Thanksgiving Astrology Blues Clues + Your Chariot Awaits

"mercury trine uranus"
Little moments can take you out of yourself, good OR bad.

I had one of these today – was feeling fine and then I got a “little moment” and I felt out of my inner peace into something darker and Chiron.

It was all Chiron. A Chiron moment. Here is a link to a recent Chiron post. 

And no surprise then that a Mercury Chiron aspect is building now in the sky and could cause you some small pain, some little moment of wound or disappointment — no matter how stable you actually are or feel. Chiron isn’t always present reality. Still can hurt though.

Don’t let it bring you down. Because you are more than THAT, whatever it is. You are always more than what you hate the most about yourself, more than your wound.

"Venus square Chiron"

The weekend looks better, much better.

Mercury squares Chiron yes but then turns around to trine Uranus. The “trine” is positive, flowing, harmony. Not edgy like the square.

It’s like…

you speed so fast, so far, from that painful place. Yes.

I remember when I left Philadelphia. This was after grad school and before my mother had died. I moved to Philly for a few months because a few friends had moved to Philly and I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I was 25, a poet, skill-less, a graduate of THE creative writing program and… I moved to Philly.

I stayed for a bit with some warm-hearted cousins (I felt lost) and eventually I rented my own place in some artist’s house (I felt lost) who had lampshades hung up on the walls, but it just didn’t work. I was smoking over a pack of Marlboro Reds a day.

I remember calling my mother crying (nothing new there) and I decided to move back to Iowa City (which I had always liked) but not before stopping “back home” in Miami.

I forget how long I stayed but I remember the Greyhound bus ride down south, how happy and relieved I was to be leaving that dirty painful city and heading back home to mom.

That’s what this progression feels like to me. The pain of Mercury square Chiron sadness becoming Mercury trine Uranus freedom. Freedom from pain.

And then to make things even better and more healing, Venus makes that same good aspect (the trine) to Chiron on Sunday.


So, basically, don’t worry too much if you feel sad and unmotivated today and tomorrow. Things will look up. Your chariot awaits.


"Venus trine chiron"

2018: What Will Be? Have You Checked Your Chart + This Week’s Tarot Holiday Special!

The Little Book of Saturn

The earth feels slow and quiet to me these days. Came on all of a sudden.

Mercury goes retrograde early December at the end of Sagittarius.
Neptune goes Direct on Wednesday.
Sagittarius Season, which starts tonight, begins on my IC, the bottom of my chart.

Where I live it’s the dark time of year, even in sunny Florida.

How are you feeling?

"moon conjunct pluto"

I don’t want to use THOSE words and yet I want to use those words. Feeling a bit (here it comes) UNMOTIVATED or directionless or adrift???? although I’ve been busy with clients and enjoying it. DEEP TALK.

Still, I’m looking forward to a couple days off for Thanksgiving. I promise to draw cards only for myself!


2018. What will be?
What will it bring you?
What was 2017 about vs 2016?

What do you know about 2018 from your upcoming transits or Solar (or other) Returns?

Yesterday I did a Mars Return for someone and it was super fun! I’d never paid them much attention but yes I think they matter! All the charts matter. All the charts are keys and clues. That said, the Mars Return really is “just the transits” of the moment (transits matter!) but with a new Ascendent (and other angles and the Houses). That Ascendent matters!

"venus in scorpio"

Gonna ask it again!! What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

Here is a link to the latest newsletter (sent it out yesterday) and the newsletter has some holiday reflections AND the TWO TAROT HOLIDAY SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK.

I will be running different specials each week until January 1st, 2018! I have room this Friday actually if you want to book (I am reserving this day for Holiday Tarot folks!)

And here are three ways, yes three, to pre-order my book! Comes out in June! 

The Sagittarius Search For Truth!!!!!!!

Stupid people are getting on my nerves. If that offends you I’m not sorry. But this is an ASTROLOGY blog so let’s get to it!

"sagittarius season"

Let’s talk SAGITTARIUS SEASON. I have a story for you. But first let me remind you that THE SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ON TUESDAY. This Tuesday. The day after tomorrow.

And today I went to church. Sometimes I do that. Go to church. You know it was funny I was talking to an acquaintance today who said:

I didn’t know you were “involved” in church. At first I silently balked at the word INVOLVED and then I said to him: you don’t know me. We don’t know each other. How could you possibly be surprised or not surprised. YES I GO TO CHURCH MOTHERFUCKER. Didn’t say that part.

