I Like This Weekend & Here’s Why

mercury sextile venus
feeling my inner Empress today

Really. It is a good weekend.

Next week is dicey.
Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto - spotlight on your shadow! Try not to get creeped out by all the truth — seeing deeply into your own (and their) motivations. Highest vibration here: don’t pass the buck or the blame. Your hands are dirty too. Pluto dirty. You had your reasons. Everyone has a dark side. 

Mercury in Gemini is inconjunct Saturn
(depressing). Moon in Aries (impulsive). Mercury enters sensitive Cancer. Folks with an emphasis on the cardinal signs (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) in their charts will FEEL next week the most. What will they feel? THE EDGE. CLOSE TO THE EDGE. Arrrrgh!

You’re used to it by now, I know. You take it in stride. But do we REALLY need the Moon in Aries while the Sun is opposing Pluto and not that far off from squaring Uranus? No, we don’t. But here it is. Yay ;)

So I like this weekend way better. It’s smooth. It’s clean. No stubble. Shiny Happy People weekend. Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus and trine Mercury. Futuristic thinking. Make plans. Imagine stuff. No need to manifest or have all answers. I even like the Moon’s opposition to Venus Jupiter in Leo. There will be moments of demand (emotional people requiring applause) but no big. The Moon moves fast. Just keep your mind moving.

Sunday: sweet and fast Mercury in Gemini is sextile Venus and the Moon enters Pisces (trine to Mars and conjunct Neptune). Seriously guys, I got no complaint. Even Sunday’s Moon Saturn square can’t get me down.

As for today? We’re under a Mercury Jupiter sextile. Probably why I’m showing you my optimistic :)

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BREAK GLASS (In Case of Emergency) & Mercury Sextile Uranus

"mercury trine jupiter"I hope you will visit me at my new Tarot blog IN THE CARDS, over at Belief.net! Click here for the link.

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Make momma MoonPluto look good, y’all :) 

I’m excited about this. Excited about reaching more people, getting a fun dialogue going over there about all things Tarot. 

So yesterday in one of the chat rooms we were talking about major life changes, major life-changing transits and how we can feel stuck in our roles — the roles given to us by culture and family.

And that phrase came to mind: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS.
Because that’s how it feels.
That’s how it feels to feel trapped and NEEDING to get out. Life can’t continue as is. We come to consciousness. But not really sure how to break free and then BANG SMASH!!!!

I can’t recall now the transits this one woman is having, not all of them, except for Saturn conjunct her IC and Saturn making a t-square to her Venus and Moon. And maybe that’s enough ;)

But it’s more than just a list of transits.
What she has to break through “appears” to be unbreakable.
The truth is that she CAN bang smash through it. And she doesn’t know what’s on the other side. Who she can become. Except that she has to do this work. SHE HAS TO BECOME.


The Stars for May 15th:

Moon will enter Sagittarius in the wee hours so if you feel out of sorts (frazzled, emotional, at your wits end!) as so often happens under Full Moons or even under Scorpio Moons, the Sag mood will lighten your load.

Sagittarians smile more. Ever notice this?

What I also like about this day is something I mentioned before:

I LIKE VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS SQUARE PLUTO but what I like even better are the Mercury sextiles to Venus Uranus. EXCELLENT FOR WRITERS AND WRITING and brainstorms and thinking outside the box and… you are just traveling traveling traveling faster than the speed of light now so WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.

Mercury can inconjunct Pluto all he wants ;) doesn’t bother me. Just means you have to make room for both, as always. For the deep end and the crazy information flow. I’m seeing a water slide in my mind with all kinds of twists and turns and mouthfuls of water and words. But you got this :)

As for the love transits, as for Venus and her friends, I consider this an expedited healing of HEART, expedited discovery of truth, and the tension comes from the ALL OF A SUDDEN quality. The stalemate and then the rush. And yeah, there may be some DRAMARAMA in your circle but you’re clever, you’re cute, you’re swift, you’re Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus and Uranus! YOU GOT THIS.

When in doubt, WRITE IT OUT.

Got it? 

Love, MP


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The Stars This Week: Thanksgiving!

I am predicting a harmonious week for many of you. Are you happy the Sun is in Sagittarius?


Moon’s in Virgo and you know what that’s good for! DOING! Working! Analyzing! Critiquing your loved ones! Tinkering with your Thanksgiving menu :)

Virgo loves the little things in life: post-its and Advil and pet food and q-tips and a clean counter :)

Problem is Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct Saturn this day as well — which could explain the pockets of somber you felt this weekend. Try not to be too hard on yourself tomorrow.

Tuesday and the Moon continues her brisk walk through Virgo and a slew of aspects including sextiles and trines (so keep on moving, step by step, gingerly now, it all falls into place) and then on Wednesday we have two lovely Mercury aspects, a sextile to Venus and a trine to Jupiter. 

So far so good? It’s a good day to be born :) Mercury and Venus together is a salesman (or saleswoman): sweet talk and charm and in SCORPIO? With Venus in Capricorn? Jeez. THE best salesman (or woman) EVER. Sees through your defenses. You cannot protest. You buy whatever they’re selling. Jupiter inflates what it touches so… be careful what you buy this day. It may not be “all that.”

Thursday brings us a Venus Jupiter opposition and I have these two in sextile: generous bordering on extravagant at times but it feels good. It feels REALLY good. To buy. To spend. To love. To eat! PERFECT for Thanksgiving (dear American friends!)

