One Day You Wake Up: Full Moon In Gemini This Weekend

"pluto opposition sun" If you’ve had a lot of trauma or disruption or crisis in your life and one day it subsides, one day you wake up and you feel confused. Now what?

I have someone asking me this lately, a client. Now what?

It wasn’t long after her husband died that she asked me this. I told her it was too soon to ask this question. There wasn’t a “now what” answer yet.

So what happens when you wake up from “it” and your life is…all kinds of wrong in your estimation. Or just not what you want it be. That’s the now what and sometimes it is the right question to ask.

You know I really don’t know who is reading here. Now what?

For the moment the trauma, disruption, and crisis has subsided and I’m looking around to see what there is. You are looking around to see what there is. We are looking around to see what there is.

Is there anyone out there?

Peering out from that dark closet and suddenly you emerge. You’ve been in there so long. Years maybe. Decades? Maybe. What remains. Who is left. Now what.

"jupiter trine neptune"

I’ve meant to blog about this weekend all week but I haven’t yet. And it probably isn’t even THIS blog post but let me say a word or two about the Full Moon in Gemini. It coincides with Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius AND a few other wild aspects.

Sagittarius is wild. Always. Sagittarius retrograde even more so. Half human, half beast. What?????? I don’t want to call them mixed messages but don’t be surprised if your communications are muddier than usual.

But here’s the obvious gift: Jupiter is trine Neptune. I don’t know about you but Jupiter and Neptune together in water signs is a river you can skate/sail/swim/float away on.

This could be an excellent weekend to unplug from the social media and television or whatever keeps your monkey mind monkeying around.

Make sense? 

"jupiter trine neptune"

The Stars This Week: RUN


"sequential artists workshop"

This week is bananas so basically I’m here to tell you to be kind to yourself. That’s the entire message of this blog post. 

Mercury is retrograde. The Solar Eclipse is a week from today. AND we have a cardinal t-square this week.

You KEEP trying to take control of the situation. YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE SITUATION IT IS OUT OF YOUR HANDS. But you can run so run.

I’m sitting here in the a/c, trying to cool off. I’ve BEEN sitting in the a/c trying to cool off. And let me tell you what else is on my mind.

Perfection and imperfection. How it never gets finished. It never gets done. We will die undone.

Mercury is retrograde in VIRGO. Virgo keeps fixing fixing fixing or trying to. Thinks it’s making things better when really it needs to just, sometimes, let it go.

The only thing I can think to do for you right now is draw a few cards. How to deal with Mercury. How to deal with eclipse energy. How to deal with the Venus Jupiter Pluto THING. Cardinal monster.

I was writing on Facebook that Venus Pluto IS NOT CLEAN. And y’all with Venus Pluto in your charts KNOW THIS (if you dare be honest) more than anyone and here comes Jupiter gassing it up, inflating it and I was saying that Venus Pluto is seduction but she doesn’t really care. Well, she cares about power more than love.

So what does this say about me? I’m not Venus Pluto but Moon Pluto. The house matters. I just made an astrology joke without realizing it. THE HOUSE MATTERS. Moon = house. The house makes all the difference in the world with this one. Is the Pluto party in the house of self or the other. Who are you trying to subdue? Over whom do you need power? Over WHAT?

Not sure we have the energy for such questions. Let’s just draw a few cards and I apologize I don’t have a photo of this spread for the moment so imagine it okay? Just imagine it.

Ten of Wands 
Seven of Swords 
Knight of Swords

Don’t just walk away fom the burdens, my friend. RUN. 


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"solar eclipse leo"
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Mercury is now retrograde and we have the Solar Eclipse coming on August 21st which is around the corner!

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Mercury Retrograde Through The Eighth House

"mercury retrograde 8th house"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

I feel in the post-Eclipse eye of the storm and this morning returning to the charts in my current class and just posted this so if you will be having MERCURY backing into your 8th House for the retrograde, this may apply to you.

Did you know Mercury goes retrograde this weekend?

For Miss X:

Mercury retrograde is an 8th House transit for you.

It touches your 9th House cusp but that’s it. Runs right back to your 8th House.

And this feels like dredging. You have to go back to this house, to the underworld, to dredge and to examine SOMETHING. Review SOMETHING that you may not want to review. I say this because the 8th House is not comfortable AT ALL. The 8th House is spooky on a good day. And is the reservoir of pain on a bad day. So you return to that 8th House to FACE something – old, possibly uncomfortable – about your needs, their needs, family legacy, the dead, dead parts of you…

How can this be good? Much to be learned. It’s a depth transit. It’s not time wasted. But you could feel lost in the dark for a bit. You could feel: why am I in here? Do I have to be here? Good news is that Mercury doesn’t stay retro forever but I get the sense of –

slinging and swinging in the deep blue dark. And if you want, just whistle. You can pass the time that way. Just whistle in the dark and ask the ghosts what they want to tell you

so yeah it’s not lighthearted fun Mercury here. It’s mediumship. It’s walking between worlds. It’s asking the dark questions and maybe being afraid of what the answer will be. It’s questions that you probably don’t even want to explore.

but think of Mercury as a light. Mercury ferrying you to the land of the dead and then back again. Virgo is the Hermit in the Tarot and the Hermit always has a lamp, a lantern, a torch. He/She always has a light.

