Mars Enters Scorpio: It’s A Beautiful Day To Crush Your Enemies

"mars in scorpio"
I started telling this story without any details

but I think I need to share some of the details.
Some of the details. Details about DOMS (google it)

and about how the body must adjust when exposed to something new and intense.

That’s what happened to me.
"girls who powerlift"
I was lifting heavy weight (heavier than I ever have), powerlifting, and my body. My body was telling me how to recover but. But. But. My body said FEED ME so I started to feed my body in ways I wasn’t used to. CARBS. The dreaded carbs. Forbidden food. Pizza. Name it. PIZZA.

So I gained weight. The dreaded weight. Fast too, yeah. Fast. FEED ME. Chaos. I went from 10 lb dumbbells at home to a deadlift of over half my body weight And yeah muscles weighs more than fat but but but but but. This was all the old noise. (And this is common. There are 1001 YouTube videos about weight gain after beginning such a regimen.)
"Mars in scorpio"
So today I talked to my spirit guide (my trainer) because I decided NOT TO QUIT

and we talked and she asked me:

well what did you used to eat. Before power lifting. When it was just you and your home workouts (fine workouts but not what I’m doing now).

And I thought for a minute.

As little as possible I said.
As little as possible.
A lifetime of as little as possible.
As little food as possible.
(No wonder I was so excited when Intermittent Fasting became trendy.)

I hadn’t realized that this, this in particular, had been following me around. The end goal of everything: as little as possible. As little food. As little body. Always the same goal. And never reaching it either. See? You can’t even restrict right!

"sun square pluto"

And this:

Always knowing I am physically stronger than the “average woman” (my sister is the same, just genetics) and a series of mysterious events brought me to this local gym, to this place of exploring what my body can do and what it’s for. Not to get smaller. When I first met her I said: I want to get STRONGER. This isn’t a weight loss journey. I want to get stronger. I want to see how strong I can get.

"moon conjunct pluto"
December 2015

After I was done today, she said to me (if I remember correctly) that she knew my personality a bit now and knew I wasn’t going to quit. (Oh, so you see me. Hmm.)

That I was INVESTED.
Overcoming body hatred and body shame, which was NOT my intention with this when I started.
She had made a list while we were talking of everything I was experiencing BESIDES the weight gain shame and excruciating DOMS.

You can decide, if you want, to not quit and to explore further. And it’s okay if you DO quit. But also explore NOT quitting. It might be worth it. Find someone who will listen. (Don’t quit.) 

It was like my identity shifted over the course of a month. From self-hatred to power. I knew I had it inside me. I knew it. Yes Moon Pluto always feels power but this was different. It was the inside manifesting on the outside. Strong energy, strong body. Then a setback. Then quitting. Then not quitting. Here we are and I’m telling you this story.

I know many of you will relate and/or are struggling with this very thing RIGHT NOW and you want to quit and you have no one to talk to and you feel hopeless.

I did a reading for someone today who said she’s been reading my blog for YEARS. It’s OKAY to email to just say HELLO. It really is. I may not write back always (sometimes life gets busy) but it’s nice to know who is out there and reading because I never know!

"mars in scorpio"

So there is another reason why I am telling you this story.

Mars entered Scorpio today and if there’s something Scorpio always does is NOT QUIT.

Sure they may put that fearless determination into crushing their enemies and actually I think that’s what I am doing.

Although it’s not any one person (and yet it is), IT IS.

I AM CRUSHING MY ENEMIES – fear, doubt, shame and this legacy of fear and doubt and shame LEAVE NOW. I’m sorry for your sickness, dear ancestors, but I am sending it to the grave.

"women who lift heavy"

This client I talked to today. Among other things we talked about imposter syndrome.

I said to her:

you already are HER.
That healer you KNOW you are. You feel it. You know it. You ARE her.

Love you guys, whoever you are xo

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Is Mars In Scorpio Bad???

Let’s be honest.

People like Mars in Scorpio because Mars in Scorpio is sexy.

But that can’t be the beginning and the end of the blog post.

What else do we need to know about Mars in Scorpio today?
I have a few things I want to share…

"mars square pluto"

Scorpio is not a mess. On the surface :) 

There is much that is hidden. They hide the body! They have secrets. What you see on the surface? THAT IS NOT THE TRUE EXTENT OF THE MESS.

By mess I mean… whatever they feel they MUST hide from view and from you.

You may think you see it all or know it all but trust me – when it comes to Scorpio YOU DO NOT SEE IT ALL OR KNOW IT ALL.

And it may make you very uncomfortable the deeper you go, until you come to the glittering sea, the glittering Scorpio Sea. Yes, it exists!

This goes for any Mars in Scorpio in your life as well. Know that there are gaps in your knowledge about them.

"jupiter in scorpio"

Mars is NOT strategic

Mars jumps into the burning building, which is why astrologers like Mars in strategic signs, like Capricorn and Scorpio. Capricorn and Scorpio plan ahead! Astrologers (and everyone) want to CALM MARS DOWN. Calm down that bloody warrior!!! Be less impulsive, less angry, less brutal. Be more like the High Priestess ha!

