The Stars This Week: Sun Square Pluto Is Your Exorcism

"uranus in taurus"
So I already wrote about Sun square Pluto here

Could be dark at times BUT Sun Pluto has power AND there are good aspects too. Let’s explore a bit.

What is Sun square Pluto good for? WORKING WITH THE DEAD.

But this isn’t the Rated G version. More like a messy exorcism (aren’t they all?) than a love and light “energy clearing” but it’s ALL energy clearing as I wrote on my Twitter today.

All these magical and spiritual techniques exist to adjust OUR energy. That money spell you did is drawing money to you because you wipe away the schmutz from your own spirit. Easier said than done? Probably. Yes.

But Sun Pluto can help you with this. Because it’s compulsive. You’ll want to look for the monster in the closet. Talk to the monster. Love the monster. Just bring a bib or a broom or something for the clean up crew.

Last night after having a certain spiritual conversation with someone (I’m being vague on purpose) I had to lay down. I got a physical reaction. I was fine but affected. We are being detectives and we have a job to do. But first we are figuring out the way and then we will do it. And then she said to me: first for us and then for others.


Venus trine Mars and both sextile Neptune. Consider this a light touch, a comforting touch. Venus is in croissant-loving Taurus and making good aspects to both Mars and Neptune. This is a good news for our collective mood and appetites. We can take breaks without feeling guilty. We look good, we feel good.

And then on Sunday Mercury goes direct and we have a New Moon at 26 Aries. I’ll address these in a separate blog post.

Until then I wish you good stars and good cards xoxo

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The Stars Today: Graces

"full moon in aries"
Yesterday for me was an oddly difficult day and I’m not sure why, not sure what was being triggered but today should be better.

We have an upbeat exact Mercury Jupiter conjunction and OH I did predict today would be good but I think maybe I posted about it only on my Facebook and yes you can Follow or Friend me there.

Today we have Venus Chiron harmony and Mars Neptune harmony. It’s a soft sweet day of trines and sextiles and the Aquarius Moon is mostly well-aspected. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (recovery, grace) being supported by love and desire.

I drew Six of Pentacles for myself, shuffled, and drew again and it felt like the same message, an obvious one – Temperance. YES yesterday was so intense that today is for the rebalancing and as one gal in the chatroom put it: LIBRA! Right the ship today.

From my FB about today:

Tuesday is a special day next week although these aspects are in orb now –
Venus trine Chiron and Mars sextile Neptune. AND Mercury conjunct Jupiter – same day!!!

So two stories are being told.
Mercury Jupiter is good news for you
and Venus Mars etc etc is understated. An understated miracle.
If you blink you may miss it.

(And the miracle may simply be that you succeeded in not setting yourself on fire)

And I am trying to sum it up simply. Because it’s really really good but you may not notice the blessing.

It’s a day for –
healing of wounds. And in large part it’s about your perspective.

This isn’t about medicine or fixing. It’s that the right people show up or have shown up and they say: here. This way.

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Stars & Cards & Sacred Space

"venus in scorpio"Started this post at home and now sitting at an internet cafe. Heaven! What a lovely place. Wish I had brought my Tarot cards. Next time. Got my decaf Americano and a rice cake with peanut butter and a little honey. Yeah, this is heaven to me. Or close to it. One of many heavens. Join me, won’t you? 


Once I understood that house cleaning — ordinary housecleaning — was energy work, energy cleansing, clearing, body cleansing and clearing, spirit cleansing and clearing, on the individual level, for all in the household… well it changed me. It changed my approach to HOME and body and spirit. It is all very 6th House. Daily Maintenance.

And this was something that I FELT. Nobody told me. I didn’t read it in a book. The books came later. The books came NOW. The books and teachers I am learning from now — across a wide spectrum. Book-books, blogs, classes, experience, the Doing.

But first, I started to clean my house with earnest intention. 

This first step, the basic step, which is the deep end as well, is ordinary housecleaning. Which is not ordinary at all.

Instruction: get yourself a broom. Fall in love with your broom.
Instruction: sweep. 

