One Day You Wake Up: Full Moon In Gemini This Weekend

"pluto opposition sun" If you’ve had a lot of trauma or disruption or crisis in your life and one day it subsides, one day you wake up and you feel confused. Now what?

I have someone asking me this lately, a client. Now what?

It wasn’t long after her husband died that she asked me this. I told her it was too soon to ask this question. There wasn’t a “now what” answer yet.

So what happens when you wake up from “it” and your life is…all kinds of wrong in your estimation. Or just not what you want it be. That’s the now what and sometimes it is the right question to ask.

You know I really don’t know who is reading here. Now what?

For the moment the trauma, disruption, and crisis has subsided and I’m looking around to see what there is. You are looking around to see what there is. We are looking around to see what there is.

Is there anyone out there?

Peering out from that dark closet and suddenly you emerge. You’ve been in there so long. Years maybe. Decades? Maybe. What remains. Who is left. Now what.

"jupiter trine neptune"

I’ve meant to blog about this weekend all week but I haven’t yet. And it probably isn’t even THIS blog post but let me say a word or two about the Full Moon in Gemini. It coincides with Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius AND a few other wild aspects.

Sagittarius is wild. Always. Sagittarius retrograde even more so. Half human, half beast. What?????? I don’t want to call them mixed messages but don’t be surprised if your communications are muddier than usual.

But here’s the obvious gift: Jupiter is trine Neptune. I don’t know about you but Jupiter and Neptune together in water signs is a river you can skate/sail/swim/float away on.

This could be an excellent weekend to unplug from the social media and television or whatever keeps your monkey mind monkeying around.

Make sense? 

"jupiter trine neptune"

Full Moon In Gemini! December 13th (And Otherwise An Uneventful Week)

"moon opposition saturn"
Even though the liberating SUN URANUS trine
still exists over the early part of the week and MORE TRUTHS COME OUT (very true for my day!), the rest of the week is without major aspect, just the Moon.

A FULL MOON. In Gemini. 22 degrees. 

Okay everybody CHECK YOUR CHART. I’m not sure why I’m yelling today. It’s an all caps kind of day actually in the sense of EMPHASIS and TRUTHS COMING OUT as mentioned above and this theme will continue because that’s what Full Moons DO. They reveal. They expose. They SHED LIGHT. Are you ready to shed light? There shall be light. Let it be. And TALK about it.

This Sun Uranus trine by the way is part of the Full Moon energy so extra extra light and this Full Moon includes a somber opposition to Saturn but also a trine to happy Jupiter. There’s that sextile to Uranus, square to Chiron, trine to Mars.

Yes it’s not your imagination. This Moon is all over the place and mostly in a good way. The emotions may be a little muddy but I still think you can move forward.

The most important thing really is to find that opposition in your chart because it’s balancing. Know what I mean? You’ve had to focus crazily on your Sagittarius house due to Saturn being there and now it’s Sag Season so we have the Full Moon in the opposite sign of Gemini so NOW right now exactly now you are balancing. You can take a break from the over emphasis on Saturn and Saturn work and instead mix in some of this Gemini dexterity and fun.

Any questions?


Full Moon In Gemini: The Words

"saturn square neptune" What is it that you want to say? Can you find the words?

Rarely have I known a Gemini or Sagittarius to be at a loss for words but

this Full Moon in Gemini opposes (is at odds with) not just the Sun but SATURN in Sagittarius. And Mercury too. There may be fewer words. There may be serious words. Emotional. Even words that are hard to hear. Choose your words carefully tomorrow.

Saturn squares Neptune on Thursday which feels like a kick in the head to me, or to the heart, depending on your Pisces House. Some ultimate (possibly painful) reality check. Something (or someone) has to go. It’s not good enough for Saturn anymore. And if it’s not a thing or a person, then for sure it’s an idea you’ve been holding on to. Time to say goodbye.

Well I’ve just written the gloomiest blog post ever so I’ll draw a card for silver lining…

AND I got the Temperance card! I think she is telling me that I am being TOO GLOOMY!
Temperance is a card of healing not harshness! Lighten up, MoonPluto :) Some keywords: synthesis, integration, cooperation. See? Not so bad. Find the right mixture. Be calm tomorrow because you can be. Because there is reason to be.