But recall my point above: there is much hidden beneath the surface with Mars in Scorpio.

Scorpio slows Mars down
Scorpio slows Mars down
Scorpio slows Mars down
Scorpio slows Mars down

Repeating this for emphasis. For warning.

Because Mars enters Scorpio tomorrow and I want to encourage YOU to not thrash around like bold and rash Mars but to use your powers of perception FIRST and then make your move.

"moon opposition pluto"

I am NOT saying Mars in Scorpio are bad people, but I am saying that Scorpio slows Mars down. Scorpio gives Mars time to plot and plan before he or she strikes.

They do this instinctively. They may not be aware they are doing this but they are doing this and I think we can all benefit from this incoming energy. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.

Why? It saves energy first of all (Mars will blow itself up but that is not Mars in Scorpio purpose) and second of all what’s the point of an “attack” if it isn’t precise? I know some attacks need not be precise and shouldn’t be precise but Mars in Scorpio IS.

Why am I talking about ATTACKS? Because that’s what Mars does.

To be continued…

"mars in scorpio"

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Advice For Your Weekend: DO IT DIFFERENTLY (Mercury trine Uranus)

"venus square neptune"
Hmm. Looking at the landscape for this weekend. A few details. 

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday (which needs its own blog post).
Moon will be in fret and putter Virgo.

Sunday is fascinating to me.

Mercury (retrograde) in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius are busy (of course). Your mind and your heart. They’re in a wee bit of “trouble.”
A wee bit.

Mercury trine Uranus.
Venus square Neptune.
Mercury square Chiron.
All in one day!

AND the Virgo Moon will uncomfortably aspect the planets in Sag AND Uranus in Aries. It’s uneasy. Tricky. Discordant. Sagittarius wants no fences and VIRGO MOON IS A FENCE! Sag says LET’S GO and Virgo says: are you sure about that????

It’s not some terrible gruesome weekend BUT we have a mutable mess.

Gemini fills in the empty leg of the t-square. Are you listening Gemini?

I am not predicting the terrible and the gruesome but I think you will feel pressured to… measure up, to solve problems and put out fires, to be THE ONE they come to and make it all better, Gemini. And, frankly, I don’t think that’s your job — not this weekend anyway.

Mercury Uranus in inspired. GREAT!
But Venus Neptune is blindsided.
And Mercury Chiron is that negative tape loop in your head.
Can we just cruise on that Mercury Uranus vibration? Maybe.

How to navigate all this and turn it into something productive which is what Virgo Moon always wants? 

Putter. Tend to the little things. Straighten up the smaller room. Fold. 

Do it differently.
Do it out of order.
Do it fresh and new and Uranus + Virgo + Mercury retrograde?
That’s the sky. It’s what we have. It’s good!
But do it differently than EVER before.

"venus square neptune"
I’m back on YouTube. My Audios (there’s not much) are here. I am bringing you stories and teachings from my life as a real life Astrologer, Tarot Reader, & Psychic.

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Mars Leaves Lollipop Libra For Secretive Planning-Your-Demise Scorpio

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I already posted a Patron-only video! Tarot Advice for your week! 

"mars in scorpio"
This week. Hmm this week. Last week was SO DARK. The week, the weekend. I felt it. Crawling out of it. And let me tell you this week is better. I think this week is better. Why do I think this. Forget for a moment what we DO have. What we DO NOT have is a Full Moon, Mercury GOING retrograde, and a Mars Uranus opposition. Mars Uranus is VOLATILE and maybe nothing HAPPENED but many of us internalize this stuff. We feel it on the inside. Dark. Yucky. Angry. Impossible. THE END.

I know I know you could be an exception to this (hopefully not) but I think this week is easier.

Mars leaves lollipop Libra for secretive Scorpio. I’m TEASING! I’ve become a fan of Libra lately.  THANK YOU LIBRAS! Seriously. I probably have worked with Libra more than any other sign (is it so? Maybe).

But this is a significant shift!!! The focus becomes less on other people and more on our laser beam focused determination (which may be on a people yes it may be).

What is Scorpio? Aha wouldn’t you like to know???? Well, Jupiter is in Scorpio so there is a VERY Scorpio part of your life/chart/soul at this time!! And YES we will have a Mars Jupiter conjunction.

Remember that conjunctions are fusions. Conjunctions create a NEW BEING. It’s not Mars plus Jupiter. It’s not Jupiter plus Mars. It’s MARSJUPITER. What is MarsJupiter? What is MarsJupiter in Scorpio?

Mars is gonna take Jupiter in Scorpio and make it, well, it really depends where it is in YOUR CHART and what it’s doing to YOUR CHART. 

But in and of itself? I would use the word EXCESS here. Excessive force is possible. Excessive sexy. Excessive intense. Too much Mars? Hmm maybe.

Let’s use the gym as an example since I’m spending a lot of time there these days. On a Mars Jupiter day your energy will be HUGE. But in Scorpio? It will still be huge I think more precise. Fierce and precise and unstoppable. Pretty much.

SO. Somewhere in your chart this energy is coming. And coming. And coming.

Here’s some Mars Jupiter for you. The happy warrior.

