The Iron Path: Saturn Trine Uranus This Weekend All Weekend YAAAAAAS

"saturn trine uranus"
So this weekend is that Saturn Uranus trine
the third one, the last one of the Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries trines and I’ve already written about this but let me say a few more words even if they are the same words!

What do you want to build
What do you want to break
Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. 


To know where this deep deep deep deep deep inspiring INNER core strength is becoming so very indestructible for you RIGHT NOW and it has been all year.

Why the “Iron Path?” I love this phrase.

So I worked with a trainer a couple of times this month and yesterday I wasn’t sure if I was on the right path and then this morning I went in to the gym to see if I should just “join the gym” or if I should continue working with the trainer but I had NO WORDS for my goals. Didn’t have the vocabulary or framework yet didn’t have the structure IN MY MIND clearly (very Saturn).

I knew I wanted needed SOMETHING (pertaining to lifting heavy) and he said to me (the guy helping me) YOU COULD BE A POWER LIFTER.

Even though my jeans and long sleeve shirt and bulky sweater (it’s chilly today). HE SAW ME and I felt YES SOMEONE SAW ME. Someone saw my body my structure my form my SATURN and understood what it was for and it made me so happy.

THIS is Saturn trine Uranus. DISCOVER YOUR FORM. Discovery of your form and for your form.

Finding the path. Setting out on the path. Saturn builds. Uranus breaks.

Sure I could extend the metaphor into breaking down muscle and rebuilding muscle and that can apply to anything.

Exert. Work. Rest. Exert and work again. Rest again.

So think about that. What are you building. What are you breaking. What are you building. What are you breaking. What are you building, breaking, building. Rest.

"Saturn trine uranus"


BUILD WHAT: Saturn Trine Uranus Again

"saturn trine uranus"Since 2016 we have been dealing with this AWESOME: Saturn trine Uranus.

The third and final pass is next week, November 11th.  Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries. Fire to fire. Why am I telling you about this when it’s almost over? Does it still matter?

Well, I DO think there’s value in taking stock of the past year, but it’s more than that. This LAST PASS isn’t a last gasp but a…

That’s the question.

And a reminder that Uranus is THE REVOLUTION. In plain English this means it’s okay to take that leap/risk/Fool card/new start ACES ACES ACES!!! BEGIN! Uranus is freedom and enlightenment and liberation and Saturn is STRUCTURE ORDER RULES. This combination is unbeatable wherever it falls in your chart! 

Saturn and Uranus in good harmonious aspect is a sure thing. A risk you can count on. DEPENDABLE reliable freedom.

Wow. Savor that for a moment. What that could look like for you – and then in what HOUSES it’s in for you.

Sagittarius and Aries are the signs.
25 degrees.
Not why build but build what! Because you are building something whether or not you are conscious of that. You are here, alive, and you are building, creating your life — so why not add in some INTENTION?

"saturn trine uranus"

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How Life Works & Because I Know Not Everyone Follows My Facebook :)

"mars square chiron"
I’ll tell you how astrology works and how life works.

The transits, where the planets are now and how they affect us, will prod us, challenge us, inspire us…

And if we are smart and somewhat conscious we notice this and sit with it and make some decisions about our life direction

we run smack into the challenges of our own natal chart. Ouch.


I can tell someone about the incredible opportunity on the way. An open door. A gift. Help. Astrology is good at this kind of timing.

And maybe they will even say yes, that sounds good…

But then comes the wall.

The fears and doubts and complexes that we all have in our own particular ways in our charts.

It may be a Saturn problem. Or a nodal axis problem. Maybe it’s a Sun square Moon problem

And I admit it’s a fascinating process. When I see it in the chart. Because I love to see deeply and pour over charts and take notes.

And do my best to reach in and talk to this soul on the other side of the phone or screen

That the time is NOW
The Crossroads is here

And just like Mary said yes, the person says yes
But then ….. lol

Then down comes the natal chart which can feel like a prison.
All the old traumas that say NO

It’s a beautiful thing to understand. To watch it happen. To see it in the charts and to root for the person. The drawbridge going up the drawbridge going down.

