MOTEL RECOVERY At The End Of The Year (GOODBYE 2017)

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"mars trine neptune"
This week we recover.

Christmas Eve recovery.
Christmas recovery.
December recovery. November recovery. 2017 recovery.
Recovery recovery recovery.

I DREW A CARD FOR US: Four of Wands. Something good.

"uranus going direct"

And there is FLOW to this week so I want to encourage you to REALLY check in to this deep deep recovery.

Restful *while* making progress. As though recovery is a place and time. MOTEL RECOVERY. Check yourself in, my friends. They have those little bottles of liquor and cable t.v. or whatever you need. Whatever you need. A comfortable bed.

Mars is trine Neptune this week. What does this mean? Passionate clouds. Do you hear me? PASSIONATE CLOUDS! 

This week’s Moon is Aries then Taurus then Gemini. That young part of the wheel. You are brand new.

Remember that Aries is FIRST, the first sign of the zodiac, spring buds. ENERGY IS HERE. Motel Recovery.

Do you feel this? Take this rest NOW. Why? Because the first week of January has a FULL MOON and Uranus going direct and other stuff. Other stuff.

So we are wrapping it up, my friends.
Goodbye 2017.
Goodbye PAST.
Goodbye PAIN.


"moon opposition saturn"

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Full Moon In Cancer This Week And Yes I’m Still Here

"full moon in cancer"

So this is the story:

I’m working on a book and my blog will probably stay neglected until then.

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AFTER I hand in my manuscript then I’ll have a moment to review what will become of the blog. The world has changed. The blog must change too.

How is everyone?

Let’s talk about the FULL MOON – this week – in Cancer, 22 degrees.
Full Moon of the MOTHER.

Don’t expect to feel detached. Well, if you read my blog, detachment probably isn’t your strong suit. Cancer is the most emotional of the water signs, of all the signs, and you know me – I consider that a good thing. We are the empaths and nurturers of the zodiac. We care, we heal, we feed, we swim in the deep waters. (And I apologize on behalf of all the asshole Cancers in your life.)

Now this Full Moon happens on the same day that Mercury (re) enters Capricorn (Mercury is direct now, as you know) AND we also have a Venus Neptune conjunction in Pisces – same day. Super water right? Cancer and Pisces! Moon and Venus and Neptune!

But our thoughts are in CAPRICORN. Saturn. Discipline. MIND OVER MATTER.

No matter how much we want to stay in bed and dream and eat and play we must get to work work work work. Sun in Capricorn and Pluto and Mercury again, all in Saturn ruled Capricorn – and hard aspects to fun Jupiter and crazy Uranus –

I know I know. You’re hurting and you need a break.

But the time for slowness and sweetness is LATER. I promise you this is true. You’ll get your cake batter but for now? Get to work. Nurture and rest when you can, in dribs and drabs. Don’t ignore your emotional and personal needs but prioritize THE WORK.

The work comes first now.


Monday Star: Winter Solstice, Yule, Sun Enters Capricorn

"full moon in cancer"
(from Pinterest)

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Monday is the Winter Solstice (where I live!).

My calendar is friendly. It lists these in this order:
Winter Solstice. Yule. Sun Enters Capricorn.

The Sun entering Capricorn means your Capricorn House gets LIT UP.
What does this mean for you? You tell me :) SUN WILL SHINE THERE. For me, the Sun is not malefic. It is LIGHT.

It’s my FIFTH – which is a fun house, creative, romantic. And yet for me it’s ruled by Serious Saturn.

Taurus Moon this day. Taurus energy is associated with Venus (she who waits) and the 2nd House (“moveable possessions”). It is a materialistic sign, concerned with the things of this world, the MATERIAL of this world. Sure thing a Taurus can be quite spiritual as well — there’s no contradiction there — but I’ve witnessed Taurus with a knowledge of and concern with the BEST of the material world. Even if they can’t afford it they know what it is when when they touch it (see it, taste it, smell it). Taurus rather have one amazing high quality pair of shoes than three cheap ones.

Moon sextile Neptune – psychic
Moon inconjunct Saturn – contradictory
Moon trine Pluto – deep
Moon sextile Chiron – soothing
Moon trine Mercury – head and heart agree

Mercury sextile Chiron – healing words

A harmonious day for the most part. The Moon Saturn inconjunct is work calling when you rather rest but it is the shortest day of the year so… go home early. Wait for the light of the Sun entering Capricorn or get your Saturnalia on ;)

Will you do special for the Solstice? 

