Advice For Your Weekend: DO IT DIFFERENTLY (Mercury trine Uranus)

"venus square neptune"
Hmm. Looking at the landscape for this weekend. A few details. 

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday (which needs its own blog post).
Moon will be in fret and putter Virgo.

Sunday is fascinating to me.

Mercury (retrograde) in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius are busy (of course). Your mind and your heart. They’re in a wee bit of “trouble.”
A wee bit.

Mercury trine Uranus.
Venus square Neptune.
Mercury square Chiron.
All in one day!

AND the Virgo Moon will uncomfortably aspect the planets in Sag AND Uranus in Aries. It’s uneasy. Tricky. Discordant. Sagittarius wants no fences and VIRGO MOON IS A FENCE! Sag says LET’S GO and Virgo says: are you sure about that????

It’s not some terrible gruesome weekend BUT we have a mutable mess.

Gemini fills in the empty leg of the t-square. Are you listening Gemini?

I am not predicting the terrible and the gruesome but I think you will feel pressured to… measure up, to solve problems and put out fires, to be THE ONE they come to and make it all better, Gemini. And, frankly, I don’t think that’s your job — not this weekend anyway.

Mercury Uranus in inspired. GREAT!
But Venus Neptune is blindsided.
And Mercury Chiron is that negative tape loop in your head.
Can we just cruise on that Mercury Uranus vibration? Maybe.

How to navigate all this and turn it into something productive which is what Virgo Moon always wants? 

Putter. Tend to the little things. Straighten up the smaller room. Fold. 

Do it differently.
Do it out of order.
Do it fresh and new and Uranus + Virgo + Mercury retrograde?
That’s the sky. It’s what we have. It’s good!
But do it differently than EVER before.

"venus square neptune"
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Thanksgiving Astrology Blues Clues + Your Chariot Awaits

"mercury trine uranus"
Little moments can take you out of yourself, good OR bad.

I had one of these today – was feeling fine and then I got a “little moment” and I felt out of my inner peace into something darker and Chiron.

It was all Chiron. A Chiron moment. Here is a link to a recent Chiron post. 

And no surprise then that a Mercury Chiron aspect is building now in the sky and could cause you some small pain, some little moment of wound or disappointment — no matter how stable you actually are or feel. Chiron isn’t always present reality. Still can hurt though.

Don’t let it bring you down. Because you are more than THAT, whatever it is. You are always more than what you hate the most about yourself, more than your wound.

"Venus square Chiron"

The weekend looks better, much better.

Mercury squares Chiron yes but then turns around to trine Uranus. The “trine” is positive, flowing, harmony. Not edgy like the square.

It’s like…

you speed so fast, so far, from that painful place. Yes.

I remember when I left Philadelphia. This was after grad school and before my mother had died. I moved to Philly for a few months because a few friends had moved to Philly and I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I was 25, a poet, skill-less, a graduate of THE creative writing program and… I moved to Philly.

I stayed for a bit with some warm-hearted cousins (I felt lost) and eventually I rented my own place in some artist’s house (I felt lost) who had lampshades hung up on the walls, but it just didn’t work. I was smoking over a pack of Marlboro Reds a day.

I remember calling my mother crying (nothing new there) and I decided to move back to Iowa City (which I had always liked) but not before stopping “back home” in Miami.

I forget how long I stayed but I remember the Greyhound bus ride down south, how happy and relieved I was to be leaving that dirty painful city and heading back home to mom.

That’s what this progression feels like to me. The pain of Mercury square Chiron sadness becoming Mercury trine Uranus freedom. Freedom from pain.

And then to make things even better and more healing, Venus makes that same good aspect (the trine) to Chiron on Sunday.


So, basically, don’t worry too much if you feel sad and unmotivated today and tomorrow. Things will look up. Your chariot awaits.


"Venus trine chiron"

Mercury To The Rescue? Don’t Let The Rent Get You Down (Advice for Hard Transits Part ??)

"mercury trine uranus" Conversations conversations conversations. I am not surprised. It’s only Monday but a Mercury week as I was talking about yesterday on the blog:

lots of exact Mercury aspects and the Moon in Mercury-ruled Virgo Wednesday, Thursday, and part of Friday.

