Full Moon Eclipse In Libra: Change Is Good (she said weakly)

So it may not be an END but it will be a REVELATION.

Could it be a beginning? I say this considering that Ends of Cycles have a reset button, like the hand mudra in the Ten of Swords, signifying you will survive.


Something IS going to change in your relationship. The romantic one OR the one you are having with your LIBRA HOUSE. Or both. I also think for many of you what will change is the relationship you have with yourself. Remember the axis! Libra/We and Aries/ME!

When your rules change, when your ME rules change? Then the relationships change as well.

And yes the Uranus Pluto square, still active, still in orb, has this Eclipse in a headlock. You desperately want to get free of it so you can do what you want to do but ask yourself this: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SQUARE? What do you need to know before moving on from its lessons? 

April 4th. Total Lunar. Full Moon. LIBRA. 14 degrees. MID DEGREE Cardinal peeps I am not necessarily predicting disaster for you — what I am predicting is change and HELLO I drew the Wheel of Fortune :) the Fortune Faery in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm so please do not fall into fear, do not fall into the fear bed, tucking yourself in and saying goodnight.

Here :)


YOU can choose how to handle the news rather than let it handle you. I know it’s complicated. Easier said than done. I know a lot goes into your moods and your sense of well-being BUT

THE FULL MOON IS SEXTILE JUPITER. That’s your silver lining. All you have to do is look up. I know I know you feel it’s not possible that things can get better. I feel that way sometimes too and the same things have been happening for a long time now.

It gets harder to look up. To have hope that things could change. Be otherwise. Not set in stone.

After all, we have the long past under our belts. Weighing us down. The love handles of the past.

Remember that phrase ? Love handles ? As if we could grasp love with one or both hands.

Try it anyway.


Full Moon In Libra: In The Valley

That we were driving, and I don’t even remember where we were driving.

I never remember the names of streets or destinations unless I write them down, unless I make a point. He mentioned that we were going from one end of the valley to the other. For me. He had shown me one thing, and then was going to show me another thing. Because I wanted it. Because I fell in love with this land.

This isn’t the desert he said, about where we were. This is wasteland. And I wanted to cry, not because I was sad or in pain but because I was so moved by all this… space and sky.

See, I live in the land of row houses, brownstones, skyscrapers, subways and I came here and I got dust on my boots, and I saw Joshua trees and red mountains and empty miles and the Hoover Dam :) and the wasteland. Half the time I was a pounty Cancer, not sleeping well, we were chain-smoking, and the evenings long into the nights were spent talking and talking and talking. Secrets revealed. Revelations. Full Moon style. There was junk food. There was a lot of junk food. There was downtown Las Vegas. There was one single slot machine that I played on my way back home. I felt lucky.

What’s the difference I said, between the desert and wasteland.

A wasteland is destroyed, he said. In the desert, there’s hope.


According to my book, no more exact aspects today. The Moon is done with her work but I still feel it.

We’re under the weight of this Full Moon in Libra, Full Moon in relationships.

I was working this morning but will be spending the rest of the day recovering from jet lag :) and the SLEEP is amazing. I have gone places today in this sleep. Tomorrow we’re back to normal, tomorrow we’re back in Ariesland. We’re more direct with our wants, hopes, needs. Our “I” returns.

Mercury will trine Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde): your thinking about the past, about what has happened, is clear and true. Don’t doubt yourself. You know what’s what. Maybe you feel pushed or confused, but that sensation is an old habit. Everything is new now. Aries. The beginning. You’re not locked in no matter how much you wish you were.

Sun in Aries, Venus in Aries, Uranus in Aries = conjunct, a stellium. An army. There is someplace in your chart that you must pay attention to, can’t help but pay attention to, cannot deny, can deny at your own risk, and must love. Fearlessly. You. Aries is fearless. Aries walks in and you have no choice so tomorrow it’s back to work for all of us after today’s existential Full Moon jet lag.

What are you feeling? 

Love, MP


We will be doing another private drop-in Meditation Class. Hopefully the week of April 8th. Email me if interested or if you have questions. $25 by PayPal. How it works: I bring you inspirational words, quotes from meditation masters and deep thinkers :) and I give guidance, instruction for a basic meditation technique that we always return to. Last time it was hard to coordinate my schedule so that we could sit as a group but I’d be willing to try again. We meditate. We discuss our experiences. We share what works and what doesn’t. More details to come. 

