The Stars This Week: Jupiter Retrograde & ARIES ALREADY?

"jupiter goes retrograde"
from the home office

I sent out a newsletter this morning with a few thoughts about JUPITER GOING RETROGRADE. Click here! You can also subscribe at this link!

But you know what? I want to talk about integrity. Even though I plan to talk about Jupiter retro and the week ahead, I want to talk about integrity too.

This is on my mind ALL THE DAMN TIME, no doubt in part because Saturn is in Capricorn.

Part of integrity for me is that I live according to my standard. What I think is right or true or good.

Doing the right thing. Am I who I say I am. No two-faced duplicity.

Do you have thoughts on this topic of integrity? 

I mentioned earlier that I STOPPED allowing comments on this blog because the spam got out of hand. If you have thoughts on this topic, visit my Facebook. I’m going to start a thread there RIGHT NOW (It’s Sunday 4:30 pm Eastern time March 4th).

I often think about integrity in regards to my YouTube. I’m still figuring out how best to show up there. Not that I’m there without integrity but… I want to do more/better.

But about Jupiter going retrograde…

That happens this week. In Scorpio of course. It happens on Thursday, March 8th. It goes direct July 10th (and I just realized now I think I put the wrong end date in my newsletter!).

What does it mean for us? I like what I said in that email about reviewing our expansion and I’m not just throwing around some obvious Jupiter keyword. I mean it honestly and sincerely, with integrity. With Jupiter we GROW. It’s time to review the pathway thus far.

Are we growing in the right direction? In the right ways? Towards the right places and people? Right track? Are we reaching towards the right future?

Is it time to move on?
What parts of our path and story need revising?

Jupiter in Scorpio likes the deep realms. How can you go even deeper?

I’m thinking about my “career.” The things I am interested in expanding. Are they correct and true? And what about personally? Time to review what has grown.

And what about the house that Jupiter is transiting for you? And in what areas of life have *you* been expanding or growing?

Take a step back. What is there?

Remember that Jupiter and Saturn currently sextile – no matter the degree. Scorpio and Capricorn sextile. Faith and planning.

Also this week:
Mercury enters Aries
Venus enters Aries

This is huge, y’all. The start of the astrological new year. Almost. We need the Sun to enter Aries for that and that’s this month as well.

The gloomy news:

the week brings us an unpleasant Mercury Saturn square (depression, mean people, negative thinking, inertia, writer’s block) and NO WONDER THE CARDS I DREW FOR MY PATRONS …

but we also two marvelous aspects –

Mars trine Uranus and Sun sextile Pluto. This is dynamic and creative and I’m so sick of the word “power” or “powerful” but how else to describe Sun sextile Pluto. Power without domination. Thing after thing, you get it all done!

So no wonder this week is a little wonky. Any week that has a Mercury Saturn square is going to have its gloomy moments. We have an intense Moon Pluto conjunction on Sunday too but Mars Uranus? Mars Uranus is exciting. And Sun Pluto? Sun Pluto in good aspect is CONFIDENT.

Hold tight. That’s my advice. Weather the Mercury Saturn storm and by Sunday you’ll be inventing a whole new world. Best case scenario, right? Right!

"jupiter going retrograde in scorpio"

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That You Blow Kisses To Your House: Full Moon In Virgo

Moon “rules” HOUSE.

Virgo wants a clean house, but as I said to a client today:
I am the Queen of Dust but NO CLUTTER please :)

What I did was:

woke up this morning and almost immediately, or maybe it was a bit after immediately, did a house blessing, impromptu, and I can’t even quite find the words for what happened but I went from room to room, guided, loving my house and blowing kisses and thinking about the various corners and wondering if a certain friend with certain artistic flair could make me some new art to hang up (Scorpio gentleman).

I RECOMMEND this ritual to you in the morning when you wake up feeling sad, whether it’s your own or from the collective.

That I felt some sadness in the universe in the collective this morning and decided to address it on my Facebook which is where I mostly hold court (besides a bit on IG and Twitter @moonplutonyc).

So we need to talk about hope under Saturn skies because this weekend Mercury will square Saturn and you will feel hopeless at times. And emotional. Full Moon emotional and you may quote or misquote MacBeth OUT, DAMNED SPOT. Virgo Moon joke.

Which reminds me WHY do I keep attracting these caustic Mercury square Saturn people. And I don’t mean my beautiful friend A who also has Mercury square Saturn I mean OTHER ONES. Damn. Y’all got barbed wire tongues! I like a little honey with my words. I’m a honey witch!