ANYWAY so I was at church this morning because there is this class that I love besides which I like some of the people there AND I love the goddamn motherfucking Holy Spirit why is that so hard to understand who I sometimes feel the presence of AT CHURCH and my favorite priest (yes I have a favorite priest) was presiding over my favorite class and he was telling a story.

And he’s a Sagittarius. You know where this is going, right?

And I started to take notes while he was talking :) Sometimes I do that!

The Sagittarius search for truth. They cannot NOT tell the truth. And he was telling a story of how he almost got fired, years ago, from this particular parish because of his belief (Sagittarius rules BELIEF) that Christians are NOT better than any other religion.  His inclusive attitude, his inclusive LOVING beliefs got him in trouble to the degree that after one of his sermons he got called to the rector’s office and given a harsh talking to — NEVER to do that again.

Why am I telling you this story? Because you can’t tell a Sag what to do and Sag Season is around the corner.

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"

So my favorite priest didn’t get fired but he did get reprimanded for his “open-mindedness” and is a priest all these years later, telling us this story. He’s got a lot of stories. Famous for his stories I think.

If only the rector had known who he had hired, he probably wouldn’t have hired him (my priest said). BUT you can’t stop a Sag from telling their truth and this is wisdom for us all during Sagittarius Season. TELL IT!!!!!

Tell your truth but decide WHEN. Tell it after you have the job :)

"jupiter in scorpio"
Our Lady

Saturn is LEAVING Sagittarius. Saturn will be entering Capricorn NEXT MONTH. December.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been like the wild west. Rules? What rules? Order? What order? Structure? What structure? Not so Saturn in Capricorn. The rules, the order, the structure will be BINDING.

Saturn in Capricorn says: Do you have a plan? What’s the plan? Does your life have order? What’s your rule of life?

I love this story of my priest because I love the idea of a radical yet typical Sagittarius, priest, in this conventional path. With Saturn in Sagittarius the path was… the path. A winding road. It was the plan of no plan. Saturn in Sagittarius destroyed our plans with its refusal to plan so do not be surprised if all of a sudden in December, or already, you are thinking about your life in a more serious and responsible way, the Capricorn way, not this freewheeling maybe I’ll get fired way.

This question of plans and planning and GOALS will get more insistent. You will be called upon to create a SOLID LASTING ORGANIZATION TO YOUR LIFE.

FUCK! WHAT NOW? I’m feelin it. Already.

"moon conjunct pluto"

I will end this blog post with his words:
“We encounter the Divine, the Holy, in our own way.  As we grow and deepen our spiritual roots, our view of God, will change.” 

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Sagittarius Sun, Venus In Scorpio (First Night of Chanukah)

"venus in scorpio"I was digging through a storage box, looking for my menorah, and I did find it but in the kitchen cupboard. In the storage box though I found perfectly preserved letters my mother wrote me in 1997, letters and postcards and I read them all.

Diary entries too written on sheets torn from a legal yellow pad. Scorpio secrets (she had her Sun and Venus in the sign) for Sagittarius Season: truth. And I’m still shocked. Whenever I read these letters. They have words in them that I cannot write here. Taboo (Scorpio) words.

The tradition is to watch the candles burn, not to work, so I sat and I watched with one of the cats who, yes, jumped up onto the counter, and sat close where he still is now and also from this storage box I found a bunch of crystals and laid them next to the menorah, each would charge the other I figure: candle to crystal and back again.

I took a picture and sent it to a Scorpio friend who’s going through a hard time these days. Seeking more light for us both.

A story within a story: after I lit the shamash, it went out. Or so I thought. Like a miracle it came right back. It’s still burning now. Which reminds me, one of my mother’s diary entries started with the words “What is a miracle?” and she went on to describe various miracles and synchonicites of one day in particular, including surviving a tax audit ;)

The moral of the story is that there is no moral. Just memories sometimes. And the facts. Cats sleep. Candles burn. Miracles happen.



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The Stars Today: Thankful?

"alone on thanksgiving"Busy sky, folks!

Today the Sun enters Sagittarius and Venus enters Scorpio. I am happy for this shift. We are under the growing Mars Uranus Pluto t-square (i.e. it’s not exact yet but we often feel transits *more* when they are applying) which is stressful and Sagittarius is a fire sign, yummy warm, and wants to take you out instead of letting you brood at home (well, depending on the Sag). My life, for some ungodly reason, has always been filled with Sagittarius friends. They would chase me out of my crab shell-hell and eventually I’d give in.

Are you also a water/earth person who has fire in their life? Or vice versa? 

