Why The North Node In Libra Has Been Exhausting You

"north node in libra" Not a gripe, but an observation:

Thinking about Libra and the 7th House and their reputation for desiring balance/fairness, as well as their reputation for debate/devil’s advocate — (and NOT fairness in terms of ETHICS. Let me explain.)

See, it is arbitrary. It is not personal. It is a knee jerk reaction. They CANNOT help it.

Example: If YOU say chocolate, they will say vanilla.

Why? To create balance. To make it FAIR. If you say chocolate then OF COURSE vanilla needs a voice as well. Even if vanilla has nothing to do with anything and no one wants vanilla anyway!

That’s why we think they want to debate all the time. Due to the compulsion to fill in the other side.
No matter how inane.

I am NOT saying all Libra are inane. BUT I am saying that sometimes this compulsion for fairness trumps all sense!!!!

And you say to your Libra or 7th House friend: WTF? Why are you arguing for vanilla. You HATE vanilla.

It’s really spooky to see this in action. It’s like they HAVE to say NO to balance your YES or say YES to balance your NO.

And then NO one’s needs get met. Except for the Libra who had to create balance.


Two Stories & Libra This Week (A Day Late)

I do things that scare me all the time. Life requires bravery on a daily basis.

Do you feel this way too?

Recently my ability to handle myself in an emergency was questioned and I got pissed off. (Hello Mars!)

Hyper-vigilance. My life IS an emergency. I’ve been handling emergency for 43 years. I am the fire station; I am the national guard; I am however I feel at any given moment (Cancer stellium thank you very much) but beneath that is SOLID.


And now a story about the Chiron Dog woman (she knows who she is) who takes in survivors of various species (often they show up unannounced) and rescue dogs in particular and is wondering how to dissolve (Neptune) their trauma.

I noticed Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will conjoin her 2nd House Neptune in Scorpio (rebirth) and how this isn’t about income for her, not about earning, but increasing HER (quite literally) increasing her wealth i.e. her light in the world and isn’t that what we are anyway.

The 2nd House = what is meaningful to you as well as what you WANT TO INCREASE, get more of, hoard. Sometimes even IN A GOOD WAY.

Whose lives do you save? What do you value? 


This week the Sun in Libra is competing with Pluto and Uranus (and include the Jupiter opposition too if you want). And then on Friday the Libra New Moon drops a cherry on this bomb of a cake. UNSETTLING is the word we keep using in MoonPlutoLand.

You want advice right? Keep the peace. Wait it out. No Devil’s Advocate needed. Don’t force it.

With this much stressed out Libra energy, appearances matter. Comb your hair. Fix your face. The mask matters. The last video I put up on youtube was a quick one about masks and how masks are revelations. We can become more ourselves when behind one.

And another thought: Libra over the next two weeks is in three parts.

Part One is this week. Sun square Pluto. Sun opposing Uranus. Crisis or no crisis: you may feel scared shitless anyway. Moon’s in Virgo today. Details bring you peace. And a Libran question: what’s love got to do with it?

And then Part Two: New Moon in Libra doing what the Sun did. Tattletale or beautiful echo. MAKE A FUCKING WISH says Sun in Libra caught in the crosshairs smiling sweetly.

And then Part Three: Sun in Libra squaring Jupiter in Cancer. This is confirmation. That New Moon wish of yours has great legs.

What’s happening in your world? 

Love, MP


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Welcome Libra Season! You’re Not As Pretty As You Look ;)

Damn I kept trying to make a video this evening and it didn’t work.

A video about relationships.

A video about LIBRA.

A video about how the Sun entered Libra today and the next New Moon is in Libra and how in 2014 we’re in for a Grand Cross (a stressful configuration) because of Mars’ extended stay in Libra, due to its retrograde motion.

My main point was this: FIND THE LIBRA HOUSE(s) IN YOUR CHART AND STAY THERE i.e. focus there.

This house is alive and on fire STARTING NOW.

But the fire need not destroy you, or anyone. There shall be light.

Your relationships will be tested in 2014. The closest ones will be tested in 2014. Relationships that are *merely* surface, will they make it? I wonder.

Mars is FIERCE.

Libra (Venus) is LOVE.

Mars in Libra fights for love, fights for peace, fights for JUSTICE.

YOU will be fighting for love, fighting for peace, fighting for justice, and yes you WILL be tested.

You will be tested by death (Pluto), by shock (Uranus), by good fortune (Jupiter).

