What To Do For Scorpio Season: TIPS & TRICKS

"jupiter in scorpio"
I want to tell you what to do for Scorpio Season
without giving you an insipid list of tips and tricks

or tell you that the veil is thinning even though the veil is indeed thinning.

It’s more like a wall for most people. A WALL.

And now even necromancy is getting trendy. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to ground and shield, y’all.

When I tried to reach my beloved Cleo earlier this year, and I did try, it was part veil, part wall, part indestructible determination on my part. Got as close as I could (pretty damn close). 

Scorpio Season or Samhain Season puts us in the mind of dealing with the dead so that’s why. That’s why the “veil thins.” Because everybody’s doing it! Makes the veil weaker. Makes the veil gossamer. 

This week we have a New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus and what is Moon Uranus my friends? Crazy. This week we have Mercury entering Scorpio and meeting up with Jupiter. What is Mercury Jupiter? Crazy.

But seriously: 

Mercury Jupiter is joyful, but in Scorpio? That shit is dark. Daaaaaark.

And by dark I mean not all this death and rebirth transformation romantic sexy phoenix jizz but the lower levels, the lower floors. THE BASEMENT. Basements smell. Basement Scorpio manipulates and the Sun enters Scorpio too this week and…

Let me remind you that I love Scorpio. My mother had her Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in Scorpio and I loved my mother, good Cancer that I am.

Any words here are not ANTI SCORPIO but please don’t think for a moment that there isn’t always something else going on with Scorpio. Always.

And NO it’s not the same for all signs and all times. Some signs, like Scorpio, like Libra, are always thinking three four five six steps ahead. Personally I find it exahusting, sensitive teddy bear Cancer that I am.


So here’s your tip, here’s your trick for getting the most out of Scorpio Season and really any time of year when Scorpios are afoot: 

LEARN from the Scorpios who appear to have what they want and need in this life and learn from the ones who are writhing in agony. You get lessons from both. Learn, listen, watch. 

And this: intensity is not the same thing as maturity or wisdom or kindness.

Happy New New Moon. 
Happy Jupiter in Scorpio 
Happy END OF TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSING MY SUN (it’s been years, in combination with other brutal transits). 

But how are you, my darling?

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The Stars Today: Graces

"full moon in aries"
Yesterday for me was an oddly difficult day and I’m not sure why, not sure what was being triggered but today should be better.

We have an upbeat exact Mercury Jupiter conjunction and OH I did predict today would be good but I think maybe I posted about it only on my Facebook and yes you can Follow or Friend me there.

Today we have Venus Chiron harmony and Mars Neptune harmony. It’s a soft sweet day of trines and sextiles and the Aquarius Moon is mostly well-aspected. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (recovery, grace) being supported by love and desire.

I drew Six of Pentacles for myself, shuffled, and drew again and it felt like the same message, an obvious one – Temperance. YES yesterday was so intense that today is for the rebalancing and as one gal in the chatroom put it: LIBRA! Right the ship today.

From my FB about today:

Tuesday is a special day next week although these aspects are in orb now –
Venus trine Chiron and Mars sextile Neptune. AND Mercury conjunct Jupiter – same day!!!

So two stories are being told.
Mercury Jupiter is good news for you
and Venus Mars etc etc is understated. An understated miracle.
If you blink you may miss it.

(And the miracle may simply be that you succeeded in not setting yourself on fire)

And I am trying to sum it up simply. Because it’s really really good but you may not notice the blessing.

It’s a day for –
healing of wounds. And in large part it’s about your perspective.

This isn’t about medicine or fixing. It’s that the right people show up or have shown up and they say: here. This way.

Message me for details about: 
the asteroid study group which begins this month 
the tarot group already under way
full moon mini readings all this week/weekend 
weekly tarot subscriptions… 

And anything else you need to know (single sessions, reading bundles, spell crafting, etc etc etc)

Just Checking In. You Okay? (Post Eclipse Head Count)

"jupiter trine pluto"

There’s a storm coming where I live.
Went out this morning to procure supplies and now I’m waiting, doing some writing and on the social media.

How are YOU?

Hard to believe that it’s September 1st.
WE MADE IT. We made it through the grueling summer (in my hemisphere).
Grueling in the sense of slow and uncertain – and once that Mars Saturn conjunction perfected? We could breathe again.

The Eclipse was this morning, exact on my Ascendent (and Vesta and close to my South Node) so… I don’t know.


I raised my rates this morning too. Which reminds me: the Reading & Teaching Bundles still exist. Chatroom B is taking new members and I have room for new Tarot Subscribers. Just email me for more info about anything moonpluto@gmail or find me on Facebook. 

Could be some gloomy moods today and tomorrow, theirs or yours, as the Sun makes a hard aspect to Saturn the Teacher. He/She is not SO happy with you. (And maybe it’s YOU not happy with you.)