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Full Moon In Libra, March 27th: Endings Are Beginning

I was inside far too much today but I kept taking breaks, sneaking outside to look up at the moon, not full yet but getting there, low in the cloudless sky. Couldn’t remember the last time I saw it so clearly or the stars that I could see now if I were to open that door and walk out.

And yes the Full Moon in Libra is opposing an army of planets in Aries (and squaring Pluto) but also trining Jupiter. Focus there when the going gets tough, when the news or the revelations or the emotions threaten to burn you down. It’s a big fire. You will not be able to put it out. Walk into it. 

Full Moons are endings. Endings are beginning(s). I drew three Tarot cards for the collective and the final one was the 8 of Cups. Who, what, is leaving your life? It is an old and crippled thing. Mercy-kill it and give it a proper burial. I have a feeling that, more than anything, it’s the way you’ve been thinking and living for far too long. Jupiter = perspective.

Check your own chart for more information. Even though this moon is stressed overall, she may be living it up in your natal :) Look for 6, almost 7, degrees of Libra. Tiptoe across that Libra/Aries axis.

What’s at stake for you? 

Love, MP


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Tarot For The Full Moon In Libra

I haven’t written about the Full Moon in Libra yet, right?

Mercury goes direct tomorrow, I don’t remember ;)

Nobody likes this Full Moon and all her cranky aspects – (6 degrees Libra) – on  March 27th.

The Full Moon will oppose the Sun, Venus, Uranus, and Mars in Aries but also TRINE Jupiter in Gemini. Those degrees are not too high for me, although some astrologers may not include Mars or Jupiter in the mix here. I have to :)

There’s also a square to Herr Pluto and inconjunct(s)to Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces. It’s a little much.

Libra rules indecision ;) What will you do? About your so-called “problem” ? Is it really now or never?


Mystery Tarot for the Full Moon in Libra:

1. who you are now

2. who you will be

3. what’s next for you


My advice is to look for 6 degrees Libra in your natal chart (as well as in your progressed chart) and identify anything stressful or supportive, especially supportive, even — gasp — minor aspects!

This Full Moon trines my MC so it’s got me thinking. Trines are good but… it’s not as though I’ve been job hunting.

Sun, Venus, Uranus, Mars in Aries… which planetary energy will be emphasized in your life this day? Many of us will receive interesting surprising news. Offers. Anything could happen, wild, emotional and… someone’s going to be there, trying to keep the peace.

It’s a love and money Moon i.e. it’s Libra, Venus-ruled. Other people. Partnership. Cooperation. STRESSED cooperation. Confrontation. A stand-off. What will you do?

There is something happening across your Libra/Aries axis that is finally coming to light, coming home. Do you know what it is? Decision time!


I hold my breath sometimes when I draw my own cards. I get all sensitive if I’ve seen the Tower. But whew! No Tower today. And I drew these cards for me, not for the collective but I am sharing them anyway :) Just because. Feel free to share your own if you do this spread:

Who I am now: the Knight of Pentacles

Who I will be: the Two of Wands

What’s next for me: The Hierophant.

What’s next for you? 

Love, MP


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Full Moon In Libra: Who Do You Love?

"full moon in libra"

I want to suggest that you do a Full Moon tarot reading for yourself.

And I know reading for oneself is controversial but try it anyway. No pressure. No expectation. Just see what shows up, what the energy is.

And if you get any “scary” cards then think of them as “mind-states” rather than outside events coming to knock you down.

Like, if you get the Tower, the old ways you deal are falling. Or if you get Death, you are changing inside. And these cards can be “good.” Context is everything!

So pick one card to represent you. I never used to use this method but have started to all of a sudden in my readings for others. One initial card and then I put three or four cards around the initial one as the energy around the person.

Try this for yourself. 1. Where you are now and then 2. What’s around you

And have as your intention this Full Moon and the Libra news that it will bring, news around relationships, news around your Libra House, emotional news but handle the emotions with Libran grace and charm and beauty and poise and balance and harmony.

For me it’s 2nd House: what I value, what I want, what I possess ,what I earn, what I keep, what I give, what I share. These fluctuate in my life — I have Uranus in Libra and Jupiter in Libra (not conjunct) in this house (and damn I wish they were conjunct!)

Jupiter is a key for me this Full Moon and it may not be so for you because your chart is different.

What is your Full Moon key, your Full Moon brightest light? Does the Full Moon aspect your Venus in any way? Remember that the Full Moon in Libra causes us to peer into our Gemini House because Venus is in Gemini now.