I hope to post more chart thoughts today in blog posts

"mercury retrograde 8th house virgo"

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Mercury Goes Direct :) May 3rd!!

"moon trine saturn"
I want to talk to you about next week, but before I do that, I want to give you the important links!

Here is a link to my latest blog post on Patheos Pagan. I’m there with my own column every week.

Here is a link to the Facebook Invite about the SAW Tarot Workshop. Who is saw? Sequential Artists Workshop! Please check them out!

I will be doing a LOCAl Workshop this month but then also adapting the in-person workshops into on-line courses. I love working with artists and writers!

And in terms of readings and stuff :) it’s business as usual in MoonPlutoLand with these TWO exceptions:

my reading and teaching bundles are $25 off until midnight tonight AND tomorrow is Mini-Moon Monday – $35 for 15 min Tarot by Facebook Messenger – one or two questions…


I feel intensely that your focus will be better and basically it’s back to work.

Mercury goes direct and even though there is a “shadow period” for Mercury to move out of, in my humble opinion you will FEEL like you are back on track and you know what?


even though Mercury will conjoin Uranus again! Mercury will be direct. Venus is direct. It’s this delayed Aries Season that I think has been, well, difficult for a lot of us. Next week also we have a Virgo Moon. You’re ready to move on from the April energies. Do you feel this? I do — even though I can’t believe May is around the corner (tomorrow, as I write this).

Something else is on my mind – before I tell you more about next week – and it’s about… discovering who YOU are as an astrologer. There are lots of astrologers with lots of ideas and they don’t need to accept you or to agree with you. In fact, they may be downright dismissive of what you do and how you do it. But I want to encourage you to keep doing and finding YOUR thing, astrologically, whether you read charts for others or just for yourself, for fun. 

IN part this is why I have avoided “astrology world” — too much hairsplitting and competition and honestly what I do includes astrology of course but THERE IS MORE.

There will always be haters, even among the topic you love so much! Believe in yourself, in your vision. Community is a double-edged sword. YES I have three personal planets in the 11th house, Sun, Mercury, and Mars — in Cancer — but I also have a first house MoonPluto. I need community yes but my needs run far deeper than buddies or people of “like interest.” Moon Pluto has to go deep, deeper. Always.

Please don’t marry the cookbook. Please don’t fail to develop your system. Please don’t believe everything your teachers taught you, including me. Please don’t make your magick an aesthetic instead of YOUR LIFE.

Yes I am biased but it’s my blog. Of course I’m biased. My spiritual life is not marketing and some things aren’t for sale.

Sermon over :)

It’s an easy going week. Honestly.

Sun sextile Neptune on Wednesday (harmonious aspect) which is good for most spiritual and creative endeavors as long as you do the high side of determined Taurus and become a blockade for the right reason and purpose–

and Sun inconjuct Jupiter on Friday (less harmonious) but the inconjunct is a battle of the VENUS. Taurus and Libra :)

Keyword for the inconjunct is “adjustment” – you may want to check up on the Houses of your chart for more detail about this one but off the top of my  head I’m thinking about the pleasure and comfort of Taurus having to accommodate others! Jupiter in LIBRA (the others). MY FOOD versus OUR LOVE :)

Next week is far more dynamic but “not bad” at all. Saturn is square Chiron today as well (it’s exact, with Saturn retrograde) and that feels kinda sloppy, edgy. Saturn can’t figure out what Chiron needs today (or is too bossy about it) and maybe today you can just “let it go.”

Sometimes we have to tell Saturn: LET IT GO.

I have a Moon Saturn trine in my natal chart and Saturn is the topmost planet in my chart in my 9th and I’m a teacher BUT I am not Saturn. At least I HOPE I do not patronize or silence others (which is low vibration Saturn and all too common).

Okay folks :) please check out the links above. Stay in touch. Let me know if you want a mini reading for Mini-Moon Monday and I’ll see you soon.


The Stars This Week: Live Or Die

"sun square pluto"
How strong you are, continually reborn. It takes strength to allow for your own rebirth. You know this right? Every time you lose. Every time you suffer. You have a choice in that moment and right after. You have a choice. Live or die.

Lillith keeps coming up in my conversations. I’ll blog about her soon and think about her even sooner. Lillith is in Sagittarius. I think of her as a “don’t fence me in” type of energy so in Sagittarius that much more so but also MORE FUN. Yes, Lillith has fun. As she wipes your blood from her mouth.

This is an important week. I’m not going to say it’s a difficult week but it is an important week. We start off with a Cancer Moon and here’s a short list of what else:

Mars trine Pluto
Saturn goes retrograde
Sun opposition Jupiter
Venus square Saturn
Sun square Pluto
Mercury retrograde

I was going to say: you will not get your way but I want to revise that. Whatever your way happens to be? Don’t advertise it.

