Pluto Opposition Sun: DONE

"pluto oppose sun"

I can’t believe it. I’m in shock.

And I know I’m going to be blogging about this for a while to come. 
Saturn square my Moon DONE. Not out of my Fourth House yet but Saturn square Moon DONE. 


And I first had Pluto Sun when I had Uranus Sun. Same time. YEARS AGO. I was still in NYC. And then came Saturn on my IC square my Ascendent (bad!).

So this is a personal post and I’m here to tell you that I’m on the mountain now. Or maybe I’m in the field. Maybe it’s a dirt road. I don’t know what it is but it’s DONE. I’m on the other side. Pluto promises (does Pluto promise?) death and rebirth.

It’s hard to explain but I’ll try. I feel it. I feel on the other side and yes Pluto has more of my planets to oppose but at the later degrees have more support and the SUN IS THE SUN. There is only one Sun in your chart and one Ascendent and one Moon. The heart of you.

All I can say is… the ending of this transit is so major that… I don’t know anything and yet I know everything (everything I needed to know) and I kept working throughout it all. Rarely did I stop. I stopped for Hurricane Irma. I think I stopped BRIEFLY when I left NYC for Ohio and then Florida.

I feel all this… space. And I’m not sure what to do with it yet or where I’m going. I do know that my book is supposed to come out next year and… we’ll see. Life before the Uranus Pluto square. Life after the Uranus Pluto square. Life before Pluto Sun. Life after Pluto Sun.

To be continued…

A Love Letter To The Pluto People

I’ve got so much on my mind. I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been all up in my social media the  last few days going on and on and on about PLUTO and power. And I’m thinking about energy work a.ka. MAGICK. And yes I do spell it with a K. Magick is the defense (or the offense) of the powerless. It’s more than that of course but hear me out –

There is a raw power us Pluto people have and this raw power can back up, can turn on itself. I have a moon pluto conjunction in my first house and thus the name of this blog. And honestly I don’t even want to define what I mean by PLUTO PEOPLE because I don’t want to leave anyone out but for sure Pluto conjunct your Sun or Moon and for sure Pluto in the first house and you have this power and it will f**k you up if you don’t know how to work with it, what to do with it. You can’t just let it sit there. It will wither and and stink and rot and people will hate you. You have to give your Pluto a purpose.

If you do not give your Pluto a purpose, a JOB, you WILL feel powerless (despite the power), become depressed FOR DECADES, continue victimhood year after year because you keep attracting and keeping the wrong people and situations as your mental health plummets – NOT that I blame you because maybe nobody ever told you and they don’t teach astrology in school but I want to show you that – YOU HAVE THIS POWER but you can’t just… la la la.. be NEPTUNE about it. You can’t be Neptune with Pluto. You can’t just hope for the best. You have to be aware of it, work with it, shape it. ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE and that people see your Pluto, respond to your Pluto. Be aware. Own it. Figure out how to behave in the world. You may attract sociopaths and even if you have been victimized PLEASE identify with another archetype as well. That’s fine. There is more than one card in the Tarot deck. There is more than one script for you to read. You may have been abused but you are MORE than that.
An idle Pluto is a sick Pluto.

I was talking to a client this morning with a first house Pluto and I swear we WILL SUFFER until we become ruthless. Ruthless with our faith and our magick and our refusal to die and by die I mean to accept less than our power requires. Anger is righteous, Anger is good. Let your Pluto stir you to an angry frenzy when you feel powerless and NOT to hurt anyone but to draw to you people and situations that will help you rise and rebirth like the Phoenix you are.

Does this make sense? Are you nodding your head? Do you know what I’m talking about?

You will feel uncomfortable if you work with this energy. If you decide to access your Pluto. You will get tired and need to take breaks. Believe it or not, Pluto in the first house, or Pluto Sun or Moon can be quite meek. YOU tuning in to your power, becoming your power, it won’t feel yummy good like Venus or spiritual like Neptune. You will feel like you are transgressing and you are (and yet you are supposed to) But honestly, for the Pluto person, I don’t know of any other way.

And I want to reassure you, again, that it’s OKAY to be angry and in fact, anger is a magickal seed here. I think without a seed of that anger your spells will fall flat and again I am NOT talking about curses or revenge or hurting people. I am talking about MANIFESTATION. What you want. And that your emotions are your energy and I think you need to realize how powerful that energy is.

I hope this helps



Are You Under Hard Transits? Read This First

"jupiter in libra"There’s all this change going on and we are being asked to NOT hold onto the past.

The past had its virtues yes. The past got us HERE but something else, something *better* is being asked of us now.

It’s a call. It’s a calling. But you have to get quiet and listen. You have to get quiet and hear your own particular call. What your life wants of you. What your God or Goddess/Higher Power/Fate wants of you. Things can’t remain the same.

If you try to block it, if you go kicking and screaming (as my teacher would say)… and then I forget how he ended that sentence.

But he was expressing the frustration of the planets, of the transits, of LIFE. He was speaking FOR life. He was saying pretty much DON’T go kicking and screaming under that hard transit. Allow yourself to be changed. Allow it.

And I will add:

allow it because if you block this or try to block this you also block the good. Your fear of change may be blocking the good.

Can you feel this? Parts of your world crumbling? The pieces are all around you and you scramble to maintain something which is no longer functioning and you fear of course you fear that you will lose what little you have.

Well, I made this discovery yesterday for myself, not theory or reading it but FEELING it, as I am tending to feel something crumble around me as I struggle to maintain it, give it life support, when maybe it needs to die.

And you know what I’m going to say. That death presumes resurrection! You just don’t know what or who you will come back as yet


The more you ALLOW the process… the greater your chance of success. Allow. This is a mindset and an action. Allow.

Say it:

I allow what needs to come through to come through. I trust you. I believe you will steer me right. No matter the past. No matter the mistakes. Illusions. Pain. In the blink of an eye it’s gone. It’s all gone and like the Fool card we have a clean slate. It’s like when you move and your old address is printed on the check. Cross out the old address. You don’t live there anymore.