"ronda rousey astrology"

What Saturn Through The 4th House Feels Like (+ Mars in Scorpio Again)

"moon square saturn"Has your life fallen apart? Let it grow around you. Let what remains, or something new, grow around you, to protect you. I’m thinking about a house. Maybe this is a metaphor and maybe it is the real deal for you. You’ve moving into a new house. Or an old house. Or a new relationship. Or an old relationship. Let it grow around you. It’s okay to admit you need this, that you are too weak to stand on your own, that this thing, whatever it is, can support you, that it is a living breathing thing, entity, thing, and it will… trying to find the words… it will merge with you. It wants to. Let it grow around you. Does this make sense to you? This is what Saturn through the 4th House feels like. Becoming one with a structure. But to become one with a structure you have to be flexible, you have to bend, and this is the gift of Saturn through the 4th House. That you allow yourself to bend, crumble, and be held.

Next week Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio and I am grateful for this transit, for Mars is happy and focused in regenerative Scorpio and there is something we, you left there, in your Scorpio House, which needs to be returned to you. I’ve spoken about this before, in another context, about the cosmic Lost and Found that happens when planets dip back into the previous sign. You left something. You lost something. Someone took something from. Well now you get it back.


I Was All About Self-Acceptance Until I Met The Flat Iron (Mars Opposition Saturn)

"mars opposition saturn" Which is what I posted on Facebook earlier this evening. I was all about self-acceptance and embracing my curls until…

Today I went to the salon in my new town to get a “root touch up” and he asked me about the flat iron. No one had ever asked me about the flat iron, not in all my recent years of getting my hair cut and colored. Or maybe they asked in a different way. In either case I decided to go for it and WOW I have never seen my hair straight before and I felt, and felt I looked, pretty.

Mars is opposing my Saturn in Taurus these days. Tomorrow it’s exact. And I’d lost track. I’d forgotten that Mars was so far along until this morning and thought AHA that’s why I’ve been feeling so gloomy and frustrated damn Mars opposing my Saturn and I was weaving all these gloomy theories until this afternoon. After the hair thing. After the flat iron. After feeling pretty.

Saturn is our fear. Crystallized. SOLID. Solid fear. In my case, solid fixed (sign) fear. Our inner policeman. Protective but sometimes we don’t need protecting or guarding. And Mars came today to smash the crystal. THAT was the truth of my Mars Saturn transit. Setting my Venus (Taurus) free. Only Mars can break Saturn like that.

Are you watching Mars in Scorpio? Got a story to tell?


New Moon in Aquarius & What To Do About All That Mars

"moon conjunct pluto"It’s true I haven’t blogged in a while (Hi D!).

Everything is fine — just been busy with clients and the new class and I’ve been sick off and on with this cold that I just can’t seem to shake. One day okay, one day sick and around it goes.

Today I feel pretty good, back to work, but yesterday I slept almost the entire day and night (so it seemed) and I probably won’t exercise although I went for a walk to the Amish store where I had an amazing sandwich and macaroni salad and you don’t really want to know this do you? Do you? New Moon in my house of routines, the Virgo House (in a natural chart).

My New Moon in Aquarius INTENTION (in my 6th, square my Saturn and actually creating a Grand Cross in my chart!) is to SLEEP  more. Not just rest but deep deep sleep. The 6th is a HEALTH HOUSE.

Let’s talk a bit about this New Moon shall we? The New Moon was this morning but I don’t consider it too late to set intentions or make amends or promise to… what? Or hope to… what? Invent what????

The New Moon did sextile (transiting) Uranus which could explain my remerging (somewhat) snappy energy but Moon square Saturn is never ever fun. In fact it’s the clearcut definition of unfriendly. Isolation. But it’s just one day. And it’s a good day so far.

How are you? Did you wish upon a star?

A thought or two from the current class — which you can still join if you like. Message me for details. We are all about Mars & Venus this time around, including discussion of the long Mars in Scorpio transit (and I also want to talk a bit about the Eclipses if time permits) — pitfalls and gifts of all our Venuses and Marses (however you spell that).

A question I posed to the group this morning: how will we survive it? What strategies do we have? I mean, this Scorpio Mars thing is many months in ONE HOUSE (I use Whole Sign house system mostly) so that’s BIG ENERGY and big Scorpio energy there. So we have to talk: what is Mars. What is Scorpio. And we are. And some people it will trine and some it will square etc etc… I think as the weeks pass we’ll accumulate a very interesting list of how to cope with Mars all cooped up in there and how we made it through. Oh Lord this will be easier than that Mars in Libra jazz a couple years ago.

I suggest you ponder this as well. What will Mars DO to you, in that damn Scorpio House for so long?


More On The Journey (Mars Through My Third House)

"saturn trine uranus" Something I’m learning, from my experience so far —

some “journeys” are for information.
And some are for healing, like soul retrieval for example.

I think all journeys are healing to some degree but some are taken for that purpose specifically — like the one I did for myself the other day and blogged about.

I consider this different than… journeying to discover past life details which may just be very Virgo – the “facts.”

I am not using the word “Journey” in a strict shamanic sense here.

