New Moon In Libra – September 30th

"new moon in libra"
New Moon in Libra at 8 degrees
— this Friday.

Mars entered Capricorn this morning.
It’s Tuesday as I write this.
Pluto went direct yesterday.
Virgo Moon Wednesday and Thursday.
Work work work work. This is a WORK sky.

New Moon aspects in addition to the usual (a Sun Moon conjunction): 

Moon square Mars (angry)
Moon conjunct Jupiter (happy)
Moon inconjunct Neptune (I’m not sure how I feel)
Moon sextile Saturn (secure)

Let’s think of them as one thing -
Sun – ego
Moon – need
Jupiter – principle of optimism, expansion, blessing

SQUARE (has trouble with) Mars in cautious Capricorn

This New Moon feels huge to me. You are looking around the room fantasizing about what or who you want. You can taste it. New Moons are DESIRE. Hope. Not done. Not culmination. NEW. Seed. Desire. Plant it. This New Moon feels huge to me. That’s the Jupiter. The ego (ME) is huge and the feelings (ME) are huge but there is a stifling going on.  Mars in Capricorn doesn’t quite slow down the power of the stellium but attempts to mute it. Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Reality, doubts the Jupiter blessing and doubts the dream and doubts the collaborators and doubts the seed AND

the stellium is in Libra – the sign of partnership and other people. Big desire in your Libra house. Big blessing. Big secret. You can’t do it alone but you don’t know yet who you will do it with.  But you want to. You really want to.

This is what I’m thinking — that Sun Moon Jupiter insists upon faith in oneself and in others and the square says: well, maybe not so fast. Slow down. Are you sure? Remember Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the Libra stuff is ruled by VENUS. You want to relate so bad. You want to find your tribe so bad. You want to fall in love SO. BAD.


a Saturn/Mars in Capricorn test.

And then.

This is the best part.

The Libra crowd makes a good aspect (sextile, harmonious) to, yes, SATURN in Sagittarius. 

The (so-called) problem IS the solution.

No matter how you look at it – we are under Saturn here.

What must be done must become our pleasure, our joy, and our love. Not in the sense of sacrifice but in the sense of knowing who you truly are and what you truly value. Then it is not a sacrifice at all but gladness. What must be done (your SATURN) must become your pleasure, your joy, your love. And it can be.

2016 is almost over. Think about that. Think about how we have one more Pisces Eclipse. How the Nodes are heading out of Virgo/Pisces and that a New Moon in Libra means you don’t have to be alone anymore. You’ve been so alone. This is where we begin. You will find your allies, your collaborators, your loves. You will. But you know what I’m going to tell you, that every new transit is an opportunity – good AND bad transits and if you lay down and die at this point you won’t be able to read my blog posts anymore ;) small consolation I know but life wants more life from you.
It’s your job to find your place. Daunting I know but true all the same.


So In The New Year + The Stars Tomorrow! End of 2015 BYE

"new year's eve" So in the New Year (news and commercials. Scroll down for the Astrology). 

I will return to more blogging blogging blogging, the writing writing writing  — although still with the videos. I’ll also most likely be back on Beliefnet with the Tarot column! 

There will be a January astrology class and I am running my special on readings throughout January as well – $65 for one hour and then back up to usual rate in February (unless I change my mind!). This rate is for VOICE or CHAT only. Email Readings are regular price. 

Someone just wrote me about life coaching and YES I do this, it’s the way to work with me in-depth. The Reading Bundles are for this purpose. Also am taking Tarot students for 1:1 lessons. All of this CONTINUES. 

Beginning of next week may be a bit slow but then back up to speed. 

No other business at this time to share with you :) New Year on the way. 

Uranus went direct square my Sun and the Sun was square my Uranus and… change is afoot! The Tarot Fives! 

END OF THE YEAR! I fucking HATED this year. And I am happy to swear here, on my own blog. I swore in one of my videos and some yahoo chastised me for it ANYWAY fuck you 2015.

As for the STARS tomorrow, the last day of the year:

keep busy. Still under a VIRGO MOON until NIGHT or wee hours depending on your time zone. In fact wow very few exact aspects tomorrow. Moon Jupiter conjunction in the morning feels good. Moon trine Mercury (Virgo/Capricorn) also feels good NOT crazy :) unlike that doozy of a Full Moon. See, I think we end 2015 on a stable no nonsense note. On the West Coast of the U.S. the Moon is in Libra for the midnight tolling but other time zones may still be in VIRGOLAND. Interesting isn’t it? Some of you will say goodbye with Virgo mind and others with Libraland. Which do you prefer?????????

If I’m not back tomorrow, Happy New Year. Blessings to you.



Reading Poetry On A Hot Saturday Afternoon In August

"moon conjunct jupiter"I’ve been reading poetry this afternoon and remembering the time when reading — no — writing poetry was all I did. Reading it was a close-second though :) Reading poetry, having love affairs. 24 years old.

And how grateful I feel that the play I wrote a few years ago will be seen, seen by a few ;) this fall. My 1st full length production. As though this is the beginning of… making up for some disappointments. The end of a cycle. We shall see, I am fond of saying We shall see.

Funny to look back. Funny to think that I’ve got clients almost 20 years younger than me and clients 20 years older, and more. I type in birth data and then I forget the age.

Reading poems is a time machine for me even if I’ve never read the poems before and just now was reading the work of a poet I had a class with, just once. I had these strange hopes back then. Had no idea how to… manifest anything. It was all luck. Luck or nothing. Luck or nothing and some natural writing talent. And that was it.

This is another post about creativity and the creative process, but this time from the perspective of memory and the past which of course makes me think of the Moon. But I wonder where else memory is stored in our charts.