But suddenly today it became so freaking clear in so few words:
the transit prod us and then we run smack into the challenges of our charts. Bam bam bam


Early Morning Astrology (Plus Gemini Season)

Dear Friends,

"saturn trine uranus"

From my Facebook page
as I was thinking about the Saturn/Uranus/North Node in Leo trine

Early Sunday morning astrology:

Perhaps it’s more obvious with fire than the other elements (water, earth, air)

That they, and the fire, can also destroy, nature can destroy

Thus these fire trines of right now

What light will they bring
What damage will they do
What shocking clarity

So these fire trines are touching my Venus and one may think …
any number of things

But mostly I feel a burning
and no it’s not acid reflux or a UTI … ;)

It’s on the spirit level

But once it starts where does it stop

A fire can destroy it all with its rage.

A fire can make you unrecognizable because the burning, it disfigures.

Which reminds me of a line from the Bible:

That God was not in the fire

So basically you cannot be irretrievably damaged because the Holy One, essentially, will retrieve you

Do you believe it?

Are you fireproof?

And this: 

So we’re supposed to write about Gemini

because now the Sun is in Gemini

And I do believe that where the Sun goes… it lights us up and makes us fantastic

that part of our chart-
begins to glow a little

I know I’m supposed to talk about the twins and information and communication and siblings and travel

and spy craft

But what I really want to talk about are the questions for which there are no answers why why why

and Gemini energy usually has an answer or two or three.

I want to talk about these questions because they are the ones that I have why why why

And when I can’t find the answer, I keep asking.

That’s my Gemini Season – the refusal to be mentally subdued.

The mind does not stop and Mercury is a Messenger and a trickster:

another word another thought another sentence. Sleight of hand.

We water signs, we emotional ones, we benefit the most from seasons of air because we are more able to put our emotional intensity into words.

Gemini season thus is a gift for writers.

What will you write and who will you write to?

What will you say and what needs to be said?

Love you,


Venus Opposition Jupiter SO MANY MILAGROS!

"venus opposition jupiter"

A little morsel from the class about the Venus Jupiter opposition this week:

our two happy planets, two benefics facing off, WTF:

Or to put it nicely :)

Venus starting a discussion with Jupiter retro in Libra (partnership)


someone wants to talk with you!

Altho Venus is in ARIES so the talk may be hot, may be heated…

There is more of course but I try not to post the class info on my public timeline just a few thoughts but this stuff is too interesting not to discuss. THINK ABOUT IT.

Venus (love) in Aries (independent) comes along to ruffle the feathers of Jupiter (retrograde) in Libra (WE/us/partnership)…

SHE WANTS SOMETHING FROM YOU and it’s kind obvious bcause Aries is obvious right?

So Venus wants to have a talk ;) but it’s an Aries kinda talk and I think honestly Jupiter retro feels a bit lonely. Relationships are falling apart. This is definitely a side effect of Jupiter RETRO in LIBRA. Relationships falling away, falling apart but hey as we say in the Passover Haggadah every year


(paraphrasing) ;)

Venus waving: LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU FORGET ABOUT THOSE OTHERS etc etc etc those Jupiter retrograde others who have taken a hike LOOK AT ME instead.


What does this mean for you personally? I dunno unless we TALK in private (as we sometimes do) but I do think generally speaking this is a *very* interesting development in regards to

*your desire
*your courage
*your boundaries (Venus gonna PUSH)
*what YOU value
*who you say YES to and when and why…

It’s okay to say no it’s okay to say no it’s okay to say no

you may not want to….


The Stars This Week: Tie The Boat To The Dock

"saturn trine uranus"
I had no plans to write today, none.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I had a difficult weekend (physically) but thank God I’m doing better, on the mend, and I was relaxing just now watching a video on YouTube and got inspired to come back to earth.

One way I do that is by working. Another way is by writing. So here I am. I hope you are well. 

This coming week, to me, is SO significant that I don’t even want to break it down for you and frankly you can get the breakdown ANYWHERE. On Facebook, IG, YT, even Twitter. You can get the astro breakdown. You can read all about what’s coming, piece by piece elsewhere.

I want to tell you how it feels TO ME because you can’t get that anywhere and the NORTH NODE IS IN LEO NOW. North Node in Leo = ME. 

I want you to prepare yourself for… what to call it?

