Trust No One: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun" When Pluto opposes your Sun, you become the criminal.

So the question becomes: how do you act, behave, now?

You must get smart. Do you have to become a “bad” person? Not exactly. But you do have to change. Acknowledge your shadow but it’s more than simple acknowledgement.

You can’t behave in the same ways. You can’t continue to be so open. Study the manipulative people in your life. They’ll show you how it’s done. Things you’d never dream of doing. I don’t mean to break your own ethics or morality. Or am I? You have to blend your sweet Sun sign with a killer (instinct) now to prevent being destroyed. You will be falsely accused and you’ll have to figure out how to precede, case by case.

And yes there will be even more ethical questions when Jupiter is in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn making things “easier.”

You may be asked to lie, to bear falsely, to play the game, to see the criminal in you, to play the game, the very games you despise and you good boys and girls may have a hard time with this, a very hard time with this OR you may discover it’s not hard for you at all (which may be shocking).

Because Pluto is not about justice. Pluto is about power. Learn from the people around you who get what they want with minimal effort. They usually are getting it on someone’s back. There is some work they are not doing. Someone is being used. Someone is making it easier for them.

Up until now it’s been child’s play… in terms of the person you need to become.


The Stars This Week: Generous & Free

Let’s be specific: on June 3rd, Mercury is trine both Saturn and Neptune, and then on June 7th, Venus does the same, trining both Saturn and Neptune.

Personal planets connecting sweetly to the outer planets is like… a Tarot spread with minor and major arcana cards and all the cards are good cards: what’s happening now for you is fated and big picture, but you can also enjoy the details.

For example, let’s say you need to take a trip, for business or pleasure, and the trip is part of your big picture this summer, well, you can enjoy searching for that good deal. AND you’ll find that good deal.

I consider this entire week to be under this influence. A week long Grand Trine. Under THE influence. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. WATER. Intuition. Feeling. Floating. Healing. Music of the spheres! Yes, we’re soaking in it :) The more reserved among us may even shed a tear or two, not out of sadness or feeling bad but because it just feels good! You may be moved. You may be very VERY moved.

Also on the 7th, Neptune in Pisces goes underwater (i.e. retrograde) and then on the 8th is the New Moon in Gemini, cherry on a sweet week.

Grand Trines are blessings, are gifts. Some among us will receive. For others it will be business as usual. And still for others, this much water will be a drag, but I think overall there’s a greater chance for GRACE than usual. Mercy. Not because we “deserve” it, but because we are.

What does Neptune retrograde mean for you? People are wondering if the retrograde will make their Neptune problems even MORE confusing. My feeling (at the moment!) is that more insights are gained by Neptune going back and that it’s necessary.

Pay more attention to your dreams, your imagination, your fantasy, your ideals. I suggest getting a little lost in wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart.

You really don’t have to push so damn hard all the damn time. What is it bringing you? Sleep more this week. Dream more this week and set your intentions for the New Moon.

Love, MP


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Full Moon In Libra: In The Valley

That we were driving, and I don’t even remember where we were driving.

I never remember the names of streets or destinations unless I write them down, unless I make a point. He mentioned that we were going from one end of the valley to the other. For me. He had shown me one thing, and then was going to show me another thing. Because I wanted it. Because I fell in love with this land.

This isn’t the desert he said, about where we were. This is wasteland. And I wanted to cry, not because I was sad or in pain but because I was so moved by all this… space and sky.

See, I live in the land of row houses, brownstones, skyscrapers, subways and I came here and I got dust on my boots, and I saw Joshua trees and red mountains and empty miles and the Hoover Dam :) and the wasteland. Half the time I was a pounty Cancer, not sleeping well, we were chain-smoking, and the evenings long into the nights were spent talking and talking and talking. Secrets revealed. Revelations. Full Moon style. There was junk food. There was a lot of junk food. There was downtown Las Vegas. There was one single slot machine that I played on my way back home. I felt lucky.

What’s the difference I said, between the desert and wasteland.

A wasteland is destroyed, he said. In the desert, there’s hope.


According to my book, no more exact aspects today. The Moon is done with her work but I still feel it.

We’re under the weight of this Full Moon in Libra, Full Moon in relationships.