Tarot for the Full Moon in Cancer!

Today’s Tarot 
2016 Capricorn Tarot-scope 
Stars This Weekend

ull Moon in Cancer is on December 25th, Xmas day. Uranus goes direct same day! Mercury Jupiter trine same day! VERY helpful aspect on a Cancer Full Moon! Capricorn trine Virgo is super grounded, solid, practical, and possibly busy. Four of Pentacles style. Solid in your seat. Sit tall. Lift the chin a little. Back arrow straight. And breathe.

Full Moon trine Neptune and inconjunct Saturn. Not a bad moon considering it’s CANCER the Emotional One. The orb to Saturn may be wide for some. Moon Saturn restricts the emotions but THEY ARE THERE, they do not get cancelled out, oh yes they are there, especially on a Full Moon. IN CANCER. Tears and beers. Nog? I don’t do Christmas (I’m just your friendly neighborhood Edgar Cayce loving Jewish Witch) although I love the lights. LOVE THE LIGHTS. And one Savior is as good as another. I’m open.

The Full Moon in Cancer asks:

Where is home? Are you at home? Who waits for you there?

All else is commentary.

Drawing from my new deck for you, ONE card for this heavenly event:

"full moon in cancer"
Eight of Wands
. You ready? Better be. Full Moons are FIRE whether or not they are in fire signs. The fire of KNOWLEDGE, revelation, culmination, news, TRUTH. I suspect you’ll know quite a bit more by December 26th. What to do and how to do it. And where to do it. And why. Uranus going direct is about as bright a light as it gets sky-wise at this time. No need to reflect. The answers come fast, furious, instant – over the course of this day. I predict! Watch for it. Listen for it. Open your eyes.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Flying Lessons

"saturn in sagittarius" From my Facebook: 

Thinking about Saturn in Sagittarius. So what else is new.

Today I call this transit “Flying Lessons.”

I call it something different every day.

See, some of us do alright in captivity. Maybe not thrive but we do more than survive. We build. A little more a little more a little more a little more until we got something.

But imagine this:  freedom.

How much more you’d have and be and do — of whatever you wanted to. And yes you know I’m talking about myself too.

And those on here who know me pretty well know EXACTLY where I’m captive and where I’m not and when the time comes — watch out world.

Like a comet. Did you know that if a comet is traveling fast enough, it may leave the solar system altogether?

Tell me what you think about that. I’m all ears. That you have a plan, even the tiniest flame of one, the smallest flame who ever lived! That’s all you need. For now. Saturn gets to 4 degrees Sagittarius this year and retrogrades back to Scorpio. You have time. But promise me. Promise me. Promise me YOU WILL NOT FAIL. And I’ll do the same.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer, y’all 


Blood Tonic: A Story for the Full Moon in Cancer

"saturn in sagittarius" Truth:

tomorrow’s Full Moon is a doozy. Winter white doozy. Full Moon in Cancer. It’s Grand Cross bloody but it’s a feeling. Your life may exhibit no noticeable changes.

Cancers live by feeling, by the light of the moon, by the dark of the moon.


It was a very odd week. My blood time came right on time — which wasn’t strange, but I had had a cold this week too and it was New Year’s so… I felt a bit lost in time except for a Peak Experience or two.

I had so much cabin fever built up that this evening, in the cold and rain, I went out to buy a few groceries with my little blue cart. I bought a bottle of red wine too. I rarely drink. I need to drink :) The right amount says Virgo Moon. No more, no less. Perfection in the mouth.

The woman at the wine store asked me if I wanted something light or heavy. I asked if she meant taste. Because I didn’t know what she meant — taste or….. something else.

I said, with100% certainty, HEAVY.

Give me the heavy red.

OH I know why it’s on my mind — since I’m getting an interest in herbs and herbalism and herbal medicine and folk magic etc etc etc etc etc I look for folks on youtube who can teach me and yesterday I stumbled upon an eccentric herbalist dude with a bunch of videos and I clicked on his BLOOD TONIC video (yes I am a bit blood obsessed: quality of blood richness as a primo health matter) and I watched him make a raw beet and red wine concoction.

