Miss Hope: Sun Sextile Jupiter This Weekend

When the Sun’s in Cancer, we remember —

the Moon, which rules Cancer, rules memory, rules the details and angst and thrills of memory — and when the Sun’s in Cancer we will remember. We will spend a lot of time remembering.

So much has happened — I said to the gals in one of the chatrooms – at 3am last night, already my birthday. So much has happened. It was in response to receiving a message from an “Old friend.” There is no conversation to pick up now. No chain that a quick link repair can fix. It’s in the past. If something dramatic were to happen, more dramatic than “hi how are you happy birthday.” Because so much has happened and this is not a hatchet I want to bury which is VERY Cancer Season, the Season of the Grudge. 

I am holding many grudges these days. I have a grudge against the weather. I probably will have a grudge against my electric bill. And my stomach. Cancer Season and we are ruled by worry – digestion has been a bit off of late.

But can we turn grudge into grateful. Do we need to. Do we want to. I think we can. I quote that famous Richard Hugo poem so often – even though the last romantic lines are about a girl, it doesn’t have to be about a girl. She’s hope.  I know I know if you are female and reading this you are tired of being personified and yet:

“The money you buy lunch with,
no matter where it’s mined, is silver
and the girl who serves your food
is slender and her red hair lights the wall.”

I’m looking for her today. But honestly after the last few days, with the Cancer planets waking up the ridiculously destructive Uranus Pluto square… I just don’t know.

And then I look at the weekend transits and there she is lighting the wall. 

Miss Hope is here:

Mercury and Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Mars – good aspects any day of the week but especially needed TODAY.

I love you xx


If you want to talk, please do message me at moonpluto@gmail. The June Special is over but the teaching and reading bundles are available as always! xx

The Stars Today And MoonPluto’s Search For Meaning

"mars in scorpio"I’m searching for the meaning of life. Want to join me? :) You’re all invited.

And I set out on this quest with intention, with desire.  All my desire does is EXPAND. Until it lands. And then it settles in for the night. Join me on my travels.

Full Moon in Pisces is on August 31st. That’s it, folks. Full Moons bring culmination. Where is yours? 8 degrees Pisces. Full Moon in the spirit of the collective. The collective yearning. What are you yearning for? That’s where Pisces is in your chart.

Sun is now in Virgo. Mars enters Scorpio tomorrow. This is perfect weather for the voyage. Details, determination. Come with me.

Question: where does one begin to look? Do you start small? Start BIG? Start with ideas? People? Experiences? In the gestures of the cats? In the YouTube teachings by spiritual masters? In the heart center perhaps. In every blade of grass :) and yes there are blades of grass beneath the trash in the Big City. In the lights of the street lights? Look there for meaning? Maybe, maybe.

How you start is by starting. You begin. In the words of Pema Chodron: Start where you are. I am. I am setting out.

Today the Moon in Scorpio will sextile Pluto: deep thoughts do not detract. They serve you well.

Mercury will sextile Jupiter: expand your mind.

Tomorrow we have a long void of course Moon before she enters the archer Sagittarius on Friday morning. It’s funny. Rehearsal for my play begins tomorrow, during the void of course Moon so I am wondering if it will be a… not disorganized but a free-flowing rambly rag tag group of hours.

Here’s my advice: work hard today and tomorrow notice Mars shifting signs. It’s energy I think you’ll be able to feel, especially Mars moving farther and farther away from Saturn.

Something else to keep in mind is the Sun now in Virgo opposing Neptune and squaring the Nodes. A mutable grand cross.

Find the early degrees of the mutable signs in your chart. It’s a point of no return that is, indeed, returning. But it’s not what you think because THAT story is done, my friends :) Done.

Love, MP

The Stars This Week: Sun In Leo MEOW

"mercury trine uranus"Good Morning Stargazers!

I took a much needed break yesterday and now I’m back :)

I am feeling low on inspiration in terms of blog posts these days so if you have questions or curiosities, please feel free to mention in the comments.

No promises of course but if something does interest me, I’ll try to address it in a post.

Looking at this week and let’s pull a few cards…

The week starts out on a high note. Are you feeling good today? By mid-week it looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, things speed up, you’ll be busy. By the weekend, I’m seeing you need some much needed rest, and taking time out to recharge is not only favored, it is recommended! NO GUILT.


The Moon is void of course now and enters Libra in the evening (NYC time). Make no plans. Drift if you wish. VoC Moon is ideal for psychic work though. Fewer boundaries.

This evening the Libra Moon sextiles the Sun NOW IN LEO. Meow :) A pleasant and social aspect. Make that phone call. It will probably go well.

Tuesday the Libra Moon makes tense aspects of course: Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Moon opposing Uranus in Aries.

Now you know the Moon moves fast, so no need to worry but you could find yourself making nice and not wanting to make nice and giving yourself a nice stomach ache in the process.

The Moon also trines Jupiter in fun Gemini and that IS nice. So a good mood and peaceful feeling follows any early morning tension!

Moon sextiles Venus and  then conjuncts Mars. Busy busy Moon could make you moody but all in all a good day despite the rocky beginning.

Late afternoon Mercury retrograde sextiles Jupiter and this is something lovely from the past making an appearance. A person? An idea? A check? ;)

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde trines Uranus. See above for how this can play out but with Uranus in the mix it’s more… ethereal (hard to touch) and yet futuristic.

Again this could be an idea that you thought was dead being reanimated. Both Mercury and Uranus have to do with the mind so I think you’ll be feeling just the right amount of edge and inspiration (because it’s a trine).

So far what I’m seeing/feeling: week starts slow and then ideas get popping and zapping and zipping mid-week.

Moon enters Scorpio Wednesday night.

Thursday we have more Moon aspects to delight us ;) Moon trines Neptune in the middle of the night so sweet dreams there :) And in the morning the Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Venus. I think, actually, you will start to feel exhausted right around this point and the lack of exact aspects on Friday, in addition to the void of course Moon, are what push you over the edge. What edge? The I NEED TO REST edge. Not a crisis, mind you. Just some well-deserved peace and quiet after an inspiring and busy week.

I’ll address the weekend in a different blog post. Until then, Happy Monday, kitties!

Love, MP