The Moon is in idealistic Pisces today and squares Jupiter this morning so you may actually eat more today than on Thanksgiving Day itself! Moon = food. Jupiter = a lot! On Thanksgiving the Moon is void of course (don’t make any promises!) until it enters Aries in the evening. This could cause some confusion, especially with Mercury retrograde. If you have new friends coming to visit you for a holiday meal, make sure you gave them the right address!

Overall it’s a sweet day, lots of trines, lots of Neptune :) and this will help balance out (will it? Maybe) the bombs going off in your life a.k.a. Mars conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. Try not to fight with your family or the food on your plate or your body.

In my astrology class, years ago, this woman used to talk about feeling Mars Pluto transits in her body and Mars Uranus is an “accident” aspect so just be careful. Wear your oven mitts. Dismantle any bombs you find. I’m not predicting doom and gloom for anyone reading here but Pac Man comes to mind.

And if you are alone on Thanksgiving, be thankful for that. Really. That you are free to choose and this is a freedom that few have. You can make yourself at home anywhere. Yes I know you may desire the binds and obligations like the neighbors have, but trust me, there’s enough pain to go around and they got plenty of it.

I shouldn’t end on such a somber note so let’s draw one card for the day AFTER Thanksgiving :)

The High Priestess. She doesn’t have all the answers but she can do magic.



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Find Yourself In The Cards!

"the empress"

Who are you now?

Are you the Fool? Setting off on a journey. Are you the Magician? Skillfull. Maybe you are fertile, pregnant with creativity and new life like the Empress. Or the Strength card: a brick wall and I mean that in a good way. Formidable. 

Or maybe you are the Hermit and you need to hide and search and search and hide.

Whoever you are, find it. Find your card NOW. Have a deck for this purpose. Not for reading, but for ritual. I use the Connolly deck for this and I feel like the Magician lately, that I need to be the Magician and make miracles.

It’s still Sagittarius Season. We must not give up. Horses (Sagittarius ruled creatures) don’t give up (do they, Kim?). What happens when a horse gives up?

Crazy faith: Sagittarius. Determination: Capricorn (Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra). I like this sky.

And today I bought some milagros for someone. I didn’t know their purpose, I didn’t know the word miracle in Spanish, but now I know.

What’s your definition of a miracle? Do you believe in magic? 

"venus in capricorn"
Milagros Sanches, Peruvian bullfighter, aged 19

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Not Dead Yet: Sun In Sagittarius

"venus in capricorn"
shoot to...

I’m not very good at the silent treatment. Giving it or receiving it. Not with someone I love. I always come back. My 1st House Pluto keeps getting reborn, keeps coming back. Call it The Zombie Aspect: Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House: hard to kill.

But when someone stops talking to me, it’s as if they are dead. I feel the gap, the absence, the silence, the presence of absence, the hole, the wind, the empty, no noise, nothing, it’s like that poem The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens but, um, not as good.

And it’s like when my mother died. Never heard her voice again. Or when my father died. Although I actually didn’t mind that at the time — because he yelled a lot. So when a lover does that, stops talking, it triggers the old grief, the old way, the old presence of absence and silence. Kind of like a Wendell Berry poem but… nothing like it at all because it’s not full of life at all. It’s full of death.

I wrote this post last night actually, wrote the first draft of it, and I had an image in my mind that I was a twinkling dot in the vast nighttime sky, surrounded by all these other little dots, stars, and these dots were the people I was helping or trying to help and that they were, are, also helping me which also reminded me of Uranus because Aquarius is on my 11th House of Hopes and Dreams and we are all linked because we all have hopes and dreams and desires and failed dreams or ones that came true or are in progress.

But if you are writing to me, it means you haven’t given up yet.

And when I answer? Same thing. It’s a call to life.

The Sagittarius Sun is a time to really embrace life as the centaur does with wild abandon. Whether you knit wildly or meditate wildly or dance or read tarot or cook or eat or love or (gotta say it!) pray or make art or make decisions or dream or love your animals or love this green earth and vast nighttime sky. Or GRIEVE wildly. Or do nothing wildy. Or go to the library wildly. Or swim wildly. Madly. Thrashing in the water. We are all thrashing in the water. Whatever it is. Love it with wild abandon like the centaur who drinks and dances even if your drink is a mocha-choca-latte-ya-ya.


Because when the Sun enters Capricorn? We must do our duty. We must commit. We must go to SeriousTown and liberate Saturn from his crusty reputation and our knees hurt and embrace work work work!

So. Do it. With wild abandon. Like the centaur. While you still can.


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Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility: Part ? Of An Infinite Series

"sun in sagittarius"
ready for the eclipse?