I posted the Pixies song Where is my Mind on my Facebook and made a video for a friend whose love life is weeping. Mercury to the rescue! (And there was more, much more, to the day already!)

I am supposed to be writing my book of poems for my friend’s press. She is a poet and publisher and I am supposed to be writing my book of poems but the rent is in the way. I mean, the daily life concerns are in the way in my MIND.

"mercury trine uranus"Is it possible to do both? I think I used to do both. Work and write. Write and work. Write and worry ;)

So I am wondering now what is it about this project that has to change. Maybe it’s the project that is the block and maybe tomorrow’s Mercury Uranus TRINE will open the road. Maybe.

Are you closed? Are you open? 


The Stars This Week! Magician Medicine

"mercury square jupiter" It’s an interesting week for Mercury and the Mercury people in particular – those of you with strong Gemini  or Virgo placements. Those of you who can’t stop thinking. Those of you with massive Mercury and monkey mind. It’s an interesting week for you. And I think that covers all of us pretty much.

Tuesday (which means we already feel this now) brings us a Mercury Uranus trine and a Mercury Chiron square. (Mercury is in Sagittarius in case you forgot.)

Wednesday, the Moon enters Virgo and she is up to all kinds of mischief on Wednesday and Thursday: she opposes Neptune, squares Saturn Sun, trines Pluto, conjoins Jupiter and more. I give you this list to spell it out for you and to let you know how busy she is and how busy you will likely be, even if only mind-wise.

Friday, Mercury squares Jupiter. And I’ll write about the weekend as it gets closer (but do keep in mind the weekend brings us an exact atomic Mars Pluto square thus this energy builds all week).

Mercury Uranus promises a solution but Mercury Chiron on the same day does not. And then everything- in-its-place Virgo Moon just feels bad against free-wheeling white noise Sag which isn’t so free-wheeling because Saturn.

"mercury trine uranus" I don’t mean this to sound like a bad week at all. I don’t think it is but….

Mercury Uranus
Mercury Chiron
Mercury Jupiter

Virgo Moon up your ass

Are you clear? How clear are you? 
Which ideas are worth pursuing?
How will you not forget them?
As above so below so are you doing your visualizations?
Do them and your chances for manifestation increase.
Are you keeping track of the big ideas and insights?
Do your feelings feel hurt lately? Yes I am referring to that Mercury Chiron square and how painful that is. But that Mercury Jupiter square is you laughing and preaching and teaching and feeling good.

In Tarotland the Magician is no Fool and no joke. The Magician is a ONE. The Magician is all the Aces combined. Can you imagine that level of energy and power???? ALL THE ACES COMBINED???? You’d be unstoppable. THAT is the Magician.

(Which reminds me, was talking to a client today who has her hopes set on this dude and he’s the Queen of Cups and SHE is the Magician!)

Let her (the Magician) be your guide this week as you sort through the mental notes and confines and bright ideas and butterflies and…


Rockets Red Glare And The Mars Return

Showing ANGER is an act of vulnerability.

Emotionally intense people are used to feeling embarrassed of what they feel (love, lust, hatred, desire, sadness, pain), how they feel (“you’re too sensitive!”) but anger is… something else entirely. It’s a total reveal even though the person you are angry at may not feel the same. They just feel assaulted and perhaps rightly so.

I wanted to write about Mercury trine Uranus (exact today): the brainstorm, the bright idea. And I wanted to write about Venus entering Libra this week, from hygiene–o-rama to the perfect hostess–

But most of all, I am obsessed with MARS conjunct my Mercury today and applying to my natal Mars. In Cancer. And how when I express my anger, I feel shame. Justified or not, that it is wrong. I’ve exposed my fear, my cruelty, my weakness, the ugly truth, that there is much to be healed. My father’s temper. Lack of control. Loss. How is it that we cannot keep it all curled up in a little anger puff, diffuse it instead of detonate. If only.

I wrote to a friend, telling her some of this, and she told me this, “Don’t be hard on yourself. Just ask God for guidance. And let go.”

Ah the letting go. That’s the hard part.

What are you sorting through? 

