Full Moon In Taurus: Shame, Guilt, Self-Loathing, & Fries

"moon conjunct pluto"

One thing you can do with this Full Moon is release negative emotions
. Start NOW.

Moon is in Taurus as I type this.

And what I mean by “release negative emotions” is:

let them come to the surface
let them bubble up, expose themselves, spread themselves all over the floor, feel them, speak the words behind them, think the thoughts, and… I was about to say “let them go” but I’m not convinced that part is necessary or advised. I’m not sure. But I think you should feel the width of them. Feel and understand how much space they take up within you. Notice it. Notice what shape. Are they stripes? Polka dots? Maybe the emotion has a color. And ask how much. How much of you is that shame. Or guilt. Or defilement. Or humiliation. Or self-disgust, self-loathing. YOU ARE WRONG FOR EVEN EXISTING. That feeling. You are wrong for not having money, not having health, not having a partner or children or your own home or a passion or a car or a God. You are wrong for having been hit or raped or for staying in one place, never moving, never going, never never never. You are like that fence over there, barely holding holding it together and that is WRONG. There is something wrong with you.

Those are the “negative emotions” I’m talking about releasing. Release those. And there are more of course. This is just a sample.

My parents died when I was young. Why do I feel ashamed of that and yet I do. As if I had something to do with it. As if I weren’t good enough to keep them. I hate pity but I also hate being forgotten. Being an orphan since before my Saturn Return, there’s a lot I have no clue how to do and yet I help people all around the world. Life is strange that way. I am living who I always was. I was always this.

I’m telling you this story so that you know you are not alone in your grief at existing. That you can come from nothing, you can come from abuse, trauma, you can experience abuse, trauma, and still… feel love. It always shocks me but there it is, popping up like a flower.

My recommendation:

do this work of Full Moon releasing without hope of a cure. Do it for its own sake.

"jupiter in scorpio"
Our Lady

I have a running joke with a gal on my Facebook. I don’t know how it started. She’s in one of my chat rooms and I must have been talking about potatoes and then she started talking about potatoes which turned into potato emoji and french fry emoji and it always makes me smile. French Fry Love is the opposite of guilt and shame and tears.

And another story: I was chatting with an acquaintance who asked me what my passion was, if my work was my passion, and I wasn’t sure, if it was passion or calling and finally I realized it:

FRENCH FRIES ARE MY PASSION. Part joke, part not.  I have my Mars in Cancer square Jupiter. If there’s a snack waiting, I’ll be right over. He didn’t really get it though. He said: you can do better than that.

Really? Who are you to put down my passion? And that’s how shame begins. We get it from day one (or two, or three) from the family and on and on it continues until you meet some person as a near 50-year old who tells you french fries aren’t good enough.

But I’m here to tell you FRENCH FRIES ARE GOOD ENOUGH.
That is all.

"Venus square Chiron"
I wish you a healthy and productive Full Moon xoxo

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The Stars This Weekend: Venus Saturn Uranus + Full Moon In Taurus ADVICE

"uranus in taurus"
I realized the other day that I’ve been blogging since 2011
. Talking to clients since 2011. That’s a long time. Almost ten years. Probably very little that I haven’t heard. Questions of love, sex, money, the spirit, grief, love, sex, money, the spirit, grief. Health. Everybody loves and everybody grieves. I don’t mean this to sound like the words on a headstone. I’m not quitting, just reflecting. It’s been a while. I have experience in what I do. And yes there are some folks I’ve been working with since then!!

Saturn is square Chiron today.

Two worldly wise teachers. Two teachers in pain and of pain. It’s the square aspect that makes the lessons edgy or hard to swallow. Swords lessons. But this is THREE OF THREE, my dears! We’ve been down this road before, wherever this happens in your chart. Final pass. Last chapter. This difficulty will soon become a memory as a new teaching takes its place. Saturn from the 4th has been squaring my 7th. And YOU?

Tomorrow is better. Venus is sextile Saturn. A sextile is better. A sextile helps. The lessons are less harsh. The lessons are hopeful. You’re committed and you don’t feel so damn ugly.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. It’s a busy weekend. If you feel things are slow now, just you wait.

Sun trine Neptune, Full Moon in Taurus, Venus opposing Uranus too. It’s a lot. What does it all mean? How do we make sense of the hopeless harsh Saturn Chiron square followed by Venus (love and money) and Saturn (work and structure) followed by Venus and Uranus (completely unpredictable) AND under a well-aspected Full Moon in Taurus. What? Huh? Venus, Saturn, Uranus WORKING TOGETHER. Sort of. Uranus doesn’t really “work together” with anyone.


"mercury in sagittarius"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

What I think and feel about all this SKY:

Something or someone out of the blue shows up.
That’s the URANUS influence. 