"full moon in cancer" Then I watched him make his cold and congestion concoction of raw honey, brandy and essential oil of peppermint. I like him — he’s earthy. And a bit crazy maybe.

And just a week ago, I heard an herbalist speak at a local shop — she suggested eating beets on the first blood day.

More truth:

it doesn’t matter really if you bleed or not — doesn’t matter what phase of life you are in, whether you are male or female. What matters is the moon and her cycle and living with her cycle, not against it.

On a Full Moon we…. what?

On a Full Moon we feel it all. We don’t repress. We don’t hide. We don’t even try. We push the poison out.

I am taking big deep sips of this red red wine from a mini mason jar. I own no wine glasses. (Which reminds me of something else — I never realized before how much I love glass.)

It is the perfect amount for the Full Moon, for the evening before the Full Moon, for my life, deep and red, which I want to be deep and red again, in 2015.

It feels far from me now: passion.

So I toast you, Full Moon in Cancer. And you and you and you. May the first Full Moon of 2015 uncloak, uncork your fire joy passion flame heart, deep and rich and red as the beet, red as the wine.

Drink, my friends. Drink.

Love, MP

Mother is Here: Instructions for the Full Moon in Cancer: January 4th, 2015

"full moon in cancer" Full Moon Magick – Behold Sunday is the Full Moon in Cancer:

women reading this status update, we are only Day Two into 2015:

your moon cycle can assist you in releasing 2014 energeia – even if you do not bleed on a regular basis — or at all at this time in your life.

Those who have the blood avatar it may be easier because you can see it and experience the womb change — but otherwise use your imaginative forces this month, the kitchens of your body with their cups and containers pouring what must be let go into the blood and the blood leaving your body. Please do not hold onto it.

Whether this is your actual blood or you create it through visualization and meditation or proxy — doesn’t matter. What matters is your intention to gently kindly usher along, expel the entities and unhelpful memories and venom and shmutz from your emotional and physical 2014 body.

2014 medicine can’t help you.

On a New Moon we harvest what is hidden from view. On a Full Moon we harvest what can be seen and touched. Full Moon in Cancer this weekend.

If you need help moving into the New Year, you can always invoke spiritual help —

the spirit of moonlight will help you, the spirit of winter will help you, the spirit of wolf and bear, the spirit of little snow, the spirit of early morning and dew and paw print, the spirit of the cupboard and pentacle, the spirit of holy thistle and marjoram and birch, the spirits of reversal and uncrossing.

But for the transition to New Year, I prefer the blood spirit most of all.

"full moon in cancer" Full Moon Weekend, greetings to you!

Thank you for this Grand Cross in Cardinal signs, Chapter Infinity in the Book of Creation, revealing to us in full flower full expression WHERE AND HOW WE ARE STUCK.

Full Moon in Cancer comes to us — to destabilize and distort through her emotional wealth. She is coming to say to Capricorn Sun and Pluto and Vesta: LISTEN TO ME. Listen to MY BODY. Listen to my FEELINGS. Your illusion of control and sanity is BULLSHIT. Sanity is found in full flower full expression and TEARS of rage and grief and joy.

She squares the South Node in Aries, which are your past lives. She squares the North Node in Libra which is your unclaimed untamed future, source of frustration. She squares Uranus (conjunct the South Node) REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE which is you getting in your own way.

She is here to tell all of you: MOTHER IS HERE.

What shall we do for this honored guest?

Nourish her. Plan for her arrival and upon her arrival, nourish her, lavish her with tribute, set feast and drink at her table, and she, Full Moon She, will reward your household with New Year Snow Moon Blessing which is the blessing of Chava (Eve) and Lillith and all Marys and all mothers, protection and peace.

Love, MP

Virgo Constipation And The Full Moon In Cancer

I am roiling inside. Could it be the FULL MOON IN CANCER conjunct my Mars? Square my Jupiter as well. Squares are FRUSTRATION.

Could be :)

And, what’s more – I’m bored.

I posted on Facebook that I am NEVER EVER BORED. EVER.

Part of the reason I am bored today is because I can’t work, can’t use my brain.

I’m 43, peri-menopausal (can I be honest here? Yes I can and will) and this month my cycle has been out of whack and FINALLY I’m in the moon lodge after two weeks of false alarms and my brain is JELLY. I wasn’t even going to blog today. I had to cancel work. HAD TO. Because I Could Not Think. But then here I am, at least, forcing myself to write about my experiences.