When you are under hard transits that is what you must do: listen and allow.

If structures or ways of life are crumbling for you and you have no idea what will be built? Of course you are afraid. That’s normal and natural and okay. And breathing, listening, and allowing (i.e. surrendering. Isabel Hickey chose SURRENDER as one of her Pluto higher vibration keywords) will see you through.

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When Your DO Is The Ten of Wands

"jupiter trine plutoA general card for the situation, a card for DO and a card for DON’T

Situation, advice, caution.

I do this spread daily. I got it from Rachel Pollack (got myself a reading from her a few years ago) but it’s been adapted a bit through use in the chat room – this isn’t strictly the spread she introduced to me.

And this morning my DO was the Ten of Wands. Always interesting when a “bad” card – what we think of as bad – is our advice.

I mean, wouldn’t you rather see Empress, Star, Ten of Cups, Three of Pentacles?

Ten of Wands. Okay. Seven of Wands (battle) as the DON’T.

don’t fight.
Don’t battle.
Pick your battles.
Don’t worry about victory.
Keep going.
Almost done.

Eden Gray has a cluster of bummer meanings before getting to the good one: PROBLEM SOLVED.

But maybe we need to explore the other ones too, such as:

carrying a burden of ill-regulated power. Hmm. Pluto IS opposing my Sun.

Refining test by fire (she writes). Heart tried by pain.

Sounds about right under my transits AND/OR this Saturn Neptune sky.

What transits are you under? Are you seeing any Tarot TENS? 


The JUNE Special is fast coming to a close. Not sure what’s happening in July yet, to be honest. If I will run it again, keep things normal or introduce something new. I do know I will return to video making. Mars retrograde in my 3rd House of communications has slowed me down…

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Pluto Love ?

"saturn square neptune"I’m thinking a lot about Pluto, love, and Pluto transits.

Pluto is opposing my Sun now. It is exact. From my 5th House.

And I put this up on Facebook:

I feel like the question isn’t whether someone will love us, in all our agony and glory but whether WE can love, in return. Truly love

Pluto isn’t love. Pluto isn’t about love. Pluto is POWER. And Pluto is transiting my 5th House, one of the love and relationship houses. You do the math.

Are you under a Pluto transit?


The Latest From MoonPlutoLand (Personally)

"uranus square sun" Dear Readers,

I’m actually a little surprised, how well I’ve adjusted to my new surroundings. It just goes to show — which I already know — how right the decision was and is — even though this part is temporary…

The transits bring us huge fated changes when we become so stuck and scared and crystallized and —

When things fall apart what do you do? What do you do? Or maybe YOUR life doesn’t fall apart? I know people like this. It stays the same.

Life took me. And THEN I had to do. But life took me.

There were warnings yes but then I got forced out, once again, as I’ve gotten forced out of every NYC apartment I’ve ever lived in.

I don’t really have words yet for everything that’s happened —
Except that…

They know me at the restaurant. My eggs over-well and my corn cake. Decaf or half caff. Sometimes orange juice. And maybe one of these days I’ll go for lunch instead of breakfast.

The good strong women of rural Ohio are here to help.

I hope this letter finds you well.

Surviving The Hard Transits (Part ??? of Many)

"pluto opposition sun" What if life isn’t about more than the struggle?

We have these isolated moments of peace or grace – they last as long as a breath, as long or as short.

No matter what is happening, try to stop and notice this. Right now, one of my cats (who is not so well) is observing one of the other cats who is up on the counter observing the sky — or maybe she too is observing the sky and Goldy on the floor with his nose in some catnip, and I’m listening to Miles Davis Kind of Blue and it’s quiet except for my typing and the ceiling fan and the incredible minds of the cats. Mercifully quiet in the city today, oceans and oceans of mercy.

I’ve been writing about this all over Facebook, about my crap transits — how every outer planet is ON me – on my personal planets or my angles so these moments of peace and calm are gold. They are Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto GOLD.

And then Goldy staring at the flowers which he cannot reach but he is staring and will he figure out how to nab them? When I’m not here? He is standing up on his back paws right now and I know I need to move them again. He is smart but fat. He can’t jump too high. What he wants he wants SO BAD. I didn’t mean to make this a metaphor for the human condition but… it is a metaphor for the human condition.

Life is not reasonable. There is unreasonable suffering for some. Unreasonable good fortune for others. Many of us falling somewhere in between. If I told you everything that’s gone on in my life, you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry – and I suspect many of you feel exactly the same. And we do things to survive that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Do rely on these moments of peace and grace. Don’t rely on a miracle (the Chassidim say) but I say: rely on the moment, rely on the breath, the still small voice (as the Psalmist wrote). And listen to a lot of good music. And eat good food. We are our bodies. I wish you strength and grace in yours this fine Saturday. I have no snazzy astrological transit to attach this to today but I will remind you that Venus enters Libra on Sunday so a shift IS coming for sure – once again – to your Libra House. And the New Moon in Scorpio is next week.

Wish upon the moon, my friends. And keep passing the open windows.


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No More Falling + Full Moon Belly Blues Coming Right Up

"sun pluto opposition"I went to the doctor this evening. My knees were hurting (I took a tumble Friday evening) and I thought I was doing all the right things but it was hurting so much so… I just wasn’t satisfied with Dr. Google. I wanted x-rays. I wanted to be SEEN and told by a human in front of me: okay it is probably this, okay it will probably take this long to recover, okay okay okay okay. t’s been so long since I’ve had access to regular medical care.

On my way home, my taxi driver (who was super gracious by the way) was playing some music from his iPod and this one song just blew me away. It was cinematic. It made me think about my life, my age. And he also picked up another customer and dropped her off and she lived in an apartment complex that reminded me of my mother’s in South Miami so long ago and this song. It made me feel something.

The Sun is in Cancer. If your people, if any of your people (family, loved ones) are gone, they come back to you during Cancer Season. They float back up from the water, all misty eyed. They come back loud and clear, like a clapping wave. I don’t mind the reminders.