Could be a long lost love. A windfall.
New love. Luck alert! FOR ALL SIGNS.
Uranus is SUDDEN. 

Secrets exposed (and this could be you admitting something to yourself) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Full Moon, Taurus/Scorpio influence here.
Long kept secrets REVEALED.

Commitment to a goal (old or new) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Saturn part.

And maybe ALL THREE for you!

And yet this Venus Saturn Uranus thing…
There’s more I want to say BUT it may be particular for YOUR chart.

Do you have planets around 24/25/25 degrees? That’s the hot spot here.

And then Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday AND Mercury will go retrograde in Sagittarius so we have a new story forming.

My advice for you. I’ll draw ONE card FOR ALL SIGNS :)

It’s the King of Wands y’all. 
Advice: SIT STILL. Wait.

You don’t need to prove to ANYONE what you know or how you know or how skilled you are, that you are THE KING. You are the King. That’s it. Sit. Wait. Let them come to you.

And oh good lord my picture showed up sideways and I’m on a new computer and not sure how to rotate it on this DAMN THING nor how to remove it (unless I just cut and paste the text into a new post) so imagine that I’m laying next to you whispering sweet Tarot nothings or somethings in your ear with my deck and a magical cup of coffee that doesn’t spill on its side :) Hey, Witches can do this shit :)

I LOVE YOU. Talk to you soon xo
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Blood & Guts Moon (Instructions For Your Taurus Full Moon Ritual)

"full moon in taurus"
I’m going to tell you what your Full Moon ritual should be.

It needs to be life and death. It needs to be savage. EVERYTHING YOU FEAR YOU CANNOT WILL NOT HAVE.

Are you in touch with that feeling? That feeling in particular? That particular rage? That particular cry? Are you? OR are you wasting time, drugged, complacent, weak. I implore you NOT to be weak (says Pluto).

I was telling the gals in the class that I am going to work with “the ancestors” and how I usually don’t, which is true, but I will THIS WEEK ALL WEEK, long before the moon enters Taurus, because they, the ancestors, owe me. That’s how it started.

I love you. I hate you. You owe me. NOW FIX IT.

See, it’s not just a FULL MOON IN TAURUS, it’s a Sun Moon opposition. Sun in Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto (and if you don’t know what that means LOOK IT UP) so I recommend you take into your ritual MARS energy and PLUTO energy and put your blood and sweat and guts into the ritual and PLANT THE DAMN SEED (that’s the Taurus part) and crush what stands in your way.

That’s all for now, star lovers…

"venus square pluto"

Full Moon In Taurus + the Venus Uranus Glittering Sea

Link links links links links!
Then we’ll talk about what we need to talk about

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"uranus in taurus"

I want to talk a little more about this week’s Full Moon in Taurus.

The newsletter had some general Full Moon talk, but let’s look at the day’s aspects:

This Friday or Saturday depending on your time zone.
Almost 12 degrees Taurus. 
Leading up to the Full Moon we have (of the major aspects):

Moon opposing Jupiter (sensitive, emotional)
Sun trine Neptune (magical spiritual)
Moon sextile Neptune (psychic)
VENUS OPPOSING URANUS (shocking or surprising and possibly quite good)

And then on Saturday the Moon will make good aspects to both Pluto (rebirth) and Chiron (the wounded healer).

Of course what this means for you PERSONALLY can only be determined by your personal birth chart but in terms of the collective energies? This is pretty damn SWEET!

What is the breakthrough. I know you want to know the breakthrough. Spiritually speaking what do we need to know about this, what do we need to think about. 

This Full Moon is not about acceptance.
This Full Moon is not about surrender.
This Full Moon is a moon of pleasure, delight, and exuberance.
This Full Moon knows how to be here now with grapes and pomegranates and lilac wine and luxurious gowns and it’s all very Nine of Pentacles to me.

It’s a sensual moon so I’m bringing you a message of sensuality and slowness. The Venus Uranus opposition may provide excitement but otherwise what we have here is uniquely stable and the Moon heading towards Full illuminates something wonderful in your Scorpio House (where Jupiter is traveling and Jupiter is lucky) so you do want to keep an eye on that. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE EARLY DEGREES OF YOUR SCORPIO HOUSE??? The Full Moon in Taurus wants to stabilize it, steady it, touch its shoulder, warm it up. (Also interesting to note the number of esoteric aspects in the mix here on Full Moon day.)

It’s a gentle moon, a sweet moon, a psychic moon even though right in the middle of it we have this Venus Uranus glittering sea. Uranus is unpredictable. Will some of you find new love? New money? Yes.

And then the next day Mercury enters Sagittarius and the stories that want to be told begin to set themselves free.

