Miss Hope: Sun Sextile Jupiter This Weekend

When the Sun’s in Cancer, we remember —

the Moon, which rules Cancer, rules memory, rules the details and angst and thrills of memory — and when the Sun’s in Cancer we will remember. We will spend a lot of time remembering.

So much has happened — I said to the gals in one of the chatrooms – at 3am last night, already my birthday. So much has happened. It was in response to receiving a message from an “Old friend.” There is no conversation to pick up now. No chain that a quick link repair can fix. It’s in the past. If something dramatic were to happen, more dramatic than “hi how are you happy birthday.” Because so much has happened and this is not a hatchet I want to bury which is VERY Cancer Season, the Season of the Grudge. 

I am holding many grudges these days. I have a grudge against the weather. I probably will have a grudge against my electric bill. And my stomach. Cancer Season and we are ruled by worry – digestion has been a bit off of late.

But can we turn grudge into grateful. Do we need to. Do we want to. I think we can. I quote that famous Richard Hugo poem so often – even though the last romantic lines are about a girl, it doesn’t have to be about a girl. She’s hope.  I know I know if you are female and reading this you are tired of being personified and yet:

“The money you buy lunch with,
no matter where it’s mined, is silver
and the girl who serves your food
is slender and her red hair lights the wall.”

I’m looking for her today. But honestly after the last few days, with the Cancer planets waking up the ridiculously destructive Uranus Pluto square… I just don’t know.

And then I look at the weekend transits and there she is lighting the wall. 

Miss Hope is here:

Mercury and Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Mars – good aspects any day of the week but especially needed TODAY.

I love you xx


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Fighting For Stability (Empress Reversed)

"moon trine mars" Life — it can feel so overwhelming at times that we wind up fighting for stability, which feels funny to say or write.

Can you fight for stability and win?  Or is there another way, a better way.

The phrase also reminds me of Saturn through the 4th House (a current transit of mine).

Both Saturn and the 4th house make me think “stable” but..
It’s not that Saturn is stable per se, it’s that Saturn pushes you to create stability. Shows you where you are weak. Which can be a painful process.

Let me back track a bit.

Life. It can feel so overwhelming. Sometimes all we want is to stand still and catch our breath. Take a break from hard transits. Take a break from challenges. No surprises. We want to know that no matter what life throws at us, we’ll be okay. We won’t fall apart, we won’t break down, we won’t die from heartbreak or worry or starvation.

That we find the railing. We don’t fall.

I wrote that yesterday. Today I am thinking about TODAY.

I was Tweeting and Facebooking this, how today is extraordinary for walking THROUGH walls, pushing rocks up hills, breakthrough.

Sun Mercury in Aries, Moon in Capricorn, Mars and Venus in Taurus.

Venus moves on to Gemini tomorrow so this is special as well — REALLY PUSH (before Venus Gemini distracts us with other options) — and I posted a picture of Jillian Michaels whose exercise videos I love and who inspires me and who is a Cap Moon Taurus Mars!

My day is pretty mellow actually — I have a bit of a cold so I am ensconced here with my spiritual routines (things I do) and my books, hopefully to keep my mind-soul active while resting my body. I did see the Empress reversed and the Queen of Swords in my daily Tarot today. Empress rx shows a need for self-care. Queen of Swords is smart enough to realize this.


I just asked this question in the chatroom: do you have a spiritual practice? Is it important to you? 

For me it is VERY important and I feel adrift when I don’t keep it down to a fine routine. It can’t be occasional, haphazard or wishful thinking. It can’t be lazy :) There may be some variation with it but I need a core ritual, same with my body-body. Regular schedule. Get results :)

Spiritual body + regular schedule = get results.

Question becomes: what results are you seeking?
And do you have a spiritual practice?
And do you want one?

I learned astrology from a Magician and at the time I only half understood what he had to teach. Now, years later, I am catching up.

But about fighting for stability: sounds like Mars (fight) in Taurus (solid), doesn’t it?

Even if you are in a different time zone from me and there is very little left of the day… do SOMETHING. Even if that something is a 5 minute meditation-visualizaiton of what you desire. And do not stop until you get to the FEELING. The feeling of already having that thing you want so much.

Questions, comments? 


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The Stars Tomorrow: Good For Business

I was making my dinner, listening to a Pandora station on my big headphones and The Who’s Baba O’Riley came on. A song I love from an album I love. I was 14 again instead of 42, my last summer of being 42 in the kitchen in Brooklyn. That music, back then, meant more to me than anything.

And then I told this story to a Sagittarius friend who also loves this song and what was funny was that we were both excited about different parts of the song. My excitement was the emotion. His was the fast part at the end and the memory of driving.

Why was I born? I shared a little Facebook thingie twice (a Buddhist page), reminding us to ask ourselves this question, morning, noon, and night. Why were you born?