So that’s my advice for you, dear Star Lovers: 

stay aware of the weekend vibes: Mercury square Saturn is harsh words, harsh thoughts, harsh negative self-talk, harsh ideas, verbal abuse, teasing, bullying. BE NICE to each other. Moon in Virgo is CRITICAL and a poorly aspected Full Moon in Virgo should just shut up and judge silently (ha).

I hope you have a good weekend, I hope you kiss and bless your house. Neptune blessings, my darlings and a SHOUT OUT to my wonderful clients this week and today. I’m so honored that you choose me to be part of your life. I know that sounds corny but it’s how it feels. I’m honored.


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Mercury Square Saturn And What To Do About That (March 14th)

"mercury square saturn" I’m not crazy about tomorrow.

I do like a Gemini Moon (my 10th). I’m usually busy and not sad. I like both of those. Some Moons are sad Moons but not Moon in Gemini for me. Moon of the Busy Mind.

But tomorrow we have an exact Mercury Saturn square and an exact Venus Mars square and some squares from the Gemini Moon.

It’s just not a smooth day despite some other, more helpful aspects (Mercury sextile Pluto, Moon sextile Uranus).

Mercury square Saturn can be a harsh inner critic — and/or a mind  that has to work SO HARD THIS HARD to get the job done. You may stop before you start. Saturn screws with your thought processes and your beliefs, your perceptions too, may slow everything down to a fine disturbing depressing sludge and could be the reason why you feel kind of crappy today. Or always, if you have this in your natal. This aspect is building now.

Venus square Mars isn’t as bad by transit (a square from Saturn is always worse one would think) but still lacks harmony. Venus in Pisces is dreamy romantic Queen of Cups and Mars in Sagittarius leaves, making Venus in Pisces cry. Hmm maybe it is just as bad. DO NOT GET MARRIED THIS DAY I BEG YOU DO NOT.

I drew a card of advice for y’all and got the Fool! Mars in Sagittarius wins! But notice that Saturn wins too. Saturn is in Sag! So you have to do both. Take a calculated risk, a planned adventure. Stray but not too too far. Don’t make her cry.


Mercury Square Saturn Blahs + Mediumship Readings

"south node in virgo"What a strange day.
I was up early-ish.
Then went back to sleep.
Got up and felt sick.
Went back to sleep.
And I think I’m not sick, just tired.

I’ve been pushing my body pretty hard. When I go to the city, it’s tiring, in this heat, and I’m always lugging back groceries or other heavy lifting. So I did that a couple days in a row, and I’ve been exercising more and more intensely the last few days so it’s no wonder that this morning I felt it.

I took a look at my transits: Leo Season is my 12th House. Of course I’m tired. This is a given with 12th house transits — tired or maybe fighting off a cold or depressed. I’m actually not depressed at all. But body needs rest. No exercise today and I’ll probably take tomorrow off too.

Today actually is the exact Mercury Saturn square (which would sap anyone’s energy) but also a Mars (energy) Saturn (work) trine so I was able to rally and do my work and talk to people but I feel it.

Tomorrow Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (good for mental energy and optimism) and then enters Virgo!!!!

"mercury square saturn" HELLO ALMOST VIRGO SEASON :)

Mars enters Leo on Saturday (more tiredness) but a snappy Gemini Moon for the weekend.

Are you feeling this? This up and down thing? Not 100%? Friday will be better :)

Just a short one for now. More tomorrow xx


I wanted to mention something that I’m going to start doing, which is also very 12th House – mediumship readings. I’ve never offered these as a “stand alone” service or reading before but I’m about to. Sometimes this would come up in conversation, someone would ask about a loved one who had died, but now folks who want to focus exclusively on this will get a chance to — with me. I will be using Tarot, my favorite psychic tool as a “starting point” but where we will “go” is beyond the cards.

This happened yesterday actually during a reading and I had an epiphany. That I want to focus here. My other readings will still be available as always but I want more opportunities to do THIS. 

The Stars This Week: Compulsion + Mastery of Fire

"saturn in sagittarius"It is possible to regret every moment.

To review something from your past VENUS IS RETROGRADE and regret every moment every stupid decision every misfire of those years VENUS IS RETROGRADE we are supposed to look back, self-recrimination NOT required.

I wrote on my Facebook Timeline just now:

No one’s love life is going to make sensewhile Venus is retrograde so don’t even try.
But notice what I said. No one’s love life is going to MAKE SENSE.
SENSE really isn’t Cupid’s jam ;) 
You want sense? Then you’ve never loved.