I don’t want to use the usual words. Breakthrough, revelation, news, thunderbolt. I think part of it will be subtle. And part of it will not be subtle. I think part of it will feel like the Empress (ahhh) and part of it will feel like the Wheel (ohhh!) I think some of you will make a grand entrance and sit down whereas others will stand at the podium, speech in hand. THIS WEEK MATTERS. (And you may already feel this.)

For others a wrong gets righted FINALLY. Well, maybe it can’t be fixed but you get some resolution, some closure and we all love closure don’t we. For many there is a love situation that is NOT STABLE (yet?) but entertaining and hot and possible. And life is about to get busy, VERY busy (in the Gemini part of your chart).

Do you want to tie the boat to the dock? I’m not so sure you do. And this:

What happened to you back in December 2016? What did you experience? What did you learn? What did you feel? Part Two of that story this week.


Hate vs. Sadness, Which Do You Prefer: Full Moon In Scorpio!!!

"santa muerte"
So I was asking on my Facebook
which is worse for you? to feel hate or to feel sadness.

I think for me sadness is far worse because it becomes attached, entrenched in all these feelings from the past very NEPTUNE whereas hate?

Hmmm hate is pure I said. Hate is specific. It can be savored. Once you identify it for what it is and ALLOW it.

So often we talk about “allowing” self-care and forgiveness blah blah blah. How about making room for the rest? Do you only have happy pink crayons? NO. You have OTHER colors too.

Now I’m **not** talking about hurting people.

But I am talking about NOT denying the full range of human emotion, including hate.

Of all the uglies, such as guilt, fear, sadness, rejection, shame, and more! I prefer hate. There’s power in it. There’s energy it. There’s Vesta-like FOCUS in it.

I can write my way through sadness too. I’ve done it for decades BUT the white hot fierceness of hate, I think, will take you farther and into some interesting cities of experience and mind.

Not that you want to feel this shit all the time! We don’t. Feelings shift. But when feelings arise? I recommend you actually FEEL them. Because when you stuff them? That’s when you get sick. THAT IS WHEN YOU GET SICK.

Today was the Full Moon in Scorpio and I was posting Marsy post after Marsy post, Pluto post after Pluto post, deleting some of them because frankly the mood came and went. That’s what the moon does. She MOVES!

And it’s a whole new world now, my friends. North Node in Leo. South Node in Aquarius. Heading towards that Saturn Uranus trine.

How are you feeling about this fire sky?

We got Venus, Athena, Uranus and Mercury in ARIES.
We got Lillith and Saturn in Sagittarius.
North Node in Leo.

FIRES RAGE (you know they do) and Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto so it makes sense. It makes sense that your rage, if you have rage, if you let yourself feel rage, feels at home in this sky. And I like that. It looks good on you.

Happy Raging

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Saturn Trine Uranus, North Node in Leo, and Flowers Growing Out of the Floorboards

"north node in leo"

I have this problem and I’ve probably had it my whole life:

I put purpose and meaning and freedom over “survival.”

My chakras are screwed up ;)

We’re “supposed” to be ROOT CHAKRA first and foremost and best so that we have food on the table, solid foundation, Saturn.

but some of us do Crown and Throat and Heart first or better.

See, for some of us, purpose and meaning and freedom IS survival. It’s the only reason we’re still alive. 

And this is okay.

We are artists. I was always a writer, always a deep helper. Pretty bad at understanding verbal instruction and unable to not daydream when people talk to me. However when I do focus I do so intensely.

And then the rent has to be paid. We continually have to master these earth school lessons. SOUTH NODE IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE HERE.

But this question of PURPOSE and MEANING and FREEDOM and WHO YOU ARE is Saturn trine Uranus to me which will be exact next week.

What is your purpose? What is your meaning? What is your freedom? Did you know the trine is flowing energy? I know many of you know this.

To quote Isabel Hickey: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. This combination of planetary energy in a TRINE… the power cannot be underestimated for you PERSONALLY. It is PERSONAL TO YOU. Do you hear me? PERSONAL.