The week is intense the way your favorite song is intense. It’s pulpy like a broken heart. It’s explosive, internal, and like Lot’s wife there’s a risk of turning to salt when you turn around to see the burning city. You’ve got no business back there.

The only way I know to MOVE ON is to be heard. Find a witness skilled in exorcism and compassion. Pour out your heart, tell your story, intend to walk away — but you can’t walk away if you hold on to something that by its nature needs to slip through your fist.

Renegotiating the terms of your life is what retrograde times are for. Bursting through the impossible is what squares are for. And oppositions are battles. Don’t expect applause. Hard week for those who require approval which is pretty much all of us.


What is worth fighting for AT THIS TIME and where do you need to stop and reassess despite your fears? What do you usually refuse to examine? Time is slowing down for you.

I will try to blog day by day to give you  my thoughts on these transits. There is so much more to say.


The Stars This Week: You Really Won’t Get Lost

"jupiter in libra"

Thank you for your patience my beautiful friends.
Let us talk about the week ahead even though it’s Monday as I write.

And stay tuned for the blog post after this one which will have more details about the Tarot group that begins on Thursday.

Something I posted on my Facebook: 

So I’m thinking about contraction and expansion.
And I’m thinking about suffering.
How certain acute suffering makes us expand.
The death of a loved one for example because it breaks our heart so profoundly – this is an expansion of the heart and the love nature. We feel the pain of the world then.
But it’s not long after that we then pick up the brick of suffering and put it on our back and we wonder where that tender expansion that tender brokenness went.
I’m telling you this because I want you to hold on to that moment of great pain before it goes. Because it will go.
And what I mean by that is:
be in it.
I remember when my mother died which was before my Saturn return, in my 20s.
This was a long time ago now but I remember feeling her around me in such a unique way, those days right after her death. That it wasn’t going to be this way forever and to savor it.

I wanted to put those sentences here on the blog too because we are heading towards another crossroads, a pivotal moment, my friends. The equinox. Change of seasons. Here we go. The equinox is a BREAK. It is a death and it is the minute after.


The exact Venus Mars sextile (Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius) has come and gone. This energy will still be felt for the next couple days as it separates and what I like about this aspect is its contentment. This is not disgruntled energy. This is peace.

Have you felt this today? That you got along with others? Air and Fire are compatible elements and the Moon was also in Taurus (on Monday) so I think there was much ease to be had.

(I know when I write these things there is always a crowd who will say no the day was awful but I would like you to ponder the idea that there is energy you can tap into pretty much no matter what else is going on -baring tragic circumstances of course but even then a good sky is better than a bad sky. And then there are some people who complain no matter what. So there is that. And if your day is always awful then perhaps you need to explore why that is, above and beyond whatever the immediate issue is. Expand your mind. I know Saturn is in Sagittarius and this means hope is harder to come by but also that we can work at it. Saturn requires our effort.)

I was tired today a bit but I went from one task to the next with Venusian grace. AND I had a good hair day. Venus focuses on her appearance and Venus sextile Mars shall be pleased.

More Moon in Taurus and all the major aspects are good. There is a Yod though and Yods are complex. A Yod between Taurus Moon and that Venus Mars sextile HMMMM.

Now this isn’t a Yod blog post (I should do one, right? It’s something I don’t write about much) but I’ll tell you what this Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius Yod makes me think of:

how we want to get on the road, how we want to expand (Sagittarius), how we want to hear the call of our right journey and how strong a pull is our comfort zone and security (Taurus). Comfort vs expansion. But we are dealing with three signs, three distinct energies. Venus in Libra is what stabilizes the Taurus/Sagittarius inconjunct. The problem with the inconjunct is that it is blind. You don’t know what the other part is doing. It’s dissociative. And then Venus in Libra walks in the room and smiles at you, tells you to fix your dress and hit the road.

WEDNESDAY MERCURY IN VIRGO GOES DIRECT under a Gemini Moon. Life speed up, much? Yeah. Expect that. Mercury goes direct at 14 degrees which is trine Pluto and this trine is exact exact on Friday. Don’t mind the wobble. This is a confident, powerful aspect and you are on task and on target despite a mostly crappy day for the Moon aspect-wise. Just keep going. Stay in the car. DO NOT STOP FOR SNACKS. You can stop for snacks over the weekend for the Cancer Moon.

Thursday is the equinox and the Sun enters Libra and then on Friday Venus enters Scorpio. ALREADY.
I think I’ll do a separate blog post for each of these. I just wanted to alert you to the shifts and to remind you that Jupiter is in Libra so we will have a Sun Jupiter conjunction and we will have a New Moon in Libra next week! OH and Pluto goes direct on Monday and OH Mars enters Capricorn next Tuesday (FINALLY) and are you feeling at all on track? That the slog of the summer season (in my hemisphere) is quite over with. We are MOVING again. I think this is shown in that Yod and shown in Mercury going direct and Pluto going direct and Mars entering CAPRICORN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Here we go again says Pluto. Buckle up. What’s your Pluto story? Got planets at 14 degrees? 14 – 16? This is the Pluto range for the rest of this year.