"uranus square sun"This morning I read another astrologer’s blog post about the next Full Moon in Capricorn and he gave a wicked forecast!

I haven’t looked at it in depth yet but you should know, yes, there is a Full Moon coming at 9 degrees (I will write in detail about it later) up to all kinds of hijinks with various other Cardinal including Mars and the Nodes. The Nodes show you where you are going and where you have been (are you afraid to look?) and a Mars-Full Moon-Pluto combo is… indigestion.

Wouldn’t that be grand? If that were the worst manifestation of this Full Moon? The belly blues? We can pray for this. We can hope for this. We can beg and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER for this. And we can plan for this. You may want to plan for this.

Now some of us, those of us, who already are Moon Pluto babies, you may wonder whether such stressful skies impact us less. I think there is some truth to that. At least you’ll hear reports of such. But I still suggest a “go bag” — all the requisite supplies for a Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto opposing Sun Mars in Cancer “go bag.” Survival supplies. Include chocolate.

"full moon in capricorn" I want, need to get well, really well. How do you get well when Uranus is square your Cancer stellium. And Pluto is opposing it. This shit (injuries, assault, accidents) happen out of the blue. This is probably the most violent year I’ve ever had (at least since REDACTED).

I asked him, my cabbie, who was singing, what song it was.

And now what? I really don’t know. Part of me feels like I’ve come to the end of something here. I don’t mean with my helping people, my clients, or with my blog but–

Are you feeling it too? On the verge? 

Left For Dead: Under The Sun Saturn Sky

"sun saturn opposition" There comes a time when the lessons serve no purpose. If you are searching for your “feel good” blogger, please look elsewhere.

A woman on my Facebook Timeline talking about being under Pluto transits for over 12 years. She even used the word “slice,” how they really took a slice (paraphrasing). I forget all the details now but Pluto opposed her Venus, opposed her Sun, squared her Rising… and more. So I asked her: what does your life look like now? There ARE people for whom EVERYTHING (or nearly) gets taken away. Too many hard times just creates frustration and misery like a chart with only hard aspects.

These people exist. These lives exist. Hard ones. Really hard ones. If you can’t deal with this truth, again, please find another blog, one rich with empowerment. I have no empowerment for you today. We’re under a Sun opposition Saturn sky. Maybe the only solace is that you aren’t alone in your Hard Times. Not the only one. But do beware: there are people who will claim to identify with you, who know where you’ve been but it’s often (sometimes) bullshit. They don’t know. They don’t want to know. And then there are the ones who keep you at arms length (hoping your hard times aren’t catching). And of course the ones who try to bully you into “feeling better” because they cannot face/admit their own losses.

Do you feel left for dead? If so, there is a probably a good reason (or a few) even if you can’t locate them right away. That’s okay.

And if you don’t feel left for dead, good to note that too. You can assist the rest of us. If you dare.

If this post is describing you, just try to respect the moment you are in. Sit with it.

So I asked my cards what I needed to know (today) and I was surprised by the cheerful response. Six Swords, Three Wands, Fool. Of course Six Swords is a passage, not overnight but optimistic still. Three Wands as well burn bright. Torches in the night. Crowley compares this card to spring. “Ability to envision possibilities” says Mary K Greer and that really strikes me here because then both these minor cards become about The Future. Six Swords is on the way, in transit. Three Wands stands tall and strong and “self expression” is a key phrase you’ll also see around this card. And the Fool? This is where the Six and the Three are leading.

If you are feeling left for dead under the Sun Saturn sky or your own personal transits, these cards deliver deliverance. And you may be as surprised to see them as I was but feel free to borrow them. There is room for all.

About Fool:
the unexpected
no fear

"sun opposition saturn"

The Stars This Weekend + Beware The Button Pushers

"new moon in taurus" Thoughts on pulling the Five of Pentacles (from an unfinished blog post):

Were they turned away?
Were they welcomed and then left?
Maybe they got fed (or fed up) and realized there were miles to go still.

Often I’d read that the couple CAN go into the church for salvation and a hot drink but maybe just maybe they already did and this is after the fact. They can’t stop now. Miles to go. Back on track. Yes it’s snowing. Yes they’re tired. But miles to go.

So we’re still under the Mars Saturn (frustration) opposition. In case you were wondering. In case you are feeling this blocked and smacked feeling.

And MY TRANSITS yes I really want to write about my transits. My transits are SO oppositional these days (i.e. it’s THEM not me, it’s them not you) but because the THEM are multiplying and getting stronger (Pluto transit to name one) the best advice is to pick battles because you will not win them. Maybe you’ll win one. Maybe you’ll win two. Depends on the battle. Be still, be wise, be careful. Do not take on City Hall. Do not take on the obnoxious taxi driver. Remember that a Pluto transit will also bring you powerful helpful Pluto people and situations – but sometimes the stink just rises and rises. And it’s often folks with poorly aspected Pluto (in their natal) who delight in raising the stink factor for you (unless they’ve worked on themselves and flushed out the ego of Pluto. We all have ego. We all have Pluto. We all have to not be an ass). If you are under a hard Pluto transit: pick your battles. Choose your friends. Do not suffer fools and button pushers. And drink LOL. I’m having some Nettles tea right now but I may indulge in a cocktail this evening.
"pluto opposition sun"
But back to the STARS today and this weekend:

so we suffer under the dregs of Mars Saturn frustration (people taking you to task even though you are not guilty) and it’s a VOC moon all day today, Friday. One more reason to relax. VOC moons don’t encourage the hyper productivity you prefer.

Tomorrow is the exact Venus Neptune trine so no matter what else is going on for you, GO THERE. If you can. Drift and dream. Please do not raise your blood pressure! Sunday is the New Moon in Taurus ahhhh maybe you want to dust off the altar and start ritual today. Seriously. A New Moon in your Taurus house. What could that be? Do you think it reflects the house more? Or a Venusian theme? What are you feeling around this?

