ARE YOU ON A QUEST? Jupiter Goes Retrograde LET THE BALLOON POPPING COMMENCE (A Cautionary Tale)

"jupiter retrograde" Last night I was talking to a friend (name redacted to protect the possibly innocent) and she told me a story. 

Some background:

she’s searching for the PERFECT JOB. The perfect job for her. She’s the breadwinner of the family. The burden’s on her. Her field is a money making field BUT… she has not been happy in it for years and has bounced around a bit (still in her field) trying to find this PERFECT JOB, including job counselors and healers and shamans to help “solve” this “problem.”

She’s on a quest.
It’s not just a job she’s after and not just a perfect job. 

If you are on a quest, let me give you a little advice:

BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO YOU about your dreams, plans, any of it!

Why? Because they gonna pop your bubble. Your well meaning friends and family who have some REALITY for you and are looking after your own good with their warnings and practical advices.

If you decide to share, take it all with a grain of salt because you may suffer what my poor friend did:

her balloon got popped!!!

She was SO excited, feeling her groove, her mojo, NEW PATH and the signs were coming fast and furious YES YES YES and then… just like that… the “friends” started showing up with their naysaying and by the time she spoke to me she wanted an energy read on the situation because of her deflated balloon of excitement. Gone.

Moral of story astrologically? Jupiter goes retrograde this week. You may encounter more of these balloon popping folks although actually many of us are surrounded by these “well meaning” types ALL THE TIME. 

Now I’m NOT saying to live in la-la land but there is a time and place for Neptune and there is a time and place for Saturn AND for Jupiter too. It’s okay to reach for the stars. It’s okay to be unrealistic.

Who can you trust? Find out. Have friends (maybe) that you tell your precious fledgling ideas to. It’s not gonna be everyone. Tell your astrologer/tarot reader (such as myself, yes!) who will hold your dream in her hands without crushing it.

So. Jupiter retrograde. People are not gonna be so rah rah rah but this may be true for Jupiter in Scorpio overall to be honest. It’s just a more… SKEPTICAL Jupiter.

And skepticism is the LAST thing we need when we are ON A QUEST!!!


"jupiter in scorpio"

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Something Missing: Retrograde Planets In The Natal Chart

"new moon in sagittarius 2012"I am not a Sagittarius. Too melancholic for that. But I like to philosophize (Sagittarius does this!) and figure out what things mean, what they truly mean. Experiment. Explore. Search. Truth!

And I am trying to get at the heart of what retrograde planets in the natal chart mean because I am unsatisifed with what I hear about them (and admittedly I have not turned over every theory on this matter. I know a little and then begin my own search). We have just started discussing this in the private room and have folks in there from different time zones so slowly they chime in with their thoughts and experiences and here’s my current take (subject to change).

Sometimes I feel that people hold retrograde planets responsible for what really belongs to other chart factors. For example, a girl will get “distracted” because she’s a Gemini. This happens with Gemini ;) Not because her Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. Although does that figure in? Yes! It likely does. Saturn is discipline and Saturn and Pluto together are massive, mountain-movers! (And exploring those two biggies in conjunction is the subject for another blog post.) So then the question becomes how much do these retrograde planets influence her inability to focus and live her awesome power potential? How much hairsplitting do we want to do. That’s one potential question to ask.

For the time being, here’s my theory, with analogy: with retrograde planets in the natal chart, something is MISSING and I was half joking in the private room, but I used the eyeshadow analogy. Let’s say you want to apply make up and you’ve got everything you need but damn it! You can’t put on your eyeshadow because you have no eyeshadow! So your eyes look, and are… un-eyeshadowed ;) Now, Jupiter retrograde, for example, does not mean lack of Jupiter or DOES IT?

I’m suggesting that something is missing from our Jupiterean (expansion/optimism) potential. No doubt this is not a new idea. I just get excited when I have the freedom (Jupiter) to discover things on my own. AND, furthermore, that a retrograde planet represents a core departure from the (usual) direct planet experience and expression, and in my next post I’ll examine what that could mean and what you should do about it!

Stay tuned for Part Two!

Love, MP


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Weekend Love Forecast! Grand Trine In Water

"mars in sagittarius"Need something a little lighter after yesterday’s dark blog posting but love isn’t always light, is it? Not today ;)

And funny, I was just writing about Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra and then noticed that Mercury has already gone into Scorpio!

I’d be hard pressed to tell you which one of those is harder to hear the truth from. Mercury in the sign of the stinger is no airy-fairy Mercury but anything conjunct Saturn takes on a darker hue. Like molasses. Iron-rich. Strong and steady.

