THE INTENSITY: Which Crossroads Are You At?

I want to write about the INTENSITY of Scorpio Season with Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio THE INTENSITY and yesterday although I don’t want to go into detail just the words THE INTENSITY because that’s exactly what it was and it was…


One day. It was just ONE. DAY.

And a few hours ago I tried to post about the Nodes but the post disappeared. Just like that. (It’s almost the Mercury retrograde shadow. Almost.)

"venus in scorpio"


The other day Papa Lega approached me and I don’t want to talk about that either :)

so I’m dropping these little phrases clues keys here and there, just enough to let you know I’m not completely avoiding my 12th House North Node transit. Something’s cooking.

"mercury in sagittarius"
o you know the way? What map is in your hands? I SWEAR this Scorpio Season has me like THE INTENSITY. That’s all I can say THE INTENSITY. 

Curious what you’re feeling. Tell me on my Facebook. Let me know.

"moon conjunct pluto"

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Advice For The New Moon In Leo, New Tarot Class, & Getting Unstuck


"new moon eclipse in leo"
Hanged Man – 2015. Pastel. Staten Island.

In my current class, I’m starting to talk about Getting Unstuck (which is the name of a series of Pema Chodron talks so I started listening again) and asked them to draw cards for themselves:

Are they stuck? Actually stuck?

The cards will say yes or no and HOW (the how is embedded in the suit so you have to know your Tarot suits and elements) and then of course I drew a card of advice.

I wasn’t sure what would arise but I’m not surprised. I am definitely stuck and I think it will take me a few days to process just those two cards but I know I KNOW I am on the right track. An exercise like this can take you not only into the essence of “what you need to know now” but also into the essence of certain cards. I now NEED TO KNOW what those cards mean so I can know what my life means.

This getting unstuck discussion is related to the Nodes and the coming Eclipses – those areas of our lives which require our attention over the next 18 months or so.

It’s funny. Or not. What we want to focus on isn’t always what the chart and life requires. It’s not always good food, vacation, and romance! And maybe it’s that rarely or never or some of the time!

But what I notice is this – about transits – how they unfold. Especially these longish ones like where the Nodes are by transit and the Nodes don’t feel as scary as Pluto or Saturn so we can exhale around them – not seize up. Although I have written about my Pluto Sun opposition transit all along, it comes with fear. Not as much with the Nodes. There’s more wonder or fascination or hmm. But definitely a sign that says FOCUS HERE my dear.

So that’s my homework for you. Draw two cards AND ponder this:

What do you understand, about your life now, from where the Nodes are now, in your chart? 

They may be “problems” that have required your attention for years, decades, but you weren’t able to face them, clear them, SEE them, until now.

This week we have Mars entering Leo, the Sun entering Leo, and then the New Moon in Leo this weekend.

Card One: Am I stuck (how am I stuck)

Card Two: Advice for getting unstuck

And report back what you discover.


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From North Node in Virgo to North Node in Leo (Work Hard, Play Hard)

"north node in leo"
It would be an understatement to say that I’m obsessed with the Nodes
at the moment. That the Nodes are moving to Leo and Aquarius and that in my chart North Node in Leo = 12th House. Weird. And yet familiar. I have Venus there. Fire in a water house.

About the Nodes:
We are forced. We have no choice. We are forced. It’s a fact. Your Leo and Aquarius Houses are where THE lessons will come from NEXT but you may not even notice because:

1) it may be subtle for some of you

2) you may have other POWER transits happening and thus think: eh, whatever, Nodes.

I am relieved to have the Nodes out of my 1st/7th shortly, but the 12th House? What can this possibly mean? I have some ideas. Many fear the 12th House and with good reason but I have that 12th House Venus and to say that I’m a contemplative is another understatement.

The 12th House details don’t matter. Not for this post. What matters is this matter of FATE and no choice. Your Leo/Aquarius axis, THOSE issues, which  may not even be clear to you NOW, those issues, will become all important and once it’s all over? You’ll have learned. So much.

The tricky part is that… it’s not so neat. These lessons. I mean, there’s no diploma. It may not be clear to you what you’ve learned — just that you made it through. We don’t get an Akashic Record printout of it all.  At least that’s not how it works for me. MAYBE we internalize some of it. And then fate takes over. The Nodes move. Next!!!!

This is how it feels to me. So much happened across that axis. And then. Poof. New transit.

What those houses are ABOUT are where the lessons will be and I cannot emphasize this enough: what you think it will be about? Well, it may be about some other matter related to that house. Like you think your 8th House transit will be about SEX but instead it’s about you talking to the dead.