And how you handle yourself, how you present yourself, how you SURFACE to the world and to your loved ones, will matter more than ever.

How you master the Mars in Libra challenge will determine your Mars in Scorpio transit as well because whatever remains… WILL BE your Mars in Scorpio transit. Know what I’m saying?

Whatever are left with, whether you finish this transit alone or married or somewhere in between, it will support (Scorpio) you, beyond your wildest dreams.

Love, MP


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Wedding Blog For Libra Season (no. 1)

Sometimes it felt like there was a conspiracy of wrong, not a conspiracy of right.

In general.


Ugh internet relationships.

We each had to… push through walls (and walls behind the walls and then some) and walk on water to get here.

I mean, to where we are RIGHT NOW.

Yeah, I’m talking about my upcoming… marriage.

I’m getting married.

After we went to the courthouse to get the license, M. wanted to know how I felt about marriage, what it meant to me and we discovered that we both felt that it was an opportunity to try harder, to do MORE.

It IS different. It  changes things.

(And I have to mention again that I believe 100% that consenting adults should have the right to marry. We saw many beautiful gay couples the day we got our license.)


In one of the chatrooms we were talking about the 7th House of the zodiac wheel, its association with Libra and Venus, committed partnerships, personal or even business.

One of the hardest things about the 7th House (and descendent) and these days one of the most commonly talked about is… how we “project” our 7th House.

I’ve been rereading Howard Sasportas‘ book on the houses (I recommend it to all).

“What we are unaware of in ourselves, we invariably attract to us through others.”

So many aha moments talking about this stuff in the chat room. So many that I have to reread the threads for it to sink in. And then I forget. And then I reread again :)

What are your hopes for Libra Season? 

Love, MP


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BEING LIBRA and The Fall Equinox

When the Sun changes signs we… reflect.

We *should* reflect.

There I said it. I used the SHOULD word.

When the Sun moves from Virgo to Libra, we look less inward and more outward.

We stop obsessing over quinoa and goji berries and instead ponder, “Hmm, what would my Beloved prefer to eat? Pop Tarts? Yes, my Love! Here they are! Fourteen boxes of them!  Why? Because I love you. Why yes, I’ll happily stow away that wheat grass powder and stock the cupboards with all your faves! Family size jar of JIF coming right up, my darling!”


Libra Season is 7th House Season is VENUS Season is RELATIONSHIP Season.


Let’s leave behind, for a moment, all those maddening and funny stories about Libran indecisiveness and oscillation and devil’s advocate and making nice and peace at any price and being a mirror for everyone else and grace and charm and beauty and place cards and how everyone thinks you are so damn fake.

I’ve worked with plenty ‘o Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Libra Moon peeps since beginning this work and yeah they are sweet (I got no problem with that!) and yeah they are nice and yeah they are tough as screws and yeah don’t cross one expecting a velvet glove because instead you will get the iron fist.

That, my friends is the Libra beneath the Libra. Smooth. Fierce.

And in Libra Season we are called to RELATIONSHIP (there’s that word again).

We are called TO RELATE.

We are called to end our loneliness with social life and welcome the fall cocktail parties and witchy equinox spell casting and crisp October weather for apple picking and lovers picking out scarves for each other and and and and and your Venus is what you DRAW TO YOU.

This is the season of attraction and the law of attraction.

Are you creating (and thus enjoying) what you desire most of all? 

My advice: know what you desire, know what you prefer and then… lay low.





Be indirect, not direct.

And, VERY IMPORTANT: show don’t tell.

See, a Libra will tell you what they want by… SHOWING you what they want!

Your job is to pay attention.

Try it ;)

Got Venus? 

Love, MP


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The Stars Today! Praise For The Magical Household

"mars in scorpio"I’ve got my office/room  just the way I like it. And I know the rest of the house is more… not storage space but not so homey either.

I am NOT a domestic goddess despite my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, the grey kitty sitting on my lap, my first born is what I call her :)

But my room? My room is another story. It’s as magical as I can make it. And I don’t like too many chotchkes… it’s the energy, the light in here. And from one of my windows the view is of the roof of a garage although it doesn’t look like a garage it looks like a secret meeting place made of brick, and occasionally stray kittens walk across it…

Sun in Libra reminds us to be concerned with others, the spaces that we share with others.