Other aspects today: Libra Sun trine Gemini Moon. Gemini Moon conjunct Jupiter retrograde. And Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces.

And… hmm… what am I forgetting… hmm.

Yes. Saturn enters Scorpio 4:33 PM (Eastern time) according to my book here.

This is a love in transition.

If Jupiter is retrograde in your 5th or 7th House at the time, don’t bet on the finishing touches now.

Saturday night we’ve got more good Moon aspects as the Moon enters Cancer and trines Saturn and Neptune. How do you like that, kittens? Saturn in Scorpio gets his first exact aspect A TRINE from the transiting Cancer Moon :) I like it. I like that Saturn’s first kisses are from the Moon and Neptune.

Consider it a good prediction :) a little structure for the as yet unkempt areas of your life, your water fields, your bubbling over, your sentimental tear-jerking dramatic streamlets :)

Saturday pm, Mars enters Sagittarius and then on Sunday we’ve got a bunch of Moon aspects and also the Grand Trine.


So. In terms of love? I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point.

The Uranus Pluto square is still alive and well. And Mercury and Saturn entering Scorpio smile at Pluto in Capricorn. There is foundation here. There is LAW. As I like to ask: what are you building? 

You know what? I don’t want to make a prediction. I’m going to trust the stars :) but I will draw two cards for those of you pondering questions of love’s true nature this weekend:

8 of Swords! And 9 of Pentacles. What you haven’t realized yet is that you can be with someone without losing WHO YOU ARE.

If you have the Rider-Waite deck, take a look at these cards or look them up on line and you can see this is the SAME woman. Before and after.

From victim (often of her own making) to sovereignty. From the stanky pond and the sharps all around to the lush garden and the bird of prey (her nature) now tame. From messy hair to coif :) From unhemmed robe to the best gown in town.

But, of course, it’s an inner journey which is then reflected on the outside. The astrology flips it back again: all this outer stuff, the hair and the dress and the fancy new face (LIBRA) become inner (Scorpio) power. I *know* you get what I’m saying here.

This is your journey. You don’t have to be alone. But if you choose to be alone at this time, for whatever reason, do it with dignity like the 9 of Pentacles rather than wandering the lonely highway in your broken heels like the 8 of Swords. (Damn I want to create a Tarot deck!)

Make sense? It’s a progression in these cards so go clean yourself up and start the day :)

Love, MP

PS And this stuff applies to couples too. Y’all know you don’t have to be alone to be lonely ;)


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A Child Is Being Beaten: Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"I could hear a child being beaten as I walked home tonight.

The slightly cooler weather makes for open windows. At first I wasn’t sure if what I heard was what I heard. The sound of the child and what sounded like a whip. You know that sound. It was probably a belt.

I’ve got Mars in Cancer. Fierce protector of women and children. But any half-decent human, or animal, no matter the Mars, will crumple at that sound.

The cycle continues. And I walked home thinking, “I hate this place. This earth.”

Sorry, folks. No love and light in this post. Is this a preview of Saturn in Scorpio? The darkness next door. Maybe that’s my own chart speaking. Scorpio is my 3rd House (the neighborhood).

And despite my 9th House Saturn, I preach optimism. It continually surprises me that I do this. How much I’ve changed. That I’m actually living my natal Jupiter Venus sextile but something like this happens and I feel helpless.

And if there was something I could have done, I would have done it. I saw two other women walking home  shaking their heads. They heard it too. They knew. Maybe it was them, a Saturn cycle ago.

I remember once listening to a Pema Chodron recording and she was talking about doing tonglen. That often the only thing you can do in such moments of witnessing is to send compassion or peace on your out-breath to the situation. To take in the pain. And to send out any good you have. To the one being beaten. To the one doing the beating.

Maybe that’s some love and light after all.

Wishing you a peaceful Thursday evening –


Venus + Saturn + Neptune = ???

"saturn in scorpio"Very interesting.

In the same week we have Venus sextile Saturn and Venus opposing Neptune.

This could be your love(life). This could be your money. It could even be your appearance, how you feel about your appearance. Venus is all those things.

And when Saturn AND Neptune are in the picture, sometimes it feels all crystal and sometimes it don’t.

With Venus in Virgo though… something needs improving. At least, that’s what YOU think. Is is true? I would hesitate before answering that question because even though Venus Saturn is a reality check, Venus Neptune is out to lunch ;)

I really want to tell you to take the rest of the week off ;) Jupiter stationing retrograde. Saturn changing signs. The sky is working overtime. Maybe it’s okay to slow down and I think that’s what the Tarot was telling me this morning. Adventure is coming ANYWAY. You don’t need to seek it out.

