Are You Under Hard Transits? Read This First

"jupiter in libra"There’s all this change going on and we are being asked to NOT hold onto the past.

The past had its virtues yes. The past got us HERE but something else, something *better* is being asked of us now.

It’s a call. It’s a calling. But you have to get quiet and listen. You have to get quiet and hear your own particular call. What your life wants of you. What your God or Goddess/Higher Power/Fate wants of you. Things can’t remain the same.

If you try to block it, if you go kicking and screaming (as my teacher would say)… and then I forget how he ended that sentence.

But he was expressing the frustration of the planets, of the transits, of LIFE. He was speaking FOR life. He was saying pretty much DON’T go kicking and screaming under that hard transit. Allow yourself to be changed. Allow it.

And I will add:

allow it because if you block this or try to block this you also block the good. Your fear of change may be blocking the good.

Can you feel this? Parts of your world crumbling? The pieces are all around you and you scramble to maintain something which is no longer functioning and you fear of course you fear that you will lose what little you have.

Well, I made this discovery yesterday for myself, not theory or reading it but FEELING it, as I am tending to feel something crumble around me as I struggle to maintain it, give it life support, when maybe it needs to die.

And you know what I’m going to say. That death presumes resurrection! You just don’t know what or who you will come back as yet


The more you ALLOW the process… the greater your chance of success. Allow. This is a mindset and an action. Allow.

Say it:

I allow what needs to come through to come through. I trust you. I believe you will steer me right. No matter the past. No matter the mistakes. Illusions. Pain. In the blink of an eye it’s gone. It’s all gone and like the Fool card we have a clean slate. It’s like when you move and your old address is printed on the check. Cross out the old address. You don’t live there anymore.

When you are under hard transits that is what you must do: listen and allow.

If structures or ways of life are crumbling for you and you have no idea what will be built? Of course you are afraid. That’s normal and natural and okay. And breathing, listening, and allowing (i.e. surrendering. Isabel Hickey chose SURRENDER as one of her Pluto higher vibration keywords) will see you through.

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MUCH to discuss! 

The general plan: to look at important transits of September and October – in our charts! And to discuss these planetary energies in general, what they mean. Yes let us review WHAT IS PLUTO ALL ABOUT???

So this is another astrology offering – with a smattering of Tarot.

We never did the Goddess Asteroids – which I had hoped – but we will include them (their transits) in this group – Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Juno.

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The Stars Next Week: MENTAL

"mutable grand cross"

Not everyone will be susceptible, not everyone, to the MENTAL in the air next week–

Forget for a moment about the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun entering Cancer (big news) and instead let’s focus on MERCURY, your mind. Check this out.

Fluttery Mercury in Gemini next week does these tricks :) 

1. opposes Saturn (FIRM)
2. squares Neptune (WET)
3. squares Jupiter (HUGE)
4. inconjuncts Pluto (OBSESSED)
5. inconjuncts Mars (ANGRY)

Think about it.

How Mercury is *briefly* transformed, how your brain, your interactions, your communications will be briefly transformed by hard contacts to each of these energies.

Neptune will muddy. Saturn will LAW. Jupiter may excite!!! Pluto and Mars make a Yod and honestly I LIKE THIS because I think you think your way through a seemingly intractable moment.
And then there’s the Mercury Uranus trine. PROBLEM SOLVED.

How many of us will NOT be all over the place?????
When Mercury is wild like this? AND in Gemini (not the most grounded of energies)…

Indeed the birds are flying but in what direction?


Why I Like Venus In Aries

"mercury opposition saturn" I’ve been listening to Pema Chodron again.
I’ve been reaching out to her since my late 20s.
Back then it was just books and CDs.
Now we have YouTube :)

And today I want to talk about “going to extremes.”

See, I understand what drives people to go to extremes.
Pain does.
Starvation does.
Shame does.
When you see someone habitually going to extremes, it’s a sign of a cycle. Samsara.

And of course when their cycle is getting in your way, in a bad way, you have the right to refuse their company. (And actually you can refuse anytime. You don’t need permission.)

I understand these fragile states because I’ve been there myself.

I look at the Stars This Week and I feel uneasy. It’s a fragile state we’re in.

The Sun is inconjunct Mars today.
This is edgy.
The Sun in Taurus doesn’t want to be pushed and the inconjunct in and of itself IS pushy.
Mars is pushier. Libra waits for you to unlock her mystery.

And tomorrow Venus enters Aries.
Aries is assertive. Aggressive.
You don’t have to mind read with Aries.
And I know there are exceptions (because people are complex) but I’d say Aries is one of the least manipulative signs. They can’t help but move forward and their aim is clear and true.

Tomorrow: Mercury opposes Saturn.

Key word for these days? BITCHY.