The Stars This Week:

Monday has come and gone but astrology lovers know that today was the exact Jupiter Saturn square. Jupiter heading OUT of Leo. And Saturn now direct also on the move, out of Scorpio (thank God). Pisces Moon. Moon in Aries NOW.

"venus square saturn" Tuesday: Venus Jupiter conjunction with VENUS RETROGRADE. Stop trying to make sense of love. Venus Jupiter loves life. Do not let this feeling be dependent on anything you currently do not have.

This fits here (also from my Facebook):

You have a role to play with everyone. And this is okay.
It would be helpful if you would stop trying to force roles. Know what I mean?
Stop trying to force people into the roles you would prefer and instead take a look at what is being offered to you.
You may miss an amazing opportunity because of this habit.
See, the Tarot Court isn’t only Kings. There are Queens, Knights, Pages too. Everyone has a role. Everyone has each role within her/him.

Wednesday: now we have the Venus Saturn square plus a slew of Moon in Aries aspects, mostly trines and squares.
Thursday: and now we have the Mercury Saturn square BUT we also have a Mars Saturn trine and a Mercury Venus conjunction.
Friday: MERCURY ENTERS VIRGO  (Sorry Leos…)

So, my friends, my star gazers, the dominating energy of this week is THE SQUARE — these Saturn squares. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury.

"venus square saturn"Squares compel us TO MOVE because they are uncomfortable. They stretch us too much but just enough. Too much but just enough. Just enough and TOO MUCH. Back to that astrological cliche of the person who has so many trines that they become lazy (i.e. too much Venus). Which do you prefer? Yeah, me too. Too many trines (ha).

Let us return for a moment to the natal chart of CHAMPION Ronda Rousey:

The other day I was talking about Ms Rousey’s natal Venus and Saturn — how serious masterful Saturn is going to sit on that carefree Venus (could be a serious relationship coming in) and her Saturn Return is coming during Saturn in Sag –BUT I forgot to mention she also has wild URANUS in wild Sagittarius. In fact, Venus Uranus is the closer conjunction. I was so excited about the fight with Bethe Correia that I clearly overlooked important chart details.

Rousey’s Sag stellium (Saturn Uranus Venus) squares her Jupiter Moon conjunction in psychic PISCES. These are two of the most spiritual signs in my humble opinion even though Sagittarius often pretends otherwise ;) hiding behind “logic.”

This week’s key word: COMPULSION 
This week’s other keyword: MASTERY 
Quoting Rachel Pollack’s New Tarot Handbook on the Queen of Wands: 

“This Queen is confident, strong, happy. The essential quality of the queen is mastery, and she is the master of Fire, the feminine part of complete confidence.

Wands are sexual energy, and in the Rider she is famously the most sexual of the queens, for she sits with her legs apart.”

"ronda rousey astrology"There is only one Ronda of course — but there is also only one YOU.

I’m not naive about astrology or hard transits and yet I feel these are CELEBRATORY squares. Maybe that’s the Leo. Or Saturn in Scorpio LEAVING. Or maybe I am naive. But maybe, just maybe, there’s something here for you, this week.

Something very Leo Scorpio — ruthless, relentless, and BRAVE.


Sun Trine Jupiter: Good News For Some (January 24th)

Mercury square Saturn, hmm. Fixed signs. Aquarius to Scorpio. Sounds angry, doesn’t it? Withholding, repressed, and cruelty is possible.

Or maybe you’ll just think too hard. See? A silver lining :)

And then the Moon opposes Venus, which I would consider a slippery when wet aspect (your femininity on steroids) except that it’s Cancer and Capricorn: the lady is not a tramp and her agenda has a savings account. If only she could decide on the sensible flats or the lucite heels.

The Sun in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini (retrograde) in the pm and this is good vibrations despite the earlier mental cruelty and ovary parade.

In short? It’s not that you shouldn’t feel optimistic about whatever deals you’re brokering. It’s that you should… wait for a more solid (and peaceful) day to sign and stake your claim.

But don’t take my word for it. Trust your gut. Let’s ask the cards:

Wow, my friends, wow. We got some serious cards for tomorrow and I’ll tell you what. I got sloppy in my intention. I didn’t set one i.e. I wasn’t asking for *me* or for the collective. I just drew them.

And what it looks like from here… tomorrow is a big day. For someone. So if that someone is you, let us know in the comments.

