And Your Advice For The Weekend Is….

"moon conjunct jupiter"
Maybe the rain is always a baptism although I feel inadequate to use this metaphor although perhaps I should not. We all use metaphors, use language, that we have not experienced. Astrologers who write about astrology, such as myself, we have not experienced ALL the transits. And there are some we will never experience because some planets take a while to go around the wheel.

But I’m thinking about the rebirth and I’m thinking about the new starts that I predicted the last couple days (see links below) and I’m thinking about Hurricane Hermine which didn’t do much damage where I live but it rained heavily in the wee hours and it rained and it rained, and I couldn’t sleep as she made landfall after 2am. The heavy rains did stop and start and I slept and woke and got finally got up mid-morning after sleeping in, waking, and sleeping, stepped out the door to survey the land and go for a walk, and it started to rain and I thought:

Is this it? 

Not out of disappointment. Not is THAT it but more… we’re starting now, right? The new life, right? THIS. Something.

So let’s look at the transits. The breeze is beautiful through my window right now, the sun is shining, and I think Goldy found a window he can sit in, like in the old days of 2nd floor New York City apartments and that coffee (not from Starbucks) was NOT STRONG ENOUGH so bear with me.

Moon conjunct Mercury (retrograde) conjunct Jupiter all in picky Virgo – that’s this afternoon for my timezone (Eastern). Mood and Mind and Boundless Hopeful Optimism get along. Good words, good thoughts but of the past (retrograde). You are editing. Even with Jupiter involved there is a risk of being too picky and critical. Seeing trees but no forest. Rain but no baptism. 

Moon enters Libra around 9pm.

(And already we can “count down” to the next Eclipse but let’s not do that just yet…)

The weekend Moon in Libra (love, money, beauty, art, partnership) aspects are a mixed bag but plenty of good, such as the Moon Venus conjunction and Moon sextile Saturn. The Moon Pluto square is less friendly but listen – yesterday I was talking to you about the new feelings you can feel, that you can add to your life, well, not all of them feel great: Moon square Pluto for example is a problem you cannot fix this weekend but what you fail to understand is that feelings aren’t always nice and they do not have to be and do not require fixing.

There are more aspects – Moon sextile Mars, Moon opposing Uranus (and more) but honestly I wouldn’t get hung up on the minutia of this stuff – not today, not tomorrow, not this weekend (even though I am listing much of it).

I drew the High Priestess for advice.
Do nothing. Hard as that may be.
Do nothing. Wait out the storm.

Is this the new day? Let me know. 


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Look! A Good Weekend! Trines, Happy Virgo, and Venus sextile Uranus!

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These first two little updates are from my Facebook then I’ll post something new here about the weekend – 

Volcano Volcano Volcano VOLCANO!
Attention people having MARS TRANSITS:

and it may be YOU and you do not realize it so check your chart or have me do it for you!
That Mercury Mars opposition is EXACT today!

Mercury in persistant (stubborn)Taurus opposing Mars in (secretive) Scorpio RETROGRADE.

And the truth comes out in unattractive fashion ;)

You may have forgotten that your MARS ruled houses (Aries AND Scorpio) are not behaving as they should or as you would prefer. THERE ARE DELAYS in the matters of those houses and it is beyond frustrating for many of you! Especially those Marsy types who want to SEPARATE and PIONEER and PUSH.

Lucky for us it’s almost over. ALMOST. Mars goes direct end of June and we can passionately pursue again with better outcome!

Mercury = your words
Mars = your anger
Mars rx = raging on the INSIDE
The opposition = CONFLICT.

Yesterday was talking-to a client who is feeling VERY VERY ANGRY these days (she is Scorpio Rising) and transiting Mars is square her Pluto.

Well that mystery got solved asap.

YOU’RE HAVING A MARS TRANSIT I told her. This is pure astrology.
Mars square Pluto. You are feeling homicidal, I said.
Yes, she said. (Of course she isn’t literally homicidal but you know – I needed a word to express the extreme irritation and anger she’s been feeling).

Mars transits can feel like this especially if aspecting PLUTO.

AND she’s a sweet (oh how we get attached to who we think we are) Libra Moon.
She is NOT enjoying feeling this much anger.

Thing is this: Libra Moons are JUST AS PISSED OFF as the rest of us. It’s that it’s taboo for them to feel it, admit it…

MORE PREACHING from yours truly about this nasty continuing Mars retrograde and true tales from working with beloved clients…

“Sweet” Libra Moons get just as pissed off as the rest of us –

it’s just that it’s TABOO for them to feel it or admit it —

Thinking about this because of my client NOT enjoying transiting Mars RX in Scorpio squaring her Pluto in Leo. (Not that anyone would enjoy such a tinderbox.)
Also reminds me of when I was having a disagreement with a “friend” — also a LIBRA MOON — and he was saying angry things to me and then said “I’m not mad”
That was funny.
So you are saying nasty things and swearing but you’re not mad. Okay.
Keep up with the force, bro.

Where I come from (MoonPlutoLand that is) it’s okay to feel.
It’s okay to feel it all.
Don’t make feelings taboo.
When you do that? A little part of you dies and then you have to do a soul retrieval ;) ;) ;) which can be costly


So the Moon enters WORK WORK WORK I LOVE TO WORK I LIVE TO WORK Virgo early-ish Friday morning and thus it’s Virgo Moon all weekend until Moon enters Libra around 8:30 pm Sunday for my Swamp Palace time zone.