I’d avoid  trigger people, places, and situations.
Someone is bound to get slapped.

Looking towards the weekend and things settle down IF AND ONLY IF you are comfortable with your feelings.
Moon will be in Cancer making all kinds of aspects, good, bad, and ugh.

Which reminds me of another topic.

They say the Moon is best in Cancer because the Moon rules Cancer, but often I find these prized placements decided by the Astrologers of Yore are too cut and dried and YES Moon in Cancer is knee jerk sympathetic but knee-jerk sympathetic isn’t always a good thing. But then sometimes it is.

Venus in Aries is supposed to be a BAD placement. Aries is the opposite of Libra.
Too pushy, impatient, reckless, MASCULINE.
It’s Venus acting like Mars!
But a well aspected Venus in Aries will be far more pleasant to deal with (Venus aims to be pleasant) than a poorly aspected Venus in Libra.

Another thought:
Venus in Libra being the GOOD Libra or the best Libra I find to be reductive and flat out wrong.
See, we need to know the rules but also to THINK about them.
These “rules” were created IN a context. They aren’t essential. They aren’t nature.
These were men deciding that Venus was BEST being a good little lovely lady.

Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT putting down any one placement, just trying to make a point and hopefully you’ll give it some thought as we move through Venus in Aries…

how maybe just maybe this placement is actually IDEAL (for many of us) and how the Venus in Libra ideal is limiting for REAL women and REAL men because there are so many ways to express our femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.

Goodbye gender treachery! Let us embrace our inner Warrior with Venus in Aries :)

And if you find yourself feeling fragile or going to extremes, I recommend listening to Pema Chodron, with or without a Venus in Aries meditation.

There are many ways to be a lady :) Up to you to discover what is best for you.

How do you like your Venus? 

Love, MP

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The Stars This Week: Sun Trine Pluto

"sun square pluto" So I decided to dissolve my Subscription service. I still have the chat rooms. And I am still doing weekly Tarot draws (and special blog posts) but the combo platter had to go. I’ve got new projects in the works and needed to make room. Please visit my Services page for details. My Four for Three Special is ongoing. 

Okay, enough business :) let’s talk STARS.

So you survived the Grand Cross. You survived Eclipse Season. Now what?

What I see this week:

Mercury sextile Jupiter and sextile Chiron
Mercury opposing Saturn
Venus entering Aries (she’ll get her own blog post)
Sun trine Pluto

Strong week for the mind. For the WILL. For getting what you want. More thinking than feeling? Maybe.

You’re thoughtful, you’re careful, you’re broadminded, problem-solving and I think genuinely feeling more at ease.

Mercury in Taurus is, well, slower than Mercury in Aries and WE NEED THAT.
To slow down after the wild weather.
We need to stop.

This morning I was talking to a client having 12th House transits.
Taurus eclipse in her 12th House.
And before I could get a word out she was telling me about the interior, the spiritual awakening, the mystical union, the healing, the all things 12th House!

Mercury opposing Saturn is the irritant of the week.

My advice for this day (May 2nd) is to go with it. It’s serious energy.
Doesn’t have to be cruel energy, but sometimes it is.
It is straight talk at the very least thus you may want to inject a powderpuff.
Seriously. You don’t want to lose the few friends you have left ;)
BE NICE under Mercury opposing Saturn. Be honest under Mercury opposing Saturn.

Also noteworthy: Jupiter is trine Chiron.
Not exact (see May 14th for that) but in orb.

Sun trine Pluto is exact on May 3rd and in the chat rooms we’ve been talking about Sun square Pluto, an aspect that I’m currently obsessed with. The self-destructive nature of the native. And it seems to me that the Sun square Pluto native always feels the need to hold SOMETHING back.
That they can only give SO MUCH and then the door slams.

You may notice this if you are involved with a Sun square Pluto person. That they can figure out the very thing you want the most and then… not give it to you!

I know this is a big topic and I’m just scratching the surface here.

But when I see Sun trine Pluto this week I think of ways to engage Pluto energy that are… healthier :)

Isabel Hickey wrote that SURRENDER was one of the higher vibrations of Pluto.
Surrender instead of withholding, refusing, rejecting.
And how different that would feel.
Probably pretty terrifying.

Sun square Pluto has to feel safe enough to allow this and only they have access to the controls. No outside person, no matter how close, can make it happen.

Do you think about Sun Pluto? 

Love, MP

Oppositions Are Other People (And You Too)

I always seek to understand the astrological aspects a little more deeply, in particular the opposition.

In part because I don’t have ANY (involving personal planets). And involving outer planets and asteroids I have a mere TWO. 

My first astrology teacher taught us that “oppositions are other people” — in contrast to the square which is inner tension within YOU. Your inner battle.