Let me know how you are, in the comments, and I’ll see you again soon xo
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"full moon in taurus"

Saturn Square Chiron + The Full Moon In Taurus (Nov 2/3/4)

So this is happening. I’m in the catalog. Click on this link to see!


"saturn square chiron"

Thoughts on the Saturn Chiron square NEXT WEEK:

Hard aspects as GRIDLOCK is on my mind as I look at next week’s sky, especially the Saturn Chiron square, gridlock in that part of your chart, the Sagittarius and Pisces houses.

CANNOT MOVE. Straightjacket energy YOU ARE STUCK (although I do predict a breakthrough under the Taurus Full Moon the following day).

Saturn is THE TEACHER, always with a lesson, always pushing us, making us grow BUT CHIRON DOES THIS TOO!

How do we learn when it’s a square. How do we not just… go to bed and stay in bed and hide? Squares are frustrating. Squares are painful. And a square between two powerhouse teachers like Saturn and Chiron…

how do we feel anything but defeated?

THIS IS THE JOB ASPECT. Job as in the Book of Job.

What is the SOLUTION to such a square??


define the lesson. What is happening in your Sagittarius House. What is happening in your Pisces House? They are LINKED. The issues you are going through are LINKED BY THIS SQUARE, by this tension and frustration. THEY ARE LINKED even though it doesn’t feel like it!!!


take action. Even if the action is sitting still and waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Define the lesson. Define the teaching. Wait. Listen. Act.


Don’t give up. Saturn Chiron can crush you. Don’t be crushed. Saturn Chiron can beat you. Don’t be beat. I say this with confidence because I KNOW. I know bad transits end. I know Jupiter enters a happy place in your chart and you get kissed once more.

Now of course if you are mentally SICK (no bootstraps at all), if you are physically SICK, there is a limit to how much my transit talk can help you, if you are homeless, broke, abused, THERE IS A LIMIT, but if you are just an ordinary Joe or Jane in the middle of your perfect lonely life then this applies to you. And honestly it applies to those of us suffering deeply as well (just harder to access OUR PERSONAL POWER).

That Saturn Chiron has a gift for you even when it seems like all you have has burned to the ground.

Wait for it. Wait for the Full Moon news about your life in response to the Saturn Chiron square.

I get clients who ask me why life is so hard. Why don’t they have what they want (whatever it is). But it’s the WRONG QUESTION. Not a stupid question but the wrong question.

Don’t ask WHY. Instead, GET TO WORK (says Saturn).
And yes this means you must discover YOUR TRUE WORK (says Saturn).

I wish you much HEALING, my friends 

The Right Stuff: Pallas And The Full Moon In Taurus

"pallas athena in astrology"
Full Moon in Taurus
– 22 degrees. Monday, November 14th.

What’s interesting about this Full Moon is how quiet it seems to be.


There is a sextile (easy aspect) to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces but a square (tense) to goddess asteroid Pallas Athena in logical Aquarius.

Now, Pallas is a wise strategist and Taurus is solid, but Full Moons are emotional, possibly chaotic, and obsessive across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. And it’s a square between Pallas and the Moon.

My recommendation here is pretty standard:

how you feel about your life at this time and what IS may be two very different animals.

Pallas Athena sees clearly, coldly, in Aquarius. Detached, yes. A Full Moon clarifies too but it’s water logic, intense, dramatic, subterranean, revelatory poetry.


the truth can be found with a net. Harvest the ocean, sort through your find, and then you’ll know the truth of this Full Moon which, in Taurus, has to do with your hunger and your fear of hunger. Taurus is so possessiveness because it fears there’s not enough to go around so if I collect this or make this MINE, I’ll be fine. No one will die then. I’ll never ever go hungry.

Are you hungry? What for? Are you full? What are you full of? Is it enough? Is it right? Is it the right stuff?

The square from Pallas to the Full Moon can help you figure this out! Full Moons are supposed to bring us insight — sometimes that’s all and sometimes that’s enough.


Full Moon in Taurus: Meditations on the Body on the Body on the Body

"full moon in taurus"I’ve been thinking about the Full Moon in Taurus. Been thinking about the body. Been thinking about Taurus I have known, just a few.

My father (who I only really have a child’s/teenager memory of) – his body was mammoth (sweet tooth, loved food), then diabetic body then heart attack body then gone body. I remember getting the phone call from my mother; she was crying. One of two times I heard/saw her cry (Scorpio woman).

I was in college at the time, 5 or 6 hours from home. She was crying and she told me that people think just because the years were hard and the divorce etc etc etc that she didn’t love him. She loved him. I find this to be true across the board, at least with women. Even when the marriages fail, even when the men are supremely at fault (sorry but it happens!) the women still love. We’re all flawed sure but being bitchy isn’t equivalent to emotional or physical violence.