Faith Without Proof: The Stars This Week

"saturn square neptune" Your transits emphasize. They underline.

Transits point a finger at issues that already exist, that have been existing, and possibly hidden or avoidable, in your life, good or not so good.

And these transits expose your shortcomings or fears or holes in the bucket or bring culminations and Wands of success.

Do not fear transits but know you must learn new skills and level up, even when good things happen. Find new strength inside yourself. See the events and people in your life from new angles. Work smarter. Take the right risks. Reach out. Leave the house or whatever your comfort zone is. Make sense?

This week is intense. I’m honestly not sure where to start.

Moon in Taurus
Venus in Libra opposes Uranus (money falls from the sky)
Venus in Libra inconjunct Chiron (just in time to pay all those bills…)
Mars sextile Saturn

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (words of harsh)
Mercury square Neptune (unreliable narrator)

Full Moon in Gemini (if you need peace and quiet you will have to guard the door)

Saturn square Neptune (faith test)

Chiron goes direct (faith test)

Moon in Cancer aspecting Uranus and Pluto AND Venus and Mars in Libra
PLUS Sun Saturn square Neptune

And I feel like I can’t even pick it apart piece by piece because there are SO MANY PIECES. I will say this though.

I think you make progress. In how you feel and in your perspective in regards to your Sagittarius House and the challenges you face there. The Gemini Full Moon shines a light and shows you the FACTS, what must be done. And it doesn’t feel as bad (until the weekend you get a belly ache). Jupiter is doing his thing over in your Virgo House but he takes a back seat this week or perhaps he is your silent strength here. But it’s like… Jupiter happens LATER, after you do the work. Funny to think of Jupiter as silent but Jupiter in Virgo chooses words carefully.

Sun and Mercury and Saturn square Neptune. Reality versus fantasy, what you hoped would happen. You can no longer ignore the discrepancy and I know you’ve been struggling. The difference is NOW you start to take action because you know WHAT TO DO. Mars sextile Saturn.

Sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius:


What I wrote on my Facebook while the Sun was in late Scorpio, this morning:

So we are under this Sun Mercury Saturn conjunction with Sun still in Scorpio. In case you wonder why you feel blue. Saturn in Sag puts the breaks on your faith and can force a routine on you, a job. Saturn is work and we have to work harder at the silver lining these days. The upside is your faith can become solid. I think that’s what Saturn in Sag is for. To make our faith unshakeable unbreakable.

But first your faith has to be broken. The way a broken bone or heart is stronger after it mends.



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Thoughts As We Approacheth Sagittarius Season

"saturn square neptune" Take heart that the light is coming. If you’ve been in the dark that the light is coming, the light of Sagittarius Season. Forget, for a moment, the upcoming Saturn Neptune square. Forget the Full Moon in Gemini which will oppose and expose your icky Sun Saturn in Sagittarius situation, the holes therein, the lack of stability. Forget all that and, instead, keep your eyes on the light, the eyes of the heart.

How old are you now? This is a Saturn topic. Are you your age? Do your act your age? Are you the age of wisdom? I’m talking about FEAR. Saturn is age and wisdom and maturity but also fear. If you feel afraid chances you are you NOT feeling your age, your skill, how far you’ve come, everything you’ve accomplished, that you are a grown up, not a child. 

We are entering Sagittarius Season where Saturn currently lives. The Saturn Lessons are coming BUT they are the lessons of LIGHT. It may feel hard to you to find the light, to see the light, because Saturn is hard, but trust me. It is there.

So take a deep breath. Don’t be scared.

Wait a minute. It’s okay to be scared. But take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. And then another.


Jupiter Goes Retrograde: More Magic

"jupiter goes retrograde in leo" Bummer! I haven’t been getting my notifications and there were all these comments from November. Sorry folks! I just approved them all. 

Please visit my YouTube Channel! I currently have TAROT FORECASTS for all signs. Some of them are Astro/Tarot. I may just do them all using the iPhone instead of the camcorder. We’ll see. I hope you enjoy them!!


BIG NEWS: JUPITER GOES RETROGRADE December 8th at 22 degrees. 