There is no right answer to this question. The obvious answer of course is anything having to do with the Moon, 4th House, Cancer… but I’d like to think that each of you, each person, each chart, has her (his) own theory.

As I type this, the Moon is even farther along in its conjunction to Jupiter. No wonder memories (the Moon) are showing up big (Jupiter) time!

And the Moon and Jupiter are in Gemini: I am writing (Gemini) about it, telling my story (Jupiter).

What’s your story today?

Love, MP

If The Moon Is In Taurus Why Do I Feel Like I’m Underwater?

"mars square mars"

I just chewed an entire pack of Orbit gum.

What’s the astrology?

Can I blame the Moon in Taurus? The Moon rules food and Taurus rules comfort and I just ate dinner and I don’t want to snack mindlessly and there was the gum! Comfort gum! Yeah right… not the same as Bearitos!

The Sun hasn’t been in Aries all that long and I swear all I feel is Taurus. It’s like the Sun is underwater and yet Taurus is earth so maybe it’s Mercury retrograde into Pisces that feels so muddy and murky to me and I am reminded of April on the way which means Mercury direct and Mars direct.

Aries, as well, is my 8th House which is Scorpio’s natural house so that could partly be why I’m feeling the water vibe. Or is it that New Age music I’m listening to with the waterfall sounds ;)

Mercury and Saturn are inconjunct right now which means… they don’t have anything in common. Mercury is in a water sign and Saturn is in an air sign. Mercury is in a mutable sign and Saturn is in a cardinal sign. How can they possibly understand each other. Key word for the inconjunct is “adjustment.”

Oppositions can see each other across a crowded room. For example you know Aries sees that pretty Libra over there! And squares are inside you — you live with that tension. Fixed squares, for example, are the hardest to work through. Why? Because they are FIXED. They don’t move. The problem keeps coming up.

And this reminds me of a synastry thing — I had Mars square Mars with my ex-boyfriend and it did feel that we could “move through the energy” because the square was in cardinal signs. Cardinal is dynamic, creative energy that WANTS to change and grow. On the other hand… Mars in Aries vs. Mars in Cancer? Ouch!

But back to the inconjuct: Mercury and Saturn together in this aspect could mean that… you don’t know when to speak. Not that you don’t WANT to speak. It becomes a matter of timing. And maybe it is what to say or how to say it. Somehow the natural communication gets interrupted. You overthink. Or others overthink what you say. Or that’s how it feels to you. That you feel like you must adjust something so basic… it’s like you need a new signature. You must adjust to yourself.

Do you have inconjuncts in your chart? Do you adjust? 


Sunday Sushi For The Moon In Taurus

"moon in taurus"

I had been working all day and needed a break. My roommate had just come home, a quadruple Taurus, and I suggested we walk to the main drag and get some ice cream.

Cancer Sun Mercury Mars that I am, I was trying to figure out if I was actually HUNGRY and ready for more than just dessert and a very Cancerian question popped out. I said to her:  “Are you hungry?”

She was. We stopped by her favorite sandwich shop. Too crowded! Too warm! Too many kids! (Well, these were MY complaints.)

We then passed the sushi place that everybody loves. I made the suggestion. She was up for it. And we dined on inexpensive delicious sushi followed by, yup, soft serve ice cream. Mine: chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles.

We ran an errand and then walked home happier than before. Sunday Sushi I  said out loud, as though we would, could, make a routine of it.

And just now I looked at the list of planets and degrees and noticed that the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Taurus. No wonder.

The Moon rules food and Venus (ruler of Taurus) rules comfort! Jupiter is big and my sushi roll pieces really were big! And comforting :)

Do you live the transits?


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Sunday Morning Astrology: Moon in Taurus

"moon trine mars"

I have to head out this morning, early, and am waiting for my phone to charge so let’s look at some of today’s Moon aspects.

As I write, the Moon in Taurus has already trined Mars in Virgo.

What do you know of Moon trine Mars? Do you have this aspect? 

With Moon trine Mars, the emotional life and the mood matches the energy level. It’s like you always find time for your interests no matter how busy you are. Also these folks love Mom and family. In Taurus and Virgo? A baby born today would have a retrograde Mars and in Virgo…  I think I’d almost prefer Mars retrograde when in Virgo, turned in on itself to dismantle some of the Virgo fix-it urge.

The Moon also trines Pluto today – emotional depth and clairvoyance without the UGH. The harder Moon Pluto aspects show loss. The trine or sextile may also show  loss but more tangible support, that it’s easier to find support when the Pluto problems arise.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the evening so plan something sweet and delicious. Taurus loves their food and Moon Jupiter in Taurus loves their food even MORE. Jupiter expands what it touches.

With Moon aspects like this, it’s going to be a good day. When Momma is happy, everybody’s happy.


Got Sunday plans? Got Moon trine Mars?


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Ah The Moon Is In Taurus…

"full moon in cancer"
taurus mooooooooooooooon!

Do you feel soothed?

Taurus is the sweet-eyed Moon. Every Moon in Taurus that I know has those *eyes*! Those enviable sweet eyes! (And I think I mention this every time I write about the Taurus Moon.)

And the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus now so good (Jupiter) feeling (the Moon), good REAL (earth) feeling, feeling you can TOUCH, is available to us all.

The Moon in Taurus is also making a wide trine now to Pluto in Capricorn so feelings run deep but they aren’t… scary or overpowering. They are just the right amount of deep-well-earthy. Remember, trines make it easier.

The Sun in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo support the Moon (and Jupiter) in Taurus although both are at higher degrees. The Moon will trine it all as it moves forward, pinging and dinging you richly so.

Touch the earth. Bake a cake. Go for a walk. Eat heartily. Hug yourself. Have sex. Put your feet on the ground.

Does your chart like this sky? 

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