See how that works? Full Moon in Libra = Venus “rules” this Full Moon = look not only at your Libra House but your Gemini House too. What’s the connection?

Full Moons show results. Are you seeing fruits of Libran labor? Have the matters of your Libra House sprouted? What about your Gemini House?

And this:  Are you alone? Are you partnered? And I don’t mean only romantically…

Who do you love?  asks the Full Moon in Libra.


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Full Moon In Libra: Harmonize This!

"full moon in libra"

Refinement, harmony, balance, pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside, grace…

Find the Libra House in your chart so you can track tomorrow’s Full Moon!

And find 17 degrees, the Full Moon degree, and look around your chart for other heavenly bodies (or cusp lines) at this degree and tell us what you find.

Full Moons bring messages, emotional messages, and relationships are what’s at stake here — and Saturn themes too.  Discipline, structure, responsibility…. but to what? To who? 

And the portion of your chart where this Full Moon happens also holds the key to… what you should ponder, meditate on, look at, consider, discover, feel your way around, think about…

Venus will also be squaring Neptune on this day: confusion, delusion, illusion, especially in loveland.

Venus in Gemini can be “of two minds” so do not expect clarity I repeat DO NOT EXPECT CLARITY around love or money on Full Moon day.

And… honestly I think if you experience or feel an END to something around this time, know that it’s *not* a real end. Libra is the surface, the top-layer only. There’s more to come.

(Joan Jett has her natal Moon in Libra!)

Are you pondering the Full Moon?


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Full Moon In Libra And The Chakras In Your Chart

"full moon in libra"

Traditionally speaking, the 7th House rules, among other things, “open enemies.”

The 7th House is associated with Libra. The Full Moon in Libra is on April 6th.


Imagine that your natal chart has Chakras, those spinning wheels, disks, vertices of energy, spiritual centers, just like in your body.

Your chart is also your body. Your chart is a map of you. A map of buried treasure :)


Edgar Cayce talked about using the imaginative forces…


Trines must be appreciated, noticed, for the energy to flow healthily. Ungratefulness causes laziness (there, I said it! Not very PC of me, I know).

Sextiles need a little elbow grease, a little smile :)

Squares need even more elbow grease and lots of philosophy and figuring out — to make them run better and to master the energy. Squares push us, drive us, cause tension but all this tension can drive us back to bed.

And oppositions are the other people, situations that come to challenge us.

We need to know what is their stuff and what is our stuff and to protect ourselves from their projections. Not to waste precious energy fighting with others who want to bring us down.  The 7th House rules “open enemies.” This Full Moon in Libra could illuminate who those folks are in your life. And by “enemy” I mean any and all who don’t have your best interest at heart. Those who seek to sabotage.


There ARE places in the chart, in the body,  that get stuck, that slow down, and the goal is to make those energy centers move again and flower and beam light and color through your body and through your life.


Others may not jump for joy when you find your joy. Expect that if YOU change, some people may fall away from  your life but new people will come in. It’s like… if you want to be happy and successful then hang around with happy and successful people — but by your definition, that is. I don’t mean material success necessarily although it MAY be that for you.  No judgement here.

There are people in your life who don’t want you to succeed. They want you to stay stuck like them. You can only help them as best as you can. And then move on. Live your life.


Now one could easily say the Root Chakra is the 4th House but for you it may be somewhere else. Or that it is both. That the 4th is the Root in a “natural” chart but for you it could be where you have “Cancer” on the cusp or if you have planets in Cancer.

Or it could be what YOU identify as your root even if Cancer isn’t involved. Use your imaginative forces. There are no rules here. There is intuition.

I have a couple planets in my 2nd House. Although not my “root house,” I am feeling this house is pretty damn important. My 2nd and my 10th are connected by trine. My 2nd and my 12th are connected by sextile. My 2nd and North Node are connected by a wide out of sign trine…

The 2nd House may not be my root chakra/root house or even my heart chakra or my third eye… it’s almost as though this area of my chart hovers above all, is so important… it’s like my Soul is there. Now what chakra is that? ;)


I remember saying to a friend once, a friend that I wanted to be more than a friend, that he was stimulating my “fuck chakra.” (Ha!)


The 7th House, which is associated with Libra, which is our upcoming Full Moon, rules “open enemies.”

Smile and say to your enemies, the enemies inside you and outside you: you cannot destroy me. You can try but you cannot destroy me. Sorry! 