And this:
North Node in Leo: SHINE.
Be a star.
It’s not about the everyMan or everyWoman,  it’s about YOU in all your glorious uniqueness!
How will you shine and where will you shine? Check your chart!!!

After the modesty and the humility of Virgo comes CONFIDENT Leo.
After the work comes the party of LEO.
There is a party coming to your Leo House and YOU are the guest of honor.
It’s ALL about you, baby.

And yet… North Node. Which opposes the South Node. It’s an axis. We have to work both sides, elevate both sides. Royalty without petulance.  Drama without melodrama.

To be continued…

“What I Have To Do To Survive” (conversations from the chat room)

"north node in leo"
In one of the chatrooms
today someone was thanking me for my gifts and I had no clue what she meant.

I asked her to explain it. I’m dense sometimes. And a Virgo Moon. What you mean, lady?

It was a perfect example of someone saying something and me going huh???

Because I do not feel that I go through life sharing my gifts – that’s not how I think. I am just me “doing my thing or whatever.” I mean, I did feel inspired to return but I wasn’t all like: check this shit out!!!!

So she kindly explained and I am sharing it not as an ego boost but as a manifesto of sorts.

And a couple questions for YOU:

What gifts do you have that you want to share? Or not share? 
Do you think of those “gifts” as “gifts” ?

She wrote:

I just mean that you are a gifted writer and that you think and communicate deeply and passionately about your life and your spiritual struggles. And sharing that to me is a gift. Because you are letting people in to a part of your process–of course not the whole process, no one can know that—but you’re willing to be seen and from what it sounds like, deeply misunderstood while doing so.

To me that’s brave. And your writing can offer solace and healing to those who are hurting in their own lives (whether you intend that or not)

But I’m Scorpio rising : ) Maybe it doesn’t feel like a gift to you–maybe it just feels like what you have to do to survive or….fill in the blank. But that feels like a gift to me.



“It just feels like what I have to do to survive.”

She nailed it.



Coming Back To The Blog: North Node In My 12th House (by transit)

"north node in the 12th house"
“I’m here. ” 

I said it out loud — I’m here.

I didn’t think I’d be back to blogging so soon but I see I have no choice.

I am finishing a manuscript and it’s taken my entire focus for the past few months but now I have no choice. The death of my beloved familiar, feline companion Cleo, who was born in my basement and who I had the privilege to live with for 13 years…. this has brought me to a new… place of… not just a new low but a lack of understanding and desire for answers. It’s not just “desire” for answers; it’s a matter of life and death.
I wrote on my Facebook today (Facebook is not a bad place for thinking out loud):

I need a path and I need a path because I need answers. Every Path or path or “path” has been inadequate, has failed. No answers have been given and if I am to remain here and keep doing the work I do of helping you and keep writing then I need a path and I need to start to unravel some of the answers of my life and come out of the dark. My life has been dark and continues to be dark and I have to investigate in new ways, even here in sunny Florida. 

The Nodes and Eclipses are moving to my 12th/6th House axis so now I know. Now I know what to DO with this transit(s). I’d been wondering of course. And it’s SO boring. But necessary. I rather have a cute boyfriend and a stable home and a normal life. It never was. It never will be. And THAT is hard to accept.

Astrology is not enough and Tarot is not enough and Witchcraft is not enough and my past and tradition of Judaism is not enough and my studies in Catholicism and my love for Mary and the Saints and oh I do love Catholicism is not enough (although quite comforting, I love a good Baptist preacher) and anything I’ve kind of dipped into… explored… deeply or not so deeply… not enough.

Because I come to this place, always the same place, it’s circular and now answers must be found. Sought in new ways and found.

So this is the beginning of my coming back to the blog. To talk about… well.. I don’t know yet.

I do know I have to finish my manuscript soon so I may not be back-back yet but I can feel my fingers are excited to type here.

What I know is this: I speak only for myself but if you enjoy what I share here, I’m grateful for that and feel free to apply it to your own life even though I am well aware – that my life, from Day One, has not resembled yours and for that you should be grateful, that yours has not resembled mine.

I’m deep in my blood time. I’m tired. I have a cold. I have work to do, writing and clients. I can’t take a day off today although I did postpone a couple people.

And I was resting and that is when I realized this. Where I need to go, what I need to discover, is so much deeper than everything that has come before. I’ll try not be edgy and cranky about it but I can’t promise that.

I need a path and I need answers. I’ll share with you what I find as best I can.


Can You Get What You Want If You Don’t Know What You Want?