That day, the Moon will…. square Jupiter and trine Pluto and then sextile Chiron. The Chiron sextile is the closest in degree to the New Moon so there is something you aren’t seeing yet i.e. New Moons are the dark. Possibility. They aren’t what has grown. They aren’t manifestation. So your healing is in the future. In the future but on the way. Don’t forget that. We keep pulling the Temperance card. The Healing Angel (says Mary K. Greer). So please do not look for ULTIMATE solutions now. Because it can’t be 100% now. But a little effort (sextile) and it gets better.

And then Monday Mercury goes retrograde…
In Gemini…
Let the games begin? I hope not ;)


Don’t Go Crazy: Advice For Your Uranus Transit

"Pluto opposition sun"I just read this powerful essay by astrologer Virginia Bell. Here is the link. And I shared it on my Facebook and added in the comments:

How I feel after reading this: don’t go crazy. If you can help it, don’t go crazy. Because sometimes there is a moment, a choice. And you either dive in to the crazy or you swim to shore.

I’m not saying that’s what happened to her mother. I’m not saying she had a choice. I’m saying I know the feeling of:

okay I’m am going to snap out of this mood NOW because if I do not snap out of this mood NOW… I may lose the ability to choose. Next time. Indulgence in The Mood starts feeling uncomfortable after a while. And that’s how it should be. When it starts feeling like a a comfortable sweater, that’s a problem.

Isabel Hickey wrote:

Uranus changes are often disruptive, but it always changes the “status quo” for a new and better pattern. It destroys the ruts in which we can get stuck and sets us free.

Are you under a Uranus transit? 


The Things That Have Never Happened (Grey’s Anatomy + Pluto opposition Sun)

"pluto opposition sun" The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about Pluto.

Pluto opposed her Sun when she was a kid (or teenager — can’t remember now). Pluto is opposing my Sun now.

I thought to myself:

this is the first time for me. It’s never happened before. No wonder I don’t know what to do or think or expect.

Some folks are born with Pluto opposing their Sun. Others will never experience it. I am experiencing it and it’s all new. This is much needed context. And really there is nothing that I’ve found outside myself (yet) that has been helpful, not even from much respected writers of astrology.

Other news:

last night’s Grey’s Anatomy and the death of Derek Shepherd. Anyone who knows me knows I am a long-time Grey’s fan — and I continue to re-watch it on Netflix. I wish I had the words for how much this show has meant to me–

I remember when I first saw it — end of Season One or beginning of Season Two. I was living in a basement apartment in Brooklyn and had I really moved with that big ugly t.v.?

No, I must have bought it in the neighborhood, had it delivered. And there was Meredith Grey at the bar hoping that Derek would pick her, choose her. I grow with the show. Certain arcs or story lines mean more to me now, make more sense. Not sure my life resembles 2004/2005 at all and why should it? But still. A thread or two would be nice. Are they there? The threads?

So much upheaval in one small life, kind of like Meredith Grey’s (what transits must she be under?), it’s hard for me to imagine what this new major transit could bring. Another move. Another relationship. A change in work. A change in health. That’s everything, right? That’s enough. Love. Work. Money. Purpose. Spirit. AHA.

Let us not let the major transits scare us merely. It’s temping to do so. And it’s easy.

There was an emotional depth (and comforting humanness? quirkiness? unpretentiousness?) to this show that I’d never seen anywhere else. I’ll be loyal until the end even though it’s a far cry from what it once was, in my opinion. Kind of like the difference between me then and me now although I hope the me now is better.

There comes a time when we just want life delivered, like that big t.v. to my basement apartment. Know what I mean? And good t.v. shows do that for us. They deliver us.


The Tower As Advice (Part Two)

"jupiter goes direct" I don’t know what to break.
I don’t know what to break now or next — at all.

I was just writing about getting the Tower as advice for my Beliefnet post today (look here for the link) and it’s really got me thinking so this is a bit of a Part Two.

Thinking about the current astro landscape as well as my own personal transits, with Uranus and Pluto aspecting my natal Sun in Cancer.

We’ve come through two eclipses but we know the full ramifications and manifestations are not here yet. Jupiter is now direct (hallelujah). Saturn is retrograde. Pluto goes retrograde on the 15th.

Outer planets going retrograde: opportunities for rest? Or brick walls?

It’s like our.. Major Arcana cards suddenly reverse themselves. Think of the Tower reversed: you’re NOT FALLING. You’re stuck, imprisoned. Ew. What if Saturn never moved forward but only backwards. Like that. Gross. But for some of us, our very lives feel like that. No progress. Tower reversed. Retrograde planets. Prison or endless vacation. No goals, no work, no accomplishment, no purpose.

fool(Aha more insight into the card pulled today: Tower as advice i.e. DO THIS i.e. it’s a good thing. What do you need to break?)

That’s the bigger picture, along with planets in mid-Aries (squaring Pluto) and Venus entering Gemini this weekend okay okay this is good. We like Gemini by transit. We like messenger Mercury. I’m a homebody so Gemini Season makes me talk a bit more :)

But back to the TOWER (just where you wanted to go, right?)

The Tower as advice:
-you need to jump
-you need to push (people, situations) out of your life.

It’s VERY Full Moon Eclipsey.


Last night this thought was in my head. About patches or bandaids. I mean, if your boat is sinking, if your body is bleeding out, sticking your finger in the hole is not a good enough solution. You’ll drown. You ARE drowning.

What helps? Getting quiet. Get quiet first. Turn off the phone, computer, television. You need to hear your own heart.

If you don’t break the Tower, will it break you? 
Is it really about other people? 
Who/what will break your fall? 
Where do you land?

I pulled the Fool right after and I was saying that, for me, Tower and Fool are reinforcing cards but Tower is the Fool in all caps (and then some). You can go kicking and screaming (as my teacher used to say about hard transits) or you can surrender (as Isabel Hickey says about Pluto transits).

