On Being a Medium And Structuring Those Readings In Particular

"mercury square chiron"
On the topic of doing more mediumship, not just when it shows up spontaneously, as it did the other day.

Was actually “just” exchanging cards with a friend who is also a professional intuitive and… there he was:

a dead person, a relative of her husband and… it was him. No doubt about it.  It was him. Random details though.

And so I wondered: why these random details. Why do I get this information that so and so likes such and such. And last night I focused for a split second on another client with a departed family member and again the details came, seemingly random, likes and dislikes kind of thing but specific.

Last night I thought about it and what I think is that these details show up so we KNOW for sure that this is a specific person. And it’s more than one detail, it’s a bunch. It’s to confirm identity. It may be hazy at first. It’s a male. Older. And then THE DETAILS.

Wondering and thinking okay then what?? because this is not something I have studied. I often learn as I go, by experience. Figure this out. Okay, identity confirmed. THEN WHAT?

Then I think it’s whatever the (living) person wants to know:

do they want a message? Do they want to know more about the death? I got visions of that too last night. I am discovering that I can feel if someone is hovering around or has “gone to the light” – pardon the hackneyed language but it works. There has to be a part two to the part one details.

The other day I spoke to someone whose husband I was certain was not hovering around her. I do not believe hovering is a bad thing although I think some may say it is – that it’s better to finish the process but I’m not convinced (and not convinced that’s how it works totally).

I want to do more of this so in the process of figuring out HOW, for me. How it will work.

And it’s a process of trial and error and trust.
More to come on this…


"moon conjunct pluto"

Mercury Square Saturn Blahs + Mediumship Readings

"south node in virgo"What a strange day.
I was up early-ish.
Then went back to sleep.
Got up and felt sick.
Went back to sleep.
And I think I’m not sick, just tired.

I’ve been pushing my body pretty hard. When I go to the city, it’s tiring, in this heat, and I’m always lugging back groceries or other heavy lifting. So I did that a couple days in a row, and I’ve been exercising more and more intensely the last few days so it’s no wonder that this morning I felt it.

I took a look at my transits: Leo Season is my 12th House. Of course I’m tired. This is a given with 12th house transits — tired or maybe fighting off a cold or depressed. I’m actually not depressed at all. But body needs rest. No exercise today and I’ll probably take tomorrow off too.

Today actually is the exact Mercury Saturn square (which would sap anyone’s energy) but also a Mars (energy) Saturn (work) trine so I was able to rally and do my work and talk to people but I feel it.

Tomorrow Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (good for mental energy and optimism) and then enters Virgo!!!!

"mercury square saturn" HELLO ALMOST VIRGO SEASON :)

Mars enters Leo on Saturday (more tiredness) but a snappy Gemini Moon for the weekend.

Are you feeling this? This up and down thing? Not 100%? Friday will be better :)

Just a short one for now. More tomorrow xx


I wanted to mention something that I’m going to start doing, which is also very 12th House – mediumship readings. I’ve never offered these as a “stand alone” service or reading before but I’m about to. Sometimes this would come up in conversation, someone would ask about a loved one who had died, but now folks who want to focus exclusively on this will get a chance to — with me. I will be using Tarot, my favorite psychic tool as a “starting point” but where we will “go” is beyond the cards.

This happened yesterday actually during a reading and I had an epiphany. That I want to focus here. My other readings will still be available as always but I want more opportunities to do THIS. 

Notes On Not Being A Medium

"jupiter square pluto"I do not market myself as medium, but sometimes clients do ask about loved ones who have passed on and this happened today.
A young woman asking about her brother.

In her words:

I felt my brother was helping me through everything for a long time (he died 4 years ago) and then recently I feel like he’s disappeared. 

And this is what my cards told me:

He may have crossed a threshold that he wasn’t able to before. 

I’m asking if the brother is around you and what I get is that he is inside you, so to speak.
He’s more fused with you now than before, but you are on the same page.
I am trying to find the words to explain it but it’s as though he IS here supporting you but you are moving in tandem
whereas before it was separate. Now he’s more integrated IN YOU.
His soul/spirit/personality moves WITH YOU rather than talks to YOU.
See the difference?
It’s subtle but not subtle at all. A different energy.
I don’t see any separation at all. In fact it’s more united.

She wondered if it made sense that she could no longer hear him.

The voice is inside you now. Think of it as NO separation. 
So it will “sound” like your voice. It’s fused, totally fused energy. 

Before it was a very CLEAR distinction,like you could ask a question and get an answer!
Now the answer comes through YOUR mind so you think it’s “just you” but really he’s been integrated. 
You need not think he’s gone. He’ll never be gone. 

Have you experienced something similar?

Love, MP

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