On a personal note, I have all kinds of transformative stuff going on in my life that I have not been sharing on the blog or on social media publicly,  but eventually I may share some. Not sure yet how or when but suffice to say my beautiful friends that I’m doing well. Weird. I actually have a separation between my public and private life. Eh. Won’t last long I’m sure. I do post about transformation though. How transformation is something that happens to you. You cannot manufacture it. You cannot push for it. You cannot bend it to your will. What you can do is check your transits and see what you’re on time for. Know what I mean? Sometimes I tell people that: you’re right on time.


No specials going on at this time. Best “deal” are the reading or teaching bundles but single sessions (30 or 60 minutes) are also available. New Tarot group starting (details in next post).

What Are We Supposed To Do? Just STOP? (Mars Retrograde)

"mars retrograde" Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are retrograde–

but it’s Mars and Pluto that are on my mind the most this evening.


How can you not feel powerless under such a sky.
Not if you know what Mars and Pluto mean.

But what are we supposed to do? Just stop?


But we must choose our powerful (Pluto) actions (Mars) wisely (Saturn). Use your head (Mercury).
Retrace your steps for the retrograde.
Do it again do it again do it again for the retrograde.

You are NOT powerless but you will feel powerless. Those under hard Pluto transits (not soft but HARD Pluto transits) will feel this double triple. At the mercy of who the fuck ever. God willing a good transit to balance it out.

But no. Don’t just stop.


Time For You To Safely Fall Apart (The Stars This Week)

"saturn square neptune"It’s already Monday so let me catch up a bit.

I wrote this to an Email client this morning who was concerned about the retrogrades and what it meant for her chart.

Wait. Before that let me tell you that I am starting to keep track of my moods – a mood diary – track the hormonal flux as well – and also “what helps.” What causes a rise or even a dip. I recommend it! If you are human.

I like doing this because the moods can be all encompassing. The good ones feel that way. The bad ones feel that way. Now that I am processing December 2015, now that I am processing the last half of 2015, the memories and the feelings rush forward to introduce themselves. Hi! Remember us!?? 

So I drew cards for this client and this is part of what I told her:

I think the retrogrades bring you a fair amount of soul searching.

for many of us this will be the case — reviewing the past, reviewing our actions, making new decisions based on our findings –

May and June in particular have this feeling -

looking back and sometimes with sadness, sometimes with understanding, sometimes with gladness, sometimes with recrimination -

I think you will start to see where you went wrong and where you went right.

But I want to caution you against too much regret. It does us no good…

Last night I was writing on Facebook about being a ghost now. That you can only lose so much before you become a ghost (and giving ghostly counsel if you’re me) and how it wasn’t good for business to talk about such things but maybe it is. I mean, not about business per se, but people can relate. Although I am “Over Here” as a spiritual teacher or guide – I am, still, human. And part of the reason I can help people is because of these experiences. BUT THIS IS ALSO A MOOD. Clouds pass. I am the real deal. I am alive and hurting and kicking. Dare I say it. There are many who are not (says my Ego). They haven’t walked through fire. Is fire a requirement? I’ll tell you what a requirement is – for this work – purity of intent. Ethics. Honesty. Depth. Character. And yes, as much walking the walk as you can manage. You can take an astrology test. You can become a member of an organization. But there is no test for character.

Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday, in Taurus and we have a Moon Pluto conjunction that day as well, in Capricorn of course. The Moon will then square Uranus but trine Mercury in Taurus and sextile Chiron. I feel like this is about as slow as it gets, this day. Slow on the outside. Emotionally volatile on the inside. Handle with care – yourself and others.

Venus enters Taurus on Friday and the Moon is in Aquarius (and thus will square all Taurus planets and people). Sunday is a Sun Neptune sextile and Pisces Moon. The weekend feels pretty good to me, easy-going. Key is that you just can’t rush ahead. You can’t. It will only bring frustration. You have to be here. No escape from being here. Well, you can try but I think you’ll only feel more lost if you rely on wine.
Mercury retrograde for you has much to do with your Taurus house. It’s my 9th which is more complicated than it seems. The 9th follows the 8th of course. It’s where we make meaning following 8th House trauma. So there you go, Virgo Risings. Enjoy. As for the rest of you? You know how to find me.


Mercury Goes Retrograde in Taurus (April 28th)

"new moon in taurus"Blog posts about Mercury retrograde often come with these lists of DOs and DON’Ts.

Don’t buy this. Don’t sign that.
Do review, redo, revise, renew.

I made a little meme today using one of my favorite RE words: RESURRECTION.


Truth is, you’ll be okay. Mercury is a trickster, yes, but Mercury is not Uranus or Neptune or Pluto or Chiron. Mercury is not one of these hell-bent on destroying your life planets. Mercury too busy.