I am not a trained or initiated shamanic practitioner in any sense of the word.

As I’ve been writing about lately, I learn by observing and doing (and reading). And remembering.

So there is a practice or a technique that I am calling a journey – because the word, for me, fits, and because I do borrow some structures from the shamanic journey:

what I had always done in my meditation class, for years, under the auspices of the Edgar Cayce material and meditation techniques and our beautiful teacher who wouldn’t even call himself our teacher, such was his level, not even realizing his impact…

For me it all overlaps —

I would like to do this for clients – more – but something about it, too, makes me nervous. Hmm. That is interesting.

For me, the techniques overlap.
What matters most for me is thePURPOSE.  THE PURPOSE of the journey.

Are you looking to heal? To let go? To feel less sad about a lingering situation? Or are you after something more Virgoan? Or perhaps even to dip into the Akashic Records to solve a problem.

And what I mean by heal: to stop feeling like shit all the time.

I think we have to go piece by piece. Put you back together piece by piece.


Mars Through My Third House (Part Three)

"saturn square neptune"Where everyone is and where the answers are. That’s where I went this morning. The loved ones were there. I saw my mother planting flowers. First time ever seeing that. And I learned how to let go of unrequited love. Through imagery and helping spirits. That was the eerie part of the journey.


Those words above are notes I took after a shamanic journey this morning.

I use the term “shamanic journey” loosely. I don’t feel particularly called to define exactly what I am doing but I am taking some shamanic techniques and adding them to what I used to do in meditation class. Perhaps I’m “inventing” a new technique. A new technique, old as time.

The Akashic Records exist. The collective unconscious exists. It is as real as the computer I’m typing on, the table its resting on, my hands that are typing here. Perhaps even more real.

The more I learn, the more I’ll share…


In other news, if you want to keep up with videos, I’m off YouTube for the time being. Too many haters over there. But I am posting Daily Tarot on my Facebook which you do not have to have an account to see. Here’s the link. 

Mars in Scorpio is transiting my Third House. The journeys aren’t just around my new neighborhood, going for walks, but subterranean travels.

Where is your Mars transit? Are you putting energy there?


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Mars Through My Third House/Shamanic Journey (Part Two)

"soul retrieval" Yesterday’s journey was a success. I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars. This is something I can feel and I do feel the difference. That lingering sadness is gone. Mission accomplished. In case you missed it, here is yesterday’s post.

How easy is it for you to trust how you feel?

How easy is it for you to trust yourself overall?

How easy would it be for you to journey, for yourself, without anyone’s permission – teacher, mentor, classes, etc.

I’d done some reading, yes, but I wouldn’t call it extensive. Some reading, some book instruction. And I had a reading last year — he journeyed for me. I didn’t even ask for that. He did it as though he knew.

I learn by observing and by doing. And THEN I go back to learn (if I want).

It wasn’t this way with astrology. Astrology I did learn formally. But no one schooled me in how to do a reading.

Are you a self-taught mystic?
Is it just “who you are?”

Confidence is a MARS issue thus something else to think about in regards to this long Mars in Scorpio transit…….


Mars In Scorpio Through The Third House (Notes From A Shamanic Journey)

"saturn square neptune"I haven’t journeyed in a long time. In fact, in 2015 this is something I did for others more often than I did for myself.

I am not “trained” in shamanism. It’s not really how I ever learn anything. I remember. And then I do.

In my meditation class, for years, I journeyed but didn’t call it that. And it may not have been that in the “strict” sense of the word. Or maybe it was. Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

Point is: I journeyed this morning to my old apartment, my old neighborhood. I had in mind a soul retrieval for myself and for Kitty (who passed on December 14th).

But perhaps even soul retrieval isn’t quite precise. My North Node is in Pisces. The right words (Virgo) are less important.

The success of the journey shall depend on, I believe, how much more inner peace I experience in the coming days and just now thinking to myself that Mars in Scorpio (especially retrograde) is an IDEAL transit for meditation and for journeying.

From my notes:

I saw myself weeping pomegranate seeds and tarot cards outside my old building. I wanted to make peace with it. I asked for a helper. Got a bluebird who lifted me up by the shirt shoulders and transported me. But not before I retrieved a tiny bit of my sleeping self. That’s what I saw, me asleep on my old futon in my old bedroom, sleeping, but looking like a corpse. Put myself in my pocket. I also retrieved Kitty who was still there. She was dancing and so happy to see me. And then when Bluebird came, we stood there looking at the building with the seeds pouring from my heart.

Then it was though I were making a bed, that motion of the billowing sheet in the air. Kitty loved to run under the sheet whenever I made the bed (lol not that often) and I tented the whole building the whole block like a Christo, in pink blanketing light, rose quartz light to neutralize my grief and send the entire year and a half back back back into time, recede, that the pain should become dim and bathed in gauzy pink.

Any stuff left behind (from earlier in the journey) became a tree in the park I used to like visiting, a tree whose roots grew into the dirt and the sky.
The Moon is in my 12th House today, also good for any kind of meditation or inner travel. I do firmly believe that what I call the journey can help you release pain and move on.

How was your Full Moon?