What do you choose? And is it really a choice? Let me know in the comments or come visit me on Facebook :) 


Trust No One: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun" When Pluto opposes your Sun, you become the criminal.

So the question becomes: how do you act, behave, now?

You must get smart. Do you have to become a “bad” person? Not exactly. But you do have to change. Acknowledge your shadow but it’s more than simple acknowledgement.

You can’t behave in the same ways. You can’t continue to be so open. Study the manipulative people in your life. They’ll show you how it’s done. Things you’d never dream of doing. I don’t mean to break your own ethics or morality. Or am I? You have to blend your sweet Sun sign with a killer (instinct) now to prevent being destroyed. You will be falsely accused and you’ll have to figure out how to precede, case by case.

And yes there will be even more ethical questions when Jupiter is in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn making things “easier.”

You may be asked to lie, to bear falsely, to play the game, to see the criminal in you, to play the game, the very games you despise and you good boys and girls may have a hard time with this, a very hard time with this OR you may discover it’s not hard for you at all (which may be shocking).

Because Pluto is not about justice. Pluto is about power. Learn from the people around you who get what they want with minimal effort. They usually are getting it on someone’s back. There is some work they are not doing. Someone is being used. Someone is making it easier for them.

Up until now it’s been child’s play… in terms of the person you need to become.


AND More Thoughts On Oppositions

GoldyThis is from my Facebook Timeline and you can Friend or Follow me!

In Astrology…
the Opposition aspect brings us energy/events/people – this energy comes at us from OUTSIDE – that we must then integrate, make sense of…
And this can be, of course, super stressful.

We must do our shadow-work, acknowledge that opposing planet’s hijinks in our own psyche and daily dealings.

Also with PLUTO transits, especially to the personal planets, you have to learn to… well, you have to LEARN the energy.


How it feels.

Thinking of that toy, the slinky..

Because too much Pluto and you blow EVERYTHING UP.

So be gentle with your energy, in figuring out the energy because it is foreign to you essentially in THIS particular form. Know what I mean? It’s foreign to you in THIS form even if you are a Pluto person!

So think of your Pluto transit, and this may sound counterintuitive, as something very FRAGILE.

Do you want to blow shit up? Well, it depends. Pick your battles.

BUT you may find yourself blowing shit up that you do not want to because you are like a kid trying to manage, handle CONTROL this intense Pluto.

It’s not about controlling it. Mastery is what must occur. Not of Pluto. That’s impossible. But of your own energy.



Recent post on my Pluto Sun opposition 

What I’m Learning About Pluto Opposition Sun (By Transit)

Aliza-Einhorn-Tarot-Spreads-1What do you do with all the dead dreams? Where do you bury them? 

I asked this on my Facebook Timeline.

Was reminiscing with an old poet friend. He’s the editor of a new poetry journal and I have a poem in there this April.

And there was some memory lane and some memory lane and some memory lane and I’m thinking about writing poems again. The last time I did was when I came back from Las Vegas. Had two drafts and inspiration for many more. Inspiration to fill a Delta flight or two. Or three. It didn’t happen though. Life took over and the Uranus Pluto square was ON and I got distracted and impatient.

Flash forward to my Facebook Timeline this evening and my buddy Andy and me and I was remembering when I was at Iowa and 23 and saying to him: I THOUGHT I KNEW EVERYTHING.

But there were years before that, when I wrote poems, at Florida, took classes with Donald Justice who loved me, and I said to my friend: I was 85% functional. To which Andy had a clever reply but the point of this blog post is when I asked;

What do you do with all the dead dreams? Where do you bury them? 

Pluto is opposing my Sun and thank you very much NO ONE IS GETTING BURIED HERE despite their attempts.

Who is the THEIR? The Pluto people. The ones who want to feed off you and take you down.

But this funny thing happened tonight. As I was feeling myself feeling afraid (and also remembering one of the chat room gals saying she rather feel dead than afraid) and I got a glimpse into the HIGH SIDE of this transit.

Which happens AFTER they slime you because believe me with Pluto opposing your Sun THEY WILL slime you. Even people who you were certain were your supporters. Suddenly YOU MUST BE STOPPED. You’ve grown too big, too scary. Said the wrong thing. And must be stopped.

So they try. And you take the bait. For a while.

And what happens is: you realize this transit is all you, baby. ALL YOURS. 

Yes, there are fuckers in your midst. That part IS true. And they will pull back your head, open your mouth, and spit. And shit.

But what happens after? What then?

I am trying to find the words…

You won’t die. You don’t die. THIS IS PLUTO PLANET OF REBIRTH. REBIRTH OF YOUR SUN WHICH IS YOU. They may try to kill you, destroy you, like the Uranus Pluto square did, but you won’t die and in fact what happens is… it’s not that you get stronger (although that’s part of it). What happens is… the fear shrinks. See? It’s a bit different than the usual paradigm: THIS FEAR IS SO HUGE AND I BECOME EVEN MORE HUGE TO DEAL WITH IT.


Instead you toss it to the side “Oh that thing..”

See the difference?

But this part happens AFTER you go through so many layers and layers of fear that it’s like you run out of layers of fear! None left!

And your posture changes. Did you notice that too? The rib cage? The chin? Shoulders back and down?

So I’ve got this graveyard. I’ve got this graveyard of dead dreams. Starting right now. This graveyard in my head of dead dreams. Oh there was that guy I wanted. And that book I wanted to publish. Unfinished poems. And other things. That I won’t mention here. Pluto values secrecy, you know.

If you are under a Pluto transit (conjunction, square, opposition) the way you get through it is… I just really believe that… you will emerge. Transform. Metamorph! Just like all the astrology books and cliches tell you, about Pluto. It’s actually true.

And it’s not something you can think. It’s something you FEEL that rises up out of your experience the very next time someone tries to break you.

And it’s not that you need to break them back. It’s that you know, perhaps for the first time, in the face of THIS disaster, ONCE AGAIN, that you’ll be alright. The crisis stops being a crisis.

For the first time, you know it.

That’s what this transit is — about that knowing.