But even as I say that I ask myself: is it true? Well, a bad Mercury transit CAN make things worse, exacerbate an already frustrating situation but in and of itself…?

Please do not fear Mercury. Will you feel the stagnation of ALL these retrograde planets?

Or will you take it in stride, exhale, and finally relax a bit. Make the connections that eluded you before because you were too scattered, too freaked out, too much in a hurry, too heartbroken.

Slow down. 


Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will be RX when Mercury begins his backtrack and yet I’m not feeling Eight of Swords. I’m feeling EMPRESS EMPRESS EMPRESS!

So go ahead and choose your favorite RE word and enjoy flying backwards. Maybe something or someone you thought was dead and gone will be back, but in a GOOD way! Something good.



It’s Deep In There And Sometimes Sad But It Doesn’t Have To Be Scary So Don’t Be Scared (Retrograde Season)

"mars retrograde in sagittarius"Mars is now retrograde.
Pluto goes retrograde tomorrow.
Saturn is retrograde. Jupiter is retrograde.
Mercury goes retrograde this month too.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’ve lost and what can be replaced and the other day I wrote about Mars retrograde in Sagittarius (it went rx today) being something of a treasure hunt although I didn’t use those words. But that’s exactly what it is.

Retrograde. Return. Retrieval.

What did you lose?
What can you get back?


What Happens When A Moon Pluto Person Becomes A Sun Pluto Person?

"pluto opposition sun" We have a void of course moon until tomorrow morning. Big City time. I know depending on your location, the details will change but I’ll tell you this — my day for sure got disrupted. Men who come to fix things in the apartment. Men who show up unannounced. Men who don’t show up when they say they will. Had to reschedule readings, but I’m blogging.

Otherwise, I’ve got a couple things on my mind:

-Mercury going retrograde next week
-Venus this week
-Pluto opposition Sun

Mercury is in the early degrees of Cancer and heads back to Gemini. We are told all sorts of things — what to do, what not to do, what not to buy, what to wear ;)

Keep in mind this: Mercury goes rx at 3 degrees Cancer and goes direct on July 1st  at 24 Gemini. I firmly believe that projects left hanging MONTHS AGO will gain traction during this time period. The degrees are important. The degrees tell the story. CHECK YOUR DEGREES BABY! 

Love relationships, I predict, are less tumultuous this week. Venus sextile Neptune. Venus trine Pluto. Yes, I know IT’S PLUTO but… you suffer less as you strategize your way out of hell. Think about it!

Moon enters Virgo tomorrow morning. Yes, this is your work week: detail oriented, on top of things, chores, tasks, laundry, de-cluttering, the little things. No, it’s not glamorous. Time to furminate the cats (a special brush that they love).

Last night I was Googling Pluto opposition Sun. It’s not exact yet in my chart, but it’s getting there and I love reading what others have to say. I’m often disappointed though. The same stuff over and over again. But last night on one of those big popular websites I finally found some words that rang true, made sense, and actually made me look forward to this transit a bit more.

And thinking: what happens when a Moon Pluto person becomes, in addition, a Sun Pluto person! I’ll get that Pluto trine eventually but not for a few years. In the meantime though, as Pluto opposes my Cancer stellium, it makes other good aspects in my chart, planet by planet.

Issues of power. Growing in power. Defining power. Power struggle with others. What is a deal breaker. What is good enough. What MUST BE. Identity changing. Ego building. Getting stronger. Obsession. Intolerance. Seriously not suffering fools. My way or the highway. Others feeling threatened by me. I’m already used to that. I expect it will increase as this transit perfects. From door mat to… ???

Not sure yet.

Updates as they arise :)

New Post on Beliefnet CLICK HERE for The Lovers: A Story for Mercury Retrograde 

You Must Change Your Life: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October/Nov 2013:

How trauma works:

and surely you know that trauma is an 8th House matter and Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio (associated with the 8th House) so you can probably tell already where I’m going with this blog post.

You may not remember IT.

Or you MAY remember IT.

Doesn’t matter. You live half in the past and half in the present and God knows where else.

You get triggered and in those moments you could make a very bad decision: leave a job, leave a boyfriend, walk in front of a train.

Cracks in the pavement. We get triggered and we fall in and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is going to help you with this.

IF YOU ARE IN THAT DARK PLACE and you are reading this now, please get help, which means, please talk to someone. Friend, therapist. Because you need to be heard, have your feelings, experiences validated. Calm yourself down. So that you can live with the times, the upcoming transits, make use of them. But first you have to get out of your head. LET SOMEONE IN.

Mercury is your mind. Scorpio seeks the truth. Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) rules healing.

During this retrograde you can use your mind TO GET BETTER. USE OTHER PEOPLE’S ENERGY TO GET BETTER. SEEK OUT RESOURCES. TAKE THEM. BE BRAVE AND TAKE THEM. Scorpio does not give up. Scorpio seeks revenge but this isn’t about hurting other people. This is about healing your life.

