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New Moon In Virgo On The Way 8

The weather dude on the radio just mentioned the New Moon making things worse for this “perfect storm,” Hurricane Irene. We all know about the moon and tides but rarely do we (I) think of it so literally and how it affects us. Still, I smiled at astrology on the radio! I’ve got work today […]

Pisces Needs Virgo (and vice versa) 6

Throughout Virgo Season, I am probably going to keep posting pictures of Keith Richards, Moon in Virgo. He was a huge childhood crush for me and when I look for his image on-line? I see pictures from magazines that I remember seeing when I was 12, 13, and so in love. Yes, love. I loved […]

Virgo Is In The Details

  Little things make me happy. For example, my roommate buys the cheapest hand soap possible. We have dispensers in both the kitchen and the bathroom and she buys a huge jug of the shit and refills. She’s a quadruple Taurus and cares about the earth. What bugs me though is that this cheap soap […]