That the opposition is coming at you, from the outside. And we see this especially in transits. Pluto oppositions by transit will bring Pluto people into your life.

The other day, in the wee hours of waking up I was thinking of someone’s Mercury Saturn opposition and how it felt to me.

Mercury is, first and foremost, the way one communicates. And Saturn can be cold. And I was thinking about communications with this person. How this harshness would pop out. That Saturn wasn’t blended smooth with the Mercury (like a conjunction would be). It would just show up. And then sink from view. And it sounded like Duck Duck Goose in my head, like this:

Mercury Mercury Mercury SATURN! Mercury Mercury SATURN! Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury SATURN!

My feelings would often get hurt. I thought I was talking to Mercury BUT THEN SATURN. Until I learned to expect it. This person couldn’t be Mercury for too too long without Saturn showing up to bash some heads (although some oppositions are more subtle than others, depending on the planets/signs, and not all oppositions are cruel. I’m particularly talking about a Mercury Saturn opposition with Saturn in a “cold” sign.)

Folks struggle to balance the energies. It’s a challenge. They tend to err on the side of ONE side and then slip to the other briefly and then head back to the original energy.  Example: you may be talking to a sweet and lovely Mercury in Pisces but then Saturn in Virgo (ouch! Saturn authoritarian + Virgo criticism) will erupt.

So apply this to the Grand Cross — Jupiter. Jupiter. Jupiter. Jupiter. PLUTO. Your rush and desire to expand something in your world can lead you to some pretty dark places. Throwing your weight around. Thinking you have nothing to lose. Double-crossing. Manipulation!

Oppositions are always fascinating to me because they supposedly help us understand others (we can see the other side, the other point of view) but we also project when we have oppositions. We consider that quality NOT OURS, we pretend we don’t see it, can’t see it (which is very convenient.) It’s always “someone else,” “the other person,” that we blame for the qualities we rather not admit we have.

Another example:

someone who has a  Moon Mars opposition but who finds Mars (passion, anger, rage) frightening (or gross or distasteful or taboo)  is going to NOT own that Mars and instead may covertly subconsciously seek to make OTHERS angry (or even make them passionate i.e. inspire passion in others so that the person with the opposition doesn’t have to feel passion, much less act on it) —

In such a situation, the other person lives out that repressed Mars, and the person with the opposition can feel safe from those terrifying feelings of… feeling out of control. The opposition person may even feed off, siphon off the other person. Draining them.

But you know what? If you sacrifice PART of your Mars, you lose all of it!

If you notice yourself feeling very depleted around certain people, check and see what oppositions they have and if they tend to repress that part of themselves. And if YOU tend to LIVE that part of yourself. Check the dynamic! It’s probably partly why you chose each other. Thing is, you need to cut yourself a better deal ;)

Back to Mercury opposition Saturn: oh that cold style and cruelty isn’t MINE. It’s his/hers. It’s not me! No way. I’m quite sweet and lovely, poor me! a Mercury in Pisces. I’m not critical at all, nope! That Saturn in Virgo is other people being too critical of me! That OTHER PERSON OVER THERE is so very very harsh. The world is so cruel! Alas! 



Not that life is easy but the opposition is going to “give away” or “outsource” one end of that opposition routinely and it will probably flip-flop. Although, again, I do think people do tend to favor one side over the other for complex reasons.


Life is complicated, isn’t it?

Well studying astrology is a pretty good way to spend April, don’t you think? :)

Love, MP


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How To Write A Poem: The Stars This Week

I have some memories that are buried.

I don’t mean traumatic ones.

Got those too, but that’s not what I mean and those aren’t buried. They dance around like the skeleton bones that they are.

What I mean is… when I don’t have the time, space, energy to process my experiences and my feelings, I get wacky. And by wacky I mean… I get buried memories. Unfinished business. 

I bring this up because this week reminds of that phrase — unfinished business. It’s a Saturn (business) week! Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Everything old is new again.

This week (well, this Eclipse Season) is about your… entire life. Or, at least, the last 20 years.

Some highlights:

Monday’s Moon in Capricorn: business as usual pretty much. Mars opposing Saturn on Tuesday is not a setback although it may feel like one. It may feel cruel. Rough justice BUT it also reminds me of the Osho Zen Tarot cards I pulled earlier today. That Ace of Rainbows (Maturity) containing a “no fail” clause.

Wednesday, Mercury enters Taurus and the Sun is trine Pluto. Yes. This one. The Sun is YOU but combine, in your mind, your natal Sun plus the transiting Sun. Mash them together. What rises? Let it sit. Let it sit. What rises?

A trine is an easy flow of energy. Pluto is… so many things. Pluto making aspects during Taurus Season is… reminding  me of Jessica Lange (a Taurus!) in All That Jazz. One of Death’s many angels in a white hat. Death is not the end.