(Re-posting this in honor of the Sun in Sagittarius)

Because it’s such a harsh sky out there, and because we’re all under it, I decided to try to write something light. And then couldn’t think of anything. So instead I’ll write about my love life ;)

My boyfriend is a Sagittarius with too many water placements and women like him. A lot. I am a sensitive Cancer Sun (with Moon Pluto conjunct in House 1) and I also like him. A lot.

Here is a warning for you sensitive girls who are interested in firey boys: do not conjure what you cannot put down.

See, I conjured up my boyfriend.  I was having a Tarot reading with Lupa and the reading was stark and there came a point, a painful point, when she suggested I use ritual to help get over a past love. Because even the cards and her comforting words weren’t enough. We had to go above. It worked.

But back to my point about the Sagittarius male. If you decide to go this route or if one lands in your lap, which tends to happen, I suggest you find one with a goodly amount of water (and some earth) because the Sagittarius male is randy and roaming and horny and, well, they like whores. I mean they like whores, strippers, burlesque performers, B-movie actresses, gyrating pole dancers, cheerleaders. They really like cheerleaders. They like women. Of a certain… ilk.

So maybe you’re like me. A bit more Frida than Diego. A bit more Batman than Joker. It could work but it will be work. I don’t mean to suggest that you have to reign in the horse, that’s a topic for another day. What I do mean is that Cancer (water) is sensitive and Sagittarius can be… how to put it… well, they are half-beast. And half-beast means not fully human ;)

The inconjunct, especially if by degree, will scare off many potential young lovers, but… Doesn’t every Sadge want a little crab of his own?

The truth that nobody talks about: Sagittarius wants to be entertained, and Cancer can provide Sagittarius with more entertainment than Ringling, more than all the hookers, all the cheerleaders, all the burlesque dancers, and strippers in the Whole Wide World. Yup, one torrential mood swing alone can have ‘em hooked for life ;)

And Sagittarius needs Cancer. Why? To make them smile! Somebody has to. To quote the late great Elizabeth Bishop, “Somebody loves us all.” 

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Embody It! The Season! Sagittarius!

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
sun in sagittarius

Even though Mercury and Venus have already made themselves at home, the Sun is new in Sagittarius and I challenge all of you to Embody the Season. Sagittarius is physical. So is Mars in Virgo. The New Moon is a time for intentions. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably had enough of my ramblings about Mars in Virgo at the gym.

So what about you? Got body? Got health? Got debauchery? It’s a fun square, ain’t it? Sagittarius sees the big picture and Virgo picks it apart. But for good reason! Yeah!


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. I hope and plan to catch up with more blogging this weekend and repost some of my Sagittarius posts now that the Sun is finally here and shining shining shining on me. Shining on all of us.  I am grateful for this fire.

And you? Grateful? Thankful? Full of bile? Don’t worry I’ll be cranky again for my next post :)

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Hey Babe! It’s Sagittarius!

"new moon solar ecllilpse in sagittarius"
loving a sagittarius looks like this

The Sun that is. Has entered Sagittarius.

Can you feel your redemption coming? Is it on the way? Are you saved? Hallelujah! 

Later this week? A New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of prophecy and the prophet and one way this plays out is the holy roller! 

On New York City subways we get these Jesus Screamers and they really do scream. About salvation, redemption, SIN, all the good words (but as Maria McKee sang, You Gotta Sin To Get Saved).

Now how many of these folks do you think are Sagittarius?  I admit I’ve met a fair amount of Sagittarius fanatics in my day (religious or otherwise). On the other hand though, one person’s fanatic is another person’s NORMAL.


The 9th House, Sagittarius’ natural house, Jupiter ruled, is the house of religion and I’m a religious girl for sure. There is 1) the Judaism of my birth and upbringing and 2) my attachment (ha!) to Buddhism and my love for 3) the Christian mystics and the Edgar Cayce material. See? I’m very very religious.

What gets me though (and this is NOT a Sagittarius complaint) is that behind the preaching is the assumption of “I know better.”

Those Jesus Screamers on the 5 train are screaming because they BELIEVE, they have FAITH that they know BEST. Silly humans.

And there are the rest of us. The quiet ones. We observe you preaching and shake our heads and think: the people in your life Cannot Stand You. Muthafucka. Yeah. That’s what the quiet ones are thinking. Mutha. Fucka.


Are you religious? How so? Let it out for the New Moon AND Sun in Sagittarius! Preach it baby!

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The Stars This Week! New Moon Solar Eclipse And More!

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
sun enters sagittarius soon soon soon!