So what do you want? I asked this in the previous blog post WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

Uranus will break down everything that Saturn has built that is no longer useful or required. Uranus in Aries will burn it to the ground and up in its place Saturn will spring the NEW STRUCTURES OF YOUR LIFE. Just like that. Beautifully. It’s so beautiful how it will happen. Your new life. Reminds me of a game show when they announce the prizes: A NEW CAR!!! A NEWWWW LIFE!!!! But then again I few up in the 70s, the era of the television game show.

There is a scene from a Sarah Kane play god I wish I could remember which one. I haven’t seen it, only read it, but these tall flowers grow out of the floorboards, they thrust out of the floor. Just like that.

That’s the Saturn Uranus trine to me. Suddenly LIFE. Suddenly BLOOM. Suddenly you aren’t dead and you thought you were dead. I thought I was dead, or, at the very least, a ghost.

You, dear reader, have hope.

I know I know I was railing against hope two blog posts ago but hear me out, hear me out: 

we have to live with the times. Let the Saturn Uranus wave take you there. I know it’s fire and I know with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra that it’s air, too, but it’s a wave of something so good and so… dare I say it… unrefined.

You want fireworks? Are fireworks refined? It’s Sagittarius and Aries for crap’s sake. THESE SIGNS ARE NOT REFINED. They are brutes. But they are brutes on your side!!!

Are fireworks dainty? Polite? NO. Fireworks are BIG and BOLD and so is the North Node (now) in Leo. 

This morning I was talking to Susanna from Dusie (an online poetry journal) because I am going to be curating an issue for them in the fall and that conversation gave me LIFE. Perhaps no surprise that she’s a heart centered Leo. The writing workshop that I’ve been trying to do for years will finally happen. 

If you are feeling dead, if you are feeling like a ghost, if you are feeling like your work or your very being can’t possibly matter then I want to tell you that you’re wrong.

And I tend to know things. You’ll just have to trust me.


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That Third Week Of May! Saturn Trine Uranus & More!

"saturn trine uranus"

I’m a little obsessed with the third week of May – especially the end corner of it – the 18th, 19th, 20th.

Saturn trines Uranus, Venus opposes Jupiter (retrograde) and the Sun enters Gemini while the Moon’s in Pisces. Venus to me is the magic here. It’s like she’s going around putting garlands of flowers on all the planets.

Long awaited breakthrough, new beginning, love and luck, and faith in the future. Also the North Node is finally in Leo.

I don’t know what this means for you in particular but if you have planets around 26 (Saturn/Uranus) or planets around 13 (Venus/Jupiter), should be an interesting time frame.

Mars in Gemini is also beautifully supportive. I know Mars will oppose Saturn but not yet! It’s just so damn cooperative for whatever you’re working on. What ARE you working on?

Remember that Saturn is structure and Uranus is freedom and a trine flows. Remember that Venus is love and Jupiter is lucky. Mars is passion. What are you creating? What do you want to create?

Other support comes from :

Ceres in Gemini  (the mother)
Pallas in Aries (the wise one)
Vesta in Leo (the focused one)
Lillith in Sagittarius (the hot one)

It’s like the heavens are conspiring IN YOUR FAVOR.

Pay close attention to your Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra houses, mid to late degrees. And I LOVE how the Sun enters Gemini that Friday, right on time for the party.

If you want to talk to me about this or anything else, just email me. I’m easy to find :)
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Love or Lone Wolf? Jupiter Opposes Uranus (and other radical minutes this weekend)

"saturn trine uranus"
That weekend is here – the one that everybody is talking about. It’s so shiny.

We have a Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus situation happening. It’s harmonious for the most part. In the midst of the harmony is a Jupiter Uranus opposition (oppositions are disagreements) and honestly some of you may still consider Pluto at 16 degrees squaring both Jupiter and Uranus at 20 degrees (do you? let’s leave Pluto aside for a moment though).


Venus making a lovely link to ALL those outer planets. Venus is in Aquarius. Isabel Hickey called them the “mental pioneers” of the zodiac.

Venus is love and art and self worth and money. Jupiter is lucky. So far so good. Saturn is your teacher. Saturn gives homework. Uranus wants no rules. I was looking at someone’s Solar Return yesterday who has this sky in her chart!

What do you have at or around 20 degrees? Do you have planets in the mix here?

You know me. I’m a house-based philosopher. You need to know your chart to really see how this will play out for you although yes we can still look at the bigger picture.