Love, MP

The Stars Tomorrow! No Exact Aspects :)

"moon void of course"Had an afternoon with friends today and I can’t remember the last time I did that. An old friend (Sagittarius Sun) and her two daughters (Sagittarius and Virgo, but both with Virgo Moons).

I could talk to these folks for hours on end and it was a weird feeling. Most of my social time these days is spent 1:1, me and a pal, but there I was in a room full of people. She had guests. So much energy!

No doubt the ease of the day was in part due to the good transits, some happy Moon transits and Mercury trine Uranus. Snappy conversation absolutely. Effortless flow!

Tomorrow, Sunday, the Moon is Void of Course all day. And according to my book here there are no exact aspects in the sky. Some may write-off this day completely but if you can’t afford to do that, then at least take it easy. I think the energy will be less intense but also diffuse.

I’m feeling a bit at a loss for words at the moment so I am going to pull a card around the best way to spend Sunday: shuffling, shuffling shuffling….

Take a chill pill is the advice here :) Wheel of Fortune.

You don’t have to work every minute of every day to see results. The results sometimes come in when you look away. In fact, you have to look away. Things are not as bleak as they seem and they will get better. Spin the big wheel. There is a more expansive feeling only slightly out of reach.

One other piece of advice (yes, I pulled another card): you are safe. It is safe to love. Safe to give. You spend so much time with such a tight heart damn it quit holding your breath and just… but I can’t convince you, can I? You have to feel it yourself. Well do whatever you can so that you CAN feel it.

Love, MP

The Stars Today! Mercury Trine Uranus

"mercury trine uranus"This aspect is exact tomorrow evening Big City time but I wanted to talk about it today and the dry erase board.

A few months ago I got myself a dry erase board at Target. And I probably could hang it up but I like to hold it on my lap when I write and erase and write again and I simply stand it up against the wall where I can see it.

The first thing I did with it was a free-association burst of career intention. Lots of arrows  and phrases and personal keywords and QUESTIONS because I was looking for missing pieces.

Currently though my dry erase is filled with affirmations (I’d been listening to a lot of Louise Hay) as well as my intention for the 7 day ritual which I completed a few days before the New Moon.

(By the way, the ritual that I did actually had the opposite affect and if you’ll remember, Venus was square Uranus. Uranus rules reversals.)

Another thing about the dry erase board is that I think it is possessed. Okay. Not really possessed. I’m a nice Jewish girl. I rather go out to lunch than to a seance ;)

But seriously. The thing… makes noises. And maybe it’s the humidity. Maybe there’s some wacky chemicals in the dry erase that respond to… what?

And then AHA I noticed Mercury trine Uranus coming up. Mercury is the mind. Uranus is brilliant, new, unconventional and these two together, in good aspect, is a good time! A good MIND time. Thinking thinking thinking thinking. Solutions to problems. Insight. Creativity. Spirituality too. And it’s in fire signs. I expect sparks. 

The dry erase wants to be erased. That’s what I realized. The ritual is done. New words (Mercury trine Uranus!!) are needed. It’s time for the next thing. That’s why the board is creaking and squeaking.

I don’t know what will go there next but I don’t fear a blank canvas. Or do I?

I want to put at least ONE word up there. I will. One word.


Love, MP

The Stars This Week: Venus And Mars Make A Baby

"new moon in leo"Intense energy this week. It’s building now. It will climax mid-week.

And then Friday’s New Moon in Leo, and the weekend aspects, will renew you.

Let me break it down a little:

Venus the planet of harmony, sociability, love, art, and money will be making tense aspects this week and sometimes I think Venus and I think eh, no big deal.

But Venus is a planet we take personally. She affects not only our relationships with others but how we feel about ourselves.

Venus will be dancing with both Pluto (power struggle, transformation) and Uranus (the unexpected) and anything in your chart around those degrees. Look for your natal planets, especially in the cardinal signs, between 6 and 10 degrees. Your sensitivity to orbs may vary :)

Also, how Venus is aspected in your chart natally will give you some clues about how it will affect you when it transits.

My Venus only aspects outer planets. Two tense aspects. One happy aspect. So I expect to go through it all: confusion, being too hard on myself, and then joy when I tune in to my natal Venus Jupiter sextile.

What aspects does your natal Venus make? 