The Moon in late Capricorn is a workhorse Moon who needs some reassurance, especially after walking through fire i.e. conjuncting Pluto, squaring Aries.

Mercury also in Libra: what or who is on your mind? I feel the Libra energy now is very much about our Saturn in Libra lessons. We are in the midst of repair. We are seeking peace. What will your Saturn in Scorpio story be?

Venus in hot fire Leo. Mars in calculating Scorpio. They are squaring right now. Fun and fluffy ego vs. deep sea diving. What’s the solution? Have deep fun :) Tonight is the last performance of my play. Deep fun is one way to describe it. One of my actors on her Twitter described at as David Lynch-like.

And looking ahead to October: Jupiter goes retrograde, Saturn enters Scorpio, Mars enters Sagittarius… I was telling folks in MoonPlutoLand that if you feel sleepy now? If life feels a little hazy, if you’ve lost some of the intense Virgo purpose, it’ll shift back and the bumper cars of life will be at your back once again ;)

How are you feeling? 

Love, MP

The Tattoo Inside You And The Hidden Life Of Libra

"libra"Just now I was reading last night’s comments in MoonPlutoLand, the 2nd class, the one on Creativity and the 5th House, and a gal mentioned sometimes being afraid to speak.

That when she starts to speak, she gets all emotional. Her Airy Sun isn’t so comfortable with those feelings.

And I wrote back to her that sometimes before I publish a blog post that thought crosses my mind too. I’ll be criticized. And sometimes I am.

But then I think FUCK IT. That’s the stronger feeling.

And I wrote that’s the tattoo inside me. I picture it in my belly. Made me smile :) In other words: I don’t care what *you* think. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. The right people, my people, will find me. 

I have no personal planets in Libra in my natal. Can you tell? ;) And Pallas Athena (Warrior) lives in my 7th. I may be a little low on beauty, grace, and charm ;) But I got other guns.

We often tag that “need” to be liked to Libra, people-pleasing, peace-keeping, etc. But let’s turn those cliches inside out, shall we?

Do any of the Libras reading this want to chime in? 


Watch Out For The Venus People!

"venus in libra"I was just responding to someone in the comments, someone with a massive amount of Libra in her 1st House( (the Aries house) and I said to her: someone with that much Libra IS going to blow (at some point) because your default is VENUS i.e. making NICE. Mars is key, I told her. Mars is always key for the massive Venus people among us :)

Betty Draper on Mad Men (I am only in Season One so no spoilers please!) is my Libra example these days. The flawless surface but then the rage begins to pop pop pop like Jiffy popcorn.

Do you have planets in Libra or a packed 7th House?

Love, MP

In Praise Of Libra

flaming june

I’ve got Libra on the brain and yes Libra Season is over but Saturn is still in Libra, for another year yet, so we’re Not Done.

Libra is known for her (or his) ability to cooperate, harmonize, appease. Merge. But until Libra can push out her own identity, she’s an image. Like those booklets of paper dolls with the perforated edges.

I want to praise Libra though because Libra is more sensitive than we usually realize and more afraid than we usually realize and is so good at supporting, cheerleading, blending, but similar to what I was saying above: until Libra can see herself outside of how others see her? She’s lost.

Not that she doesn’t need people and partnership because she does, that’s Libra nature. But something else needs to emerge.

Libra would do well to make herSELF her partner and then the rest will follow.

What do you think about when you think about Libra? 

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Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg: Scorpio Season And Occupy Wall Street

"scorpio season"
"Get off Facebook, get the fuck down here"

You know why I support Occupy Wall Street? Because action is better than despair.

Why does it matter that it’s not all figured out? That it’s not all perfect and shiny. Don’t movements MOVE i.e. change? Allow for that and change becomes possible.

I was cynical, very cynical. Calling it the iPad Revolution but I started to change my mind even before I went over there, and what I felt, what I saw, was not just frustration, but… building. Creativity. All this frustration and anger channeled into this powerful beginning.  A little town in Zuccotti Park among the office buildings and shops and food carts. This is truly Libra in action: cooperation!

And Mayor Bloomberg, I mean no disrespect, but you are so wrong: Occupy Wall Street is GREAT for tourism.  How many foreign languages did I hear today? I lost track. And, yes, I know a tourist when I see one ;) Downtown is BOOMING. The restaurants are thriving! And I don’t just mean McDonalds; I mean the Mom and Pop shops too, like where I got my chicken teriyaki. I think the truth is that you are smiling on the inside even as you present Serious Mayor Face to the world. After all, you’re an Aquarius! You are THE sign of the revolution!