ANYWAY the Taurus body. The Taurus body I knew was mammoth then diabetic then heart attack then gone and loved. He always had a woman in his life (no matter the state of his dirty messy apartment apparently) until the very end.  Chain smoker and Atkins dieter to lose all the weight, strict, the skin hung from his bones, died young. My brother saw him before he died. Said that he was done, felt done. Taurus are only alone by choice (there, I said it) or due to other devastating chart factors.

Relationships. They do us in. Family. Does us in. I wish he were here today. I don’t know what I’d say. Probably tell him I love him because that’s what women do (in my experience). We love anyway.

"venus trine saturn"So that’s one Taurus body. Another Taurus body is a woman I knew for years, double Taurus, quadruple Taurus, also loved to eat, loved food (I don’t say this with judgement just that not all signs/people love food so much, they really don’t, so it’s this very distinct characteristic — to fill the body to fill the body to fill the body, to hoard and save what is GOOD QUALITY, nutrients, THOU SHALL NOT STARVE OR DEPRIVE OR EVER GO WITHOUT NOT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND BECAUSE IT’S NOT SAFE AND SECURE TO DO SO AND YOU COULD DIE so a Taurus who does not dive into their food with passion is a “situation.”  Red alert.)

A guy I know who I had breakfast with recently — a Taurus — we missed a museum trip due to lack of time but had a great meal at a great New York diner and he said that was even better!! A great meal!!! And the waiter! Great waiter!

Food and beauty though. That was her, the quadruple Taurus. Obsessed with (not) aging and makeup and weight and clothing and photographs of herself from her younger years, hanging on the walls, and fashion and quality and thread count and the face (and I miss her too, she’s not in my life anymore, I probably wasn’t the best friend in the world, I was limited i.e. I had boundaries, but she was crazy in a way I couldn’t handle, her JEALOUSY) and she knew everything about men. Almost everything. She wasn’t right 100% of the time but she had a brilliant unique Venusian understanding of men, women, and men and women, and hated resented the common cow in the field grazing Taurean image even though SHE used to say how lazy she was and that she wouldn’t clean the tub because she refused to bend down.

A more recent Taurus body that I know is perfect, an athlete, perfect, beautiful, perfect with very distinct back muscles. I work on that, he said. Taurus is always good looking. I know some Taurus with lower self esteem or humility may disagree but I have found this to be a rule. I don’t think I ever really thought of “men’s looks” before him. Not important to me but I notice it when it’s there and then last night I was thinking that all my boyfriends have been good looking (in my opinion and perhaps objectively so). Food, beauty, relationships. Taurus. The Venus ruled signs are beautiful and he is no exception. Not even sure I’ve been close to that much beauty before, it’s novel to me. I actually would look at him and admire. Everything in proportion. Nothing out of place. And efficient too. No wasted movement. Or do you think it’s my eyes? Seeing him with a good eye? Could be. And the slowness of Taurus. You cannot demand a Taurus into action. You cannot scold or guilt a Taurus into action which is why the Taurus/Cancer match when it happens is a funny one because supposedly they get on well (a sextile) but Cancer has all these unintentional emotional weirdnesses and Taurus will not move until it’s Taurus time to move and what does Cancer do but demand? Oh yes we demand. But enough about me :)

What do you know about Taurus?

Ready for the Full Moon? What do you want to LET GO?

If you are my Facebook friend then you can see my four Tarot videos (drew four cards) for what to release. Sometimes I make the videos public. Can’t remember offhand now but check on the link and see… 

Details for the next class coming soon, the November meeting place shall be for the WRITERS (of all stripes, professional, unprofessional, hobbyist, blocked, whatever you’ve got).

I Know What This Is: Integration (Full Moon in Taurus)

"venus square saturn"What I heard in my head just now — that’s what this is. Integration.

Because I feel different now. The word to describe how I’m feeling. The different pieces coming together, making sense, making order. All on their own. There was time. Time passing. But even those aren’t the right words (about making sense, making order). Something about… being fully here, in the present. Not in trauma mode, not in survival mode. Like… all of me can be present and aware. Now. Before (August, September, part of October) I was half peering out. All of me has caught up.

On a Full Moon we see clearly. On a Full Moon we know. The Moon is big! There is light! On a Full Moon in Taurus we really should release what is no longer loving or reliable in our lives. Let go of what is confusing, let go of what only sways. Let go of what is taking up room in our hearts but of little substance. (Y’all know what I’m saying. I know you know.)

The Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday (at 3 degrees) will inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. What must be accomplished/achieved (Saturn) vs. what you feel (Moon) you must possess (Taurus).

Release that too is what I’m thinking here –  release this ragged soul divide between duty and desire — release the divide. Fully have both.

