2018: What Will Be? Have You Checked Your Chart + This Week’s Tarot Holiday Special!

The Little Book of Saturn

The earth feels slow and quiet to me these days. Came on all of a sudden.

Mercury goes retrograde early December at the end of Sagittarius.
Neptune goes Direct on Wednesday.
Sagittarius Season, which starts tonight, begins on my IC, the bottom of my chart.

Where I live it’s the dark time of year, even in sunny Florida.

How are you feeling?

"moon conjunct pluto"

I don’t want to use THOSE words and yet I want to use those words. Feeling a bit (here it comes) UNMOTIVATED or directionless or adrift???? although I’ve been busy with clients and enjoying it. DEEP TALK.

Still, I’m looking forward to a couple days off for Thanksgiving. I promise to draw cards only for myself!


2018. What will be?
What will it bring you?
What was 2017 about vs 2016?

What do you know about 2018 from your upcoming transits or Solar (or other) Returns?

Yesterday I did a Mars Return for someone and it was super fun! I’d never paid them much attention but yes I think they matter! All the charts matter. All the charts are keys and clues. That said, the Mars Return really is “just the transits” of the moment (transits matter!) but with a new Ascendent (and other angles and the Houses). That Ascendent matters!

"venus in scorpio"

Gonna ask it again!! What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

Here is a link to the latest newsletter (sent it out yesterday) and the newsletter has some holiday reflections AND the TWO TAROT HOLIDAY SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK.

I will be running different specials each week until January 1st, 2018! I have room this Friday actually if you want to book (I am reserving this day for Holiday Tarot folks!)

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Your Truth: Mercury Enters Sagittarius This Weekend

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday and this matters extra because Mercury will go retrograde in this sign, at the very end of the sign, AND we will have THREE count ‘em THREE Mercury Saturn conjunctions. THREE.

Serious stuff. Serious mind. Serious Sagittarius house.

YOU HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE. You can’t just speed through. You can’t ignore the details. You shouldn’t. Mercury in Sagittarius, fire sign, may want to speed through but not this time because of Saturn, because of the retrograde. You must slow down. You must look. You must be the best of Sagittarius. What is the best of Sagittarius? They see in you what no one else could. They see the best of you. They see the truth.

Saturn in Sagittarius slows down Sagittarius. Mercury and Saturn together slows down Mercury. And a retrograde is a review. Honey bear, this is no ordinary Mercury retrograde and this is no ordinary Mercury in Sag.

The least you need to know FOR NOW (and I’ll blog more about the details of this transit):

Your Sagittarius house (or houses) need your attention at this time.

I don’t want to call it a problem to be solved. Call it a puzzle. There’s a puzzle piece inside this house of your chart and it links up, connects to, your natal Jupiter, transiting Jupiter, and the houses they are in.

Think of your natal Jupiter as holding the key to this transit for you. And that key opens the lock of your Sagittarius house.

In plain English? JUPITER IS THE KEY TO YOUR PERSONAL MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS TRANSIT. Explore Jupiter in your birth chart and you’ll see what you need to see, understand what you need to understand, feel what you need to feel, know what you need to know!

Got questions about all this? Info about my Readings is here. 

The Stars Today: Marry It, Marry It, Marry It

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
as above, so below

Be free: Sun in Sagittarius. Love the work: Venus in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo. Think twice: Moon in Gemini heading to Full and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Hold steady: Uranus stations direct.

And the Moon opposing Mercury Retrograde as I type this: what you feel, what you think: balance it. Swap it. Marry it. Marry it? Yes. Venus in Capricorn: it’s hard but it’s worth it. 

There’s a line from a Donald Justice poem that goes, “I will die in Miami in the sun” which was actually a take on a line from Vallejo that goes “I will die in Paris on a rainy day.” And me? “I will die on this treadmill in the Big City.”


Pre-Eclipse feelings at the gym this morning as the Gemini Moon prepares to square my Virgo Moon. You mutables are really feeling this one.

Mars in Virgo, working on my fitness (sings Fergie) but… I feel like my heart will burst these days like a bomb.

But it’s not a heart of terror–

Can’t hear exactly what it’s saying, what the heart is saying, because Donna Summer is now singing I Love You in my headphones while I’m on the treadmill and the incline soothes my three-of-swords heart.

There is bliss in the blood, the pumping of it. It’s like a city too – pathways, routes, all leading to that One Place: heart. Heart-town!

Sagittarius runs. Capricorn waits. Sagittarius flees. Capricorn commits. Sagittarius is fast. Capricorn is slow.

So… you must wed both of these energies that are active in the sky now as we prepare as we prepare as we prepare for the shaking up and the over-turning: Uranus direct, the Moon in its Fullness, Mercury stationing direct a few days later, Jupiter direct later this month… And the Eclipse which will eclipse…

You WILL feel emotional these pre-Eclipse hours. You MAY have felt like a maniac this week already.

And I am telling you to marry this energy because this energy wants your commitment, wants you to see it through, wants you to lie beneath it like a strong board that can’t be broken, not even by the greatest Kung Fu master or Magician. 

Strong strong strong.


How are you feeling?

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Your Future: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2011

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011

Take your chart outside and think about your future. But don’t think about it hard. Don’t hurt yourself. Use your peripheral vision. Take a breath.

I often tell y’all to sit down with your chart and your coffee and your donut but do something different this time. Take it outside. Stand under a tree. Go to the backyard. To the patio. To the mountain. Someplace quiet. Solitude. Undisturbed. Look at the sky. Look at your chart. Look at the sky. Your future.

Early degrees of Sagittarius is where the change will be happening. Six months to a year. And think about it all with a feeling of wonder or awe, if you dare, as you stand there, in the backyard, under the tree. You can do this. You can step outside your life… so that you may return to it.

I just did it. I went outside and I took my chart and I looked up at the tree under the sky and I saw my future. Not soooo clear but glimpses of it, through the branches.

Sagittarius is a wonderful sign for a NEW moon because Sagittarius is leading us out of Scorpio, taking us by the hand, yanking us by the arm! Soon enough! I know Mercury and Venus are already there and Mercury will go Retrograde but the Sun the Sun the Sun! The light! Shining! You!

Your future is precious and Sagittarius is the antidote to the winter blues to the small mind and tight mind and depression because Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, expands what it touches so you are going to grow.

Go outside. Find your tree. Find your patch of sky and look up.

What do you see? 

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Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius Coming Soon To a Computer Near You!

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011"
mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011

It is not yet Mercury Retrograde but my computer issues are driving me batty. Mercury is in “its shadow” now as it travels degrees it will return to and I probably can’t blame it on that. Or can I? The reality is that I need a new machine. Do you think about Mercury Retrograde the second your electronics start acting funny?

Mercury goes retrograde later this month, in Sagittarius, and I don’t think it means that all your visionary forward thinking will then go backwards. It’s more that, well, I like the idea of the retrograde period being about RE — revisit, review. Rewind too. Maybe redo. Maybe not.

I have Mercury and Mars conjunct. I want to speed things up; I’m impatient. I type fast and when that gets interrupted by computer bullshit I get frustrated, mad. And I think I’ve figured out which website, that it is a particular website which is slowing my computer down (no, not porn) but why now? Was it that Adobe update that I installed. Sigh.

How do you experience Mercury Retrograde? No big deal? Or do you fall apart under the tricks of Mercury the Trickster? 

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