In other words VIRGO MOON WEEKEND, my friends. Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING! Rest if you must but keep mind and hands busy. 

Forget about the forest my love! This weekend? Tree, tree, TREE! Look at the skinny details. Forget the robust big picture!

I have my natal moon in VIRGO CONJUNCT PLUTO so I know what I’m talking about. Heal someone. Heal someone specifically. Virgo Moons have the power to heal. And they also have the power to destroy themselves by viscous monkey mind and inferiority complex. CHOOSE WELL.

Moon square Saturn: depressed
Moon conjunct Jupiter: happy!
Moon trine Pluto: proFOUND.

That Moon Saturn square happens a little before 10 am.
After that square the day is clear and simple Tree, tree, tree.

Mars trine Chiron
Venus sextile Uranus
Mercury enters Gemini
Moon enters Libra

I’m in love with this day and I’m almost hesitant to say that because sometimes when I fall in love with a day it often doesn’t deliver or has some hidden wicked nugget in it. THAT SAID, I’m in love with this day.

Mars trine Chiron is INTERESTING. Mars is retrograde so moving ahead is dubious at best. Trines are easy and good and lucky but it’s to CHIRON who represents what we cannot heal so.. here we have this castrated Mars in SCORPIO (sign of sex) making The Good Aspect to our pain. Obvious to say we can help, we can heal from hurts BUT WHAT ELSE?

Let’s see the rest of the day and then come back to that point:

Mercury done with Taurus FINALLY enters Gemini so this is a welcome shift. The mind is faster. May be indecisive. Confused even. Many directions which road to take. My Gemini Rising clients especially know this “problem.” Can be challenging to commit. WELL perhaps Gemini Season is NOT about commitment but about having fun and experimenting. Can you let that be so? We are heading to the Solstice and Cancer Season and you may feel less social soon enough. Enjoy Mercury in Gemini and all the new conversations and friends and buzz.

And your mileage may vary (I hate that phrase, sorry) depending on how Gemini aspects your chart.

About Venus sextile Uranus: YES YES YES YES YES! I love Venus and Uranus in trine or sextile. WHY? Because Uranian energy can be terrifying.

And Uranus (SURPRISE!) in sextile or trine is a LUCKY surprise! Is MAGIC! And yes it may involve love and/or money (Venus).

I recommend a VENUS RITUAL. Light the lights.

Something else I should mention but won’t blog about until tomorrow probably – NEPTUNE goes retrograde on Monday – but about Mars retrograde trine Chiron:

again the RETRIEVAL idea.

And again this idea of healing the old older oldest wounds. You can do it this weekend. Particularly in regards to VIOLENCE. Healing THOSE wounds. Violence from the family. Abuse. Alcoholic parents. Dust off your perfect core. Imagine the soul of you, un-tarred. Because that’s the truth anyway. And then came this incarnation with its attendant woes. That perfect core of you, un-tarred, exists, and when something like a retro Mars trine Chiron comes along, you do not need to open the roads. The roads open FOR YOU.


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Thanksgiving In Retrospect (Moon Pluto People)

Suddenly I found myself in a mood.

And I committed to it. Low. To crouch down with it.

Not force it away saying bad mood bad mood bad, beating it with a stick.

Transiting Saturn is trine my Cancer Sun. Structuring emotional depth.

And again the image here – of crouching down with it – loooooooowwwwwwwwwww.

And I remembered my childhood, most of my life – emotions not permitted to roam free, Sagittarius-style :) like the beasts and fawns they are.

To transform them, they MUST roam free first. Repression, oppression, submission halts the alchemy.

The ONLY way out is through.

In hindsight: Moon in Libra was likely opposing my natal Chiron at the time. It was a cloud that came and a cloud that passed and I looked up and it was gone, quick as it came in.

Now the good thing about Moon transits is that they move so fast but they can still alarm us, make us worry, knock us off our feet.

Working with, living with, difficult emotions (whatever it is we don’t want to feel), learning to sit with what is unpleasant or unwanted is one of my life long tasks and obsessions (out of necessity) and I tend to help people with this as well — because I have so much experience with it!

Side issue: sometimes I’ll be working with a client or even just in a chat room or class I’m running, and I’ll read or hear something and feel pierced in my heart (funny — I pulled the Ace of Swords as my daily card today!). THIS IS ALSO A FUNCTION OF THE MOON but this fierce raw pierced feeling, the FORCE of it is… new to me. The frequency of this occurrence feels new to me, surprising me when it happens because it’s so powerful.

It happened just now. Was reading a simple remark and whoosh. It happened. I asked my husband to hand me the tissues. And I don’t mind it but what’s interesting to me is the increase. An increase in empathy (and that doesn’t even feel like the right word, not exactly), in heart knowledge, but also in symbiosis.

Trying to describe that is fascinating to me. Blame it on my Virgo Moon :) always analyzing :)

How was your Thursday?

Love, MP



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Wave Of Earth, Wave Of Fire: Uranus Square Pluto

The word on the street is WHOA.

Clients of mine are reporting feeling some mental and physical malfeasance.

The SKY-energy out there is heavy or intense or they want to pick fights with people or are fighting their own lethargy. Many feeling charged up.

I feel mellow.

But then again I haven’t had my tea yet ;)

Planetary vibrations happening RIGHT NOW are making people want to reach out. I DEFINITELY feel that, especially compared to the last few days.

People are chatty, they will be chatty, they want your attention. The Moon is in Libra and Libra is social, Libra relates. Other than working with clients, I think I’m going underground today. Hands are waving!