And don’t forget the smiling part because we are talking about Libra here. Smile like the Buddha smiles. With equanimity.


So use your imaginative forces and imagine your chart as your body. Where are the Chakras in your chart? 


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Full Moon In Libra And The Dark Bear Of Depression

"donald justice"

(A note about John Irving’s The Hotel New Hampshire: I studied poetry as an undergrad with Donald Justice who is a character in this novel.)

The hardest years of my life were before I started studying astrology. Wait. Hold that thought.

Some of my hardest years were when Saturn in Virgo was conjunct my Moon Pluto conjunction and Uranus in Pisces was opposing.

I also remember a friend telling me about some transits to my progressed IC at that time, but I don’t recall the details now.

I remember telling a friend on the phone that it was worse than my mother dying but I don’t know if that’s true. Both traumatic times but different kinds of trauma.

Do you know people who seem to have trauma swirling around them ALL the damn time? That things don’t stop falling apart over and over? They can’t seem to get ahead. Or if they do, they can’t see it.

I’ve had years like this. Nearly a lifetime like this or so it felt. And I think Pluto leaving my 4th House is helping to stabilize my foundations, my roots, my root chakra but also it’s a combination of things. I’m getting older. New transits.

I feel like… until you’ve had to completely scrape yourself off the floor, on your own, without any family help or any family money, no safety net, just God as your co-pilot…


I wanted to write more about my years of depression to try to bring light to others who may be going through that but I don’t know where to start. And I’m not talking about occasional “blue moods” — I’m talking about persistent depression with a genetic basis (runs in the family) but probably mostly aggravated by circumstance although the lines get blurry. I’m not talking about manic-depression or psychosis but definitely emotional intensity, dysthymia which could go major as well as massive amounts of fear. PTSD too.

And I don’t have a how-to survival guide in this blog post but just to say that I’m still here at 41 and if you are reading this then you are still here too. There’s a spark in you. Even if no bigger than the head of a match.


Consider this Full Moon in Libra to be an opportunity. If something ends for you? Then something new will come in.


The Full Moon in Libra asks you to purify your life. Libra rules the kidneys. Isabel Hickey wrote about this: “In the psychological body, relationships are the purifiers of the consciousness. No man can be an island.”

And this, also about Libra, from Hickey: On the surface there is diplomacy and sweetness but beneath the velvet glove is a fist of iron. It is hard for Libran to believe they are dominating and self-willed, but it is true. The esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus. This explains a great deal.”


Here’s one technique when you are feeling the dark bear of depression and I’ve talked about this before:

hold your depression or your mood like a baby in your arms. Soothe it. That’s all. No judgement. Soothe it. Sit with it. You can speak sweet words to it: there there now…  And you’ll notice how being gentle feels better than being harsh.  Being gentle, being sweet, being Libra but without the iron fist ;)

You are not less of a man, woman, human for being gentle with yourself. Truth is the more gentle you are, the more you free yourself to achieve and yet in that moment… nothing else exists. Just pure mother, pure nurturing, food.

When the baby cries, the mother doesn’t hit the baby. She soothes the baby. Do this for yourself, for your dark bear, for everything that frightens you and then, as they say feel the fear and do it anyway.

And maybe soothing yourself fills you with fear. That if you do this, you’ll never stop crying or you won’t get out of bed.


Zen Master Katagiri Roshi wrote that the only solution for getting out of bed was getting out of bed.


Intention for the Full Moon in Libra: meditate on what you attract in your life.  Are you attracting what you want? 


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Full Moon In Love, Full Moon In Libra April 6th

full moon in libra

This is a commercial:

Not long after I started this blog, I started doing Mini-Moon Readings for New and Full Moons which turned into doing Mini-Readings on any topic really, as long as it was a zoom-in, not too broad. Mini-Tarot too. So with the Full Moon in Libra coming YES I am, will be, doing Mini-Moon Readings. These are 15 minutes, email only. Visit the links on the left for rate info. Cancerian nurturing included. Commercial over :)


Full Moon energy is intense and how intense depends on your chart and one would think a Full Moon in Libra would be, well, less intense, more polite ;)

This  Full Moon in Libra is a bright light and will show you where you are being authentic and *inauthentic* in your life.