So this is what we have going on:

Venus is in Cancer, moving forward in Cancer, and on Wednesday she’ll oppose Pluto in Capricorn. This is very Mother vs. Father energy. Nurturing vs. discipline and how you need BOTH in your life. If all you do is soothe without limits, you wind up drunk in a ditch ;) Or face down in whatever your poison is, whatever your addiction is. Addiction to money, to depression, to video games, to feeling like a victim, to sugar, to running away, and so on…

The next day (the 16th, Eastern time) brings the exact Venus Uranus square. Possible reversals of love or money. Sudden shocking insights.

Now if any of these major players are WELL aspected in your natal, the reversal could be GOOD. I am resisting pinpointing the dates here actually because I feel this energy is active all week but with pockets of sustained intensity.

Around this time as well Mars (your energy) is conjunct Saturn (your fear). I am seeing this as a breakthrough aspect because Mars is the faster moving planet here and he is saying to Saturn: MOVE IT. Move it or lose it :) Lose what? Whatever it is that you’ve been afraid to touch. It could be your freedom. It could be your commitment. And it’s in Libra. It’s about other people and what you want from them and what you think you can’t get and how you manipulate your way around situations, making nice, until you BLOW.

Even if Saturn through Libra has been liberating for you, liberating in terms of separating you from illusion i.e. a Reality Check, Saturn in Libra has also been clogging your social life, your love life, maybe even your money life. Remember that Venus rules Libra so Saturn in Libra has been a Venus transit, a Venus Saturn transit for all of us. It’s been harsh at times but ultimately freeing. I believe that.

These issues will resolve and turn (showing us new perspectives) in many ways once Saturn is in Scorpio but for now think of this Mars Saturn conjunction as one of the last pokes. It could be a last goodbye.

On New Moon day, the Sun sextiles Saturn (help from others) and then on Saturday Mercury trines Uranus (brilliant ideas). Do you feel/see the progression here? It reminds me of the Tarot cards I pulled this morning: from tension to release to relief and new life. There is always the chance for new life.

The end of summer of course is the transition from Leo to Virgo. From vacation to back to school, back to work. Virgo doesn’t begin until the following week but keep it in mind. All your struggles from the summer should begin to… resolve a little, or at least show a different side to the “problem,” including solutions,  especially as Mercury keeps moving forward.


Love, MP

P.S. If you want to talk about this stuff on a deeper and more personal level, you can always join MoonPluto Land, the private discussion group that begins next week. There is a fee. Keeping it small. Under 20 people probably so individual attention is guaranteed. Email me for details. No obligation to talk though. Lurkers are welcome.

Also the Mini-Moons are back for the New Moon in Leo! Mini-Readings!

Mini Mid-Week Tarot!

"mercury trine uranus"The Word for Today is TEACH. Read on and you’ll see why…


Okay, kitties! You have way more than you realize. Way more resources. Way more people on your side. Support. Rely on them. This is the law of the Universe in your life at this time! The Authority figure in this card though may also be YOU. You are stronger than you think and more than strong, it’s… confidence that has been earned. Whereas in the past you shook like a tree in a storm, these days the game has changed. You can rely not just on others but on yourself. Saturn is leaving Libra this fall. What relationship lessons have you mastered???


And the more you realize this fact, the happier you will be and the more you will achieve the other cool stuff and dreams that you want to achieve. This is a Wand card here and reminds of Mercury trine Uranus today. Inspiration is coming.


Don’t forget to give. Don’t be afraid to give. Energy in, energy out. I know all this is new to you, this confidence, this money even. That it is REAL. You really can float down the lazy river, get up, dry yourself off, buy lunch for everyone. Fine, fine, be cautious but don’t be miserly. You really do have enough to give. You’ve taken good care of yourself lately, protecting your energy and resources but sometimes you have to let some air in, let someone else in because the more you keep yourself tight, the more it’s just you and your creation. Your creation needs friends :)

One card draw for overall Weekend Energy:

Oh yes. We like this card. The Magician. Now you know you can Google the meanings of these cards that I pull (which is also why I don’t like to identify them. I just like to write about them as I feel it), but this card is totally emphasizing the theme so far.

You: skilled.

You: in your element.

You: bringing heaven down to earth. Open your hands. Receive. Hold them up to the sky. Receive more. See this image in your mind.