The Moon in Libra is not happy about the Uranus Pluto square (exact tomorrow). You know the drill: Libra wants peace, Libra wants harmony, the Moon is how we feel, what makes us feel secure, and Uranus Pluto is ANYTHING but. Uranus is CHANGE. Pluto is CHANGE. One is usually fast. The other is slow (which we notice if we’re smart enough to pay attention). Both are associated with… out with the old and in with the new. Changing of the guard. What’s a Libra to do? What are we ALL to do?

Ride the wave. Just ride. Libra is an air sign. Brainy. They also like to make things (and people) look pretty. Imagine if the whole world in the next 24 hours stopped what they were doing and got their hair done instead of making mischief.

A regular client of mine (one of quite esteemed reputation) wrote me this morning, anxious about her big weekend and I didn’t see anything particularly troubling in *her* chart.

I knew it was the sky.

But I also knew this was energy she could pull in and then put back out. Transform it. Mix it up. But be calm, bitches. Be calm!

Makes me think of the Temperance card more than the Death card or the Tower card — even though it is like sex, (I said to her).

Monday (or Tuesday for some) is the orgasm, but until then? It’s building building building building building!!! Building up to a a superb release-relief but until then?

Keep stroking ;)


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BEING LIBRA and The Fall Equinox

When the Sun changes signs we… reflect.

We *should* reflect.

There I said it. I used the SHOULD word.

When the Sun moves from Virgo to Libra, we look less inward and more outward.

We stop obsessing over quinoa and goji berries and instead ponder, “Hmm, what would my Beloved prefer to eat? Pop Tarts? Yes, my Love! Here they are! Fourteen boxes of them!  Why? Because I love you. Why yes, I’ll happily stow away that wheat grass powder and stock the cupboards with all your faves! Family size jar of JIF coming right up, my darling!”


Libra Season is 7th House Season is VENUS Season is RELATIONSHIP Season.


Let’s leave behind, for a moment, all those maddening and funny stories about Libran indecisiveness and oscillation and devil’s advocate and making nice and peace at any price and being a mirror for everyone else and grace and charm and beauty and place cards and how everyone thinks you are so damn fake.

I’ve worked with plenty ‘o Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Libra Moon peeps since beginning this work and yeah they are sweet (I got no problem with that!) and yeah they are nice and yeah they are tough as screws and yeah don’t cross one expecting a velvet glove because instead you will get the iron fist.

That, my friends is the Libra beneath the Libra. Smooth. Fierce.

And in Libra Season we are called to RELATIONSHIP (there’s that word again).

We are called TO RELATE.

We are called to end our loneliness with social life and welcome the fall cocktail parties and witchy equinox spell casting and crisp October weather for apple picking and lovers picking out scarves for each other and and and and and your Venus is what you DRAW TO YOU.

This is the season of attraction and the law of attraction.

Are you creating (and thus enjoying) what you desire most of all? 

My advice: know what you desire, know what you prefer and then… lay low.





Be indirect, not direct.

And, VERY IMPORTANT: show don’t tell.

See, a Libra will tell you what they want by… SHOWING you what they want!

Your job is to pay attention.

Try it ;)

Got Venus? 

Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend: Hide The Knives!

Moon is in Virgo all day and not ALL Virgos (Sun or Moon) are health obsessed (i.e. health nuts) but I would say that they know their own bodies as well (if not better) than the doctors and healers diagnosing them thus… if you have a Virgo client, TRUST their perceptions. They have done their research. They have scoured every resource for treatment. They are proof-oriented. THEY ARE EARTH REAL WORLD PEOPLES.

Virgo gets nervous I know. Virgo gets very nervous, worried, tied up in worst-case-scenario knots AND YET how you help them is to listen to what they are saying and help them separate the truth from the fear. That is Virgo’s gift: DISCERNMENT. But not every Virgo has their god-given essence down pat. I know this sounds strange, but it’s true.

What is your experience with Virgo? 

Virgo is hard working thus today is a day not for napping but for detail-oriented work. Your mind today is sharp, taking things apart. Do it kindly :) Be a healer not a destroyer.


And speaking of healing, yesterday I found a healer. A physical therapist is who is going to help me with a problem that I’ve been fretting over and suffering with for more than a year. An hour or so after our appointment (she did some in depth work on me) I was talking to my boyfriend and suddenly felt new transparent clarity in a certain chakra (the chakra she was working on -although she didn’t use that word). Someone had wiped off the windows. FINALLY. Released tension. I can feel freedom coming.

Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to focus on your health, your body, your animal friends, fix-it projects around the house or at work. Maintaining what’s already happening but with a side of self-improvement.


Tomorrow, Mars enters Cancer which is thought to be a “bad” placement for Mars and I’m not going to go into the astro lore of that but instead come to Mars in Cancer’s defense :) even though Mars in Cancer may have a hard time defending herself, she will defend others — the small, the meek, the weak, the underdog and undercat!

To me, Mars in Cancer is the superhero placement. Yes yes yes I know Mars in Cancer moves sideways or indirectly and then blows his/her top BUT Mars in Cancer is a fierce Mama Lion (or crab) who yes yes yes cries when she’s angry or scared but still kicks your ass if need be. And then feels guilty. She will take prisoners… and then feed them chicken soup.


Sunday the Moon is in Libra, crashing into Mars and Jupiter and Pluto and Uranus thus a GRAND CROSS. Tension in your relationships. If you need a break, force yourself to take it. People living in close quarters, hide the knives!