But tomorrow the Sun opposes Neptune so what you thought was so hard turns out to NOT be so hard after all. You find the key. You slip away. That’s on Friday.

Also on Friday:

Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Virgo but Mercury is retrograde so I think there will be a lot of talk (not necessarily gossip but TALK), discussion, writing, editing, possibly nonstop, possibly exhausting and possibly, well, critical IMPORTANT talk. But take it all with a grain because Mercury is retrograde and Jupiter exaggerates, inflates, and Mercury Jupiter can feel like the BEST word or the BEST idea or the BEST mouth but… I suggest you wait before jumping on it. Wait until Mercury comes that way again and holds Jupiter’s hand. There’s a piece missing. Wait.


Mercury Square Saturn Blahs + Mediumship Readings

"south node in virgo"What a strange day.
I was up early-ish.
Then went back to sleep.
Got up and felt sick.
Went back to sleep.
And I think I’m not sick, just tired.

I’ve been pushing my body pretty hard. When I go to the city, it’s tiring, in this heat, and I’m always lugging back groceries or other heavy lifting. So I did that a couple days in a row, and I’ve been exercising more and more intensely the last few days so it’s no wonder that this morning I felt it.

I took a look at my transits: Leo Season is my 12th House. Of course I’m tired. This is a given with 12th house transits — tired or maybe fighting off a cold or depressed. I’m actually not depressed at all. But body needs rest. No exercise today and I’ll probably take tomorrow off too.

Today actually is the exact Mercury Saturn square (which would sap anyone’s energy) but also a Mars (energy) Saturn (work) trine so I was able to rally and do my work and talk to people but I feel it.

Tomorrow Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (good for mental energy and optimism) and then enters Virgo!!!!

"mercury square saturn" HELLO ALMOST VIRGO SEASON :)

Mars enters Leo on Saturday (more tiredness) but a snappy Gemini Moon for the weekend.

Are you feeling this? This up and down thing? Not 100%? Friday will be better :)

Just a short one for now. More tomorrow xx


I wanted to mention something that I’m going to start doing, which is also very 12th House – mediumship readings. I’ve never offered these as a “stand alone” service or reading before but I’m about to. Sometimes this would come up in conversation, someone would ask about a loved one who had died, but now folks who want to focus exclusively on this will get a chance to — with me. I will be using Tarot, my favorite psychic tool as a “starting point” but where we will “go” is beyond the cards.

This happened yesterday actually during a reading and I had an epiphany. That I want to focus here. My other readings will still be available as always but I want more opportunities to do THIS. 

The Stars Today: A Good Day To Be Born!

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

(Pictured here is heroic Aung San Suu Kyi who has her Sun in Gemini. Now *this* is what women are capable of. When I read or hear about this woman I feel proud unlike so much of what passes for supposed post-feminist womanhood these days. Okay, rant over.)


Sometimes I wake up with people’s “stuff” in my head.

And I often can get to walking around with people’s stuff. An example: let’s say I’ve got an email reading in progress and I’ve read an email while on the road, I may be here or there and not able to respond (I wait until I’m home) and suddenly I’ll get ideas, insights, even though I’m not at my desk.

And this morning I woke up with someone’s stuff and I do plan to tell them once I get started on readings. Sometimes things just come to mind.


You can expect your information to double while the Sun is in Gemini. You can expect to be busy. Gemini rules cars and highways AND desks. Take a trip and write about it.

Now that the world is wireless, I wonder if anyone works at a desk anymore. Well, I do… even though I want to get a new computer soon and do more work away from home. Back to the coffee shop cafe life of my college days.

And maybe, just maybe, if there are any local people interested, a small group, I’ll hold some informal Astro-Gatherings. Jupiter transiting my 9th House wants to teach.



Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in late Taurus. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in  early Gemini. Venus is trine Saturn (Gemini/Libra) and both are retrograde. Whatever your relationship story is at this time… this isn’t the final chapter. Gemini Season has more to tell you.

Where is Mars for you now? 10 degrees Virgo, he’s moving along little by little. The little (Virgo) Mars that could! I have not been smoking. I am cutting out coffee (not because I want to, but because it irritates my stomach). Health is wealth says Virgo.

I think about the souls born today. They will be Gemini smiling and Taurus sweet and Pisces squares will add a mystical side to the nature. Venus Retrograde in their chart will make them approach beauty and art in a different way, which is always needed! Uranus square Pluto will be irascible or powerful, or both. Venus trine Saturn, with both planets retrograde, feels like a time machine to me. I would expect these souls to have many karmic meetings in their lifetime(s)!

Do you have Gemini in your life? 

Love, MP

PS It’s really thundering and lightening here! I can’t remember the last time I heard such a loud BOOM WOW!!!

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