What is the Taurus Full Moon to you? What is Saturn in Sagittarius and where is it transiting? These two houses, energies, signs feel like they do not fit, will not fit, cannot integrate but let’s go with the magical thinking instead :) the Full Moon also sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Use your imaginative forces (said Edgar Cayce) and realize you *can* have both. Figuring out how is the fun part.



The special I’m running ends on Sunday. Extended it for the weekend. Message me for details! 

The Stars This Weekend: ONE WORD

"full moon in taurus" I don’t want to call this weekend a clusterf**k but…

We shall be under the shadow of the Mars Pluto conjunction (exact on the 10th).

Mercury swims into surgical Scorpio on Saturday, the 8th.

And then Venus in Scorpio squares (i.e. backhands) Jupiter in Leo on the 9th, Sunday.

Moon in Gemini these days could keep us talking, reaching out, and less afraid of the dark but…

Moon square Neptune and Chiron? And inconjunct Mars and Pluto? And inconjunct Sun and Venus in Scorpio (so it’s a Yod, considering the sextile from Scorpio to Capricorn). AND Gemini Moon inconjunct Saturn. All this weekend. Thus, you must adjust. And look for the… not lesson but…

Look for the WORD in your Gemini House. THERE WILL BE *ONE* WORD. That you need to know. That you need to learn. That you need to look up. So that you can remember. This is all all all all all all Gemini House. All roads lead back to your Gemini House and Gemini planets if you have them. Yes I am talking Gemini and still telling you there is ONE.

It’s NOT a do or die weekend in my Humble Opinion but the message in the bottle written on invisible ink needs to be made visible by you, by trick, by spell, by however you de-code.

The “nice” aspects are Moon sextile Uranus and sextile Jupiter in the fire signs but…

Okay we’ve got a lot of “but…” here :)

It’s a weird space to be in, I think. Jumpy. Nailed down but jumpy. Confusion in your Gemini House. Lack of focus. More lack of focus than usual there — while Scorpio and Capricorn want to solve it. Not just want. Scorpio and Capricorn FIND IT. THEY FIND THE WORD, they END the confusion. With a trick of the knife. With sleight of hand. With a white lie you tell yourself. SOMETIMES WHITE LIES ARE NECESSARY. The white lie could very well contain the ONE WORD.

Do you think this is bullshit? This is not bullshit. I challenge you to take this challenge and tell me what word you found. Leave your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook and what that ONE WORD means to your Gemini House. Or, better yet, take a picture. Post it.

Full Moon in Taurus tomorrow at 14 degrees. I think I have Eclipse Exhaustion :) I’ve barely paid attention to this one — I admit it! I just can’t get it up for this Full Moon so I’ll keep it super simple and remind you that the Moon will…

TRINE Mars and Pluto, and sextile Chiron, and of course oppose (negotiate with) the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. ALL HANDS ON DECK. (Moon square Jupiter too).

You really have everything you need under this sky — before the wacky weekend begins — to go solid.

See, the Full Moon is actually going to reveal the ONE WORD (which you can catch, early, if you spend some time in meditation tomorrow) and then as the hours pass, as the minutes pass, the seconds, the breath, in and out, this word will then sidle up to your Gemini House, travel there, sit down, but briefly, as the Moon does, from Taurus to after-Taurus, and you’ll get ONE MORE CHANCE this weekend to know it, to catch it before it… flies away. Once the Moon enters Cancer, it’s gone gone gone.


Any questions?


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Anorexia Moon: More Thoughts On The Taurus Full Moon

What drives you?

Do you think it’s the squares in your chart? Your Nodes? Your Rising Sign? Your Mars? What is it? Can you find it?

Sometimes I wake up and I think: who can I help today and how. This is not good or bad. It’s a natural drive. Neutral.

And sometimes I’m tired. And I go back to bed :) Also, neutral.

I also have a drive towards fitness and strength, but sometimes I like a big bowl of delicious spaghetti :) And the occasional cigarette which makes those jumping jacks harder to do.

The other day, I realized that I’ve been at this since puberty — that’s a long time to push a body.

Questions: Can you forgive your body for betraying you? For getting sick. For getting fat. For getting thin. For getting imperfect yet again. GROWING OLDER. For all its needs. Forgive your body for breaking. For bleeding at the wrong time. Forgive your body for gravity, for too much hair or not enough. For spots and blots and marks oh my! For having nothing in common with the media images. Or maybe you’ve mastered and bested those images and have come up empty anyway.

Taurus (ruled by Sorceress Venus) is always about FILLING UP in some way. Attempting to fill the void. With whatever means “security.” What we HOPE to have (2nd House). Hoarding and the fear of famine. The flip side of this is denial, anorexia. Refusal. Filling up by NOT filling up, in love with control. FULL MOON IN TAURUS ON SUNDAY and I hope it will not be an Anorexia Moon for you. SPOTLIGHT ON WHAT YOU HOARD AND WHAT YOU DENY yourself.