Here’s another question for you: do you throw away the gifts of former lovers or former friends?

The Moon’s been in Virgo today and I did a surprising amount of de-cluttering. Even with vacuuming (which this place needs), it feels lighter. And then I found the gift. A small inexpensive gift he gave me. And then two little things I got for him and never sent.

A good topic for the Moon in Libra, eh? Relationship! The Moon enters Libra at 9:19 pm, Big City time.


Tomorrow, June 17th: the Moon in Libra will do what she usually does these days: squares Pluto, opposes Uranus. At first glance, cooperation seems iffy at best, grueling at worst BUT this pretty Moon will also trine Mars in Gemini, a good aspect. And Mars will sextile Uranus. Another good aspect.

My advice: shake the hand. Make the deal. Smile. You know you want it.


Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend: Moon In Scorpio!

The Moon is void of course in Libra Friday morning and enters Scorpio in the early afternoon (Big City time).

While the Moon is sleeping though, we are under a Sun Pluto sextile.

Sun Pluto is a power aspect. It may drive you to… make plans, make demands, feel you are right, at ease in your power, but I caution you. Not only because of the v/c Moon in the sign of “other people” but also because Mercury is retrograde.

Sextiles are “good” aspects yes, but you may desire to move on something without having all the information or completely understanding who you’re dealing with.

Later on Friday: Sun trine Saturn and by the time this is exact, the Moon is awake and refreshed but in secretive Scorpio, trining (everything flowing and feels wonderful) Neptune and Venus —  but also making inconjuncts to Uranus and Jupiter.

I think what’s happening here is that you just aren’t sure. You have moments of grace and YES! which then gets replaced by doubt and second-guessing. Scorpio Moon wants to feel safe but Uranus and Jupiter have other plans.


Saturday is more Moon in Scorpio. She trines Pisces, sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, and conjoins Saturn in the early morning. A stable, serious day good for projects that require your deep focused attention.


Sunday is a long(ish) void of course Moon. She trines Mars in Pisces in the wee hours and it’s not until late afternoon (4:11 pm in the Big City) that she enters Sagittarius and thus starts to square everything that the Moon in Scorpio was trining. It can feel like a bit of a drop and with the v/c we’re not sure where we’ve landed.

Best day for getting stuff done is Saturday and Friday isn’t so bad just… a bit all over the place emotionally. You may need to use your precious resources just to feel grounded. As for Sunday? Do you best :)

I’ve got more to say actually, wanted to draw some cards but I realize I am running late! Will fill in the blanks later…


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The Stars This Weekend! Venus Enters Libra

"saturn in scorpio"The Moon is Void of Course in dreamy Pisces as I type this and will enter hot forceful fiery Aries in a couple hours.

Do you usually feel this shift? I know that many of us feel the moon’s movement from Scorpio to Sagittarius pretty intensely. But what about from Pisces to Aries?

Saturday’s best Moon in Aries moments are the trine to Mars in Sagittarius and the sextile to Jupiter in Gemini in the PM. Those of us on the East Coast likely will be sleeping through the earlier middle-of-the-night aspects, Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto (fun!).

Consider Saturday a good day for good moods and getting things done, especially around the house. Watch your back though if you are lifting any heavy objects. You may feel like Superman (or woman) and regret it later. Mars is opposing Jupiter as well, exact at 8:56 Sunday morning. Venus enters Libra just a few minutes later.

The Full Moon at 6 degrees Taurus is on Monday and Mercury enters Sagittarius.


Now besides the Full Moon and meditating on what is leaving your life in the Taurus part of your chart, Venus changing signs is a sweet shift from medicinal Virgo to lipstick Libra ;) You’ll want to look good and looking good will feel good and the good lord knows you want your wig on straight ;) for the Venus t-square: the aspects aren’t exact until early November but I know I will feel this energy EARLY.  Venus will oppose Uranus and square Pluto and you early-ish Cardinal peeps will eat this transit for breakfast. And lunch. Maybe dinner too. And drinks later. And then a snack.


Venus in Virgo was health-minded and duty-minded, work, service, not so fun maybe ;) She may have healed you or healed others with her witchy ways but Libra makes room for a gathering, a pretty dress maybe, a less lonely-loner feeling. An excellent time for teeth-whitening perhaps :) Just wait until she exits stage left the t-square, leaving both Pluto and Uranus behind, their drinks in their hands.

Got weekend plans? 



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The Stars Today: Fierce Spirit

"full moon in aries"The Moon in Pisces is not the only water to drink from in the sky today, but still I’m thirsty. Maybe when the Moon trines Mars, I’ll fill up.

Elemental: Sun in Air, Mercury in Air, Mars in Water, Venus in Fire. Saturn is at 29 degrees Libra. Just wanted to mention that. To see if you’re paying attention ;)

I can’t even explain it but I want you to find the Pisces house in your chart because I feel Pisces is a portal. Today and every day but today especially. Focus there. It could save you.