See, your job IS to fall in, but first tie a rope around your waist. Make sure someone is holding on to the knot at the top so you don’t drop too far down but down enough so that you can see how/that you are only living half a life. You don’t need to repeat the trauma word for word but you need to be made aware someway, somehow. Grab your lantern and down you go. A Lower World journey. What would your life be like if you weren’t so afraid? Where would you live? What job would you have? Who would you love? Yourself?

If you are looking to heal your life, this is how. If you are in pain, this is how. If you cause other people pain, this is how. And I love to live with the times, as you know. So LIVE WITH THIS during Mercury in Scorpio.

Any questions?

Love, MP

PS PLEASE use this transit. Don’t let it pass by unnoticed.


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My Mercury Conjunct Mars (In Cancer!)

I tend to get mad at the same things over and over and then am left wondering: is this something that needs to be figured out anew? Does it signify a problem? Or is it just the monkey mind going round and round again. Sometimes an issue is SOLVED, really solved i.e. we’ve come to a decision or a solution but my Virgo Rising Virgo Moon mind will still make trouble. Something will set me off and a storm will ensue. Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, that is. OBSESSIVE MIND.

A gal in the comments was talking about her husband having a hair trigger this morning and so did I, but I stopped myself from erupting and this was a big deal for me. It’s one thing to get all antsy about something innocuous. It’s another thing when the topic that’s obsessing me, and the conversations that can ensue, cause trouble.

My Mercury is conjunct my Mars. My words can hurt, can cut, come fast, even though it’s in Cancer. IN FACT, the fact that this conjunction is in Cancer means that I know how to hurt you (if I want to or by accident) because Cancer is intuitive. Cancer takes notes.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer now so all of us, as a collective, are obsessed with the past, including past mistakes. We keep crossing the same river.

I don’t want to be like my father. He had a terrible temper. I don’t know his chart — just that he was a Taurus. And although I don’t think I bellow and rage like he does, terrifying the family…that Mercury (words) Mars (war) of mine can slice and dice especially when it feels threatened and Cancers tend to feel threatened a lot.

How to get through Cancer Season if you aren’t water friendly? Or even if you are…

Let’s pull a card :)

Two of Swords.

Keep calm. Carry on. Use your brain. You may not be getting anywhere with it right now, but that’s okay. Do by not doing.

Love, MP


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Does Mercury Retrograde Bother You?

"mercury in sagittarius"Did the Gemini eclipse wake you up?  Eclipses bring heightened energy, intense feelings, whether or not anything happens. Life goes from black and white to technicolor for a few days. At least that’s how I experience it.

And now with Mercury direct, I feel like writing again. I was talking to an astrologer friend on Facebook who has a hard time with the retrogrades, and I was all blasé, saying “On no, not me, no big deal…” Despite Gemini on my MidHeaven and Virgo Rising.

But suddenly I feel like writing, just a few days after Mercury’s station. Mercury had been retrograde through my 3rd House, Gemini’s natural house, the house of writing, thinking, communications.


Do you feel set free? 


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What To Do With Mercury Retrograde

"full moon in taurus"I feel like I’m supposed to write about Mercury Retrograde. I’m an astrologer. I’m supposed to give you the dates and times and wisdoms, but my heart’s not in it.

And I started a Mercury Retrograde post, about Mercury entering his shadow today and about how you need to watch your Scorpio/early Sagittarius house(s) for more information.

But really what I want to talk about is your life. I posed a question on our private message board today: what do you do when there are experiences you want to have and you can’t have them – for whatever reason. (Or you think you can’t have them.)

And I gave one random example: a woman (or man!) who wants to have a child and cannot  (for whatever reason). Different responses to my query are coming in and it’s getting interesting as it always does :)

And someone mentioned her Mars in Taurus: “don’t give up” she said. Even if adjustments have to be made. And I’m thinking as I read through this post that it’s not just the literal experience but the feeling and the energy and that with a little imagination, answers can be found. And to mourn if you need to.

This topic was on my mind because all of a sudden I found myself craving certain life experiences and wondering if it was “too late” and that’s how I was phrasing it to myself and it took me a while to find those words.

I grew up with a lot of “no,” ya know? No you shouldn’t. No you couldn’t. That wouldn’t be right for you. Sometimes others have to show us what is possible. Usually they have some Sagittarius in them ;)

And like a good Virgo Moon, I’ve started making a list.

But back to my original question: Is this Neptune? Longing? Is it Jupiter? The desire for big LIFE? Is it Mars? Desire itself?

Quite possible that Mercury, our winged messenger, will deliver us some answers this retrograde season. Start there.


Is there something you are longing for? What’s on your list? 



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The Stars This Week: Sheltering Sky

"venus in cancer"I’ve been having so much fun on Facebook lately. It’s turning out to be a great resource. Here’s the link to the page if you don’t already have it.

I think you’ll be feeling like yourself again soon. That’s what I’m feeling. Summer is ending even though it’s still hot in the Big City.