Give them time is what I’m thinking now. Give IT time. This is only the beginning and yet part of something much much larger, and inevitable. I felt proud of my country today (and Cancer Suns are known for their patriotism), as proud as I feel when I see soldiers in the city. I always want to thank them for their service, and no I’m not comparing the two, except for how it makes me feel. That I was, am, witnessing ordinary people making a difference FOR America.

Scorpio is about commitment. Do you know where you stand? 

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And Justice For All: Saturn In Libra

"Saturn in libra"
Al Pacino: North Node in Libra

Ever have a conversation with a Libra? If you are getting emotional, upset, they may try to reason you out of it, offer you a another side. If you are getting too intense, they won’t join in, won’t escalate it. They are trying to bring you back into balance, what they perceive as out of balance.

This is one example of the tension inherent in squares. Cancer, a water sign,wants to feel it, whatever it is, and to finish feeling it. And then there’s Aries, who may not even have been listening and changes the subject. Capricorn will listen and then remind you that it’s tough out there for everyone. I know I’m painting with broad strokes but my point is a Saturn point.

Whatever sign Saturn is transiting, we play by that sign’s rules. Saturn is in Libra now so balance (Libra) becomes crucial, relationships (Libra) are under pressure (Saturn). Look in your own chart to see where Saturn in Libra is and it will show you a part of your life out of balance. Your job, during this transit, is to take responsibility, work hard, and solve, or begin to solve, the problem.

Howard Sasportas said that “Saturn is exact and undeviating justice. It rewards you for what you have put in, and it makes you aware of your lack if you have been avoiding something.” How much more so with Saturn in Libra, the scales, the symbol for Justice herself!

There’s still time. There’s still time to figure this out, with Saturn only approaching the mid-degrees of Libra, the best may be yet to come (ha!). Sit down with your chart and your coffee and your donut :) The Sun is still in Cancer so temper your work with a little sweetness. And as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo, Saturn will gain support from Leo’s fire to help light the way.

I know it’s hard to believe the Universe wants the best for you. One quick glance in my daily paper and I believe nothing at all. But while we’re here, let’s do what we, humans, do best. At least, let’s do what I believe we should do best: reflect and then act accordingly.

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Dear Moon Pluto: My Venus Is In Aries. Do I Try Too Hard?

"venus in aries"
Marilyn Monroe: Venus in Aries

Probably :)

Aries is Mars and Libra is Venus and when Venus is in Aries, it’s, well, acting like a dude! Chasing, hunting, being a warrior. Not behavior fitting a lady. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sexist. But what happens to the man when the woman is doing the man’s job? Well?

I have known charts though with Venus in Aries well-supported and I have seen these women in happy loveship. You aren’t doomed. But here’s my thought:

Everybody wants love. What are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to… examine your behavior and make adjustments if you find that your… ways… aren’t getting you what you need?

Now, I want to respect who you are, your Venus in Aries FIRE, so maybe the adjustment is small. Maybe one less phone call. Maybe one less text. Maybe one less… one night stand. Maybe when you find one that you like, you can hold back a little. Try to receive rather than sally forth.

Aries is forward, dynamic energy and I know it will be a challenge for you to sit on this energy but think of it as an experiment. Think to yourself: I am a tasty luscious morsel. I am prey. Let the hunter do his hunting :)

Also, try channeling your Venus in Aries energy into anything but love. Don’t chase the guy. Instead, chase your career, chase your dreams, chase a ball around a court. And if you need to understand better how this is done? Look to your Venus ruled Taurus or Libra friends. Trust me: they KNOW.

And when you find yourself with a sweet thing, in a sweet thing, and you feel yourself shifting back into Aries mode, you know what you need to do? STOP.

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Working With The Mind: Sun In Cancer Advice For Moon Pluto People And Others

"Sun in Cancer"

I feel very equipped to talk to you about this now because I’m going through it myself: working with the mind. And body, actually, because the two are always connected, never far apart.

And this morning I was going to write about Libra, I was going to begin writing about signs that I’ve been neglecting. But instead I’m working with the mind. My mind. And maybe these two go together since Libra IS the mind, it’s an air sign, like Gemini, like Aquarius. Air signs think. I’m a water sign: I feel. Libra balances. Libra re-balances. With Saturn in Libra, we are all up to this important work, but Saturn-style. Doesn’t always feel… nice (Libra). And yet the two, like body and mind, go together.