Tell me if this rings true, Pluto Sun people.. by transit or in the natal..


But to answer my own question. You can bury them, those dead dreams, but they come back. In new forms maybe, but they come back. And I mean that in a good way :) (Did I just end this crazy blog post on a happy note? Maybe…) 

What To Do About The Deadly Transits?

"uranus square sun"So I was writing in the chatroom that I am hating my Saturn opposition. It’s one degree from exact at the moment. Saturn is retrograde so it went past it and will go over it again when it stations trine my Sun.

My comment was in response to folks talking about having had a hard week. I did too. A lot of Cancers in that room. Seems like we all struggled this week. Folks were saying perhaps it was due to Mercury’s impending retrograde in Cancer, back into Gemini.

And I said this:

That (the Saturn opposition) plus Uranus square my Sun… it’s deadly. My Pluto Sun opposition is farther away (i.e. not exact, a larger orb than the other two transits) and yet still in effect. It’s like watching someone die. Or watching yourself die. You can’t stop it. You can’t help. You just have to watch it die.

And a gal in the chat room said: “Watching yourself die” is the best description of Pluto opposite my Sun I have heard. Yeah, she’s been through this transit already. And she’s a smartypants and not a flatterer so I trust her :)

A few more words were said, but I think I’ll leave it at that for the moment.

Oh. Wait. I should end on a more cheerful note, eh?

It’s a beautiful day in the Big City. I’m healthy. The cats are healthy. We don’t have ants and

But what to do about the deadly transits? I’ll let you know. As I find out. The impulse is to hold on. That’s Pluto. And the impulse is to run. That’s Uranus.

And the Saturn opposition is a funny thing (not really!). Saturn is hard. It’s a hard, tough energy. Responsibility. Duty. Get to work! It’s not soft and fuzzy. It’s the “opposite” of Neptune the dissolver and dreamer. Saturn is that image we have of the mountain goat/Capricorn climbing up the mountain, working hard. Effort. Patience. Making money. Saturn crystallizes (as Isabel Hickey would say). Saturn is your fear. So what happens when Saturn mirrors itself? Oh My God. You can’t move. Paralysis. Reminds me a bit of an animal seeing himself in the mirror but he doest know it’s a mirror so he headbutts it and ouch there’s a crash — a sort of painful breakthrough — when solid structure bumps hard against solid structure. There is no bending, just breaking. Well, I hurt my leg a bit more than a month ago. Bone bruise. Saturn opposition Saturn: no giving in. You just keep slamming again and again into that same old wall until you hurt too much to stand up.

For lighter fare :) please visit Beliefnet for my new Tarot post: THE EMPEROR (and a few more words about Mercury Retrograde.

Love always, MP

More Thoughts On Pluto Opposition Sun (Part ?)

smoky quartz and black tourmalineIt’s kinda late, just got home, but wanted to try to type this up for y’all. More thoughts on Sun Pluto transits, in particular Pluto opposing the Sun.

In search of solid ground. The goal: to find that place where you have only yourself to thank and blame. That is heaven.

That your solid ground comes from inside because there is nowhere else. This is actually good news. That this place exists. And notice how you turn on and off the light in this place.

When I read about Pluto Sun transits I read these keywords: identity, ego, power, power struggle. My keyword: the dark.

And what is the Sun? Your light. Uh-oh…

What happens when Pluto jostles it ? Do you fight it? Shine a light on it?

What’s needed is solid ground. A platform for both. Make both happy ;) As if, right?

I’m going to walk a lot this summer. I’m going to start with the body. Pluto = elimination. Sweat is one way. Basically you have to do what you can and not get attached to results.

Someone said this to me today and I thought it was apt, for this transit: you are not forever broken. You are 100% capable of building yourself back up.

Match the dark without going under yourself.
And ponder: how will the Sun change? How will the essence change by this… uncomfortable cleanse. Ya know, if getting enemas were my thing, this would be the perfect transit for that, right? Pluto rules excrement.

So how to… make that happen THROUGH ART? Well, good question. Pluto is transiting my 5th. Oy I’m having Karen Finley flashbacks as I type this but… I think I’m onto something here.

Last word for this evening: the little things matter. Every little thing during a hard transit. Every routine, every ritual. Eating, sleeping, movement, all the self-care stuff. Every song. Every song of survival. Every moment that you do NOT feel shame.

And the “art part” of it may be THE most important part of it all.

I was on the subway, heading to Penn Station, and a Marvin Gaye song came on. I LOVE Marvin Gaye. And he died tragically (note to self, must look up his chart) and then this Madonna song came on and… yeah. Madonna. It was a perfect moment. I saw outside my condition.

If you’re lucky, if you can change a habit (like getting out of the house when you really just feel like staying in) maybe you’ll feel that feeling — that everything will be okay.

Okay, folks, time to head to the chat room and see what’s doing…

Oh, by the way, I’d be willing to start another one, if there were enough interested people. Someone wrote me a while ago but I hadn’t been putting out the call for it. It is $25 per month, we go month by month. And we talk astrology, tarot, crystals :) whatever people want to discuss. I’m usually in there each day. Best is when we all start threads, keeps things moving and interesting but quiet folks are welcome too. The main thing is that it is private and folks respect this. It’s not a class per se… it’s casual, supportive, and we also learn.

Also hoping to teach this summer my Celtic Cross class so stay tuned for details…

Love, MP

Thoughts On Saturn Opposition Saturn & Other Hard Transits

We were watching Gravity the other night. Watched it in two parts. I forget why. Maybe it was late the first night and I got tired. Anyway, so we finished watching it the other night and the movie reminded me of transits. The way transits bang you around, yeah in outer space, or so it feels, and you are always struggling to hold on. And then another comes and another and another, another event set off by the transit or another transit perfecting.
"uranus square sun"
I had years like this — Saturn in Virgo was one disaster after another in a landscape of disaster. I remember this one day… I lost my playwriting group (which was my solace, my community). This woman thought I had betrayed her and she kicked me out. My grandmother died. And a client I was very close to got re-homed and I never saw him again (yes, a dog). Also I was in a failing, unhappy relationship living in the worst neighborhood with the worst (i.e. loudest) neighbors. This was just the beginning. Oh and I remember too… moving into an apartment that I couldn’t afford (I had gotten kicked out of the previous one) and a client died, my biggest/best client, two days after moving in. Didn’t know how I was going to survive.