This week Mercury goes direct and Venus enters Cancer. Time to move forward but also time to… revisit the matter of home. What you want from home. Do you like your home. Do you need to change your home. Rearrange the furniture. Buy new cookware :) Are you moving? Are you traveling? Is there someone you want to live with? Is there someone you want to leave? Where is your home. What is your home? And as I always ask: who waits for you there?

Do you need a pet? A plant? A person?

Cancer is the crab, the shell, and Cancer carries his/her home on his/her back always and forever. Protection. Shelter from the storm.

If all the frantic Gemini energy, which includes big transiting Jupiter, has worn you out (and remember that Venus was retrograde in Gemini!) then Venus in Cancer will ahhhhh slow you down and massage you. And make you something good to eat. And listen to your stories. And let you whine and cry just a little :) Or a lot!

What is changing in your life? 

Love, MP

Music for your moment Malcolm McLaren – Madam Butterfly (Un Bel Di Vedremo)

The Stars This Weekend: Pisces Bar And Tavern Inc

"venus square uranus"Moon Report! 

The Moon is in Pisces all day today. It’s Friday afternoon in the Big City :)

Late tonight the Moon will sextile Pluto. If you are awake or can’t sleep, it’s a good time for an art project. Perhaps begin working on one of those rituals I was talking about in my Tarot post earlier today. Moon and Pluto together are, of course, intense emotions. Pluto intensifies what it touches and the Moon is your mood, feelings, what makes you feel better. The Moon is also your Mom and women in general (in your natal).

Moon sextile Pluto can make you dramatically feel better if you do that THING. And do that thing in a feminine way :)

Saturday: Moon in Pisces all day and the Moon squares Jupiter early in the morning while many New Yorkers are still sleeping. Moon square Jupiter is a good mood although you may overreach or appear a bit manic to the cat who woke you up for an early morning breakfast.

Sunday: the Moon goes Void of Course in Pisces in the middle of the afternoon and then enters Aries at around 5pm and the Moon trines Mercury retrograde in the evening, a pleasant fleeting aspect, good for good company.

Now speaking of Mercury Retrograde, he stations direct on the 8th, Wednesday. Some astrologers believer it’s full speed ahead from there on i.e. that the retrograde is officially over and then some prefer to wait until Mercury is out of his shadow before, say, buying a new cell phone or signing a contract. I say use your past experience as your guide in this matter.

I predict a smooth and gentle weekend for the bulk of you, as well as some of you receiving interesting good news. Please let us know in the comments if you do!

Looking ahead to next week: Venus enters Cancer on Tuesday! Mercury goes direct on Wednesday. Venus trines Neptune (sweet!) on Thursday. And then all along it’s building. What’s building? I blogged about this already: Venus dipping into the Pluto Uranus square. She squares Uranus, opposes Pluto and generally bats her silky eyelashes at the big bad boys. I smell a kiss of death but we shall see. That smell may just be… the smell of something burning not dying. Venus in Cancer forgot to watch the stove perhaps. Possible for you to reach higher ground and maturity and wisdom around this aspect but… yeah… we shall see :) Just be aware.

Venus Pluto = power struggle! Venus Uranus? FAST. And exciting. It may feel GREAT to walk away and then you may regret it the next day. Patience, my friend, patience.

Mars conjuncts Saturn in Libra on THE SAME DAY Venus opposes Pluto. Here’s the link to my previous post about this.

Love, MP

PS August 15th: Venus opposition Pluto, exact. August 16th: Venus square Uranus, exact.

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Venus Problem #826: The Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Man (or Woman)

"mercury retrograde"There’s a certain type of potential partner who gives you… “just enough” to keep you interested. Or semi-interested. The rest is your imagination. You.

It’s not that they are lying. And they believe what they are saying. But men (and some women) are their ACTIONS.

Their actions are broken. Or their actions are whole.

Now, I speak from experience and I speak from talking and emailing with clients.

It’s painful. And I feel for them. And I often tell them to wait. Not to push. Not to try to control. To wait. Don’t force action or reaction. Because the truth of the situation always comes out. In fact… the truth comes out, usually, RIGHT AWAY but you don’t want to see it because you are too busy making shit up ;)

Does this sound like you? 

This could be Venus in the 12th House, sure. Or Venus square Neptune. Maybe Venus in Pisces. Or Neptune in the 7th House or Pisces on the descendent. I have 3 of these in my natal chart and another one by transit!

It’s not that you love LOVE. It’s that you are a creator and you fall in love with your creation, not the real man, not the real woman. The real man, or real woman, is keeping him/herself hidden anyway.

What to do? Turn your eyes and heart away from Mr or Miss Not-A-Catch and repeat after me:

I am a creator! I shall create not someONE but someTHING!

And then get to work! There is much work to be done!

In one word? ART. No apologies.

Because all that desire and longing for the Beloved (that you have created) is INSPIRATION.

Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is the breath. Breathe new life and compassion into your three-of-swords heart. Today.