Funny. Last year I renamed my blog MoonPluto’s School for Magic & Healing but at that time I was entirely homegrown, going on intuition. The blog name has switched back to just MoonPluto Astrology and NOW I am doing learning steeped in “tradition.” I predicted my future.

Got a 12th House transit going on? Jupiter is transiting my 12th.  Every transit is a learning transit, right? But Jupiter especially. Saturn especially. THE TEACHERS.

So I was preparing my bath because I am heading out for a few hours, away from home, away from the desk, the comforts, the cave, my starry safe cocoon, and I was sweeping away the cat litter in the bathroom :) and knew I had to come here and tell you this.

To clean your house. I am hear to clean your house ;)

With or without intention. Just begin.

The energy will move and shift on its own.

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As things fall together, things fall apart.

I don’t know how or why it happens this way but it…. seems to happen this way. My clients are going through sooooo much. They inspire me as they soldier on.

I lost my home, my neighborhood – was forced into moving, lost social networks, REAL ONES, not virtual…

And now despite the loss… I actually like the new ‘hood (despite being FAR from the commerce that I need or think I need), my spiritual life is… expanding and is creating other shelter.

That said, I did reach out to an old friend today, from the old ‘hood. Plan to see them this weekend :)



Crap. I forget my Tarot deck! But let me tell you some stars, what I’m seeing:

Mercury in Libra is sextile Jupiter in Leo.
Venus in Scorpio is sextile Pluto.
Mars in Capricorn is sextile Neptune.
Moon moves from Zen Aquarius to Emo Pisces so we have these lovely water trines and intense watery conjunctions added to the mix. Also we have a Yod between the Pisces Moon/Mercury in Libra/Jupiter in Leo.

Mercury Jupiter is a talker! More than chatty. It’s deep philosophical talk. The sextile means the words spoken are actually relevant and not just hot air :) What comes out of your mouth, their mouth? It’s more HIGH PRIESTESS than usual. So listen. Listen up.


thinking outside the box, in your relationships with others. The past is gone. What grove will Halloween/Samhain open? Could be a good weekend to have that talk. Not the one where you pin the other against the wall, but the one where you are willing. Not to control or force a lemon, but to listen.

I like that Neptune will soften Mars in Capricorn’s approach. Less stubborn, less bullying. Oh, you don’t think Mars in Capricorn is a bully?


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Mars Sextile Neptune: Dreams Of Passion

So today’s Full Moon Eclipse is the big news but don’t forget tomorrow’s Mars Neptune sextile. 

What is Mars? Mars is where you put your effort. What drives you. Your Passion, aggression, desire, violence. What makes you mad. What turns you on.

Neptune is a dreamy and vague energy, the ideal, the idea, illusion, vast, gentle. Also art, music, Venus (love) at her most universal and cosmic.

Where Mars is clear, Neptune confuses. Where Mars knows exactly where the line is and makes the cut? Neptune flows this way and that, a stream and then a river.

I’m talking about energy here, ideals. Mars will express itself differently depending on the sign. Neptune moves slowly, so we look more to the house and the aspects it makes (when reading a chart).

When we put these two together we can get… spiritual (Neptune) strength (Mars).

Or the courage (Mars) to finish writing that play (Neptune). Our imaginations (Neptune) are POWERFUL (Mars) under this aspect. We can use that Mars oomph to dream, which is always the first step. Mind is the builder (said Edgar Cayce). Throw a little Saturn in there and a star is born.

It doesn’t feel like a “finishing touches” day to me, but part of the process. Continue, continue, continue.

You may be exhausted from today’s Scorpio energy. Or maybe you are in your element.

One thing is for sure though: you must resist (what potentially can drag you down) and persist. We have TOO much energy in Taurus to give up now. Taurus may be slow moving (that’s what they say) but the bull is damn DAMN determined.

That’s why Taurus is such a scary sign actually ;) because they are so sound and solid, if a Taurus chooses the *wrong* path, they will likely stay on the path for… a very long time!

Choose wisely my friends :)

Love, MP


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