Pondering Mars In Scorpio Retrograde

"mars in scorpio retrograde" When Mars goes retrograde, will you feel frustrated? Or relaxed?!

And by relaxed I mean… less craving desire energy force to DO.

When Mars goes retrograde will you want to give up? Feel you must give up? Your vitality GONE???

Or will you fight it, spin your wheels.

I’m a little under the weather today and thinking about the eventual Mars retrograde transit and stuckness and how if we think about this now and over these weeks…. we can perhaps circumvent some of the annoyance and frustration.

A healthy Mars doesn’t want the universe to call TIME OUT and yet retrogrades happen so there is a purpose. THERE IS A PURPOSE.

Think about this. What might your Mars retrograde purpose be? The answer is in your Scorpio House of course, where you’ll be asked to wait, pause, and live your Mars differently than usual.



Water Logic + Mars In Scorpio

"mars in scorpio"Post traumatic stress is not “rational” but it has its own logic.

This evening I was making a decision. Trying to make a decision. Trying to force myself to make a decision other than the one I was making.

And then I stopped. And I thought to myself exactly what I’ve written here, for you. This is trauma. Trauma is not rational. But it’s okay. More than okay. Necessary. There are times to respect the trauma and what the trauma wants and go with it. It’s not weakness and it’s not crazy.

You bet this is on my mind due to my current not rational transits. And this is also on my mind because Uranus is direct now and Pluto is direct and they are a degree apart (squaring) and Mars is now in Scorpio and all this energy is heavy and deep and transformative and Mars’ extended stay through my Third House has got me thinking what this might be good for and I think it might be good for this. Writing about trauma and reckoning.

I remember Mars’ long stay in Virgo, my First House. I was at the gym a lot.

I remember Mars’ long stay in Libra. Lots of fights in my relationship. A Second House Mars transit could have you making money but also incurring expenses. Mars through the Fourth and you renovate. Or your appliances turn on you. Mars through the Fifth, you must create. Mars Sixth health and your job. Angry on the job. High blood pressure. And so on.

Think about it. What to DO with this energy. Mars DOES. Action. And in Scorpio the action is deliberate, not messy, not foolish. Mars in Scorpio thinks – but it’s primal instinctive thinking. You may think I’m contradicting myself here but I’m not. I swear! This is water logic. It too gets accused of not being rational.

Where is your Mars? 


The Stars Today, A Scorpio Day: Moon and Mars Kiss

"mars in scorpio retrograde" I’m writing to you from the Little City. That’s what I used to call my current city, after I moved from Brooklyn. Brooklyn was the Big City. This place, the little one.  It’s a cold windy sunny day. I just made a Tarot video and my hands appeared to be glowing from the sun.

Today is boring. (Which could mean we have no inner resources, to paraphrase poet John Berryman.)

And yet… compared to the rest of the week, today IS boring. I’ve blogged about it. Mentioned it in a video or two. But let me remind you. This week:

Mercury goes retrograde. Jupiter goes retrograde. Venus squares Neptune. Venus conjoins Saturn. Sun conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus. AND THEN we have the cherry, the Saturn cherry, the New Moon in Capricorn which is trine Jupiter. 


Today you can breathe. Ah. Breathe. Go dark today because you’ll need your energy for the week.

Wait. No. It’s not about output of energy.  It’s more about silence and observation. Some Magician yes but a bigger portion of High Priestess. A big bowl of High Priestess. High Priestess on the rocks with lemon. That’s my take on it anyway. To lower reactivity. And increase the eyes of the owl.

Make sense? Stillness and wisdom. Watchful. Wakeful. Owl.

Message me if you have questions.

And I drew a card of course.

The Two of Cups??? For Moon and Mars in Scorpio day? Hmmmmm. 

You know what? I’ve got a client shortly so… I think I’ll just leave you with that card ;) make of it what you will but it looks like a serendipitous meeting to me.

But who exactly is it you are looking at? Him? Her? Yourself? Your God? Your Angel, Helping Spirit etc etc etc etc???????

Who? Who?


Not To Push Or To Push Differently: Mars Retrograde In Scorpio

"mars in scorpio" I was just chatting with a friend, a beautiful poet woman and we were talking a little about the Mars retrograde of 2016 and all her immense writing plans and feeling some relief about this transit as a way to ahhhhhh not to push SO DAMN HARD ALL THE TIME. Give herself a break and I thought to myself:  not to push? Or to push differently?

Are you looking forward to this transit? Have you explored this in your own chart yet? Thoughts? 


Hallelujah! Mars Enters Scorpio :)

"pluto opposition sun"Why are we so excited for Mars leaving Libra and entering Scorpio? 

BECAUSE Mars has been in Libra since December 2013.

And for many of us, relationships (ruled by Libra) have been sources of frustration (Mars!) — lots of covet-aggression, refusal to own or express anger and yet argumentative, snide remarks, dithering, waiting for others to take control i.e. manipulating them into doing so by remaining passive, passing the buck, a bit too concerned with manners and how things seem i.e. when your house is burning down who the f**k cares whether the firefighter is nice? You just want them to save you.