Libra is concerned with relationships and getting along and gets accused of being shallow, keeping life on a surface level so that things don’t get too hairy. Now, being a peace-keeper does not automatically mean absence of depth HOWEVER Libras are under stress on Sunday. Cancer gets weepy. Pluto gets controlling. And Uranus is off the rails. What to do? Libra icing will NOT be good enough. Libras you are being compelled by the Universe to go deeper and show the world how tough and real you really are, how VENUS MATTERS and that getting along is underrated. Without Venus, we’d all be dead. Also, and I’m not joking here, stand up for your right to look good this weekend. No matter what, do your hair, your make-up, and for the love of god choose the shirt without holes in it. People are looking and you will need to look good.

Got weekend plans? 

Love, MP


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The Stars Tomorrow: Good For Business

I was making my dinner, listening to a Pandora station on my big headphones and The Who’s Baba O’Riley came on. A song I love from an album I love. I was 14 again instead of 42, my last summer of being 42 in the kitchen in Brooklyn. That music, back then, meant more to me than anything.

And then I told this story to a Sagittarius friend who also loves this song and what was funny was that we were both excited about different parts of the song. My excitement was the emotion. His was the fast part at the end and the memory of driving.

Why was I born? I shared a little Facebook thingie twice (a Buddhist page), reminding us to ask ourselves this question, morning, noon, and night. Why were you born?


Here’s another question for you: do you throw away the gifts of former lovers or former friends?

The Moon’s been in Virgo today and I did a surprising amount of de-cluttering. Even with vacuuming (which this place needs), it feels lighter. And then I found the gift. A small inexpensive gift he gave me. And then two little things I got for him and never sent.

A good topic for the Moon in Libra, eh? Relationship! The Moon enters Libra at 9:19 pm, Big City time.


Tomorrow, June 17th: the Moon in Libra will do what she usually does these days: squares Pluto, opposes Uranus. At first glance, cooperation seems iffy at best, grueling at worst BUT this pretty Moon will also trine Mars in Gemini, a good aspect. And Mars will sextile Uranus. Another good aspect.

My advice: shake the hand. Make the deal. Smile. You know you want it.


Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Kings Of Fire

Not crazy about the Moon in Libra today squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus and the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) are not happy, not happy at all. STRESS.

From my Facebook from this morning: “Although it’s very peaceful in my corner of the world in this moment, that’s not the energy out there overall. It’s unstable and loud-mouthed and easily distracted. Your peace of mind got misplaced. Your sanity got misplaced. Moon in Libra may be trining planets in Gemini but it has no depth to it. It’s shine. We don’t need shine right now. We need rest.

Also Venus in Gemini is squaring Chiron: heartburn :(

Friday is the Eclipse (Full Moon in Sagittarius) but before then the Scorpio Moon takes us low down and deep.

Weeks like this I can’t help but turn to the TAROT for advice. I need an Osho :)

The Creator! Nice. First time seeing this card. This is Osho’s “King of Fire.”

Creation instead of destruction. Fire is LIGHT. How’s that for mastering the Pluto Uranus square? Nobody dies.

For Osho it’s not about repression but self-expression. You are skilled enough. I love Osho’s point about there being two kinds of creators. The ones who make art and then the ones who create themselves, mystics. (I do recommend this deck. Love the booklet.)

This morning I was looking at someone’s chart who has her natal North Node in Sagittarius in the 12th House. This card, I think, is for her. Pluto transiting her 1st House. The soul is like a house, with floor after floor of possibility and choice. This and not that, this and not that. THIS. Pluto transiting the 1st is an opportunity to make choices where you never could before. Didn’t think you had the right. How many times can we tell the Capricorn Risings and Suns and Moons these days that they must restructure at the soul-level. They know this.

I was born with Pluto in the 1st House. I wake up in the morning with shed skin.

Osho’s words: “You are carrying a masterpiece hidden within you, but you are standing in the way. Just move aside…”

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Moon In Libra Sweet Surprise

The smell of coffee first thing in the morning. I stick my nose in the bag.

I know coffee snobs grind their own but I’m not a coffee snob. Although I do know what’s good so I went to the best place, got a ceramic filter (and paper filters), and a recommended coffee, after telling them what I wanted.

Although I have my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, I cannot cook. For me, coffee is “cooking.”

I have my North Node in the 6th House of daily routines but in Pisces. Paying attention to the details is necessary but a Neptune attitude (don’t sweat the small stuff) is also advised.


Some lovely discussions on the blog lately and the question of what happens when the South Node is conjunct the Sun or some other marker of WHO. YOU. ARE. It’s a paradox, isn’t it?

You have to become less you (the Sun) to become more you, better you (North Node). I admit I see this fairly frequently in client charts.

And there is no one-size fits all answer. But I remember recently dealing with a 7th House/ARIES/South Node and trying to explain to this sweet soldier soul that he could and needed to be more himself (1st House) but through Libra (relationship/partnership/other people).

I use those phrases “lower vibration” and “higher vibration” all the time. My teacher spoke that way. And I believe it. I am always searching for the best way to express, live, the energy.

For example, Pisces needs to escape. It’s not an option NOT to. But there are higher and lower forms of it.

Last night I was not in the best mood. I even left my meditation class (Pisces!) early. I got home. Didn’t turn on the lights. Had some conversation with a friend by email but mostly tuned-out the world. Didn’t blog. Didn’t Facebook. No music. Mostly me in the dark with the light of a friend. I don’t even think I watched a movie. This was my Pisces escape. And a 6th House Pisces North Node means I need to schedule this in. Schedule in the disappearance. 