Despite — because of — my massively Virgo influenced chart, I must get closer to my North Node in Pisces (she says with valiant intention). FLOW LET IT FLOW LET THE BLOOD FLOW and not just the blood but I think the blood not flowing as it needed to last month was merely a symptom of–

VIRGO CONSTIPATION of the spiritual kind, the life kind. SOMETHING IS NOT MOVING. The turds are small. The turds are hard. THE TURDS ARE NOT MOVING AND THEY NEED TO MOVE :)

“I’m on the move!” I told my husband today — as I sat on the chair in the kitchen, not moving. I’m on the MOVE! The only place I moved to was the bedroom, after finishing my cereal. Grumble grumble grumble Full Moon on my Mars grumble grumble grumble. And then I remember my Chariklo in Pisces being well aspected by this Full Moon, shall we discuss CHARIKLO? (I just like typing that. Chariklo).

What do YOU do when you are ROILING INSIDE and your body and mind are not able to participate or alleviate the roil? Not seeking advice! Just curious :)

You can make a greedy list of everything you’ll do when you feel better! Fantasize! That is one way to unite the Virgo/Pisces polarity.

And you can wait until the FEELING passes and pretend it never happened but NO that would mean something has been LOST something has DIED and hasn’t ENOUGH died in your arms and your dreams lately? Oh yes it has.

MY ADVICE: do not get comforted and snookumed by BOREDOM. TURN IT into FRUSTRATION – turn that trine into a square ;) so that when you (and me) feel good again we can fucking RISE and get on the move :)

That’s but one way to save a life and enjoy this Full Moon in Cancer evening in the Big City. Enough anesthesia junk food internet television bullshit WAKE THE FUCK UP AND RISE. And shine. And live. Health is wealth, my friends. Mental health. Physical health. Start there.

Love, MP


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Moon Magic For The Full Moon In Cancer

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Maybe you feel it already. The Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday the 15th.

Today the Moon will square nervous Uranus, trine caring Chiron, oppose powerful Pluto, conjoin jolly Jupiter. Busy enough for you? Emotional pyrotechnics. Crankiness. Protectiveness. Nurture yourself. Take good care. Cancer takes care of everyone in her grumbly grumbly way but don’t forget to take care of you.

The January Full Moon is the Quiet Moon, Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Moon of Little Winter (writes D.J. Conway) and I love this imagery, especially the Wolf Moon. Like many I’ve been watching Game of Thrones (and had a dream about Tyrion Lannister last night but that’s another story).

You know, I think we need rituals, we need magic, we need HELP. But it’s mostly about your thinking. If you can turn your thinking :::this way::: and see things for… not how they are, but how they ARE. It really is about shifting your perspective. It starts from inside (this adjustment) but then requires outside tinkering. Maybe you’ll light a candle. Maybe you’ll find a book of spells. Research the meanings of the January Full Moon. Create something beautiful, quiet, wolfy, and snowy. A snow globe. Now if that sounds way too messy for all you Virgos out there, use your imagination. My point is that I want you to… move a little to the left or a little to the right and tell me what you see. See deeper. Go all High Priestess here. Open up the box of treasures and look inside. That box of treasures is your life. And if you are under Saturn and have it locked up tight, you will miss this and every opportunity. You will miss the elves, you will miss the fairies :)

My suggestion — do a blessing or ritual or plan-making for your home. If you want to move? Set that intention. If you want to stay? Set that intention. If you want to beautify or maximize or seek protection. This especially fits because the Full Moon is in Cancer, sign of home and hearth. Write a prayer, an incantation, a wish, a desire. Dust off your altar. And… the rest is up to you.

I was back doing candle rituals but I realize I have to be extra careful now — one of the cats can jump up pretty high – to the top of the bookshelf now which is where I was lighting my candles these days so we’ll see but I definitely want to do something…

Pulled the 2 of Pentacles which tells me I really should make the time — during the Full Moon and everyday BECAUSE of all the juggling I’m doing :)

Do you have a ritual planned? What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP


My new site is here! There are many ways to work with me! You can subscribe. You can join a chat room. You can do Independent Study/Apprenticeship. We can design a Reading package just for you or indulge in my FOUR FOR THREE. Let me know what you need and we’ll figure it out! 