Taurus is a rich and fertile earth sign, Strength in Reserve, and will grow WITH you despite them being “lazy” (as the stereotype goes). Reminds me of the 9 of Wands. You want something done? Ask a Taurus. Once they decide? THEY WILL DO IT.

What drives me? I take pride in my accomplishments. Jumping Jacks. I feel stronger when I do them lately. Back is stronger. Endurance. Keep smoking to a minimum. Maybe one or two a day. No one gave this to me. It was not a gift. It was not a favor. I didn’t TAKE it from anyone. It was not born of someone else’s plan. There was no easy way. Born of effort.

My advice for this weekend (following yesterday’s advice) is to think of something, in your life, that you achieved or became, purely by your own effort and will power.

I feel a sadness around this Full Moon (probably due to Saturn’s influence): please remember and reflect on what a powerful being you are. Taking responsibility for your life and decisions will increase this feeling. Don’t let Saturn slap you in the face. Stand up to Saturn. How you do this is by taking responsibility, a full accounting.

As I’m so fond of asking: what do YOU want?

Love, MP


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Full Moon In Taurus Part Two: The Good Cheese

I kinda don’t know what to say. A bit stunned by stunning reversals. News from clients. It’s like this sky snuck up on me. I didn’t feel it coming. BECAUSE I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. In the middle of my own dramarama. Thought it was just me. Oh maybe a Moon transit. Fast moving but nooooooooo and I do remember saying that VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO AND SQUARE URANUS was no joke. Venus in Capricorn. TOO MUCH FUCKING SATURN. Too much slap.

We do not pass go. We did not pass go. Not back to the beginning necessarily. But BACK BACK BACK BACK UP PEOPLE.


Tomorrow I suggest you take it easy as much as you can (i.e. stop punishing yourself) BECAUSE the Moon is in hungry Taurus (or will be, shortly) and the Full Moon in Taurus is an emotional weight around your neck so don’t even try to rush around and rush around (well, unless you must). I mean, if you can slow down THEN PLEASE DO so that you aren’t fighting against the current of IMMOVEABLE.

It’s like waiting out a storm. You got yer flashlight, batteries, transistor radio… but this weekend I’d break out the good bread, the good cheese, a tomato or two, chocolate and of course wine for those of you winos ;) and the best life-raft you can find, be it body, bone, brain, beluga…

Love, MP


Details about the TAROT CLASS starting this MONDAY There is room for you too! Email me with questions if you have and definitely visit the blog post for info!

Full Moon In Taurus, November 17th

So you’re thinking about the Full Moon, hmm? Recovering from Eclipse Season. Feeling the veil lift with Neptune direct. I know I am! Feeling all of that and more.

Neptune is the most shocking to me though. I wrote this on Facebook last night when I couldn’t sleep:

Neptune going direct is your wake-up transit. Fewer stars in eyes. Just like that. Could feel more shocking than a Uranus transit. Could be some disillusionment. Painful. If you feel freaked, know you’re not alone. Let the reality seep and steep. Take a breath, regroup. You’ll figure out your next move by the Taurus full moon.


The Moon (your feelings) opposes the Sun (who you think you are) on Sunday.

I think this Full Moon is about what you have and what you want.

Do you KNOW what you want? Do you HAVE what you want? How much does it waver? Taurus/Scorpio are supposedly two of the LESS flexible signs, hard to change.

25 degrees Taurus. The Moon will also sextile larger-than-life Jupiter. Honestly I expect a LESS emotional Full Moon this time around, more peaceful and yet… I feel this barbed, painful energy remaining in the wake of the Eclipses and the Neptune shift: “did I do the right thing for me? What is the right thing for me? What is my life about? Vacation’s over.” Not that you EVER were on vacation. It just seemed that way sometimes. Neptune.

The Full Moon also opposes Saturn and you may be asked to pull it together. To STOP being so emotional. Folks this weekend have less… sympathy for your moods, despite the Moon Jupiter sextile.

In terms of what this Full Moon means for you and what may be coming to an end or end point or decision: dig around your chart, find points and placements from around… 18 to 28 degrees. Wide, I know but this is TAURUS we are talking about and Taurus is MOTHER EARTH. She’s a big girl ;)

Which reminds me, we’ve been talking (in the chat rooms – and yes there is still room for you, contact me for details) about the transiting Node heading for Libra and Libra is my 2nd House and one thing I always forget about the 2nd House is its connection to NATURE and the EARTH.

So consider this your EARTH ANGEL Moon. Be Here Now.

Whatever you lost over the last few months is not a permanent loss, and yet you must grieve.