Saturn is in Libra and I deal quite a bit with Saturn-Pluto in Libra clients and life is anything but… polite these days for them! And it’s not that I see super struggle in this age-group. The ones I hear from aren’t falling between the cracks. They are smart and daring and insightful and I keep wanting to write posts in praise of these young people who are older than their years.


What Full Moons are good for:

*ritual work and magic

*setting intentions. Yes, you can set intentions for Full Moons too

*meditating on what is leaving your life and what you want to come in to your life

Full Moons = endings, culminations, results, fruition, a sense of FINALLY. Sometimes we hear news, information is given, secrets are revealed. Tables turned.


With the Full Moon in Libra, our relationships will be illuminated.

How we relate. To whom we relate. Why we relate. Are you relating to the wrong people? Do you need to tweak your manners? Are you living on the surface and need to go deeper? Are you too much alone? Are your partnerships lacking? Are you a mirror and nothing more? A people-pleaser and nothing more? Where *are* YOU? Do you seethe under the surface as you give to everyone and forget yourself? They don’t mind that you forget yourself.


Some Libra keywords to help you free-associate: alliances, affection, beauty, balance, art, companionship, compromise, diamonds, justice, social life. ACTORS AND ACTING.

Saturn in Libra asks: are you genuine?


The Full Moon in Libra beckons you to stop being so *damn nice* and instead to… figure out your own wants and needs. Your story. Your truth. Be more than a mirror, Libra. But look lovely while doing the soul-searching ;)


Let’s talk stats: the Full Moon will be at 17 degrees and on Full Moon day the Sun opposes the Full Moon of course, in Aries, at the same degree. Mercury has been direct for a couple days and is at 24 Pisces.

Venus is newly in Gemini, at 2 degrees. Mars rx in Virgo at 4 degrees.

Jupiter in Taurus at 14 degrees, Saturn rx in Libra at 26.

Uranus at 5 Aries, Neptune at 2 Pisces, Pluto at 9 Capricorn (who will go retrograde on the 11th).

So in terms of aspects, the Full Moon is conjunct Saturn retrograde. It’s a little bit wide but I count it. It’s too important NOT to count and this tells me that your Saturn in Libra issues, your Saturn in Libra story WILL be under the BIG LIGHT of the Moon.

Expect your story to be told over and over in your head. It may feel a little… untoward at times but if you err on the side of Libra values and Libra ideals, you should be fine. Libra is an air sign. Well-spoken, well-heeled, sweet and not sloppy. The sign that rules beauty and fashion is especially concerned with the outsides and you would not be mistaken to tend to the outsides, the outlines for this Full Moon as well.

The Full Moon also inconjuncts Jupiter — I don’t think this is a bad aspect but again pointing out what is important to you, what do you want to change. When you receive news on Full Moon day, is it the news you expected. Are you working on the right stuff in your life? Or are you misguided? Do your outsides match your insides?

I don’t feel a harsh energy around this Moon. She’s too polite for that. But with Saturn there? With a Moon Saturn energy? We’re not totally off the hook which is a good thing I think. Our lives our serious. It’s all we have.


Take out your chart and find 17 degrees… give or take 2 or 3 on either side and you’ll find how the Full Moon aspects your chart. Or you can contact me for a Mini-Moon Reading :)


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Sun Square Pluto Strikes Again: In The Body

"moon in cancer"

Here is Cookie Monster for the Moon in Cancer today squaring the Aries Sun and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Have a cookie! 

When the transiting Sun squares transiting Pluto, I feel it in my body. I get sick. I am thinking that this partly has to do with my natal Pluto which is in my 1st House and conjunct my Virgo Moon. The 1st House is “of the body.” Appearance too.

And I remember my astrology class and a student telling us that she too felt certain transits in her body rather than as outside events or people.

Yesterday it felt like I was taken over – extreme exhaustion. My mind felt okay though. And I figured it was just too many days in a row at the gym.

A facebook pal wondered if it was a psychic attack but I didn’t think so. For me that would feel more like mental distress. I was pretty sure this was just a case of “over-doing it.” And I had a low fever in the morning and cancelled everything that involved leaving the house.

But then I remembered Sun square Pluto.

Anyone who does readings, who does any kind of psychic work must learn to distinguish between their body, their emotions and… everyone and everything else. It is subtle and necessary work and it takes time but eventually to begin to figure it out and trust what is yours and not yours.

And in the meantime? Have a cookie for the Moon in Cancer :) The Moon rules food and Cancer has a sweet tooth.

Pssst…. Next Full Moon is in Libra… 


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