If your relationships went to hell around Christmastime last year, and pretty much stayed there? The good news is that there IS good news. Mars in Scorpio isn’t concerned with correct behavior. MARS IN SCORPIO WILL BRING RAZOR SHARP CLARITY to your 2013/2014 relationship muddle. 

AND AS I ALWAYS SAY: I am talking about these planets and signs as energies! I have Libra people in my life. I have Libra clients. I love them dearly. Especially Libra Risings :)

But this Mars transit, due to its longevity and fornication with difficult planets in Cardinal signs (Pluto and Uranus) AND Jupiter in Cancer making it all that much bigger and weepier… it was just a f***king mess.

Other good news, besides the razor sharp clarity: YOU WILL BE HAVING MORE SEX AND BETTER SEX. The sex you thought you’d never have again.


Mars in Scorpio is strong and arrogant and profound, but can be spooked by their own feelings. BECAUSE they feel so deeply. You will often read that Mars in Scorpio is relentless, ruthless (a word I love) in their drives and desires – whether to bring healing to others or take care of others, or to dominate — or destroy. Sometimes all at once!

With Mars in Scorpio, you won’t have to GUESS — you won’t have to guess how YOU feel. You won’t have to guess how THEY feel. We won’t have that Libra ping-pong “whose feeling is it anyway” game going on anymore — despite the “hidden” nature of Scorpio. THE TRUTH WILL RISE.

The ones who are meant to be with you? They shall remain! And if not? #byefelicia!!

I really do think it will be that simple and quick. You’ll just know. You won’t waste any more time.

Mars in Scorpio, for me, is a snake. And I mean that in a GOOD WAY. Not as one of the “lower” animals or lower vibrations of Scoprio but as a symbol of transition and recovery.

Mars in Scorpio will bring us back — back to decision making, back to our power, back to LIFE.
And, yes, ready to strike.


Important Mars transits coming up!

-Mars enters Scorpio (in the Big City) 10:25 pm today

-Mars square Jupiter: August 1st. This transit could make you horny. Or just angry. Energy for you to use wisely ;)
-Mercury square Mars: August 2nd. Girl, you know this is a cranky transit. Watch your temper, watch your words.

Remember folks: FIXED squares. No solution, mostly frustration.

-Mars trine Neptune: August 7th. This is a dreamy creamy transit. INSPIRATION. Doesn’t have to be diffusion.
-Mars sextile Pluto: August 15th. Mars and Pluto working together! All around helpful for health, work, persistence.
-Mars inconjunct Uranus: August 22nd. Accident-prone. Watch your back. Those who aren’t careful make mistakes. 
-Mars trine Chiron: August 23rd. Compulsive drive to fix something or someone and it works!
-Venus square Mars: August 27th. Venus in Leo wants to be admired. Mars in Scorpio pretends he doesn’t ;) Battle of Wills! 

-Mars enters Sagittarius: September 13th! Mars leaves sexy Scorpio for runaway horse Sagittarius! Catch him if you can!

Need help making sense of your life? Here is a link to my Services page, with info about single-sessions and packages for my frequent flyers.

Also, the FIRE class has just begun. There is still room for you! We’ll be discussing the Element of Fire, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, as well as YOUR individual charts and transits! Email me for more info!


The Stars Today! Praise For The Magical Household

"mars in scorpio"I’ve got my office/room  just the way I like it. And I know the rest of the house is more… not storage space but not so homey either.

I am NOT a domestic goddess despite my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, the grey kitty sitting on my lap, my first born is what I call her :)

But my room? My room is another story. It’s as magical as I can make it. And I don’t like too many chotchkes… it’s the energy, the light in here. And from one of my windows the view is of the roof of a garage although it doesn’t look like a garage it looks like a secret meeting place made of brick, and occasionally stray kittens walk across it…

Sun in Libra reminds us to be concerned with others, the spaces that we share with others.

The Moon in late Capricorn is a workhorse Moon who needs some reassurance, especially after walking through fire i.e. conjuncting Pluto, squaring Aries.

Mercury also in Libra: what or who is on your mind? I feel the Libra energy now is very much about our Saturn in Libra lessons. We are in the midst of repair. We are seeking peace. What will your Saturn in Scorpio story be?

Venus in hot fire Leo. Mars in calculating Scorpio. They are squaring right now. Fun and fluffy ego vs. deep sea diving. What’s the solution? Have deep fun :) Tonight is the last performance of my play. Deep fun is one way to describe it. One of my actors on her Twitter described at as David Lynch-like.

And looking ahead to October: Jupiter goes retrograde, Saturn enters Scorpio, Mars enters Sagittarius… I was telling folks in MoonPlutoLand that if you feel sleepy now? If life feels a little hazy, if you’ve lost some of the intense Virgo purpose, it’ll shift back and the bumper cars of life will be at your back once again ;)

How are you feeling? 

Love, MP

How To Get Up In The Morning During Saturn In Scorpio

"uranus square pluto"

You don’t wait for the moment. You don’t wait for confidence. You just begin. One step.

What are you waiting for? Even if you believe in reincarnation, you are here, in this lifetime, NOW.