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Missing

"saturn in scorpio"I never was a Pink Floyd fan but “Wish You Were Here,” a song I do love, came on my Pandora station just now and I started thinking about someone who I loved. Or is it LOVE. Present tense. I don’t know. Does it matter? 

Venus in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces right now. Love (Venus) goes missing (Neptune). Neptune dissolves what it touches. Or it places it on a pedestal, idealizes. Dreams. One martyr or two?

It’s a big week, kittens. Not just Venus into Virgo, but Mars into Sagittarius, Mercury in Scorpio. Also, yup, Jupiter goes retrograde and Saturn enters Scorpio.

Saturn. In Scorpio. New cycle. Put it to rest. Whatever it was, whoever you were the LAST time Saturn was in Libra? Game over. You’re grown now. And it wasn’t a game then EITHER, was it? Nope. And it was better this time around. Much better.

Take the week as it comes.

Yeah I loved him like a Neptune transit and Neptune is conjunct my 7th House cusp now (that’s your homework – to tell us the higher and lower vibrations of Neptune) and for a few years to come.

It is possible to love someone and never speak to them again. Just watch me. End of story? End of story. For now.  We learn in meditation practice just to observe. Clouds in the sky but… it’s official. The transits have spoken.

Ready for the week? What are you dissolving?



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The Stars Today! Moon in Taurus Calm Your Shit

"new moon in libra"Calm. It’s okay to calm down now.

The Moon has entered reliable earth goddess Taurus, and this week’s transits are busy and brave and I feel we’re ready. Moo.

Jupiter will retrograde so the expansion in your life may feel more internal than external and/or a study of that area of your life is needed. Introspection and inspection. And speaking of inspection, Saturn will enter Scorpio. You’ll fear exactly what you MUST do. Don’t fuck it up.

What do you need to know now? In my humble opinion ;) that you shouldn’t go it alone. We’re in the midst of Libra Season. Sun and Mercury. Venus went retrograde in Gemini, remember? She’s in late Leo now, almost in Virgo, but then Venus in Libra will comment on the decisions you are working on now.

I had a day-long fight with someone yesterday. A psychodrama really. But it was worth it. We got somewhere and I realized a lot of… stuff. That’s the funny thing about Cancers. They always think they are being clear.

But back to you guys. What are you noticing?

I feel we’re on the edge here. The Full Moon in Aries was pivotal and alarming. This week, despite the deep changes, feels small in comparison. Maybe it’s the Taurus Moon I’m feeling now. Or knowing that after Taurus comes Gemini and Gemini Moons don’t have time to waste. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, has wings, you know? The Full Moon released what was broken and now we move ahead.

Before you know it, the changes you’ve been waiting on will be at the door. Will you open it? Are you ready? Do you want it? What are you so afraid of? Who is by your side with the Sun and Mercury in Libra?

I know I ask a lot of questions here . I think you can handle it :)


P.S. Jupiter retrograde could also be a MUCH NEEDED break. Think of that restless Gemini energy slowing down a bit…


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Saturn Trine Neptune And The Full Moon in Aries

"saturn in scorpio"What I like best about the sky right now is that Saturn in Libra (at 29 degrees) is trine Neptune in Pisces at 0 degrees. It’s a little wonky though, right? Out of sign and Neptune is retrograde.

But what I’m feeling here, about this transit, is the good that’s on the way. The stability of Saturn + the vision of Neptune is you making a dream come true. Or, at least, you more content in that area of your life… the area of late Libra/early Scorpio in your chart and late Aquarius/early Pisces.

Funny. I just wrote the above and feel I’m grasping at straws. The sky feels hard to me. Merciless. Or maybe that’s my own transits talking. Going in search of mercy now. Be right back.

(Time passes. She returns to the blog post mildly refreshed.)

Next week Saturn enters Scorpio and Jupiter goes retrograde and the Saturn Neptune trine, wonky or not, is already with us. You can start building your dream right now. Or you can wait. But at least pinpoint these guys in your chart.

How’s your world? Stable or unstable? A little of both? 

Love, MP


We’ve got a little private group going these days. It’s not a class. I call it MoonPlutoLand, part of MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing. It’s a private message board/discussion group, suitable for all friendly topics, metaphysical, spiritual, astrological. Love and relationships too especially if astro-related but it doesn’t have to be. We’re going month to month these days and it could become a regular thing.  It’s a sweet smart group of folks in there and I’m happy to add more people if it seems like a good fit. If you’d like to be in the group or want to know more, email me at moonpluto@gmail. There is a small month-to-month fee. 