Today’s Tarot:

Thank you Tarot for a more cheerful card :) 6 of Cups.

I always get a sweet feeling when I see this card. Friendship. Possible romance Could be someone from the past showing up (hello Mercury retrograde!).

You may also be feeling nostalgic. A perfect card for Pisces Season, especially Venus in Pisces who is always long for the past, present, or future! My wish for you though is that this sweetness is real.

Think about the Tarot sixes. They are all “good” cards (of varying complexity). I even love the Six of Swords. It’s one of my favorites. The six pointed star is the Star of David, a shield of heavenly protection. The sixes know this.

And not only is the little guy in this card offering up a huge cup to the little girl, almost the length of his body, but notice all the other cups and the white flowers, cheerful village behind them. This is THE card of zero sorrow. These are cups of hope but it’s not a far away dream like The Star or smeared with bodily fluid like the Devil ;)

This card, although possibly referring to the past is squarely in the present. Those flowers are alive and that little guy is making an effort, he’s bending down to see her, to meet her, to meet her eyes, to give of himself. Oy. I almost made myself cry there, creating such a sweet scene, but I feel it. A card of sharing, a card of blessing, a card of love. It may also signify having a baby.


Today’s Stars:

The Moon is in Libra now. Seek peace inside yourself and with others.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Let it be healing and not hurting. Make amends.

Tomorrow Venus will conjunct Neptune (by degree) but we are under the influence now and… spooky isn’t it? How perfect the 6 of Cups is for this day? Love.

Enjoy this sweetness because Friday afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio and we go underground again, we writhe and roil in intense emotion. For the moment though, we’re above the waves.

Other noteworthy aspects this week: Sun sextile Pluto and Sun trine Saturn. Who you are, who you want, what you want is that much more defined and deep. I especially like Sun trine Saturn here because we need something to push against. Sun trine Saturn is a dam. It keeps us safe.

For this morning’s jukebox, click here

Love, MP


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Grand Trine In Air: Grace

This morning’s Grand Trine in Air signs is active now on the East Coast: Moon in Libra, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Gemini. If you’ve been up a while, I wonder what you’re feeling. Or *thinking* as the case may be. Observing.

I was tweeting about this last night, how a Grand Trine is how you feel or what you notice *after* the acupuncture. Qi flows again.

If you are a fan of traditional Chinese medicine, then you are familiar with their language of diagnosis. “Stagnation” is a common term and is the opposite of a trine. The trine is the open window and the wind rushing through it. Effortless.

Imagine a perfect morning. You have the windows open. It’s quiet except for… ? Birdsongs? Traffic in the distance? A conversation barely audible. The hum of the refrigerator. Clock tick. Your own thoughts. The blood in your body. What you need to do today. And if you live with cats :) you know that when you tune in to this quiet, that you can hear their worlds that much more clearly.

I was asking last night: should we set intentions for Grand Trines the way we do for New Moons? I think, at the very least, it’s helpful to be aware of the energy and then to take it with us for the rest of the day, assuming, knowing that we can, and it exists, it is real, like a little halo, high above our heads.


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The Stars This Weekend: Go Mental

It was feeling like an astrological no man’s land to me so I decided to take a deeper look at the weekend stars.

The most interesting aspects:

Thursday morning, Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries which means you may be feeling this square now. We are IN ORB, people!

What does it mean? It’s an aspect of impatience (Aries) but you can’t do it all now. Your mind though (Mercury) thinks you can. Your body may too. Mercury in Capricorn thinks before it speaks (if you follow the logic of Saturn being cautious) but a square riles things up. Makes life uneasy. Causes tension and the DESIRE TO TAKE ACTION.

Mercury square Uranus may not be your brain on drugs but it sure will feel like it. Or you could simply find yet another so-called solution to a nagging problem after much brain twisting effort.

On Friday, Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter and the bright ideas keep coming but on a grander (Jupiter) scale. This aspect to me feels like Mercury square Uranus Part Two. That Mercury square Uranus dug you in deeper and Mars trine Jupiter gets you out.  The trine calms down some of that frenetic Jupiter in Gemini mojo. Lots of air and fire these two days and then on Sunday Mercury cojoins Pluto and sextiles Saturn and we ssssllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwww the fuck down.

Mercury: what you think, how you think, the immediate world around you.

Pluto: what you don’t want to think about, the Underworld inside you, outside you.

Mercury Pluto Saturn: telling it like it is.

Put it all together AND add in the Moon in Libra? And then the Moon in Scorpio on Sunday?  I think it will be an up and down weekend mood-wise. Doesn’t have to be bad but sure as hell won’t be dull. Best, I think, is to go mental i.e. don’t get caught up in Libran pursuits of justice :) or Scorpionic dreams of revenge. Sink into your ideas instead. And plot your course. Draw a mind map. In other words: discover electricity.

And tell us in the comments about your weekend plans :)



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The Stars Today: Mercury Enters Libra!

"mercury in libra"The transition is here. It’s happening.

The weather gets cooler and we all feel it right away, me and the cats, my little coven ;)

What I did about the cooler weather, last month, was get sick. Every weekend. Last month when the first changes started to happen, my body reacted, overreacted, as if in preparation for the coming cold. Hibernation. My routine hadn’t changed much but even simple things would exhaust me. I feel better now. I’m there.

And the cats are bouncing through the apartment first thing in the morning. They feel it too.