Do we need this break? Do we need a break from the Expansion of… our minds and hearts and wherever Jupiter is transiting for you?

I often think of retrograde planets like reversed Tarot cards.

I’ve been consulting many of my Tarot sources during the Court Card class and I get fascinated by the twists and turns of reversed meanings.

Example: how the Queen of Pentacles upright is healthy and health conscious. Reversed she may have digestive troubles or allergies. She may be “slovenly” (to borrow a word from Mary K. Greer) rather than the ultimate hearth and home caretaker. But then Greer also uses the phrase KITCHEN MAGIC for the reversed Queen of Pents.

Reversed cards, reversed planets can mean… NOT that we do the opposite energy — for example: Jupiter retrograde as closed-minded, intolerant, or more practical, like a Gemini.

"jupiter retrograde in leo" Instead Jupiter retrograde by transit may mean MORE prophecy and psychic ability for you. More Seer. More magic.

Any direct/upright planet is mundane. Daily life. The usual. Even if that usual is whack. No one would ever accuse of Uranus and Pluto of being boring!! And maybe YOUR life is filled with magic and wonder and spirit every day of the week but for those with stricter boundaries…. a reversed card or planet can be a signal to… connect more deeply. It’s the difference between “just cooking dinner” and making kitchen magic.

Sometimes your reversed Queen of Pentacles IS depressed and neglecting her needs. Other times she’s got a secret life, she’s a little witch.

Jupiter going retrograde does not lessen your light, does not lessen the light of the world, not at all. Instead what it will do is create The Great Fire within you. 

What will you do with it? It’s your torch. You can do anything you want with it. Light up any corridor. Your heart is a flame.

Jupiter and Sagittarius often do not see what is right in front of their faces — but Jupiter retrograde forces us to see…. not only what is truly there but also the light around it.


For info about readings look here. 

And for Facebook, this is the place! 

Saturn in Sagittarius: The Time Travel Transit. You Will Bend.

"full moon in gemini" I was feeling expansive and that I wanted to write something expansive.

Famous Jupiter keyword: Jupiter “expands” what it touches. Jupiter makes things grow. Jupiter is the true Gardener of the Zodiac. Grower of Dreams. Grower of Hope. We need this. We need Jupiter to see what we cannot see with the naked eye… 

We are in Jupiter Season, Sagittarius Season, and the music I am listening to right now is making me feel this way. We were talking about this in one of the chat rooms the other day: those of us who are crazy sensitive to music. Puts us in trance-like states. Maybe it’s quite common. It’s a Neptune thing. I am one of those people (or used to be) who could hear a song and not stop myself from falling into it. Which isn’t always a good thing.

So I am feeling expansive and I do promise to blog more here in the new year – Saturn leaves my 3rd House — as well as continue the Private Blog, which you are welcome to Subscribe to… and I know it’s only occasionally lately that I’ve been checking in here. Expansion + Time Management: IS THIS NOT A SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS STORY? This is a time travel transit this is a time travel transit this will be a time travel transit. 

I’m back to making videos. I’ll embed a new one at the end of this post. Still writing for Beliefnet. Learning all kinds of things I plan to incorporate in my practice in the New Year, along with a new look for my site and hope for my life.

Saturn in Sagittarius doesn’t have to curtail your hope. What it can do is SUPPORT your hope. Saturn the Father. Fathering you. The father you need/needed is here. 

We’re not under the same transits. I don’t know how you’re feeling. But I know my Saturn square Venus transit is done and my Saturn on Neptune transit is starting and Sagittarius Season is GOOD, is hopeful, it makes me want to put sweet filling in everything. A little cherry here. A little coconut there.

"saturn in sagittarius"Tomorrow. Tomorrow is an amazing day and we’re under this energy now so… listen. We’ve got FIRE TRINES. Venus trine Jupiter and Sun trine Uranus.

Uranus and Jupiter are too wide for it to be a true Grand Trine, right? I don’t know ;) Maybe we’re feeling expansive enough to connect the dots and allow it. Mars enters Aquarius in the evening. The Full Moon in Gemini is Saturday. Fire and Air. Fly.

But back to the Fire Trines. These remind me of… a party going on and YOU ARE INVITED but you’re moping instead of flying. Moping instead of flying. Why aren’t you flying?