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Full Moon In Cancer: Wolves Howling

So much on my mind:  clients that I’m working intensely with, the upcoming Full Moon, and this, something I just posted in one of the chat rooms:

“Full Moon conjunct my Mars – I am already on emo overload! In the house of DREAMS. I am looking for my dream. I don’t know what to fight for. I think that’s Moon on my Mars. And all I “get” through my transmitter is EMOTION.”

Full Moon in Cancer next week, on the 15th, and the tightest aspect is to SATURN. A trine. It’s easy. Perfect. See, we NEED structure, we NEED containment for the flow the blood the flow the sweat the rain the grease tears spit snow rain wine flow blood. And so on :) We need this. Without it? We die. A puddle. Puddles dry up.

Full Moons are emotional. Full Moons are BRIGHT. News. Revelations. Visitations. Incantations. Full Moons oppose the Sun. Ego needs versus The Moon of the Tarot card: hidden depths, instincts, cycles, secrets coming out, WOLVES HOWLING. The wolves know. The wolves *always* know. The wolves gonna share their knowledge with you :)

My advice? Ignore the other aspects :) YES, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in the vicinity of this late degree Full Moon and YES Ceres and Vesta (in Libra), lovely goddesses SQUARE  the Full Moon BUT to quote a dear friend of mine today: YOU SET THE STANDARD. And that’s Saturn. You set the rules. You draw the lines.

This Full Moon is a Moon Saturn Full Moon and Moon Saturn is YOUR SPINE GODDAMMIT. It keeps you from FALLING OVER.

Your emotional intensity is your FUEL so get in the car already. You don’t have to know where you’re going to GET IN.

Full Moon at 25 (pretty much 26) degrees Cancer.

Love, MP


My new site is here! There are many ways to work with me! You can subscribe. You can join a chat room. You can do Independent Study/Apprenticeship. We can design a Reading package just for you or indulge in my FOUR FOR THREE. Let me know what you need and we’ll figure it out! 


The Stars Today: Fins 4 U

I’ve been under the weather with a stomach flu and hoping I’m on the mend. Not sure yet if I’ll return to my Readings later today or tomorrow… we shall see.

The weather turned snowy dampy sleety right around the time my sick kicked in. I kept having images of trudging through the dark cold although I was inside, occasionally on-line when I got tired of sleeping, listening to Gangaji videos from youtube and having the occasional Facebook conversation.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a big thank you to all my readers, clients, friends. I’m blessed. So many amazing special people have sought me out this year :) I think I’m growing in what I do. It’s changing a little. I’m beginning to live more in my Pisces North Node


Some Stars Today: this morning’s Full Moon was intense, tense for me. I was awake actually after sleeping many solid hours. Then at sunrise I headed out to the bodega around the corner, putting my day-clothes on over my pajamas :) Needed cat food, cat litter, and I sip coca-cola when my stomach’s down (only my bodega had it caffeine free). I open up the cap a bit and let it get flat.

A few hours later there was a moment, or two, where I could have made the wrong move. Wrong move meaning I avoided what could have been a nasty confrontation (not at the bodega but elsewhere). Dear Reader, I held my tongue and if i had had the energy to express what I was feeling, thinking? I would have regretted it.

I had forgotten about the Full Moon but took my own advice anyway: I had been advising people grace under pressure, to be Libra (the “empty leg” of the Full Moon in Cancer wicked tsquare) no matter what was coming at you.

Otherwise? Buck up says this sky. Sun in Capricorn has no time for whiners ;) not even when they have the flu. Mars, too, in Aquarius is no softie. Not that Mars is ever a softie but Aquarius is sleek and rigid, like the fins on a classic car. Handsome too usually. He’s applying in sextile to Uranus (hey there mutual reception!) so things are looking up in whatever house you find Mars in now. Mars Uranus in harsh aspect is accident prone but a sextile is a bright idea, a zap jolt, insight, electric.

Mercury and Venus are playful in Sagittarius so that’s your “release point.” Not in the emotional Moon as she waddles her way through the rest of Cancer but in Jupiter, Sag’s ruler, which, like Neptune, wants you to dream, imagine, seek, wander even if only in the mind. That’s what I plan on doing until I get back to work.

xo big love xo


So I’m delayed a couple days due to being sick but am scheduling Readings for January so non-crisis only at this time :) PayPal reserves your spot, like always. Scroll down to the end of this post for what’s on offer in January.