A few days ago I had an astrology reading with my former astrology teacher. Hadn’t seen him for a few years and the last time I ran out crying. I had just been through transiting Saturn on my Moon Pluto conjunction, with transiting Uranus opposing. I had lost everything. I wasn’t up for his brand of reality check. But this time I was.

And I was going to listen and learn and the message he gave me was to keep my focus on what is there, on what’s in front of me. Moon Pluto emotional intensity can project into the future. Neptune does that too. Can project bad. Can project good. Better to respond to what is REAL, happening. Not make shit up.

Yeah, he’s an air sign. I could say oh it’s easy for him. But he’s an air sign with an emotional Cancer Moon. He gets it.

So how about this turning I can’t into I can. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

And I mean just to begin. The first step. What do you do? Where in your chart do you look for the way IN?

If we want to mirror the current sky, I say Scorpio holds the secret :) Moon in Scorpio today. Mars in Scorpio. Pluto now direct. Pluto square Uranus. The transiting Node in Scorpio. This energy is here, present, accounted for. Scorpio, like the other fixed signs, is stubborn.

Saturn in Scorpio = define, determine, specify, stipulate, KNOW what  you are willing to be stubborn about. ‘Til death do you part.

Because if you don’t have THAT in your life, somehow, someway (and it does NOT have to be a person), then how do you know… what to do? Each day?

And one more thing. If you don’t have a reason to get up in the morning? MAKE ONE UP. And eventually, eventually, the REAL reason (for your purpose here) will unveil.


Next week I am doing Full Moon in Aries Readings! And, yes, my Venus in the 12th House is braving the Skype machine ;) Something that I like to do lately are 1/2 email and 1/2 Skype readings. But whatever… we’ll figure it out :)

The Stars Today! Big In Virgo!

"full moon in aries"Sun, Mercury, New Moon in Virgo.

Venus in Leo squaring Mars in Scorpio. Saturn in his last days of Libra.

Pluto direct next week and Pluto and Uranus square again. The transiting Node newly in Scorpio.

AND the Sun enters Libra, ’tis the Autumn Equinox, next weekend. Transition time! And transition time means it’s time to pay attention to what we’re doing, what we’ve learned, where we’re going.

Mercury enters Libra tomorrow. You’ll be shifting your thoughts.

The Stars Today are different for everyone, you know? Because it depends on what they are doing in your chart, and yet there is, I believe, collective energy and that collective energy right now is hard-working Virgo and intensely focused Scorpio and a little bit o’ flashy Leo.

The outer planets, too, are shaking things up. Question: what is stable in your life? What do you want to fix? Virgo LOVES to fix, to try to fix :) To SAVE. What is worth saving? Hurry before Virgo Season ends.

Virgo to Libra: we slip from “whistle while you work” mojo to “hey, let’s talk” mojo. It’s other-focused. More social-focused. A good time.

So the balance adjusts next week with our entrance into the sparkle of the scales. From the Virgoan pasture to the beauty parlor, the balcony, the compromise, the companion…

This morning I was working on a New Moon reading for someone and I inserted some Tarot cards and it was funny… I mean, when I was writing her back I realized that her cards were squaring, just like the astrology signs square. I had never thought of it quite like that before.

It’s been one of those mornings :)


Information about readings is here

Rate changes are still in the works. Soon I’ll be offering Long Distance Healings/Meditation as a stand-alone service or with readings

The Stars Today: Badass

"new moon in virgo"What a day. I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll begin with the blog post that I lost. I had been sending myself emails on the train, full of notes on another Pallas Athena post and then when I got off the train, my phone was having problems. I reset my email account and I lost all my notes. I’ll try to piece it together tomorrow.

And then this evening was a “salon” — different pieces of different works by the theatre group who is producing my play this month and for the first time, and it was just one scene, two of my actors had an audience of more than just me, their fellow actors, and the director. It went well. My heart beats so fast when I watch my own work.

Back home and looking at the list of planetary placements and degrees and my mind is moving fast, so many ideas. My list of things to do includes laundry, finishing the Tarot draws in my virtual classroom, and starting a theatre company. One of those days. Everything seems possible and on the same level.

Sun in Virgo. Mercury in Virgo. Moon in Taurus. Earth signs. This is marrow bone hardcore manifestation energy. Real life. Reality. Ever notice that? That a fire-air sky may inspire you but you may not see results?

Mars is in Scorpio and Venus leaves Cancer for Leo on Thursday and that’s our list of the fast moving heavenly bodies, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s responsible for the energy surge in my–

Wait. How could I overlook this? Pluto is in Capricorn! This is some badass earth. Badass earth sky. We’ve got a Grand Trine!

What will you create? 

Love, MP

U2 – Until The End Of The World

The Stars Today: Manifest Harmony!

"mars trine moon"I like this sky. I like this sky a lot. ALL our personal planets are in earth and water. I’m at home. I remember over the summer, when the Sun was in Cancer and the sky was air and fire. There was no place to land.

I wrote someone an email today: I feel happy was the way it began. And, sure, circumstances are okay. No complaints. Work and art are… flowing. But I know that it’s also the sky. As I type this, Moon is in Pisces, Mars is in Scorpio, Venus is in Cancer. The Sun and Mercury are in Virgo.