I heard this as I was waking up this morning: if you don’t begin asserting your will – OVER YOUR OWN LIFE – these transits will run you into the ground. And then: you will be used. You will be used up.

I still have some of those movie images in my head: when Bullock takes off her heavy space suit for the first time and she’s curling in fetal position, suspended, no gravity. This is how it feels. Sometimes. Longing for the womb. Projecting yourself back into the womb. Crazy flying space objects crashing into you. Holding on for dear life. Giving up. Holding on for dear life. Giving up. Holding on for dear life.

Giving up.

I’m just beginning this process, with Uranus and Pluto. I’m in the middle of it with my Saturn opposition and I’m still figuring it out, what it means for me, beyond all the cookbooks and textbooks and professional opinions.

Every transit is about growing up. Getting us that much closer to death.

And then we have these years, all these years, in between.

In the chat room last night, I mentioned that I talked to my Uncle. We don’t talk that often. Always loved him. He said as he gets older, family becomes more important. Yeah, Uncle, I’ve been feeling that for about… .17 years now. Since my mother died, his sister. He doesn’t live that far away. We talk about family reunions, about getting together. He has a son nearby. Two birds with one stone. I’ll invite our cousin too. You can stay with me. Not much room, but you can stay. So we’ll see. In either case, I’ll start calling him every Sunday. He had mentioned that he is supposed to call his son every Sunday but sometimes he doesn’t.

See? Things fall apart under hard transits, yes they do. But you can also put things together, back together. Start a chain reaction.

Love, MP

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What Happens When A Moon Pluto Person Becomes A Sun Pluto Person?

"pluto opposition sun" We have a void of course moon until tomorrow morning. Big City time. I know depending on your location, the details will change but I’ll tell you this — my day for sure got disrupted. Men who come to fix things in the apartment. Men who show up unannounced. Men who don’t show up when they say they will. Had to reschedule readings, but I’m blogging.

Otherwise, I’ve got a couple things on my mind:

-Mercury going retrograde next week
-Venus this week
-Pluto opposition Sun

Mercury is in the early degrees of Cancer and heads back to Gemini. We are told all sorts of things — what to do, what not to do, what not to buy, what to wear ;)

Keep in mind this: Mercury goes rx at 3 degrees Cancer and goes direct on July 1st  at 24 Gemini. I firmly believe that projects left hanging MONTHS AGO will gain traction during this time period. The degrees are important. The degrees tell the story. CHECK YOUR DEGREES BABY! 

Love relationships, I predict, are less tumultuous this week. Venus sextile Neptune. Venus trine Pluto. Yes, I know IT’S PLUTO but… you suffer less as you strategize your way out of hell. Think about it!

Moon enters Virgo tomorrow morning. Yes, this is your work week: detail oriented, on top of things, chores, tasks, laundry, de-cluttering, the little things. No, it’s not glamorous. Time to furminate the cats (a special brush that they love).

Last night I was Googling Pluto opposition Sun. It’s not exact yet in my chart, but it’s getting there and I love reading what others have to say. I’m often disappointed though. The same stuff over and over again. But last night on one of those big popular websites I finally found some words that rang true, made sense, and actually made me look forward to this transit a bit more.

And thinking: what happens when a Moon Pluto person becomes, in addition, a Sun Pluto person! I’ll get that Pluto trine eventually but not for a few years. In the meantime though, as Pluto opposes my Cancer stellium, it makes other good aspects in my chart, planet by planet.

Issues of power. Growing in power. Defining power. Power struggle with others. What is a deal breaker. What is good enough. What MUST BE. Identity changing. Ego building. Getting stronger. Obsession. Intolerance. Seriously not suffering fools. My way or the highway. Others feeling threatened by me. I’m already used to that. I expect it will increase as this transit perfects. From door mat to… ???

Not sure yet.

Updates as they arise :)

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Hand Me The Axe: Uranus Square Sun, Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun" Do you feel like you have control, power, over your life?

I was talking to a client this morning and this topic came up. And it made me think about my own life. Because often the people we meet reflect back to us what we need to pay attention to.

Things like…

saying no

What is saying no? Saying no is setting a boundary. NO matter who is sweet talking you, that you can hear what is actually going on. Yes, it is okay to HEAR what is actually going on and to say no IF you want to say no. Or to say YES if you want to say yes. And how you do this incredibly brave task is by KNOWING how you actually feel. Admitting to yourself how you feel.

Why is this issue on my mind? Not just the phone call I had this morning but PLUTO OPPOSING MY SUN and Uranus squaring it. People may not think of me as a pushover. Or maybe they do, not sure. Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Venus in the 12th. This is a NICE person. But I’ll tell you this, my patience has worn thin. If people want a place in my life, professionally or personally, it’s going to be a lot different than before. No apologies. It’s like this: you can come up to MY LEVEL or you can go. Does that sound like Pluto? For better or worse, perhaps :)

Maybe my passion is coming back. Mars is direct now. Yeah. I think that’s it. My passion. Which died. Is coming back. It’s coming through in my writing. I know you guys can tell that. I feel better writing here lately. And enjoying the other blog too. But it’s like a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Is that… you? You wanna hang out? I feel like I could take an axe to everything that still stands. Maybe that girl in my chat room was onto something. The one who said to burn it all to the ground. That I COULD burn it all to the ground. Sound like Uranus Pluto to you? Someone once told me I was made of passion and angst. I’d say that description was pretty accurate. The changes are coming. I can feel it as I type this. Acceptance is the first step :) let the tears flow. 

Mid-degree Cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) I know you hear me.