I was working this morning but will be spending the rest of the day recovering from jet lag :) and the SLEEP is amazing. I have gone places today in this sleep. Tomorrow we’re back to normal, tomorrow we’re back in Ariesland. We’re more direct with our wants, hopes, needs. Our “I” returns.

Mercury will trine Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde): your thinking about the past, about what has happened, is clear and true. Don’t doubt yourself. You know what’s what. Maybe you feel pushed or confused, but that sensation is an old habit. Everything is new now. Aries. The beginning. You’re not locked in no matter how much you wish you were.

Sun in Aries, Venus in Aries, Uranus in Aries = conjunct, a stellium. An army. There is someplace in your chart that you must pay attention to, can’t help but pay attention to, cannot deny, can deny at your own risk, and must love. Fearlessly. You. Aries is fearless. Aries walks in and you have no choice so tomorrow it’s back to work for all of us after today’s existential Full Moon jet lag.

What are you feeling? 

Love, MP


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Mercury Retrograde In Pisces, February 23rd

I was looking at a friend’s poems and haven’t read them deeply enough yet but told him he needed to write about sex.

Write about love, and loss, and place. Bloody it up. He has so much depth, passion. I know this. He always did. Even when we were in college. But he needs to dump everything our teachers taught us. I told him this too. I wonder where Mercury retrograde is for him. I never knew his sign until recently. Virgo he said. Capricorn Rising he said (so he thinks). I think how he writes has to change.

Mercury retrograde for me is 7th House and yes I am feeling it quite literally (partners, clients, dealing with more “others” than usual), and then I realize we’re still in the shadow period. It’s not even official yet but most of Pisces is my 7th House so this has been on-going since the beginning of the flood :)

What, if anything, are you experiencing? Is Pisces Season confusing for you? Overwhelming? Or do you feel calm. I alternate between panic and calm :) Between Saturn retrograde reality checking and… immense Neptunian longing.

My friend just wrote me back. He disagrees with my assessment. He feels he hasn’t found his way yet, that he’s cerebral. His poems are cerebral. I tell him no. Capricorn? Virgo? EARTHY. WRITE ABOUT FUCKING. I didn’t actually tell him that but I know the world of his poems would split open if he would DARE. Eh. Capricorn. Conservative. But who knows what else lurks in the chart. He may have a Sun Pluto conjunction. Probably.

Mercury in Pisces is otherworldly intuitive. Easily spooked on a bad day. And retrograde? Double. Triple. Mercury retrograde in my 7th House: who is my partner? Who am I committed to? How many do I have? One? None? Ten? How do I get clear about it? Will I be able to? Do I just go with the flow, like Pisces does? Or do I enlist Virgo tactics and calculate the happiness odds?

What questions are you asking yourself? Where is Mercury retrograde in your chart?

Redo. Review. Revision. Revise. Renew. Mercury will trine Saturn again. Rebirth.


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Adrift: Pisces Seeking Virgo

I feel this massive free-fall right now. That anything could happen. It’s all so… open.

I know this is Pisces. Fewer obstacles actually. Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio. The obstacles don’t feel like obstacles.

So the question becomes… if you need grounding, what to do about it.

Enlist your earth-sign friends. That’s one way.

I am thinking of joining the gym again, to put more ground underneath my feet. Ever since I started working at home, I started moving my body that much less. Other than walking to the kitchen. And the bathroom. And outside for an occasional smoke :) Very, very occasional.

Not that I’ve become a total desk-potato, but a little bit :)

Just a short blog post for now. That if you are feeling too scattered (Pisces energy square Gemini energy for example) then it may not be a bad idea to be more Virgo. Not in terms of shrinking your vision or your possibilities. Not in terms of increasing anxiety. But, as I like to say, one step at a time. And actually steps. Not just mental steps. Move your body to comfort your spirit which is seeking something solid today.

Ace of Wands. It’s brand new, baby :) And it will feel better, as you get closer, closer than it appears now :)


The Stars Today: Mercury Trine Saturn

The Moon is void of course in Pisces. All day! So you *may* feel a little thwarted in your efforts. Doesn’t enter Aries until nearly 9 pm in the Big City.

Mercury trines Saturn mid-afternoon though. Mercury is mind and Saturn is structure. These two are happy together. My favorite metaphor: you build! Mercury in Pisces gets the support it needs as it goes deeper and deeper. And deeper! SCORPIO!