And by big day I mean.. Big Happiness. Work or love or winning… whatever it is you have your heart set on. Looks like you don’t even need to wait for Jupiter, giver of gifts, to go direct. It’s already here or… certainly on the way.


Only a few more days for these Specials! But fear not, there shall be new ones :) 

The Stars Today! Feelings, Memories, Mercury In Cancer

"mercury square saturn"

So I was at the dentist’s today, sitting in the dentist chair, lying back, and the view from his window is of a tall tall building which is always being worked on. And I mentioned that to him and he said For 20 years! I’ve been here 20 years. That they’ve been working on the building for that long.

And I thought hmmm now there’s a metaphor. Things CAN take that long to finish or to get going.

And as I was lying there and he was cleaning my teeth and scraping my teeth ;) my sense of humor emerged as he mentioned that some of my calculus was like concrete (I guess that’s *his* sense of humor) and I said to him, well if it’s too hard to do, you can just leave it and I delighted in myself. He laughed.

It made me think about my family, my family’s sense of humor (wry and/or silly) and I thought about distance from family and who has gone and who remains and a client recently who said to me that obviously she had not manifested family in this lifetime but I do not recall any sadness in her voice when she said this.

The Moon and Mercury are sextiling right now so your feelings and your thoughts are okay with each other. No in-fighting :)

And Mercury is heading to sextile Mars in Virgo (your feelings + what you feel like doing or have to do!) but square Saturn in Libra (hard to find the words or hard to get moving).

I don’t worry much about Mercury squares by transit unless there’s other tricky stuff going on in the chart so my Mercury in Cancer wisdom is to be Mercury in Cancer because soon enough Mercury will be in Leo, which is an extroverted energy vs. Cancer’s interior wisdom.

Don’t miss this transit. Cling all you want. Cry. Emote. Root around in the past. Overeat sweets. Tell your friends their fortunes :) because Mercury in Cancer blesses us all with gentle insight.

Love, MP

And YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Gemini!

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My Writer’s Block Continues: Saturn Square Mercury

"moon in cancer"
Marguerite Duras: Moon in Cancer

I swear you guys, this blog is going to become about Writer’s Block pretty soon. What do you want to hear about? The subways? New York City? My dinner? Because when I think about writing about astrology, my mind goes blank. When I sit down to write about astrology my mind goes blank. And right now I’m thinking of it as an object of fascination rather than consternation but… WTF? Mercury goes direct tomorrow, okay. That’s a start. Remember when I used to throw up 4-5 posts in a day? Are those days gone?

How has your Retrograde been?

You want to hear about the Sun in Virgo? Well, the Sun is Virgo. Did you clean your house yet? Venus is in Virgo. Did you pick on your lover ;) I’m being silly, I know. And the Moon is in Cancer. Hmm. Are Cancer Moons just sensitive about their own shit or sensitive to other people too? What do you think?

What is blocking YOU these days. Is it a Saturn thing? Or something else?

Contact Me to talk about your blocks!

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Saturn In Libra Through The 2nd House: The Love For Sale Transit

"Full Moon in Capricorn"
famous Moon in Capricorn, Billie Holiday

I was going to write about my Saturn transit this morning, I have the notes for it, but instead I may just post the Billie Holiday song which came to mind as I was writing. “Love for Sale.” Fits, doesn’t it? Libra is love i.e. Venus i.e relationships. The 2nd house is what we earn. And Saturn is our lessons, learned or not, limiting, restricting, structuring.

Sometimes a song says it best.

So, Saturn is squaring my Sun, my self. And then will square my Mercury, my mind. And then my Mars, my energy. And the better I’m able to process and understand my own transit, the better I’m able to help you with yours.

Saturn square Sun in Cancer: when you just feel wrong wrong wrong. Saturn square Mercury: when you say the wrong wrong wrong thing. Saturn square Mars: not tonight I have a headache ;) Or, a fluctuating drive with a side of depression. Losing an erection.

I always feel transits as they apply and yeah I’m applying. It sounds like school, right? Which is fitting since my natal Saturn is in my 9th House, the house of higher education, the house of God.

I also have Neptune opposing Saturn in my natal chart so today I will choose to forget (Neptune) my Saturn transit and post Billie Holiday songs instead :) Here’s one of my favorites although I’m not crazy about the arrangement. I gave up on You Tube having the versions of the songs that I wanted.

PS A special thank you to the reader who tipped me yesterday. Such thoughtfulness inspires me and gives me the energy to continue… throughout my Saturn transit! :) Thanks again. 

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