Love, MP

The Stars Today: Sudden Flowers

Mercury retrograde in leoI was on the train thinking about love and death. That the fear of commitment is actually the fear of intimacy that actually is the fear of death. Not the fear of one’s own death, but the death of the beloved.  Alone again. This is the primary and primal Cancerian fear.

And that a person can keep himself safe. Read these words from Rilke: You who never arrived/in my arms, Beloved, who were lost/from the start/I don’t even know what songs/would please you.

So many poems of longing. That’s the poet’s job, don’t you think? It was my job, when I was a poet :)

Mars in Libra is the drive to be together. That’s how I’m feeling it. The coming square to Pluto is the violence of desire. The opposition to Uranus is the unexpected flowering, a sudden ecstatic rose. A forgotten rose :) Uranus is now retrograde.

Are you looking back? At what? At who? Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow.

If you can, let the retrograde make you pensive, gentle, less rough with yourself, despite the hard Cardinal energy. You can reframe it. Use your imaginative forces as Edgar Cayce said. It’s okay to look back. It’s okay to turn Uranus in Aries into a pretty, strong flower. We all shape-shift. It’s partly why we’re here.

The Moon is now void of course in Taurus so be good to your body. Eat, rest, take good care, decide nothing.

Love, MP

Tarot This Week!

"mercury retrograde"I wanted to draw a few cards for this week, keeping in mind some of the planetary energy: the Moon starts the week in impatient Aries and then enters sensual Taurus Wednesday night. Over the weekend the Moon is in talkative Gemini.

And the most notable transits take place either near the weekend or on the weekend: Uranus going retrograde, Mercury going retrograde, the Sun in Cancer squaring Saturn.

So already we can feel a punchy beginning due to the Moon in Aries and full speed ahead but then the energy builds (as it slows = Taurus Moon) and it builds to reversal i.e. the retros.

What does this mean for you according to the cards?


Overall, however you feel right now is changing, will change, so hold tight. It looks like you are going through a difficult passage but remember: the Swords suit is “mental.” Your perspective can be shifted. You wake up in the morning and you forget everything you’ve learned and who you are. Bad dreams, perhaps. In either case, pull out those swords one by one, dab something sweet on the wound, and bravely face the day. Think of one beautiful thing in your life that you are happy about. Start there.


And although you feel like you are waiting for something that will never arrive, it will arrive. Just that some moments feel stark. Take a look around the room. I know you feel sad.  I am thinking  of the Psalms, David crying out in the wilderness to his God. Your enemies will not prevail. They will drink their own poison. You? Stay out of it. Live your life.


A happy ending. How do you get there? Being kind to yourself. Being kind to your people. Being kind. Do not isolate. You are not alone. There is a sweetness in your life, like the Moon in Taurus. Others may wish to restrict or delay that sweetness but fate is working against them. You need do nothing but live your life.


What a stark reading. Stark cards this morning. Feels very Scorpio to me as well. I am going to pull one more card. Things will change sooner than you think and change for the better.  A message arrives from the 8 of Wands: do not delay.

What’s your card for the week? 

Love, MP

Here Come The Retrogrades

"uranus retrograde"Uranus goes retrograde on Friday. Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday. Both in fire signs so they trine. I’ll have to give you degrees and more important details in my next blog post. The Sun is in Cancer and I’m not getting off the futon to get my glasses ;)

When planets retrograde, they don’t act like they are supposed to. They don’t act like we want them to. Now, Uranus Rx is an interesting one in and of itself because Uranus is the planet whose affect we cannot predict (says Isabel Hickey). Expect the unexpected. The shock of the new.

Ponder it for a moment: if Uranus forward is surprising, does that mean that Uranus backward lacks surprise? Or that the surprises multiply? Or that the surprises mystify?

I’m feeling, I’m thinking, it will be a return to something unfinished, like with Mercury retrograde (redo, review, revise) but larger in scope than what this Mercury retrograde has to teach you.

This Mercury retrograde is a mini Uranus retrograde. AND this Uranus retrograde is more proof that your Uranus square Pluto story is FAR from over.

There may be less fire around these issues. There may be less impulsivity. There may be more chaos and less drive. But…

Aw hell, let’s draw a few cards around Uranus retrograde. That’s what we’re here for, right? Right!


Cards for Uranus retrograde are telling me

1. be stubborn. If a certain goal seems out of reach during the rx period? Hold on

2. this certain goal definitely feels out of reach during the rx period. Could be some low mood around this, a feeling of defeat. Guard against it

3. what needs to be cut away. Prune the goal. There are weeds, some of them poisonous. Would do you well to cut. Ask Uranus square Pluto what should remain


4. the goal is reached or at the very least you are in a better place. You have enough, you have so much, that you are able to share it.


To summarize: although Mercury rx is quick and Uranus rx is months long, they are linked. They trine, Aries and Leo. Find the houses in your chart where these guys are transiting and you’ll find answers, I promise. More to come on this topic :)

Love, MP