I do want to add though – if you do not have any planets or points at or around 20 degrees you may observe or feel this activity from a distance but you may not get a new story or culmination here. It may be business as usual. Whatever your working on is going on. Sorry about that if you are looking for something more dramatic. I have planets around 20 degrees but they aren’t so much benefitting from this sky. My air and fire is at 26 so I have to wait until next year.

There is much to recommend here though – tons of flow. Saturn Uranus flow. To quote Hickey again: Saturn builds, Uranus breaks.

What do you need to build or rebuild or break down and renew (remember Mercury is retrograde!!)? YOU CAN DO IT. This aspect is wonderful for any creative project, for any LIFE project you’ve got going on particularly in your Sagittarius and Aries Houses. I think many of you are clarifying what you want to dump, what you want you want to keep, and the shock of the new. Are you alive enough? 

And then the Jupiter piece. Jupiter is the faster mover of the slow movers here. Jupiter in LIBRA (don’t go it alone) and Jupiter is this huge blessing BUT…

Okay here’s one challenge I see and I probably wrote about this already but it was so long ago now —

Uranus in Aries is a freedom fighter, mental pioneer, independent. Jupiter in Libra needs a collaborator. You may swing between these two extremes. Desperate for love and then certain you won’t find it and that you need to go it alone because URANUS IN ARIES is a soldier and a solider is married to country, the cause, willing to die for it, not bound to any one man or woman. You have a mission. But what is it? That’s the key. That extreme vacillation. Love or lone wolf?


You, Lone Wolf, With Company: Jupiter Enters Libra To Save You

"jupiter in libra" I’m sorry for the delay in posting recent comments. They went to my SPAM and I hadn’t been checking my spam. I think I got them all posted but am still digging back to see.

So Jupiter is now in Libra and I was reading something interesting last night about Jupiter – a lovely keyword – redeemer, redemption. That this is Jupiter’s function (one function among many) and I hadn’t thought of him quite that way but YES isn’t it so. Jupiter rules blessing and LUCK.

Redemption for us all through LIBRA ways and means and style but also today I wanted to briefly mention the end of the Saturn Neptune square (last pass is tomorrow) and fear (Saturn) vs. faith (Neptune/Jupiter).

How that FAITH part is going to be easier now BUT

it’s a practice.

Does faith perfect? I don’t think so. It remains a practice and yet easier without that gnarled square, without Saturn banging on our Neptune heart. Even your meditation practice will be easier.

All summer long you probably felt it. No hope. And no doubt it made your Pisces House so so so so sad.

Some good news: Jupiter in Libra will harmonize with Saturn in Sagittarius and Saturn will harmonize with Uranus in Aries and it will be an interesting fall and I really do believe we get to have more good days and rebuild, this time with company. Libra can’t bear to be alone and maybe it would be so bad if you, lone wolf, had a little friend for yourself as well.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Saturn Trine Uranus

"saturn trine uranus" This aspect is not exact yet but it’s fascinating me. They are dancing but not kissing. Not yet.

We end January with Saturn at 14 Sagittarius and Uranus at 17 Aries.
We end February with Saturn at 15 and Uranus at 18.

And then end of March Saturn goes direct at 16 Sag with Uranus at 19.

It’s not until DECEMBER 2016, this year, that the trine perfects.

Right now we’re getting a taste, just a taste of this kiss. This kiss is your life, more than any other transit at this time.

Listen: in June, Saturn will retrograde back to 13 and Uranus is at 23.

So THESE MONTHS yes right now before the retrograde, these months have something to say to you.

Do you know how to listen? Can you hear it? 

Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Saturn traps you. Saturn = DUTY. The father. Wisdom. Maturity. Fear (healthy and unhealthy fear). Boundaries. You in charge of your life. You the Authority of the your Life. And Uranus, well, Uranus LEAVES. I wrote that in yesterday’s blog post. Uranus leaves.

I think this is extra interesting right now because we’re just stepped into Aquarius Season and both Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius.

Think about it. How you, the alchemist, may combine these. The Temperance card. Integrating exodus (Uranus) and foundation (Saturn). Think about this long and hard until Saturn goes retrograde. And then let it go.

Uranus is inconsistent. Uranus is a highway. But not all who wander are lost.


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