.


How are you feeling?

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Full Moon Intentions???

"uranus direct"
full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011

I know we don’t usually think of Full Moons as the time to set intentions BUT with Uranus stationing direct on the SAME DAY…

And I was going to say anyway: the old rules? You know those old old rules? Do they still hold? Do we still need them? Doesn’t Uranus break? Doesn’t Uranus overthrow? Sometimes we need New Rules.

And I was thinking about Full Moon intentions even before remembering Uranus Direct.

Uranus favors the new, the unconventional, the outside, the outsider, the electric.

Isabel Hickey wrote that Uranus was the one planetary energy we could not control.

Expect the unexpected!!!

So while you are contemplating your Gemini house and your Sagittarius house and the affects of next week’s Full Moon on your life, also consider  the house in your chart where you find the beginning of Aries because life will start moving THERE.

And it’s only a few days later, on the 13th, when Mercury stations direct... And then another New Moon on the 24th… and then Jupiter direct on the 25th.

Can you see this? Feel this? It’s lining up. 2012 is going to be forward movement for so many of us.

I also love Jupiter direct on Christmas Day — a fine present don’t think?

And to connect a ritual that I was talking about a few days ago, in order to amp up your Full Moon intentions, pick a favorite Tarot card, And pick it soon because the changes are happening soon and keep it with you or place it where you’ll see it each day and focus your intentions there and use this card as a meditation-point or an image to keep in mind… when you feel stuck, hopeless, lost, hopeFUL… A card that reminds you of where you want to go.

I don’t do readings using the Connolly deck but have become enamored of the art. And this morning I took out three more cards.

Do you follow the rules? 

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