Good morning Star Gazers!

Just a few things I was noticing: the Sun squares Neptune today in fixed signs so if you feel bewitched, bothered, and bewildered? Wait until the Sun gets to Sagittarius because fixed means not moving, not going anywhere, stubborn, blocking, locking!

So if you’ve got a flower in your hand and you’re throwing down the he-loves-me, he loves-me-not petals? Don’t trust the final result YET. Sun square Neptune makes the truth fuzzy. Truth? What truth? Give yourself a break and instead of being the detective (Scorpio Sun), activate the Neptune side, but the positive Neptune side: art, music, day dreaming.

Sun square Neptune is definitely a BEER GOGGLES aspect especially if it’s pushing on Mars or Venus in your chart so just, well, do some paint-by-numbers instead :)

Some other cool things this week: Moon squares Pluto in the wee hours on Monday. If you are sensitive to this kind of hot emotional energy, then stay in bed, ha! The aspect is around 6 a.m. EST, so sleep through it, New Yorkers! In either case, no worries — Moon moves fast just don’t don’t don’t don’t START anything with anyone. And if someone starts something with you? Ignore it and move on, just like the Moon. Say “No Thank You I Shall Not Be Aroused By This Moon Pluto Energy.”

Tuesday the Sun enters Sagittarius! AND Venus sextiles Saturn. I really like these two aspects on the same day because we’ve got 1) the changing of the guard, receiving the new key to the new season and 2) love (Venus) that is serious (Saturn).

Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday: you can repair any damage you did with that Moon square Pluto on Monday! And maybe the damage was only internal: some self-hate, some fear. Virgo means well and a trine is supportive so stop beating yourself (or them) up. Make a list of your wrongs and BURY it.

Sun trines Uranus on Wednesday as well: big bright ideas about YOU and your future and lovely to have this aspect the day before the big day! The Eclipse! Sun trine Uranus is divine assistance to help you sort out your wish list to the Moon.

On Thursday, Mercury stations Retrograde AND we have the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius: intentions intentions intentions that you may REVISE due to the retrograde ;) But no matter because this is a strong exuberant energy. The energy of faith! Venus also sextiles Neptune this day so, yes, dare to dream.

The week ends with Venus entering Capricorn on Saturday and she runs into Uranus (a beauty that’s out of this world or perhaps a love that arrives in a flash but leaves just as fast) before bringing good cheer to Jupiter and Mars as well as sitting on Pluto. Hmm. How’s your love life? Got Capricorn? I think earth signs will see an uptick in serious love activity this week but for everyone doublecheck your Capricorn house because love and money will be waking up in there! Yeah I like the sound of this: Venus conjunct Pluto trine Mars and trine Jupiter. It’s big and it’s hot and it’s… I feel it’s continuing the theme of the New Moon in Sagittarius and the theme is BIG. And yet it’s Capricorn: it’s gonna withhold something.

I hope you liked my little tiptoe through the week. It’s still early Big City time but I didn’t go to the gym this morning. By choice! Talked to my sister last night who reminded me that rest-days are important too and later today I’m seeing my cousin! Family in the spotlight for me, which is not all that usual BUT Sagittarius is my 4th house (and transiting Mercury and Venus are there) and the Eclipse will be straddling my 3rd and 4th… so makes sense.

If you are interested in scheduling a reading, I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow :)

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Estimated Time Of Arrival, Estimated Time Of Departure: Sagittarius Season

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"

Leaving can be good or bad or neutral. It depends on the context.

Here’s one example: when you stop dreaming of him (or her) then you know it’s Really Over. When he (or she) stops coming to you in your dreams. When you spend hours *not* thinking of him (or her). When you no longer imagine your arms around him before sleep, and after sleep, and during sleep. It’s over then. The energy has shifted. Free at last.

Is this where you are? 

I am telling this story because Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius and the Sun will enter Sagittarius next week and Sagittarius is really good at, well, leaving.

But there comes a time in the life of the archer, there comes a time when the wanderer, there comes a time when the most free of free men and women, when the not so lonely horseman or horsewoman wants to make a home.

Is this you?

Welcome Sun in Sagittarius! I’m a wee bit early, I know, but my Virgo Moon wouldn’t have it any other way

So get ready to pack up your Scorpio, get ready to pack up your dark clothes and your dark mood and your disguises and your private talk and your subterfuge and your covert and your manipulation and your jealousy and your power play and your knives and your ghosts and your dead friends and your passion and your profundity.

Well, actually you can keep all that stuff.  Just smile, too, like a good Sagittarius.


Are you coming or going? 

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