Love, MP


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My Year In Magic: Full Moon In Taurus

"new moon solar eclipse in scorpio"One of the women in the Creativity class suggested a wonderful ritual before the most recent New Moon. She told us to write down our intentions and seal them and then open them on the Full Moon. And I’ve decided to go one step further.

I had this blank journal lying around and I’d written a couple words in it and I’ve decided to make it my New Moon/Full Moon diary. And I’m taping those New Moon in Libra intentions (I had written them on individual big Post-It notes) in the book.

And tonight and tomorrow and probably the day after, I will also set Full Moon intentions, not just about what I want to release but about desire. After all, we are dealing with the signs of desire now, Taurus and then Scorpio. The next New Moon is in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse. New Moon in Passion. New Moon in Sex. New Moon in Intimacy.

Did you read the Scorpio post I put up yesterday? What I was trying to describe was intimacy, at least for this Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto person. Processing a difficult situation, complex emotions, taking the time to do that… Feels like love.

And, yes, I cheated. I opened up my Post-Its early, before the Full Moon, in part because I need a distraction from worrying about Hurricane Sandy and I just wanted to see. I had remembered a couple things I had written, but not all of them.

I hope you’ll try it yourself. And maybe even keep track over the year, like I’m going to do, to create a year in magic because setting intentions and doing this ritual is… it’s not just wishful thinking. It’s creating. And it’s seeing how far you’ve come. How long it takes. So much has happened between that New Moon in Libra and today.

Are you planning a Full Moon ritual? 


The Stars This Weekend! Venus Enters Libra

"saturn in scorpio"The Moon is Void of Course in dreamy Pisces as I type this and will enter hot forceful fiery Aries in a couple hours.

Do you usually feel this shift? I know that many of us feel the moon’s movement from Scorpio to Sagittarius pretty intensely. But what about from Pisces to Aries?

Saturday’s best Moon in Aries moments are the trine to Mars in Sagittarius and the sextile to Jupiter in Gemini in the PM. Those of us on the East Coast likely will be sleeping through the earlier middle-of-the-night aspects, Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto (fun!).

Consider Saturday a good day for good moods and getting things done, especially around the house. Watch your back though if you are lifting any heavy objects. You may feel like Superman (or woman) and regret it later. Mars is opposing Jupiter as well, exact at 8:56 Sunday morning. Venus enters Libra just a few minutes later.

The Full Moon at 6 degrees Taurus is on Monday and Mercury enters Sagittarius.


Now besides the Full Moon and meditating on what is leaving your life in the Taurus part of your chart, Venus changing signs is a sweet shift from medicinal Virgo to lipstick Libra ;) You’ll want to look good and looking good will feel good and the good lord knows you want your wig on straight ;) for the Venus t-square: the aspects aren’t exact until early November but I know I will feel this energy EARLY.  Venus will oppose Uranus and square Pluto and you early-ish Cardinal peeps will eat this transit for breakfast. And lunch. Maybe dinner too. And drinks later. And then a snack.


Venus in Virgo was health-minded and duty-minded, work, service, not so fun maybe ;) She may have healed you or healed others with her witchy ways but Libra makes room for a gathering, a pretty dress maybe, a less lonely-loner feeling. An excellent time for teeth-whitening perhaps :) Just wait until she exits stage left the t-square, leaving both Pluto and Uranus behind, their drinks in their hands.

Got weekend plans? 



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The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"I’m under the weather today, but wanted to get another word or two in here and I had this thought:

That whatever that thing is that  you think you want, that you know you want, that you do not have, or think you do not have, how you are already creating it yourself, that you already have, at least, some of it, yourself.

And if not, if not at all, how you CAN, how you can begin. This is a Scorpio Season topic because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (and Mars) and Pluto rules birth. Creation.

In the Creativity class, I wanted the girls to consider Pluto and especially transiting Pluto because it is there, now, where you have the greatest opportunity for creation, transformation, change, depth, exploration, glory, redemption. Deep change.

I was making my tea :) preparing to go back to bed and thinking about this thing (which shall remain nameless) that I want, and realizing that I already do, already am creating it, each day. That it is not empty space or longing even though there is the real, here, and the ideal, there.

With the Sun conjunct Saturn and trine Neptune, we make the ideal real through our working and our believing in the dream, and your Scorpio house, where so much heavenly sky energy is these days and where the Full Moon in Taurus will be opposing and where the New Moon Eclipse will be, that it is there, sextiling transiting Pluto, these areas of life, where you can root, no matter how uncomfortable Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio may feel: wicked, limiting, compulsive, dying.

So that’s my advice :) To stay here. To realize what is here, what you are already assembling. Your claim has been staked so build.


Full Moon In Taurus: Also Holy

"full moon in taurus"Are there problems that remain unsolved over entire lifetimes? The woman looking for true love. The man who needs to become a man. The search for community, family, work that’s worth your time.