The Stars Today: Sun Sextile Chiron

I’ve been writing about acupuncture lately, which I sought for a problem that developed (i.e. couldn’t ignore it anymore) this year but of course Mr. Lee isn’t just going to put one needle in one point. He’s going to take into account the entire body. Needles so far in my forehead, ear, hands, arms, feet, legs, stomach. I must look like a fucking pin cushion. I can’t look. I have a needle phobia. Have I mentioned that part yet?

And my acupuncture sessions lead me to tremendous emotional release (a topic I was also writing about on Christmas) which wasn’t why I sought out Mr. Lee in the first place. I thought I was dealing with the physical body only. Yeah right. As if.  I’d prefer that a physical symptom be just that. Easily treated. Getting well can feel like an impossible dream.

But what I wanted to mention today is this: how just a couple days ago I was wishing there were a therapist on site to help process the feelings right after acupuncture BUT I realized today (drumroll please!) the release itself is the point. The release itself (tears, qi moving again) has value. THAT is the healing. Do you get what I’m saying because I just barely do. The release ITSELF heals. The processing/thinking is optional and may or may not lead you anywhere.

It’s like pee :) You have to pee. You have to get it out. You don’t sit there and analyze (yes I have my Moon in Virgo) the contents and history of that particular pee, what you ate, what you drank. Sometimes the processing is a delay tactic, delays the healing. The body wants to hold on to its sickness until it is prodded into letting it go. Until the body knows, believes, it is OKAY to let it go.

So my question today for you isn’t about the current sky although the current sky includes Mars getting ready to move into my AHA 6th House of health and healing :) my question is this: what does health look like for you? Do you think about it? Are you having a 12th House or 6th House transit? Or a 1st House transit?

Suddenly I also realize that the more I release these… children… thinking of trapped emotions in the body as my children, the more I let them go, the more I stop holding on, the clearer I’ll be able to see.

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on Friday and she’ll oppose (fight with, refuse emotional balance with) Sun Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto on the Sun intensifies the ego/identity/self of self while making it feel like shit. Pluto is the death drive and conjunct the Sun creates enormous strength desire will, will power, but easy for it turn paranoid tyrannical. Uranus in Aries squares this trinity. It’s a bad, very bad, dinner party. Somebody (or everybody) goes home crying. Doesn’t have to be you though. You can be the one to send the consoling message, the one who reaches out.

Before we get to that point though, the Sun in Capricorn is sextiling Chiron (right now) which is appropriate for my healing journey and yours too. The Sun is you. Chiron in Pisces is the Christ (and I mean that universally, in an Edgar Cayce way).

If you find yourself at a loss on Full Moon day, be Libra (as I was mentioning before). Grace under pressure. And who knows? Quite possible 7 Cancer is well aspected in your chart and that will soften any stress. Saturn in Scorpio trines the Full Moon. Your emotions are real. Your instincts are right on. I’m trying to think of a suggestion, a ritual, for you and what comes to mind is that movie Like Water For Chocolate. Remember the scene where the girl cries into the dish she’s making. Do that but in reverse. Not tears of heartache, but of freedom. To quote Elizabeth Bishop: rainbow rainbow rainbow and I let the fish go!



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Can’t Find The Lesson? Another One For The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"When you can’t find the lesson, you get frustrated. Why didn’t you get what you wanted? Or, why did the bad thing happen?

And you can apply this to little things that hurt or the big things. And it’s not like you didn’t try to fix it. You did. We all have Virgo (self-improvement!) somewhere in our charts ;)

It’s a cliche by now to say that Saturn in Scorpio compels us to go deeper into what hurts us and why, compels us because the ugly stuff is coming up again, the return of the repressed.

Imagine a situation of lost love. That you pushed someone away. And you tried to get them back. Or maybe they died. It’s over. And life has this weird habit of continuing on no matter how much you hurt. Your world stopped but the rest of the world didn’t.

If you are a creative person, you may think: I must build a monument to this love. A monument of screams because I cannot stop screaming on the inside. Screaming fills up the empty space.

The good news :) is that the Full Moon in Cancer is a cosmic expectorant. Feelings will arise and lead you to the “lesson,” what you need to know, but you have to follow them back. See, someone hurt you this bad before, early on, and it’s taken root and has been growing all this time, wild weed, and like a good little Saturn in Scorpio soldier, your job is to yank that fucker out and look at it and say “Hey. You. I’m here now. Here to stay.”