And did you notice? Neptune has retrograded back to 0 degrees Pisces and the Moon is conjunct it. Chiron too. It may be painful. It may be confusing. But Pisces calls to you today, and Mars in Scorpio will sharpen your intuition.

What you’re thinking right now? About THAT issue or that person? You’re right. You’ve always been right. Pisces people can tend to get spooked, not only because they feel so much but because their intuition is fierce. Yeah. Pisces is fierce.

Find Pisces in your chart and trust that what you see and feel IS what is.

Any questions?



Sunday Morning Astrology: Moon in Taurus

"moon trine mars"

I have to head out this morning, early, and am waiting for my phone to charge so let’s look at some of today’s Moon aspects.

As I write, the Moon in Taurus has already trined Mars in Virgo.

What do you know of Moon trine Mars? Do you have this aspect? 

With Moon trine Mars, the emotional life and the mood matches the energy level. It’s like you always find time for your interests no matter how busy you are. Also these folks love Mom and family. In Taurus and Virgo? A baby born today would have a retrograde Mars and in Virgo…  I think I’d almost prefer Mars retrograde when in Virgo, turned in on itself to dismantle some of the Virgo fix-it urge.

The Moon also trines Pluto today – emotional depth and clairvoyance without the UGH. The harder Moon Pluto aspects show loss. The trine or sextile may also show  loss but more tangible support, that it’s easier to find support when the Pluto problems arise.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the evening so plan something sweet and delicious. Taurus loves their food and Moon Jupiter in Taurus loves their food even MORE. Jupiter expands what it touches.

With Moon aspects like this, it’s going to be a good day. When Momma is happy, everybody’s happy.


Got Sunday plans? Got Moon trine Mars?


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Mmmm Moon in Scorpio And The Stars Today!

"moon in scorpio"
Bruce Lee: Moon in Scorpio

Good Morning Stargazers! (Or good evening, good afternoon…). Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? I know it’s not official yet, but once August is done? Then I’m done with summer!

Living in the Big City, waiting on those subway platforms in 90+ temperatures sometimes, I have often wondered how I can still sweat — I should have run out of salt long ago and yet it keeps coming. And yesterday was a little warm but I think we are done with the Really Warm until next year and who knows? Maybe I’ll have moved to Alaska ;)

But enough complaining about the weather; let’s talk about the Stars!

It’s a sweet day: listen, I’d be surprised if you felt the former Mars Saturn square at all. Whatever he meant to you is just a memory now ;) Shut the door, slam it, if you haven’t already. Now if you have this aspect in your natal chart, I hope you gained some insight into how to better deal with this aspect day to day. Usually when the sky repeats what we have natally, we REALLY feel it, and if we pay attention, we can learn something! (Oh dear I sound awfully optimistic this morning. Excuse me while I check on my Virgo Moon;)

The Moon in serious Scorpio is sextile (tongue twister!) Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as I write this and heading to trine Cancer Mars. It’s like a little river flowing by between the trees. Or a really intense river flowing by between the trees, a river obsessed with flowing. Scorpio Moon can be that way, you know? Scorpio anything. Deep focus.

Moon and Mars together blend feeling, mood, action. Whatever you do today? You’ll likely feel good about. I see in my head… it’s like a game, flipping over tiles or… flipping over cards. I flip them over and it’s harmony harmony harmony! Flow. I love that sound of cards being flipped over.What this tells me is that today the energy isn’t just flowing but FUN, which leads us to…

Mercury still in Leo, 21 degrees, moving towards an opposition with Neptune Rx (again). Remember this one? We went through this before, this aspect intrinsic to this retrograde period. Enjoy it while it lasts. If nothing else, imagine, dream, fantasize. Soon enough Mercury will step into Virgo and the dream will get the Virgo treatment heh heh heh.

Mercury will be in my 1st House so I’m hoping my writing here will pick up :) And I really don’t think I need to ask you to take out your chart and find your Virgo house, dear Stargazers because if you haven’t already, there shall be punishment!

Oh my! Sorry! That was the Moon in Scorpio talking, not me. The Moon in Scorpio can be vindictive on a bad day, punishing, sadistic even. Try not to make enemies with a Scorpio Moon, just sayin’. The memory of whatever they did to you, or didn’t do, will stay with you… all your days. If… you… still… have… days.

But seriously there’s a depth to Moon in Scorpio people that I love. Spending time with them is like jumping in a well of profundity and passion and splashing around. Except that the well is filled with blood. (Ba-dum-bum!)

Okay okay okay no more bad jokes. My pal Lupa has a Scorpio Moon trine Venus Cancer and if that ain’t sweet then my name ain’t MoonPluto ;)

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