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Jupiter In Gemini Retrograde! October 4th

"full moon in aries"There is magic in the world. How will you expand yours? Your magic. Your world. Where is transiting Jupiter in your chart?

Jupiter goes retrograde next month in the sign of Gemini and I’ve been telling my magical companions to… not think of it as reversal but as review :)

And I think it comes at the PERFECT time. Just a little after the Autumn Equinox. Days getting shorter in the Big City. You are harvesting. You are pondering the past year, the summer, the Saturn in Libra cycle, and what Jupiter in Gemini has meant for you so far.

Let Jupiter in Gemini be about choices :) many choices, yes. Jupiter retrograde will show them all to you :)

And then from that beautiful array, like a fan of Tarot cards or fall leaves or your possible futures, you pick one.

Love, MP


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The Spiritual Lesson Of Jupiter Retrograde

"jupiter retrograde in taurus"
Kierkegaard was a Taurus!

How free are you? I mean *really free*. Could you leave it all behind, whatever you have? Your things, your home, your people, whoever is around you? And for what would you give it all up?

I’m thinking about Jupiter Retrograde and how I don’t believe the retrograde cancels out Jupiter’s benevolence and that although some may think Jupiter transits are overrated… I don’t think so. But maybe that’s because I have such a Virgo-heavy chart which squares Sagittarius/Jupiter.  Any teeny tiny shred of Jupiter ain’t no bite size to me; it’s a full meal.

Now I do have a Jupiter Venus sextile, the closest aspect in my chart. But my Venus is in the hidden and mysterious 12th House!  It’s hard to see!

But back to my original question: how free are you? How attached are you to what you have? I see Taurus as being very VERY attached.  Not judging this.  It’s Taurus’ job to attach and to claim and to own.

Jupiter in Taurus should have you expanding what you have, expanding what you own.  But are we talking about *things* or something less tangible. Where’s your Taurus house? Mine is the 9th. What do I own? What do I cling to? My higher mind, my VIEWS, my limited fixed pespective (I have Saturn there).

With Jupiter Retrograde, then, we let go, we learn (Jupiter) to let go (North Node in Scorpio) of what we own (Taurus). See? The Retrograde is the spiritual lesson here.  Learn it before Jupiter goes direct because then you’ll be back to expanding and acquiring and that’s fine, really it is… just don’t miss what’s happening NOW.

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Jupiter Is Where You Feel Good

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
do you feel lucky?

What are you learning these days? That’s where transiting Jupiter is in your chart.

How are you growing, expanding? That’s also where Jupiter is in your chart. Maybe you’re even becoming more optimistic, positive in areas of life you previously thought were dead. Maybe you’re seeing the Bigger Picture. And maybe, just maybe, you are even — gasp– happier! Transiting Jupiter is in my 9th House and I am actually thinking about travelling, something I NEVER want to do. And I think it may happen when Jupiter goes direct.

So where is transiting Jupiter in your chart? Can you find it? And if not in your chart, then in your heart. Can you touch it? And if you can touch your heart, can you feel it? Jupiter is where you feel good.

I’m doing a lot of readings these days and I was on the subway and thought to myself: what am I leaning? And I didn’t mean “what am I learning about astrology.” I meant it in a broader, more EXPANSIVE Jupiterean way of course. And I didn’t know the answer. Not yet… except that there is pain and struggle in the world, and there is hope. But I knew that anyway.

Jupiter is where you feel good. Think about it. Ponder your natal placement and your transiting and see if I am right. Or prove me wrong ;) Jupiter doesn’t mind.

Where are you feeling good these days?

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Mars Square Jupiter (Part 2)

"moon pluto"
van Gogh had Mars Square Jupiter!

In the previous post, I was talking about Mars square Jupiter in general and using my natal chart as an example but what about THIS sky right now? Mars is in Leo and Jupiter is in Taurus.

Now Leo vs Taurus is a fixed square. Stubborn energy. Hard to move it. It’s like that futon frame that doesn’t quite fit in the door, and you can try to make it fit, but will it?

Leo is that part of us that needs appreciation, admiration. And Taurus is that part of us that… hoards the good cheese :) (I’m sorry I use this example for Taurus all the time these days.)

But when I think of Leo square Taurus and Mars square Jupiter in the same room? I think of two drag queens in a roaring fight. Now don’t get me wrong. I love a good drag queen as much as the next gal, and perhaps more… But I really see the tiaras flying with this aspect. And no fake jewels here!!!!

Big gals, big beauty, big egos! Sounds fun to me :)

What do you think about when you think about Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus?

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