For me it’s my 7th House and 3rd House.

Do you have a problem that needs solving in your Pisces/Scorpio Houses? Trines are flowing streams. Cancer is the empty sign to this trine. There could be a clue there as well.


I want to draw a few cards for the energy around Valentine’s Day. It’s not a bad day. Moon in Aries. Good aspects, sextiles. Even the day after is free from sky-drama.

This spread though is for those who get sad, whether they are coupled or not.

3 Cards for Brain, Bone, Blood. That’s my version of Mind, Body, Spirit.

Well, my dear, your mind is sound. I think the problem is that you don’t know what you want. If you knew what you wanted, you could have it. And I think you didn’t realize that was the case until you read it here!

Your body, too, is in good shape. Health. You aren’t repressing or giving too much at this time (but more about that in a moment). Balance is good. Mind and body are working together.

I also see the need for magic mind. Again, can you get clear on your desire? Mercury trine Saturn today can help with this. Focus. Intend this.

Spirit is the cranky part. Not bad but… there’s feisty energy here. Emergence. Spirit/soul is not at rest. Mind is good, sound. Body is working properly. But.. the highest levels, the soul-level…

Ah. I know what this means.

Meditation, prayer. Re-connect. Not because you are weak or far from Source energy but because you are pushing through barriers now and why not enlist the angels?

And this: you are strong enough to give more. The problem with people like you ;) is that you give in the wrong way. You have to learn to give in the right way. It’s not about sacrifice, intensity, or making yourself sick.  It’s about love. Love and then letting go.

Does this ring true for you? 


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In The Soup: Moon Void Of Course In Pisces

The Sun is not in Pisces. The Sun is at 23 degrees Aquarius.

But we have the Moon, Mercury, Mars, plus Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

AND the Moon is void of course now. Hazy dazy mushy gushy Pisces plus!

Good luck getting shit done! Or maybe you are? Let us know in the comments. 

If you are having trouble putting feet on ground, do know that we are also under Mercury sextile Pluto in Capricorn (earth sign!) and this is helpful. Put those poetic Pisces thoughts in order. Can you? Dare you?

Are mutable signs having the most fun trouble with this Pisces pile-up? Maybe. Pisces opposes Virgo clarity and squares (irritates) Gemini and Sagittarius. Even the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio may have trouble staying afloat in this. We need Taurus and Capricorn to hold us up.

Was talking to a friend last night. All this early Pisces will square his Mercury writing and thinking and conjunct his already-challenged Saturn, and I know there are others out there feeling this too or something similar, especially the Saturn Chiron in Pisces peeps out there.

Exact tomorrow is Mars conjunct Chiron: your most vulnerable parts? your ultimate recovery? Whatever it is, it’s in a hurry. But wait. It’s PISCES. Mars in Pisces weapons include the imagination, the deep sea, the MERGE, the illusory, the empathy, that which hides in plain sight. The truth is there, I think, but buried. Buried treasure.

Mercury then trines Saturn, once again attempting to give some stability to the soup. A container.

Now that the Venus Saturn square is separating, it’s not despair that haunts us but confusion, uncertainty. What the hell to do with all these FEELINGS, this mush. No matter how many times you wipe the windshield it just keep on fogging up.

Back to the idea of the container. A cup. A bowl. A gallon. A bathtub.

And this: you don’t have to know today. You don’t have to have THE answer today. You are a little bit farther in figuring this out than yesterday… even if it’s still open. And maybe you can get in touch with that sweetness I was talking about yesterday. Today did have a sweetness, didn’t it? Despite the rain.

Pisces, Neptune, refuses boundaries. It just keeps on spilling so you can keep on cupping your hands trying to save something or someone or… trust. Or nap :)

The Moon enters Aries tomorrow in the late afternoon on the West Coast and after Aries comes Taurus and I’m looking at the end of the week for decisions to be made, results to arrive, the letter in the mail.

And as far as Valentine’s Day goes… I would, once again, check your chart for where all this Pisces stuff is transiting because the Moon will be right next door in Aries and that is where you’ll find your Beloved. In those houses. I know I know I’m leaving you with a riddle but… think about it!


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