I felt yesterday’s New Moon (on my Pluto, like so many of us) intensely. It was on my Moon as well.

The Moon is void of course right now, resting, not making any major aspects.

She will enter Libra in an hour, a Venus ruled sign.

Did you know that Venus rules kindness? And invitations? Companionship. Celebration. Forget the Moon for a moment. Where is transiting Venus in your chart? Venus in Leo. Where are you celebrating now?

The Moon tonight will pass through the cardinal Uranus Pluto square as she usually does when she’s in this sign, the sign of the sweet and delicate gesture. Venus people (Libra or Taurus) have this sweetness to them. Affable. No matter what else lurks beneath ;) Venus attracts.

And when Mercury, the mind, shifts into Libra tonight we could say… partnership! We could say love! We could say, Hey you! Over there!

Justice. The law. Indecision. Wavering. Seeing both sides. (Are there always two sides? I’m not a Libra.) We could say… an Aries who went to charm school. 

What I know of Libra is delicious to touch and taste but there’s a thinker inside that vessel. And a strategist. And Libra is Venus is the mirror, who must learn how to be rather than to merely reflect… who others want you to be. What they see.

Be nice to people during Libra Season but be genuinely nice. Not the surface version. Genuine kindness. And to yourself too. And not the surface version.

Genuine. Kindness.

Love, MP

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Sun Enters Virgo: Journey To The End Of Summer

"akashic records"You are on a journey. There are signs if you look for them.

Do you travel by day or by night? Oh? Both? Well, the signs are harder to see at night but still they are there if you look. You may need to squint a little ;)

When you think of your life, your time here, in this way, you begin to realize that… you have choices.

It’s like the Celtic Cross spread for the Tarot: here is the outcome IF… you keep going as you are going. Do you WANT to keep going as you are going? Do you want to move the energy instead? Move it over here. Or here. Or here.


I am making a sweet potato. Or maybe it’s a yam, I’m not sure. I can never get those straight. Had a bit of a stomach ache today and thinking about becoming a vegetarian again (after 12 years of NOT being a vegetarian) because I want to eat food that has less… consciousness. I know that may sound strange but that’s my state of mind today. The Moon has been void of course in Virgo all day and I’ve been reading, learning, writing some, blogging some, but mostly receiving teachings. Void of course Moons are good for reflection and penetration i.e. I am absorbing these teachings, taking them in, and the more I learn, the more I will bring here.


The Stars Tomorrow! The Moon enters Libra in the wee hours so we wake up with Libra, with thoughts of harmony, partnership, beauty, art and music.

The Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn in the afternoon. You may feel some frustration in the family or with the women in your life. Remember though the Moon moves fast.

The Moon then will oppose Uranus: women coming and going. An erratic quality to their entrances and exits. You know what? I would steer clear of stressed people tomorrow. Take care of yourself, your needs. Let them do what they need to do. Don’t try to fix it. 

The Sun in Leo will sextile Mars: this is good for getting things done if you have a large to-do list. And then the Moon will sextile Mercury, a sweet aspect after a long day of female problems ;)

As you are settling in for the night, drawing the blinds, feeding the cats their evening meal, the Moon squares Venus in Cancer (eat the cupcake or don’t eat the cupcake is what Moon square Venus says to me!) and then trines Jupiter ahhh nice. Too bad this trine is exact at 11:32 pm ;)

Other astral events this week: Sun enters Virgo, Mars enters Scorpio (a preview of fall).  Summer energy is winding down. All the confusion, all the loss, all the triumphs, all the reversals… it’s all going down the Akashic stream. We’re just about done with this moment which will be available for download in the future but for now just let it to go.

Are you ready?

Love, MP

The Stars This Week: Sun In Leo MEOW

"mercury trine uranus"Good Morning Stargazers!

I took a much needed break yesterday and now I’m back :)

I am feeling low on inspiration in terms of blog posts these days so if you have questions or curiosities, please feel free to mention in the comments.

No promises of course but if something does interest me, I’ll try to address it in a post.

Looking at this week and let’s pull a few cards…

The week starts out on a high note. Are you feeling good today? By mid-week it looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, things speed up, you’ll be busy. By the weekend, I’m seeing you need some much needed rest, and taking time out to recharge is not only favored, it is recommended! NO GUILT.


The Moon is void of course now and enters Libra in the evening (NYC time). Make no plans. Drift if you wish. VoC Moon is ideal for psychic work though. Fewer boundaries.

This evening the Libra Moon sextiles the Sun NOW IN LEO. Meow :) A pleasant and social aspect. Make that phone call. It will probably go well.

Tuesday the Libra Moon makes tense aspects of course: Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Moon opposing Uranus in Aries.

Now you know the Moon moves fast, so no need to worry but you could find yourself making nice and not wanting to make nice and giving yourself a nice stomach ache in the process.

The Moon also trines Jupiter in fun Gemini and that IS nice. So a good mood and peaceful feeling follows any early morning tension!

Moon sextiles Venus and  then conjuncts Mars. Busy busy Moon could make you moody but all in all a good day despite the rocky beginning.

Late afternoon Mercury retrograde sextiles Jupiter and this is something lovely from the past making an appearance. A person? An idea? A check? ;)

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde trines Uranus. See above for how this can play out but with Uranus in the mix it’s more… ethereal (hard to touch) and yet futuristic.

Again this could be an idea that you thought was dead being reanimated. Both Mercury and Uranus have to do with the mind so I think you’ll be feeling just the right amount of edge and inspiration (because it’s a trine).