And I know Mercury opposed Neptune and will oppose Chiron and people will be talking about and thinking about painful subjects but with Neptune you can… float away. Watch a movie. Venus is in Cancer so cook something. I made tomato sauce for the first time today :)

So what to do if YOU aren’t feeling this water bliss? Good question.

Well, Virgo would want you to notice the little things, but not to the point of hairsplitting. Remember Jupiter IS in Gemini. Many things. Many BIG pictures. Pick one. And then another. Focus and then look away.

And Mars in Scorpio wants your deep deep… mojo. Again there’s that word: focus. The laser razor focus. On what?

It’s kinda like… whatever you set your mind to today… you will accomplish. Whether it’s feeling good or freaking out. You will manifest.

I’m not even bothered by the Venus Saturn square that’s currently building in the sky. Serious love? Fine with me. Love that’s delayed but worth the wait? I’ll take it too. Saturn is hard and so is the square. Venus, love, can feel crushed. The solution is to LOVE MORE. Without fear. Try it.

Love, MP

The Stars Today: Mercury Enters Virgo!

"mars in scorpio"Life, my friends, is about time management. Or the lack of it.

And I’ve had a busy week. Last weekend I was sick. During the week I had rehearsal for my play. And in between all that was my work, doing readings and running my first class in my virtual MoonPluto Land classroom.

I’m not complaining. Just thinking about Time Management and Mercury entering Virgo later today and how this placement coupled with Mars in Scorpio requires thinking and action that is… not sloppy.

Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio will not let you get away with A N Y T H I N G. Sun in Virgo too. Transiting Node has backed into Scorpio as well.

I feel like we’re being set up. Set up for accomplishment. But WHERE it will happen is different for each of us. These are HOT aspects and by hot I mean… precise and full of power.

Love, MP


If you are interested in the next MoonPluto Land class please email me. Will send you info and the link to my most recent post about it. Fee is $100. Class size is 10 maximum but the class WILL happen with 5 folks either way. Start date: week of September 15th. Topic: Creativity! Your 5th House, your North Node, your life as a work of art. I don’t mind a small class. Means we can go DEEP into the charts. There will be a lot of natal chart work around these topics. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an artist. What matters is that you are, at least, somewhat obsessed with the creative process :)

The Secret To The Full Moon In Pisces (part 2)

"mars in scorpio"There are times in life when you must make a hard choice. Neither option is tasty. It’s often a Saturn Neptune thang, right? Reality vs. fantasy. I know you know what I’m sayin’.  Or as my Pisces buddy in my virtual classroom says, PREACH!

So we soldier on, good soldiers that we are. Mars (the soldier) is in clever Scorpio. Covert Scorpio. Strategic Scorpio. The secrecy, the espionage, the jig is up this Full Moon on Friday.

Did you know that Scorpio rules the dump? Scorpio rules insects. And funerals. But we also know the higher vibration is magic. Strength. Scorpio rules pleasure i.e. the clitoris.

The upcoming Full Moon in Pisces may deliver you, may resurrect you. Back from the dead. But where? Where exactly? Again, my friends, find Pisces in your chart.

Love, MP

Find Transiting Mars In Your Chart

"mars in scorpio"When people die, they become a part of you. If you let them. If you want them to. This is my belief. They become yours, in you. And after a while, you don’t notice it. Until you notice it. And if you don’t want  them there? Then they’re not there. But if you’re neutral or… have unresolved feelings about them? Then I think they similarly hang around you. Maybe not IN you. But near by.

Does this sound nutty? Mars is transiting my 3rd House. My mind is so busy right now that tonight I am taking almost a total break from the internet except for this blog post and I’m going to watch a movie. I did my readings, spent some time in my virtual classroom tonight, MoonPluto Land, but will wait until tomorrow to catch up further. No Facebook either tonight. Mars in Scorpio is intense. It makes good aspects to my chart but the energy is so laser and razor sharp that I need a break. Until tomorrow :)

Today was also Day 3 of rehearsal for my play in September. I told a friend of mine: it’s like therapy for me. I tend to write about my life . The emotions are mine and sometimes the situations are as well. How odd and fun and interesting to hear a director and an actor working through *my* psychology coming out through the mouths of characters, made up people. Mars in the 3rd: lots of writing, lots of communicating, lots of internet, lots of speaking, lots of movement.

Scorpio is a protective sign and I realized tonight that I need to protect my mind (3rd House). That I’d been on-line so much lately, I wasn’t sleeping well. My brain would keep on firing, would not shut down. Scorpio is NOT about moderation :)

Where is your Scorpio house? There’s a lot of stories going on there, that will continue to go on there for the next couple years. Mars is there now. The transiting Node will be there soon. Saturn will be there. And this also dovetails with the Pluto (who goes direct in September) Uranus square. It’s a lot, right?

So break it down. Just find the house in your chart where you have Scorpio and you’ll see where your energy is laser or razor sharp right now. Mars in Scorpio is something we can all use from time to time  :) and this energy is here for you. But take breaks, too, if you need them.

Love, MP