Thing is this, I’ve had THOSE transits. Where I had no choice. The transits did the destroying. I feel like I have more agency now. I know how to choose. Or I’m learning how. Which returns us to the topic at the start of this blog post. Saying no is setting a boundary. Saying no is freedom. But if your entire life is comprised of setting boundaries, then it’s time to pick up the axe. When you notice that gulf between what is and what you want.

Sometimes, when I can’t find the words, only music will do, and I seek out A VOICE. Here is my favorite Aquarian. And I didn’t realize before how perfectly this song fits these transits :)

Love, MP

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Burn This: Uranus Square Sun, Pluto Opposing Sun.

"pluto opposition sun by transit" “You must change your life” wrote Rilke. I wonder what transits he was under when he wrote that :)

I am thinking about my own “mid-life” transits and wondering about the future of this blog. Not wanting to end this blog but wondering about direction. How to make it fun and interesting again for me. Just posing the question has proved lucrative. Some folks in the comments here as well as on my Timeline on Facebook. Thank you, Mitraya. You have always been supportive of the work. 

I’ve also had a few people over the years (more than a few?) say to me that I’m the only astrologer they’ve ever consulted.

“You must change your life” could be a slogan for my transits. Uranus square my Sun. Pluto opposing my Sun. Uranus is closer in orb now and I am starting to mourn (cue Pluto). Mourn what won’t be. Yes, such things Do exist in the lives of women, in the lives of humans…

A gal in one of the chat rooms suggested burning it all to the ground. That that was an option under such transits but I immediately said no way. I’d be homeless. This is my job. I saw once Maria Forleo saying that a blog is not a business plan, but it was for me. Am I rich? No. But I got by solely by blogging, doing readings and teaching my classes, with nothing more than a blog and social networking and effort. And lots of word of mouth. I thank you all for that, the ones who recommend me.

Of course these transits will last a few years and even as Pluto is opposing my (Sun and) Mercury and Mars, it will trine my Saturn and Moon and Pluto. A GRAND TRINE. I don’t have one of these in my natal. It will never be exact, it will be planet by planet. First Saturn in Taurus, then Moon, then Pluto in Virgo, but conjunctions function fused so…

And just now chatting in the same chat room about fear. Fears are just thoughts I said. Rich and juicy thoughts.

So the blog will continue, God willing, and my life will change in various ways but I hope, I intend, to keep reporting back here, what I discover. This reminds me of a Tarot spread I did last night. I was slowly reading about the Celtic Cross, more detail for each card position and drawing my cards at the same time and one of my outcome cards was the Empress. The Creatrix :) what I hope most to be, card number 5 I think…

My prayer: may I continue to be of sound mind, body, spirit, so that I may continue to do this work…

Up and coming on the blog: I got up at 4:30 this morning to feed the cats. I think it was Cleo batting me or maybe I got up to pee, I don’t remember :) but I think I’ll make the blog more personal again. It’s what I have to offer. My reflective stance with astrology, with tarot. And I also wrote down a number of topics I want to introduce in the coming days… more Tarot spreads and various philosophical musings.

But please do visit Beliefnet for even more Tarot posts and Tarotscopes. It’s an easy way to support me and THIS blog. By visiting there and sharing those posts on your own pages.

Thanks, all. And see you later today :) I hope to post a new Tarot spread I’m working on. A Tarot spread designed for the hard transits! Also, Friend or Follow me on Facebook! 

Love, MP

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Stripped: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun"The Fives are unstable, after all. 

Found myself saying this just now in one of the chat rooms.

Was talking about the Five of Pentacles from the Tarot and seeing this in regards to a certain situation in my life quite a few times in recent months and always upright and just the other day got it reversed.

I see this as progress.

And I said: it’s a phase. When you see the Five of Pentacles, KNOW it’s a phase. Because the Fives are unstable after all. 

Same for the hard transits right?
And the easier transits.
And the multiple clusterf**k transits.
All phases, cycles. Up down the Wheel of Life turns burns yearns.

Pluto is opposing my Sun these days.
Not exact but in orb, and I started free-associating again:
feels like undressing. Ego undressing. Ego stripped.
And I know this transit has really only just begun for me.
It will get deeper, harder, relentless, interesting, hungry, hurting, and…

But let me back up a minute here.
What IS an opposition, by transit?
What is its function?

In part, it’s an energy in you, dormant or misused or under-used, that now is going to manifest outside you (as people, situations) for the purpose of bringing you back to yourself so that you may integrate it.
Navigate it.
And live.

Now I always look back to the natal planet for clues on how or what a transit will sing.
And my natal Pluto is well aspected. She can sing.
Conjunct my Moon yes, but well-aspected all around my chart.
She’s an intense one, Moon Pluto, but she’s hard to kill.
She keeps reinventing, reincarnating, recycling.
Yes she will surprise you.

Where the square is a compulsive often uncomfortable urging, the opposition is an outright often uncomfortable DARE.

Which fear will you face today, baby?

Which face will you see in the mirror, baby?
Who are you becoming? Babybabybaby. 

I asked someone that question in an email reading today: who are you becoming?
Saturn is transiting her 1st House. NOT an easy transit. Ego stripping vs. ego trampling.
Would you rather be torn apart or run over?

So when we see the hard transits coming, up ahead, headlights flashing, we do our best to… look away?
Not look away. Look away. Not look away. Stay.
Oscillation. Like an office desk fan in a Noir.

Same goes for when you see the Tarot Fives.

There’s only so much we can take. That’s okay.

The unpredictable Five. It’s a stage, a phase. Life changes on a dime.

Keep in mind, too, that the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “hey,” which is an abbreviation for the name of God.

When you see a Five, when you feel a Five, when you know a Five, when you have a Five experience, for sure you’ve not alone. Be sure of this.

Helps if you can tune in though. Tune in to the Divine. Think of it like a radio. The transistor radios we used to have.
Fine tuning eliminates the static. Then the station comes in clear. And you hear a voice.

Love, MP

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