Now, oppositions tend to bring OTHER PEOPLE into our lives. You may attract a Venus. You may attract a Jupiter. Maybe a bit of both. Flirtation! Those celebrating the holiday will eat and eat well, more so than other years! Those who would prefer NOT to overspend (Venus in Capricorn!) may not be able to resist the lure of Jupiter in Cancer’s largesse.

Also, I LOVE the Moon in Libra this day (and Friday as well): pleasant, kind, community, social life, good times, good graces.

Amen :)

Love, MP


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The Stars Today! Grace And Ginger

"mars in libra"I was tweeting last night that the skies to me feel like a Mama Cat (Sun in Cancer) tsk-tsking her randy kittens. It’s frisky weather!

Mercury in Fire, Mars in Air, Venus in Air. There’s a party going on and Mama may or may not be invited.

Mercury and Venus are tightly sextile as I write this. It’s a charming aspect. Babies born today will be able to sell sunshine to Floridians. It’s a possible con-man aspect or just a good talker/writer/singer. Maybe some of both, depending on the rest of the chart.

Transits to watch in the coming days and the energy is building now but not peaking yet: Mars in Libra will 1. trine Jupiter and 2. trine Venus and 3. oppose Uranus and 4. square Pluto! 5. square the Sun!

Eek! Now that’s a lot of energy swirling around your chart, especially if you have planets in cardinal signs around 6//7/8 degrees. Gemini and Sagittarius feel particularly supported to me though.

Find early Libra in your chart and you will find where your energy is going or will be going. It will be anything but neutral. Mars is desire. Mars is passion. And Libra is, on the one hand, the mirror and  on the other hand, a commander! You will command that area of life where Mars is transiting.

Also, there’s an opportunity, to see deeply IN to that area of life where Mars is transiting your chart.

My advice for the time being is to enlist that charming con-man aspect that is happening now. Charm yourself. Charm the skies. Charm everyone within reach. What do I mean by this? Be sweet. Be nice. Be pleasant. Be fair. Be Libra. And keep your massive goals secret (Mars enters Scorpio next!).

It’s all very Ginger Rogers. Dancers work hard behind the scenes but their grace appears effortless.

Love, MP

Full Moon In Scorpio: Death And The Maiden

"full moon in scorpio"

Oy the body! We must pay attention to it.

The other day I noticed my ankle was aching. Didn’t pay attention. Figured I banged it on something. Forgot to take a look. Yesterday at some point, hours after the treadmill I remembered to take a look. Lots of bruising on my foot. How did that happen? Where did that come from?

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The Stars Today: Sweetness And The Edge

"sun square pluto"

Now, right now, are the aspects that I was talking about this morning. Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

How are you feeling? The Moon’s in Gemini. Where is Gemini in your chart?

Social? Restless? Busy? Of two or more minds? Those are common Gem keywords.

And are you living either of those aspects up top?

If Sun square Pluto is power struggle and if it’s true that aspects are stronger when they are applying (this is true for me) then I got my Sun square Pluto dose a day ago. Not that we are limited to one manifestation.

As for sweet Mercury sextile pretty Venus, that’s the undercurrent. That everything actually IS fine… despite the fear at times. Despite the… “I can’t!”

Sun square Pluto likes to look for something wrong so the higher vibration of this energy is the deep looking itself, the Pluto part. But not to assault the Sun or to steal the light but to… bake a cake together.

I know I know fucked up metaphor but hear me out. We’re not dealing with Cancer planets here but we ARE dealing with Aries who squares Cancer and we are dealing with Capricorn who opposes Cancer.

So it’s up to Cancer to nurture you out of this mess – to dry your tears and bring you sweets.

How are you feeling?


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The Stars Today! Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus

"sun square pluto"

According to my handy dandy Celestial Calendar, there are no “exact aspects” today but consider tomorrow’s aspects as building today! And why put off today what you can do tomorrow ;) Or something like that.

The two stand-outs to me are Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

Sun square Pluto you say? Yep!

Now in the native this aspect can bring, you guessed it! Lots of internal tension of the Pluto variety — power struggle, crisis, your unconscious shit kinda gets in the way of your life ALL THE TIME and it’s like you need to pare it back, peel it, peel it, peel back the layers. In my mind I’m picturing peeling a pear.

And it’s the EGO, the very SELF that feels in danger, at risk, under siege, so the “solution” to this “problem” is spiritual. The solution to Scorpio problems in general is spiritual and Sun square Pluto IS a Scorpio problem. Sun square Pluto people can feel like others are trying to kill them. And.. sometimes others are.

I have a friend with this aspect and he’s of the generation that his Sun also squares Uranus and he has more than a bit of that “cut off your nose to spite your face” thing. You simple can’t wrestle Sun square Pluto to the ground. Stubborn with a cause, stubborn without a cause — it can be one and the same with this aspect.

Sun square Pluto has tremendous power, willpower, and that power needs to be unpacked, understood, and knowing when your ego and your unconscious habits/patterns are getting the best of you.

Pluto people can conquer the world. They DO conquer the world routinely. Just let it be for the good, for the light. Because when this energy backs up on a person… they get slimed and I don’t mean pink slime.

When this aspect occurs “in the sky” you want to avoid people who push your buttons.

And as for Mercury sextile Venus? It may be the sweet ones who push your buttons. Or that you should BE VENUS when you encounter a Pluto person who wants to push your buttons. Err on the sweet side.

Or you could stay home in bed and hide under the blankets!

Do you struggle? With who? 


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