Thursday, the Sun is sextile Chiron, which is a good day for doctor’s appointments :) Moon in Aquarius: doctor knows what she (or he) is doing but she’s kooky. Or, maybe, alternative!

By the weekend, Mercury is now opposing Mars, having followed in the footsteps of Venus, the Sun, and Mars. Tough crowd. Can’t please Saturn. Can only work harder.

THAT is the unfinished business, my friend. All the quicky planets in Taurus opposing the Lord of Karma, Time, Reaping and Sowing. FINALLY. YOU WIN. You win.

Remember, too, the South Node is in Taurus. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Is this sinking in yet for you? What it’s about? Dig in to your Taurus house. The last time we had an eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus was 1994, right? UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

Also, how you write a poem is with music playing in the background.


Love, MP


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Full Moon In Scorpio: Ta-Da!

"mercury opposition saturn"

So I had another revelation today about a situation I want to leave behind.

Yes, Full Moon in Scorpio is still on my mind and yes I’m obsessed.

And these words came to me which I put on a Post-It on the wall behind my desk. A light blue Post-It, by the way:

The solution you require now is NEPTUNE not SATURN. Transcend.”

I have these two guys in opposition in my chart. They fight with each other. The container (Saturn) and the contained (Neptune).

But easier said than done, okay? Easier fucking said than DONE. Transcend THIS, Saturn!


Neptune rules my North Node and the South Node, let me tell you, the South Node is a pull on you like a box of baby kittens mewing.

You’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna nurture and be sweet and love on those kittens. You can’t help it. It’s what you have to do and what must be done. It’s your instinct. But if you don’t find homes, good homes, the best homes, for those kittens, you’ll have… a lot of kittens.

I have three kittens who became cats and I’m not complaining but the South Node is a point that is hard to do well and yet we must do our South Node well while leaving it to join forces with the North!

My North Node? Pisces. And what’s more is that my Virgo South Node is conjunct my Ascendent and my Moon is in Virgo conjunct Pluto. I have trouble thought-stopping.

So there I was, am, feeling trapped by my mind, working it over and over and over, all the details, the story, the scenario of this situation that I want to leave behind SO BADLY and I’m not obsessing over how to do it or being practical (which would be the high side of Virgo) instead I’ve got the monkey mind and it won’t stop. Monkey monkey monkey.

And then I decided to have a beer. Hello Pisces North Node. I rarely drink. It makes me sleepy. Or depressed the next day. But right now this Corona is ME.


Does the Full Moon in Scorpio aspect your Nodes? It doesn’t aspect mine by degree but an interesting thing that I discovered yesterday in my own chart is that my Progressed MC is conjunct my Sun in Cancer. The Full Moon trines them both. Take a look at your chart. Find 16 degrees Scorpio.

And do find your Progressed angles. They matter.


This morning I put a note at the end of my blog post that I was going on Partial Vacation next week which means I am not going to do any Email Astrology Readings however I am happy to schedule for the week after.

(I will be doing Tarot Email all week though. That will continue as normal. And some Astrology Phone Readings, case-by-case basis though. Happy to discuss current Transits (by phone) if you feel snowed under).

But decided to set this boundary for the week to give some parts of my 3rd eye/brain a rest. But then I came up with this caveat, if you REALLY want an Email Astrology Reading next week, the week of May 7th, I’ll do it, but for double. ;)


An interesting aspect in today’s sky that perfects on Saturday: Mercury in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra. Mercury is talk. Saturn is “talk later.” Mercury is light. Saturn is heavy. Mercury is fast. Saturn slows us down. Mercury gesticulates. Saturn plods. Aries is ME. Libra is We.

And these two in opposition are showing up somewhere in your chart and oppositions have a tug-of-war energy to them, a balancing that is needed. You could get a slap for speaking out of turn under such an aspect. Or you yourself could be too harsh when a cleaner quicker approach is needed.

It’s like… the cute boy sitting behind you in class vs. the mustached old timey teacher lecturing at the front of the class. You need to pay attention to both ;) They both have something to tell you. Mercury is the Messenger and Saturn is the rules and the wisdom.

So there’s this harshy energy that culminates just a couple hours before the Full Moon. A one-two punch. I have a feeling that this Mercury Saturn opposition will tell you exactly what needs to be jettisoned.



I am going on a partial-vacation next week!

I will not be scheduling any Email Astrology Readings (Week of May 7th).

You can still contact me though for the Week of the 14th and beyond for my usual Email Readings.

I WILL continue to do Email Tarot though and possibly some Astro-Phone Readings. 

And don’t worry, I’ll keep putting up my little blog posts :)

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