My gut reaction is:  no, you can’t. But actually I’m not so sure. It just takes longer. More trial and error.

Many of us, especially those with earth-heavy charts, don’t know anything until we experience it. I’m pretty sure that’s what Miss X (name changed to protect the innocent) was saying as well. She knows what she does NOT want… once she has it.

Miss X has a packed 7th House. Cancer. Prominent, angular Venus. So she CAN draw in. She has a big extended family and plenty of friends so she’s not hurting for social interaction and opportunity to do a fair amount (if not more) of Cancerian nurturing and Virgo Mooning.

But as I wrote yesterday, she is having a Jupiter transit to her 7th House. THE OPPORTUNITY IS HERE, NOW. Jupiter goes direct on Thursday. (Jupiter = original ruler of Pisces and thus also associated with the 12th House. I have a point to make here. Read on. But first one more digression.)

This reminds me of my sister. I am always telling her where the opportunity is and she’s always saying WHERE? WHERE? as one more sails by. Perfection is not the same as opportunity. Miss X has a Virgo Moon. The guidance can only point you in the right direction, or TRY to. The guidance can’t make you open your eyes and hear the Divine, the still small voice.

Miss X has her North Node in the 12th House. Hard to get to. No wonder she can’t hear it. There’s a little nightlight over there and not much more.

This Venus is conjunct her descendent. This Venus is conjunct Mercury and Saturn. Also square Pluto. And inconjunct Neptune. Aha! Dare she dream? Neptune in the 12th House. Dreams died young. She learned NOT TO.

I don’t consider this a bad Venus at all.  I do consider this a Venus who can get what she wants (which is what Venus is supposed to do!). Is it too easy? Did Miss X become bored? Only because she wasn’t chasing her dream. The dream she cannot access. Because of natal Neptune in the 12th House.

This is a 7th House problem compound by a Neptune problem. See, she COULD get it, if only she knew what it was. SHE MUST STOP OUTSOURCING HER NEPTUNE. No wonder she can’t feel/find Neptune. It’s locked up in there! Tracy Marks says we project our 12th House, similar to what we do with the 7th. Will the real Miss X please stand up? Who is she really, outside of other people? Does she exist then? Of course she does. But the chart makes it difficult!! The 12th House is who we are when we are alone. Alone-alone.

So I wouldn’t feed this Venus or starve this Venus per se — I would this Venus on a journey. Jupiter transit remember! Take this Venus Mercury Saturn conjunction to the 12th House for an extended stay but also let Neptune out of there. Open the window. EXPLORE (another Jupiter keyword). Let Neptune out (get to know your dreams and fantasies which you lost, which had to be hidden so long ago).

And really they amount to the same thing — it’s just two approaches here to try. Going in or going out.

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Kings Of Fire

Not crazy about the Moon in Libra today squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus and the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) are not happy, not happy at all. STRESS.

From my Facebook from this morning: “Although it’s very peaceful in my corner of the world in this moment, that’s not the energy out there overall. It’s unstable and loud-mouthed and easily distracted. Your peace of mind got misplaced. Your sanity got misplaced. Moon in Libra may be trining planets in Gemini but it has no depth to it. It’s shine. We don’t need shine right now. We need rest.

Also Venus in Gemini is squaring Chiron: heartburn :(

Friday is the Eclipse (Full Moon in Sagittarius) but before then the Scorpio Moon takes us low down and deep.

Weeks like this I can’t help but turn to the TAROT for advice. I need an Osho :)

The Creator! Nice. First time seeing this card. This is Osho’s “King of Fire.”

Creation instead of destruction. Fire is LIGHT. How’s that for mastering the Pluto Uranus square? Nobody dies.

For Osho it’s not about repression but self-expression. You are skilled enough. I love Osho’s point about there being two kinds of creators. The ones who make art and then the ones who create themselves, mystics. (I do recommend this deck. Love the booklet.)

This morning I was looking at someone’s chart who has her natal North Node in Sagittarius in the 12th House. This card, I think, is for her. Pluto transiting her 1st House. The soul is like a house, with floor after floor of possibility and choice. This and not that, this and not that. THIS. Pluto transiting the 1st is an opportunity to make choices where you never could before. Didn’t think you had the right. How many times can we tell the Capricorn Risings and Suns and Moons these days that they must restructure at the soul-level. They know this.

I was born with Pluto in the 1st House. I wake up in the morning with shed skin.

Osho’s words: “You are carrying a masterpiece hidden within you, but you are standing in the way. Just move aside…”

Love, MP


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Sagittarius North Node In The 12th House (Part One)

The private message board that I run is a casual place.