It is possible to die unfulfilled. So let this be a warning. Do what you can.

Saturn is transiting my 3rd House, my mind. Welcome to the pit. There’s gonna be a little less love and light in these words around here but hopefully MORE tree of life

Wait. Scratch that. The first part. I had a REALLY good day today. I hope you had a good day too.


Saturn in Scorpio or various other transits (for example, Mars will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus in November) may bring you to your knees but then you’ll have a day like today, or yesterday, or tomorrow and you’ll smile, feel sweet.

Full Moon in Taurus on October 29th: what do you need to set free. What do you need to complete?

Full Moon = release. Taurus = what you hold on to.

I’m thinking you/we need to share (Scorpio) MORE of what is precious, rare, in each of us. Not the bullshit celebrity gossip small-talk small-life life. Stop hoarding our collective beauty (Taurus). Taurus is not about service. Taurus does what it wants, good, bad, or ugly. And bringing beauty into the world, which is a Taurus mission, is also holy.

And this: slow down. Taurus is slow, okay? They take their time :) That’s my Full Moon in Taurus advice. That’s my Saturn in Scorpio advice. Live with the times, my friends. Live with the times :)

And thanks everyone for your great comments on my Scorpio post yesterday :)

Love, MP


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Survival Skills: Advice For Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"There are moods and then there are mooooooooods.

Saturn in Scorpio  is going to be way different than Saturn in Libra, which is an Air sign.

We won’t be able to detach. Won’t be able to take the high road, be diplomatic. It will be, it is, submergence.

The Full Moon in Taurus at the end of this month will illuminate the particulars of  this transit for you.

Even if you are having good aspects, and many of us earth/water people are, brace yourself with the floatation device of your choice because Saturn in Scorpio can feel like a heavy weight around your neck and it will drag you down and the length of time will vary.

Work on this now, before we get in too deep, work on figuring it out, how you will keep yourself afloat. And safe.



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Full Moon In Taurus! October 29th

"saturn in scorpio"The recent Full Moon in Aries was spooky accurate for me and it was a testy Full Moon in my 8th House, the house of crisis.

Not only was transiting Uranus involved but my natal Chiron and Progressed Moon as well. The news was waiting for me in my PO Box and since I only check it every couple weeks, I didn’t know until yesterday.

That Full Moon hit me on another front as well but it was more bark than bite. Not end of the world in either scenario, but it felt that way at the time. Over-blown panic-attack level emotions.

Flash forward to the Full Moon in gentle Taurus. Funny to characterize Taurus that way actually. The ones I’ve known, including my father, had pretty explosive tempers and their Mars’ were all in different signs.

But let’s look on the bright side :) and remember that Taurus is associated with reliability and pleasure, ruled by Venus. In my recent Creativity class, we had a few North Node in Taurus people and I felt certain they all needed to be more selfish.

On Full Moon day, Mercury enters Sagittarius and squares Neptune. The new adventure you’ve been planning for, longing for, has hit a snag. You may need to wait until after the Mercury retrograde period. You may need to wait for Jupiter direct. There’s a slowness to the active Scorpio energy now, even though the Sun isn’t there yet. The only thing I’m predicting here is that it would be good for you to start developing your patience a bit more. I know, I know, you’re sick of that too.

More bright side for those who need a break: this Full Moon won’t feel fast and furious and shocking. It will likely take its place among your garden of knowledge although, yeah, as I was just writing above, you may feel restricted.

What I like best is the Full Moon trining Pluto. There may still be some emotional intensity but nothing will be destroyed. The earth trine is sturdy and can handle it.



Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Taurus!

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Looking Forward To Scorpio Season? October 22nd

"saturn in scorpio"As the Sun reaches the higher degrees of Libra and prepares itself to descend into the depth of Scorpio, it behooves us all to once again review the lessons of Saturn in Libra and the current Libra season:

What was lost, what was gained, what you want, where you are, what needs to be finished, are you on the right path. And so on.


I’m not saying it’s the calm before the storm, but I am saying: take a moment from your busy day, take a moment from your entanglements with others to think about yourself.

Scorpio Season will be all about the entanglements ;)

This sign is picky about its involvements and intensely devoted to whom it chooses. We will have days when the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and the transiting Node will be in this sign which is associated with reproduction and immortality. No escape :) Want to be born again? Here’s your chance.

Late this month is a Full Moon in Taurus and before you know it, it’ll be Mercury retrograde. And then the November eclipses.

Let’s pull one card for Scorpio Season :)

Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you but in a good way. Page of Pentacles. Get started now. There is much to be done. And then each night of Scorpio Season, submit your offerings to the heavens. And how you do that is up to you. Think of this Page as a mini-Magician.



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