And do good. Yeah, that’s part of it for me. Do good. Work hard. Be peaceful. Encourage peace in others.

Last night in Meditation Class, our teacher was reading something from the Edgar Cayce readings. All life is vibration. So align yours to something strong and powerful and GOOD.

I know I sound kinda preachy here but hey if you read the previous post then you know I’ve got my natal Saturn in the 9th House. My 1st Astrologer once told me that I would be a teacher in one way or another my entire life but the kind of teacher who scares the “bejezus” out of her students ;)

What kind of teacher are you? What does the Magician mean to you? How’s your week going? 

Love, MP

The Stars Today: Fast Car!

"mercury trine uranus"Working from home means I can work anywhere. Have computer, will travel.

Now I’ve never been much of a traveler. Saturn (fear) lives in my 9th House of far away places but remember, always remember, that all our planets, signs, and houses have many keywords and Saturn isn’t only fear. Saturn is our work. I reckon I will travel more in my middle years. Saturn is father time.

Every morning I roll out of bed and roll to the desk. I may clean the cat box first. Maybe even wash the dishes. Make the bed. Gather the trash for when I head out. And definitely prepare my morning beverage :) Green Tea today. What I often forget is to S L O W down before this flurry of household activity takes place.

Slowing down means paying attention means being aware of my body and being aware of how I feel.

Does anything hurt? Where does it hurt? Virgo types tend to do the body/mind/spirit scan, searching for places to worry about and the antidote to this is… not to linger. Keep going. Not to speed away but not to get stuck either.

So I roll out of bed, do my stuff, and head to the desk. I check email, Facebook/Twitter, and either begin readings or blog.

Good Morning, Stargazers! What does your morning look like?

At around 11:20 this morning, the Moon in Libra will go Void of Course. This means that the Moon is not making any major aspects to the other planets and the wisdom here is to take it easy if possible and don’t make any plans or vows. It’s a bit of a retrogradey feeling. And the challenge is that the Moon will be like this ALL DAY! Until 10:30 pm tonight.

Tonight the Moon enters compulsive Scorpio which could certainly make for some interesting dreams as she will trine Neptune retrograde straight away. Another tricky matter is that we have an early Void of Course Moon tomorrow as well, also in the later morning. It’s a fire and air sky so Water Moons have nothing to touch these days.

How to use this day? I’d say go about your business (talking about today as well as Thursday) and just be aware that you should be most active in the mornings (again, Eastern time) and if possible a bit more free-form the rest of the day.

Today’s Most Groovy Aspect which is in effect now:

Mercury retrograde trine Uranus retrograde! Mercury is your mind and Uranus is… also your mind but the genius parts of you. You will invent, you will create, you will inspire! You may have ideas from the past come up for review, but not just any ideas! The outlandish ones you KNEW were genius :)

Both Mercury and Uranus are FAST. Mercury rules cars so think of your little brain there like a little Mercury racetrack and Uranus cars are speeding through :)

Both of these bodies in retrograde and in trine tells me you won’t solve the problem now but that you will. Your world spins madly on and this is the top of the top. Spin it.

Do you have anything at 8 degrees? That’s where Mercury and Uranus are both hovering today.

Love, MP

The Stars This Week: Sun In Leo MEOW

"mercury trine uranus"Good Morning Stargazers!

I took a much needed break yesterday and now I’m back :)

I am feeling low on inspiration in terms of blog posts these days so if you have questions or curiosities, please feel free to mention in the comments.

No promises of course but if something does interest me, I’ll try to address it in a post.

Looking at this week and let’s pull a few cards…

The week starts out on a high note. Are you feeling good today? By mid-week it looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, things speed up, you’ll be busy. By the weekend, I’m seeing you need some much needed rest, and taking time out to recharge is not only favored, it is recommended! NO GUILT.


The Moon is void of course now and enters Libra in the evening (NYC time). Make no plans. Drift if you wish. VoC Moon is ideal for psychic work though. Fewer boundaries.

This evening the Libra Moon sextiles the Sun NOW IN LEO. Meow :) A pleasant and social aspect. Make that phone call. It will probably go well.

Tuesday the Libra Moon makes tense aspects of course: Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Moon opposing Uranus in Aries.