I need to get air (mind), get faith (or inspiration, fire) and get earth (solid) to work with the mind. Need to work the elements, especially the elements that you lack in your chart. This is easy to do: just count them up. And try counting ONLY the personal planets and your ascendent. Who are you? I am Earth, Water, Earth, Water, Water, Water, and Fire. Where’s the detatchment? Where’s the perspective? It’s hard to find.  I need to find it. Now you may have a different combination. You may need to learn sensitivity or compassion. Balance, re-balance. 

So what do you do when thoughts are bothering you? And you try to run from them and they keep coming.  One of the best things to do is let them be there, off to the side a little. Not fighting them but not getting involved either. Ancient meditation practices of returning to the breath, focusing there, gently, never goes out of style. Unlike celebrity fashion :) Try not to get involved in the story or get upset that thoughts are there. Let them be. Let them sit, the way the cats sit. Look at the cats in the room now. Do you see them? See how unconcerned they are with thoughts. Be like them. Because so much of the tension comes from fighting it. That’s where panic comes from. From fighting what is coming up inside. Be like Joy Adamson and Elsa the lion. Friends. Friends with your thoughts.

And I’ve talked about this before: that your thought is a baby in your arms. You don’t yell at the baby when the baby cries. you don’t hit the baby. You don’t insult the baby for crying. You soothe the baby. You love the baby. You tell the baby: there, there, it’s going to be okay. Whether you believe it or not. Faith.

This metaphor and this technique is the essence of Cancer, which is where our Sun is now so if you are having trouble with your mind, you can tap into this energy which is covering the earth, mother earth, mother energy, which is love.

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Saturday Night Astrology

"Mercury in Cancer"
Good Evening Star Gazers

Good Evening, Fellow Star Gazers… how was your day? The day’s not over yet, but it sure feels like it. Was a long one here, warm but… You don’t want to talk about the weather, do you? Let’s talk about The Sky!

Soon it will be Goodbye Gemini Goodbye as the Sun readies and steadies itself for cardinal water, Cancer! Yay! Mercury is already there, in the early degrees and :::sigh:::: opposing Pluto and making other icky aspects to other cardinal signs, you know the drill. Uranus blah blah blah Aries and Saturn blah blah blah Libra. Cancer, lovely Cancer, fills in our t-square and takes us to Grand Cross Town: a place you rather drive on through. Don’t even stop for gas!

And can you believe that Mars is still holding on in Taurus? I can. Taurus the bull is slow ;) Jupiter of course will be there for a while,  making nice with Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Venus sits not so still in mid-Gemini, asking you to chillax, be social, call up a pal. Remember to check your chart for your Venus house, maybe a little oasis of fun and cute beauty in the midst of the summer crush/crunch.

And speaking of summer, the Moon is in Aquarius. Let the water-bearer take you by the hand, poolside. There’s a party going on, lots of people, and it will only get better once the trine to Venus perfects. I’m trying to look on the bright side :) Air is fun, right? Light? Winged?

So there you have it. The news of the world may be bleak, but we have the stars :)

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Cancer The Crab Carries Its Home On Its Back


How will Cancer fare when it joins the cardinal family T-Square to make a Grand Cross? As I write this, Mercury in Cancer is at 0 degrees, Saturn is at 10 Libra, Uranus is 4 Aries, and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at 6.


It will fare sensitively. Weeping may occur. Seclusion. The desire to return home. Or to the womb. Same thing? Escapism to rival the best of Pisces.

"Mercury in Cancer"
Cancer the Crab

Other options include the high side of Cancer: nurturing self and other. Food, feeding, resting, suckling, comforting, holding, supporting, carrying. Make your house your home. Themes of mothering and setting up camp in the midst of change and pressure. Nap often. Cancer is smart. It knows when to retreat.

When you carry your home on your back, you can go everywhere, even when you don’t want to go anywhere.

So as Mercury in Cancer crawls along and the Grand Cross perfects, remember you can… bake about it or talk mysteriously about it or Tarot about it or… whatever you want. Cancer makes you feel at home.

Today’s heresy: Cancer really is the heart. Sorry Leos! Cancer is the mother, the heartbeat of the mother, the life, and I think that’s what I’m going to listen to this month as we consider the next eclipse, the new moon, in the sign of Cancer.

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