One other piece of advice: if you want to make contact with someone who’s gone, living or dead, send a message. This week is a good for that. Not just because of Christmas and Mars entering less emotional Aquarius but the Sun (you) will conjunct Pluto (your power) this Sunday. We are already under the influence of this transit. Sun conjunct Pluto is an end, yes, but also a beginning.


You Look Good When You Cry: Full Moon In Cancer, December 28th

I expect the Full Moon to be an emotional time for us all, but not in a bad way. I can say this :) I have my Sun (my essence), my Mercury (mind) and my Mars (what drives me, what I fight for) in the teary-eyed sign of Cancer. I may not like everything I feel, but I do not fear the feelings themselves.

In fact, the process of releasing them is necessary, I have found, for emotional/physical health. Otherwise, for example, we tend to eat our feelings (how many cookies?) or drink our feelings or fuck or work away our feelings, numb them. Anything but feel what’s inside us, raw. The cry of a baby to the universe: feed me! hold me! LOVE ME? Please?

Your feelings are not dangerous but a Full Moon in Cancer caught between the Uranus Pluto square may cause pressure, confrontation with others so be Libra. Libra is the “empty leg” in this tsquare. Grace under pressure. Diplomacy and smiles no matter what they throw at you. Remember, somewhere, there is a parade being thrown in your honor :)

I believe this is a decisive, forward-moving Moon. Not just a “truth comes out” Moon or a “releasing” or “letting go” moon but a power-moon. You’ve been hemming and hawing (for whatever reason) despite knowing exactly what you need to do. But you watched t.v. instead. Or went shopping instead. Or complained instead. Or hoped it would change on its own instead. And that is fine, that is perfect. But this grace period has ended. It will return of course. But for now, you got to move. Full Moon in Cancer will push you.

My advice is this: enjoy your Christmas, if you celebrate, without a care in the world. No matter what you’re facing, no matter how devastating, no matter your daily worries. Even, especially, if you’re alone. Enjoy it beyond all reason. Radical pleasure, radical joy and enter the Full Moon moment from that wellspring. You, too, are the baby in the barn, holy beyond reason.

xo sending love xo


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You Belong To Me: Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"When you have nothing to lose, you have the most to gain. 

A friend was talking about the infamous mid-life Uranus opposition (that NOW OR NEVER feeling) and she’s been through it and I’m going through it now, actually the end of it. Uranus opposition Uranus: where are you going? Where have you been? Now or never now or never now or never.

Uranus went direct opposite my Uranus, 4 degrees! And yes it has been liberating. Certain supports (transiting Uranus in my 8th House) have fallen away, needed to fall away. Expect the unexpected is what they say about this wild planet although in certain instances I made the first move to try to soften the blow. And shocking stuff still happened.

I’m bringing up Uranus because Uranus is part of the lovely ;) cardinal tsquare we’ll be under courtesy the Full Moon in Cancer on December 28th.

Momma Luna will oppose Pluto (feels like an angry dog to me) and square Uranus (an angry crazy hungry dog. No offense to the dogs out there!) but we also have a grand trine in water to soak your head if need be: Full Moon/Saturn/Neptune-Chiron. More traditional astrologers may not include all these heavenly bodies for the trine but I do. The energy is there as I’m fond of saying.

A Full Moon causing a tsquare in cardinal signs hmm hmm hmm I think you will want to take action, particularly in your early-degree Libra House. You may race to partner. You may race to make peace. Other scenarios: there could be a decision made that’s not in your favor. News you can no longer avoid. At least now you know. Doesn’t mean it won’t burn you up inside.

Before this blog post gets any more ominous, I’ll pull a card here. A card for my fine feathered friends who keep up with my blog, believing we are one soul-group (no, not the Four Tops) having been reincarnated together (shhh don’t make fun. I’m living my Pisces North Node these days and I actually do believe in this: karmic groups)…

Knight of Wands. LOVE IT. Love this card. I often see this when someone is moving, changing house. However stuck you feel now? It’s like a loose tooth, okay? You wiggle it with your tongue. An uneasy feeling. Icky. Normal kids don’t yank it out :) they wait for it to get looser and looser and looser and then FINALLY. Space! FREEDOM. And the ivory jewel in your hand. Perspective. And then a gift from the tooth fairy princess lady dude whatever.