So far what I’m seeing/feeling: week starts slow and then ideas get popping and zapping and zipping mid-week.

Moon enters Scorpio Wednesday night.

Thursday we have more Moon aspects to delight us ;) Moon trines Neptune in the middle of the night so sweet dreams there :) And in the morning the Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Venus. I think, actually, you will start to feel exhausted right around this point and the lack of exact aspects on Friday, in addition to the void of course Moon, are what push you over the edge. What edge? The I NEED TO REST edge. Not a crisis, mind you. Just some well-deserved peace and quiet after an inspiring and busy week.

I’ll address the weekend in a different blog post. Until then, Happy Monday, kitties!

Love, MP

The Stars Today: People Change, Ex-Boyfriends Don’t

"moon in libra"

Saturn is now direct in the sign of Libra, the relationship sign. Venus, the planet of love, goes direct tomorrow in Gemini, the twins.

Have you been able to decide? Did you need to make a choice? Did Saturn going direct bring clarity at all? It hasn’t been that long, but I feel it. A deeper sense of certainty. An about face. Maybe. Wait until Venus direct for that maybe to become a YES.

I was being silly with my blog title here but there are questions beneath the surface: do people change? Have you changed? 

The Sun in Cancer is about your home, your memories of home, the home you want. When the Sun trined Neptune, you may have fantasized about your ideal home.

The Moon (home) in Libra will conjunct Saturn, but before that, she will trine Venus; Mercury now in Leo will make your thoughts bold and bright.

Maybe I’ve got a one-track mind today, but I think it’s the sky too. The sky want us “in love.” The sky want us “to” love. The sky want us to… get it right before Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio.

It’s your choice really. Plumb the depths (Scorpio) alone or… not.


Love, MP

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The Stars Today: Venus Trine Saturn Retrograde

"full moon in scorpio"

I hope I got you thinking about the Full Moon a little.

As I write, the Moon is in Libra conjunct Saturn (retrograde) with Mercury opposing in Aries. It’s a War over Manners. A War over What’s Right and Who’s Right. Anyone?

I’m going to bow out of the war entirely and stick my head in the sand. I’m a Cancer Sun and my natal Mars is being squared by all this back and forth.

Venus in Gemini likes her sextile to Mercury and loves her trine to Saturn. Wait. Does she? Venus is love and Saturn is serious and in trine it’s long lasting love or long lasting money but retrograde there’s a… glitch. An old piece of the story or a not-quite-moving-forward-yet BUT…

Venus in Gemini is a good-time-girl :) but I keep running into people with this transit in the 8th House. Inconjunct energy. The good-time-girl grows up.


I get to leave the house today and I’m excited. Been busy and at the desk a lot so I welcome a little free time. I will be back for some hours this afternoon though to continue readings in progress. I am still planning on some time off though next week but as a reminder:

I AM available for: Email Tarot. Also, some Astrology by phone or in person, especially if you are in the midst of transit craziness and need some explication.


Eclipse Preview: something to think about :) Sunday, May 20th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini at ZERO!

Gemini is really the star of this summer, don’t you think?  The excitement with Venus, the Eclipses along the Gem/Sag axis. It’s time to investigate Gemini. Or probe Gemini (for you Scorps out there!). Because she’s more, much more than a multi-tasking good-time-girl.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, rules the Messenger and the Message. You WILL receive this spring, this summer. You WILL receive instruction, news, information.

Mercury rules detour signs *and* flight. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, gathering the news of the day, putting it in order or leaving it in a heap on your desk or on your bed like the clothes that will not fold themselves.

You can ignore Mars in Virgo compelling you to tidy up the mutable messiness. Or not!

Have a good day, my fearless Astro-Soldiers! 


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The Stars Today: Moon In Libra!

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
Libra rules Venus

Just a quickie this morning before I head out.

I got some news yesterday. Did anyone else Receive News? I give this to our recent Full Moon, which can bring endings, results… and speaking of the Moon, the Moon is in Libra so be nice! Mind your manners :)

And also speaking of the Moon in Libra, is partnership on your mind? It’s on MY mind!

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve worked with a fair amount of Libra Sun and Libra Rising folks and I enjoy it – they are sweet yes and they are nice yes UNTIL (lol).

What I mean is: there’s a sense of determination that I feel from them underneath the gloss. After all, they are cardinal i.e. dynamic energy that moves and changes, is creative. And the fun about Libra is this double layer: the surface and beneath the surface. My Moon Pluto loves that complexity.

Iron fist in velvet glove, as the saying goes. Or as my teacher used to say: a Libra is an Aries who went to charm school.

Libra Moon is gonna sit on Saturn today, transiting Saturn that is, and do you think our fair Moon will show Saturn some manners? Saturn is not without manners (ya think?) although he does tend to do what he wants, not minding how we feel (Moon) about it!

The Moon will also square the Sun during the Moon-Saturn sit-down. It’s some heavy energy so… if you feel kinda eh today, know it will pass. The Moon moves fast and we have the Moon in Scorpio to look forward to, ha!

Also, if you have planets in the later degrees in Cardinal signs, you may feel this Moon transit more than most. But like I wrote above, the Moon moves fast. Don’t worry even though Moon Saturn can bring the worry mood. We’ve got a New Moon to look forward too: planting seeds, new beginnings, new life. Gonna be good.

One last thing: if you do feel stressed or eh or low down today, remember that Libra rules Venus so… Be Venus today… and think about what that means TO YOU.