As I type this… I see the image of a triangle in my mind’s eye, doused in the flames of spiritual exaltation. This is your soul going higher and higher this month, not leaving your body but giving it strength, toughness, courage, and the gift of the Seer!

Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas Eve, right? Another image that came to mind: metalwork or the metalsmith. Taking fire (Sagittarius) to something which… DOES NOT WANT TO MOVE OR CHANGE i.e. Saturn!



Love you all xx

Full Moon In Gemini: The Rapture

This Full Moon in Gemini is a HUGE FUCKING TORCH.

Are you feeling it? ILLUMINATION. I am. Already.

This is THE informatics Moon: everything you need to know today, tomorrow, and the next day. It’s all here. The question becomes then… what to do with the information. Sit still? Run with it? What do you WANT to do with it? 

Uranus goes direct tomorrow so I suggest you keep your attention there because the clog is about to unclog. THERE. The rupture (rapture?) is coming and is WELCOME.

I have an image in my mind of the Four of Wands. Those people waving. They are welcoming you home. They are talking to you about SANITY. They are returning you to yourself, after all this time.

And I know I was picturing that Wands card, but I want to draw one now to symbolize this feeling which is not mine to keep but belongs to you too — the 10 of Cups.

The Tens (says Rachel Pollack) are cards of “excess” — and here we see an excess of joy. A surge of joy. Very Uranian, don’t you think?


Love, MP

The Stars Next Week! DECLARATION

It is winter in the Big City and I’m trying to get out of the house more. I work from home and it’s cold out now. I have to push myself. I want whatever sunshine there is. I also particularly like chilly sunny days.

So this morning I had an errand to run but before my errand decided to have breakfast at my favorite diner but on the way there (or was it on the way home?) a man with a clarinet (on the subway) was playing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and I found myself anticipating each note, as though he were singing it.

Would he reach it? Would he get there? Would he tag each note with the necessary nuance? For me he could have gone ALL THE WAY DOWN into the bittersweet Judy Garland of that song and I wouldn’t have minded one bit.


The big news this weekend is actually the big news for next week: A Full Moon in Gemini. Uranus going direct. Venus going retrograde that weekend. The Winter Solstice in my part of the world.

And I can’t really separate any of these events because for me they are cooperating, shuffling together. The Full Moon isn’t an ending but a DECLARATION of intent. Maybe you tell it to yourself. Maybe you tell it to your partner. Maybe you tell it on the mountain! All I know is YOU MUST TELL IT.


The Venus piece of the puzzle is your social life and your love life, and if I were you I would… create paper dolls. Or something less ornate (I’m mostly no frills myself). Use index cards or post-its. To represent the people in your life. The people you want OUT of your life. The people you WANT in your life. Play with your cards/your post-its/your dolls. Move some off to the side. Bring some in. Take a good look at WHO IS THERE.

And Uranus going direct is that part of your chart on VA VA VOOM once again. Don’t you need it? Just a little? That fast fire? Uranus went retrograde in July. It really hasn’t been that long but what has changed in that area of your chart. SOMETHING HAS.

That’s all for now :) Hoping to make another video tonight. Miss Annette (her questions inspire me) had a question about grieving the loss of a pet and I have a story to tell about that. See y’all later.

Love, MP

I am working throughout the holidays! Readings are as usual. I don’t have any current specials other than my FOUR FOR THREE (buy three hour-long readings and get four). Also, you can Apprentice with me! Click here for Readings. Here for Apprenticeship. 

Full Moon In Gemini: Looking For Clues (December 17th)

Far as Full Moons go, a Full Moon in Gemini should be fairly cheerful.

Gemini has a busy mind, busy hands, and all around dexterity, flexibility (you can be in charge of the errands today, they won’t mind) and a fine sense of fun of the good clean variety or otherwise.

On the other hand (and Gemini is always of, at least, two minds) Full Moons are emotional. The truth comes out and sometimes it’s revelation after revelation.

And hmm what I’m feeling about this Full Moon most of all, as I type here, is its full-stop quality. It’s you, standing on top of the heap, or lying under it. You’re either the Page of Swords or the 10 of Swords. Or maybe you run the gamut on any given day.