We talk about our lives, real personal, and we get obsessed — with Tarot lately.  And I felt the need for an astrology topic. Someone suggested the Nodes. Fine with me since I’m obsessed with those too.

I want to be able to love freely, without restraint, without constraint. This is what I’m thinking when I lay my mind on so and so’s Sagittarius North Node in the 12th House. 

Both of these — Sagittarius and the 12th House — know no limits. They keep growing. What a marvelous and potentially terrifying placement.  To a Gemini South Node 6th House, grounded in the every day, daily routine reality, health, work, information overload, chit-chat, busy busy. But I guarantee, I promise you, that when you set out on your journey North, you benefit. Your life begins to fit better no matter how strange it seems.

Imagine this. Imagine a ***quiet** Sagittarius. Yes they do exist. Especially when they exist in the 12th House. Retreat. Slowing down.

If Sagittarius is the world (international, travel), then a 12th House Sagittarius has all that world inside them. It becomes private.

Bringing it down to earth a little: if you have this placement, try this. For a day. An entire day. Okay, 8am to 8 pm. No t.v., no phone, no people. Just you. Doing whatever you need to do at home. Read if you want, but books only, no computers. Write. Think. Give yourself a Tarot reading or two. Sagittarius is always up for an adventure, but in this case they are adventures in unplugging, in solitude, in imaginary horses.

Where’s your North Node? 


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Where’s Your North Node?

"north node in the 6th house"

I have my North Node in the 6th House. Conjunct my descendent but yes on the 6th House side and turning points in my life have all involved my WORK.

Climbing out of a lifetime of depression – yes, a lifetime – involved finding my Right Work.

It’s a Buddhist phrase I think: Right Livelihood.

So think about your North Node in this way. Is your North Node in the 4th? You must find your Right Home, Right Family.

North Node in the 7th? Right Marriage (to a person? to an idea? to God? With who or what do you partner?)

North Node in the 9th: Right Perspective!! Who and what do you teach?

North Node in the 12th? Right Psychology: stop hurting yourself

North Node in the 8th: The Right Relating: how do you treat others?

North Node in the 2nd: Right Possession is self-possession!

North Node in the 1st: Right Body. You exist with or without a partner.

North Node in 11th: Right Ego: it’s more about them and less about you.

And so on. You try it!


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Taking It On Faith

"north node in pisces"
Paul Newman had Moon in Pisces

For the last couple months, people, wise people, have been my North Node in Pisces come to life, begging me to “take it on faith,”

So. A quiz. A North Node Quiz: When you keep getting the same message over and over in your life from people you respect, from people who care, what do you do?

1) Listen and learn. They know better.

2) Disregard their wisdom. After all, you’ve gotten this far.

3) Tell them to mind their own business. (Hey wait, the Mars Pluto Opposition is separating. Less intense less intense less intense!)

4) Cry.

Fellow StarGazers, want to know what I did? Want to know what I do? I listen. And not only that… I take NOTES. Yes, I am a good Virgo Moon and I take notes and reread my notes. I keep my notes where I can see them. And hopefully I learn. And yeah, I cry too. I’m a Cancer ;)

At the same time though, these issues, these problems, have been with me my whole life. I’ve had therapy, I’ve gotten older, I’ve meditated, I’ve Eaten, Prayed, and Loved ;) And still, I worry. Fuck. I’m Jewish — of course I worry. We invented worry.

But just because I worry doesn’t mean I can’t do something else too, like work with the mind in a new way, or one of the old ways that I’ve forgotten about. Or seek good counsel, the words of the wise.

And early this afternoon, as I was doing my errands, in between the heavy raindrops, it would happen. Negative thinking. Automatic as the rain. It came down on me, yup. Made my hair wet. So fast, so silent, invisible, undetectable until I realized that…I felt kinda bad.

And I thought to myself: why can’t I…? WHY CAN’T I…?

And I can’t, won’t even finish that sentence here because it feels too raw, too personal. But you get my point. That there’s something you want. SomethingS you want and your whole life it (dramatic pause) slips away. Life gives you the almost. The maybe.The are you kidding me? The no.

What sign is your North Node in? Study that sign. That sign is gonna teach you.

And another thing: when you open up to faith, when you open to possibility, when you OPEN??? It’s like, it’s like, it’s like ANYTHING can happen then. Like, if the door of your mind isn’t busy slamming shut every 5 seconds? There’s a shread of fucking hope. For you and for you and for you.

Do you have faith?

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