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Oy Vey! Moon Conjunct Saturn In Libra

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
the antidote to Moon conjunct Saturn

Oh no wonder. Was feeling kind of low and then Hnybr in the comments also mentioned feeling low and wondering what was up with the sky!

Well, the delicate Moon is slamming into Saturn, folks! That’s right. The Moon is in Libra. Saturn is in Libra. The Moon is applying in conjunction to Saturn. And Moon and Saturn together is… squaring my Cancer stellium!

But generally speaking, Moon-Saturn together are not a happy couple. Who wants Saturn’s hard-driving work-ethic, delays, and denials all over their feelings, their home, their Mom! It’s too cold, too hard, too strict, too much.

So much for sweet, charming, affable Moon in Libra ;)

Venus is at 29 Capricorn, squaring this Libra twosome which may be making you feel unloved, unloveable, cold, hard, strict. You late-degrees Aries peeps are probably feeling this Moon transit prOfoundly.

Don’t worry though. The Moon moves fast, just like our moods. The next Moon, the Scorpio Moon will please some and annoy others, but at least won’t be holding hand with Saturn the Tester!

How’s your mood? 

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Moon Conjunct Saturn: The Stars Today!

"moon conjunct saturn"
Moon in Libra: Burt Reynolds!

Right now the Moon in Libra is conjunct Saturn in Libra. Separating from the conjunction. It’s a quickie, don’t worry, and it’s the Moon that’s doing the conjuncting here. So it’s your feelings, your body, yo Mama (The Moon = Cancer = the Mother) that’s coming along to sit on big bad Saturn ;)

But the thing is this (don’t you love that phrase?): Libra is nice. Yeah yeah yeah they like to show you the other side, slap you with it really, argue, play devil’s advocate, but they are an Aries (i.e. controlling, dominating) who’s gone to charm school. Polite. Graceful. Pleasant. Funny! Pretty. Sweet! The essence of blond, whether or not they are blond.

So here comes the Moon in Blond coming along to shake hands with a Malefic. Ew. Think she likes that? Not so much. Think he likes that? Oh yes. Saturn wants us to.. Grow Up Already!

But the Moon in Libra is a match for Saturn. Saturn in any sign. Why? Because the Moon in Libra is the Mother (Moon/Cancer) and the Ingenue (Venus/Libra) put together. And that’s hot (well, for me, that’s hot). And she can… soften Saturn in this case. She can… seduce Saturn. She’s the Yin to his Yang (even though Libra IS Yang). She can do her thing. She can dance, she can sing, she’s LIBRA!

And, what’s more, she’ll talk to the guy! Libra is social and Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) can be so damn taciturn, reserved. This is a good thing. Really.

So please don’t worry about this transiting Moon hanging out with S. I know, I know she squared Pluto, she squared Uranus, but distant memories are they, for now.

And yeah she’s squaring Mars in Cancer at the moment but what that says to me is… if you go to Ikea with your wife (or your husband), let them WIN.

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Your Moon And You

"moon in libra"
Joan Jett has Moon in Libra!

Today’s Feeling? Hopelessness. Not that I am feeling that way right now, but I know the feeling.

And I write a lot about this topic, circling around it like a dog finding a place to rest his weary bones. I’m like my pit bull friend: sometimes it takes me forever to find my spot.

So what do you do? Do you fight it or let it stay the night? Do you know that feeling of going to sleep in despair and waking up in despair? I’m not looking for sympathy, empathy. What I am doing, what I like to do, is write about this stuff, and I think others can relate. Writing about this stuff is what I DO.

An image shows up in my head of drowning, struggling in the water, Sinking and popping up, but just the head. Takes a breath. Goes back down. Sometimes I let myself sink. Sometimes I know I need to swim to the shore.

My Moon is conjunct Pluto (thus the name of this blog) which means different things, one of them being that I require depth in my relationships. If I can’t relate to you on a deep level, on an honest level, on an authentic level? There’s no point. It’s like drowning in the shallow end.

What do YOU need from people? Do you see it in your Moon?

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Planetary Round-Up: Keep Your Knives In The Drawer

"Venus Opposition Pluto"
Got Venus Pluto?

Before I venture heavenward and give you my thoughts on the Stars Today I wanted to say thank you to my sweet loyal emotionally intense readers/commenters :) Thank you for making my blog such a pleasure to wake up to and come home to each day. 

Sun in mid-Cancer has pulled out of our summer t-square but here comes lovely Venus taking the Sun’s place, but also trining Chiron and sextiling Jupiter. Oh Chiron. Chiron Chiron Chiron. You’re my whipping boy these days :) Or perhaps I should say that about Venus Pluto instead ;)

Venus Chiron is like a syringe primed with poison ready to heal you. Do you stick it?

But back to Venus Pluto: Try not to fight with your lover, okay? The war can wait. The love can’t. Remember to breathe.

Moon is currently Void of Course in Libra and we all survived the Moon Saturn conjunction, right? Once the Moon is in Scorpio, we’ll get lovely trines to Cancer, but with the Venus Pluto opposition still in effect, you’d be wise to keep your knives in the drawer. No Scorpio vengence, okay? On the other hand though, and speaking of knives, these aspects,may provide ample inspiration for you BDSMers!

Mercury sextiles Mars which is great for thinking and doing, and gets support from Saturn in Libra thank God. Saturn needs something else to do besides crapping on poor Cancer ;)

My overall diagnosis of the sitch: with such an agitated Venus? Play nice or not at all.

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