And the funny interesting thing is that Uranus goes direct in Aries on the same day so we have

1) the (most likely) benign news coming from the Gemini house in your chart and
2) your hair/house/soul on fire courtesy Uranus switching gears and I mean this, most of all, in an internal sense but there could be some real-world manifestation as well. This is not an esoteric transit. If you feel confused, go back to your most basic keywords for the houses involved.

The Uranus Pluto square is an ongoing story in your life and it’s about to be hijacked by Mars in Libra (and I’m not even going to mention the supersize sobbing Jupiter in Cancer part of the story).

Suffice to say, sometimes you think too hard or think too much or over think and can’t help it (Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini) and you miss the forest, you miss the trees. But your mind is really really fun. Big fucking deal. There’s more to life than a rich inner life. You want something to show for your magic. Even if that something is baking a really good lasagna or paying off a debt or going back to school or listening to your heart or staking a vampire or…

The Full Moon in Gemini wants you to stop wasting time.

My advice? To mourn your losses. Count them if you’re a calculating type. Let the tears flow. My computer just auto corrected me. Wanted me to type TEXAS instead of TEARS and I’m going to run with the symbolism here of, well, the symbolism of that great movie from years ago Paris, Texas and the beautiful Ry Cooder soundtrack and the idea that reunion and reconciliation is possible but you have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death FIRST. You can’t come out the other side until everything’s been taken away and hope not only doesn’t float, but drowns. The Full Moon in Gemini says WAKE UP.

Juno trines this Full Moon. Partnerships are highlighted. Matters of loyalty, commitment, and nasty nasty betrayal are on your mind. That said, it is a trine! Things may just… start to repair. Just like that. With little effort on your part. Uranus is too low in degree to sextile here but is supportive by element (fire to air). Juno was pissed off a lot (rightly so) but she’s willing to hear your side of it once again.

Also… Mercury in Sagittarius is in opposition (fights with) the Full Moon and opposition is something that Mercury in Sagittarius tends to enjoy – they like a lively discussion or debate. They have a lot to say and they will say it, often loudly and proudly thus… there may be blowhards in your midst, on or around Full Moon day. Don’t take it to heart. Sagittarius is a well-meaning sign (“I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings!”) so dry your Full Moony tears and join the sparring (if you like that sort of thing).

That’s the latest here from MoonPlutoLand. I admit I feel a little slowed down lately with blogging. I am under a Saturn opposition across my 3rd/9th axis. This is the Gemini-Sagittarius axis! Writing, communications, publishing but yesterday I made two silly videos that I posted on Facebook so perhaps I’ve found a way around the silence of this transit. Click on the Facebook button on my homepage and you’ll find the videos.

Are you looking for clues? Or do you have the news? :)

Love, MP

Lunar Eclipse In Gemini Wednesday November 28th

"lunar eclipse in gemini"You’re standing at the brink. Your life, as it is now, versus your future.

We have a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on Wednesday (find 6 degrees of Gemini in your chart) and that’s not all: Mercury will be newly direct. What was lost is now found. What was delayed moves forward with alarming speed. Are you ready? I got my first clue this morning of what’s to come.

The Sun is in Sagittarius and I ran into my favorite Sagittarius buddy on the street and our conversation turned out to be prescient. I feel like I’ve received my instructions, what the next 6 months to a year will be about for me. Big Picture. I’ll spare you the details except to say PAY ATTENTION to the details in these formidable days, hours, minutes before the eclipse. The messages, the disclosures, the revelations… they are here, they are coming for you, angels on horseback.

On this day as well is a mystical configuration (a Yod) which reminds me of that famous Bernini sculpture of Saint Teresa that I post here from time to time. What the Yod does is create a crossroads in your life and creates the opening for you to walk through. You can look back if you want, but why? Although you may feel pulled in different directions, to your Scorpio House, to your Capricorn House, and feel torn between what’s familiar (your Sagittarius House, where the Sun is) and what you don’t understand yet, where the eclipse is happening, your future. You’re not supposed to understand it all now.

One more image I’m getting is of you standing on the diving board and it’s impossibly high. You don’t want to be up there. And you surely don’t want to jump. But get this: when you jump? You go up, not down. No fear.

Are you paying attention? 



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