Now you know the Moon moves fast, so no need to worry but you could find yourself making nice and not wanting to make nice and giving yourself a nice stomach ache in the process.

The Moon also trines Jupiter in fun Gemini and that IS nice. So a good mood and peaceful feeling follows any early morning tension!

Moon sextiles Venus and  then conjuncts Mars. Busy busy Moon could make you moody but all in all a good day despite the rocky beginning.

Late afternoon Mercury retrograde sextiles Jupiter and this is something lovely from the past making an appearance. A person? An idea? A check? ;)

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde trines Uranus. See above for how this can play out but with Uranus in the mix it’s more… ethereal (hard to touch) and yet futuristic.

Again this could be an idea that you thought was dead being reanimated. Both Mercury and Uranus have to do with the mind so I think you’ll be feeling just the right amount of edge and inspiration (because it’s a trine).

So far what I’m seeing/feeling: week starts slow and then ideas get popping and zapping and zipping mid-week.

Moon enters Scorpio Wednesday night.

Thursday we have more Moon aspects to delight us ;) Moon trines Neptune in the middle of the night so sweet dreams there :) And in the morning the Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Venus. I think, actually, you will start to feel exhausted right around this point and the lack of exact aspects on Friday, in addition to the void of course Moon, are what push you over the edge. What edge? The I NEED TO REST edge. Not a crisis, mind you. Just some well-deserved peace and quiet after an inspiring and busy week.

I’ll address the weekend in a different blog post. Until then, Happy Monday, kitties!

Love, MP

Magic Mind: Mercury Trine Uranus

"Mercury trine Uranus"
Mercury trine Uranus

Play ball!

I got an image in my mind today while I was on the subway:  a ball in the air. Tossing it up and it coming down. It didn’t feel like juggling energy, not like the 2 of Pentacles in the Tarot.  More like “sending out.”

And even though this action feels earthy to me, I relate it to the Mercury Uranus trine in the sky right now.

Can you see it too? Throw the ball up. Look up.  Ball mixing with the blue sky.  And down it comes. Changed. Magic.

Throw it up there again and this is important: see what comes back, see what comes down.

Is it still a ball? Visualize what you want.  Money? A whole and healed heart?  A baby? A baby falling from the sky?  New flatware? Ouch!

Mercury trine Uranus is like this: instant magic mind. Connections made. Plug in this and then THIS comes out. Electricity! But make it WHAT YOU WANT! 

Mercury trine Uranus = free your mind. 

What are you experiencing? 

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Yee-Haw: Planetary Round-up! The Stars Today

"Sun in Cancer"

Today? Mercury squares Jupiter so watch what you say. Although you won’t be able to :) Mercury governs Gemini and Jupiter governs Sagittarius and neither of these signs are known for their tact, although Gemini a bit more perhaps ;) Eh, a lot more.

I have this square in my natal chart but in Cancer/Libra, two signs known for being “nice,” although nice in very different ways, so a square between these two could be about too much diplomacy. And then, in fine Cancer style, blowing up, possibly tearfully (the Moon) when the luck (Sadge) is pushed.

Sun in Cancer edging past a square to Saturn in Libra but enough in orb to feel it and I feel it, and speaking of feelings, the Moon is in early Virgo which opposes Neptune and Chiron in Pisces so be careful of those escapist tendencies. Watch a romantic movie instead of getting stupid drunk. Might be less fun but it’s kinder on the beer belly ;)

Back to the Mercury Jupiter square as mentioned above: we’re dealing with fixed signs here, Leo and Taurus, so you may find the words stuck in your throat. Or, you blab on and on about how gorgeous you are to someone who disagrees. Incidentally, this combination in a natal chart is always… interesting ;) It can be a fun-loving beauty queen or egomaniac blond bombshell on steroids.

Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries (still) is an awesome aspect: radical genius. Insights and inspiration can be found through writing or speaking or even on a short trip! Blogging seems more than favored under this aspect.

One more thing before I leave the daily stars: Venus is now in Cancer and applying in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn: fun! Well, not exactly. But Venus aspects usually don’t alarm me since there’s usually something juicy and possibly pretty in the mix. Although with Pluto involved? They may be dead.

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