That’s what this Full Moon is. And the space is the Libra part of your chart. There’s an opening. A portal (a word I like a lot). A VORTEX but it’s not sucking you in. Instead it’s… letting you go.


xo sending love xo

Song for the Full Moon in Cancer Carly Simon – You Belong To Me


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Teaching Astrology And The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer 2012"
full moon in cancer

As the Moon in Cancer heads to Full, I want to ask you where you feel Full in your life. Where you have enough. Nourished, nurtured, fed, fed from the breast. The milk of life!

And, then, conversely, where you feel lack. Find your Cancer/Capricorn axis and go from there. Put it together. Your puzzle. Your life. Right?

Something’s gonna finish in that Cancer House of yours. Something’s gonna result. Culminate. More light than usual. More insight. More understanding. Just… MORE.

Or it may not be a “finish” or an “end” but a… FINALLY!


On another but related topic: tonight I had my first student (first student since I was an English teacher a zillion years ago). It was fairly informal chart-reading tips and tricks and stuff and insight and conversation (and food!) and it was a lot of fun for many reasons.

But I swear when I start tuning in… to someone… in person… it’s just a very intense energy. Not that I was intending to tune-in because we were looking at her friend’s chart but I couldn’t help it!

Doing readings by email circumvents this intensity but if I am going to start doing more of this in person this year, I’ll have to figure out how to manage it. Should be… interesting.

Are you feeling the Full Moon this evening? 


In Praise Of Fragility: Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"
baby baby baby

Sensitive people get a bad rap. Or, at least, they used to. I know I did. All my life, growing up: “You’re too sensitive!” And I was, I was.

But that’s what Saturn is for, right? To give the Cancer some Capricorn balancing, some ground, some inner Authority instead of always seeking the parental.

Some Saturn to toughen up the most delicate flowers among us and I don’t mean the no mercy drill sergeant kind of thing like the Hebrew teacher I am recalling This Very Moment. :::shuddering:::

I’m talking about Growing Up, which the sensitive among need to not be so frightened of, which reminds me of a related topic — was talking to a client the other day and she was wishing for *more* sensitivity, *more* emotionality and yet, to my mind, her wishing it was so and her descriptions of being moved by certain works of art, well, I didn’t find her lacking at all.

The Moon, heading towards Full, is at 1 measly degree of Cancer now, trine Chiron in Pisces. Trine Neptune (out of sign). Trine Saturn out of sign! Momma’s not alone for this transit. The whole family is there. Even easily irritated Mars in Virgo will lend support.

A story about my niece: the last time I saw her she was… 6, I think. Now she’s 12. Even as a wee thing she had a powerful domineering Capricorn Sun and Capricorn Mars in the 7th House opposing a Cancer Moon in the 12th House. Never saw that Cancer Moon until the night before I left when she cried and cried, in public, at a restaurant, sitting next to me, cried and cried that I was leaving. Didn’t even know her chart until later on.

How can Cancer be anything but strong, the Mother, and yet fragile, the baby who needs protection. I think this is normal.

Do you live the opposite of your Sun? Where does the Full Moon fall in your chart? What houses will it light up?


The Stars Today: The Good Earth

"moon in taurus"

Look at the sky: Sun in Earth, Moon in Earth, Mars in Earth, Jupiter and Pluto: Earth.

How strong do you feel? How strong do you want to feel? 

I didn’t feel so well today. Took off from my other job but at some point in the afternoon, I felt my mind come together and returned to finish in-progress readings and start some new ones.

Baruch Hashem (“Blessed is his name” i.e. Thank God) as my people say :)

The day is over now, the work day is over, so I thought I’d take a look at the Stars Today, and not review the day, but look, just look, and noticed, once again, the Heavenly Earth we’ve got.

While the Moon is finishing up her time in Taurus, find the beauty in your world. I promise you it’s there even when it’s sliver-size, like the eye of a needle. It’s in your body, to name just one place you can find it.

I feel endings, things changing, forward moving, all our personal planets are in the mid to late degrees which signals the shifting. We’re almost done. With what? And we’re beginning. What? 

Earlier today, I came home from a walk around the corner to the bagel place and shared with my roommate how I was feeling. That even though I was sick, I felt strong underneath, my bones, my muscles, core, inside —  felt strong. That the sickness was temporary, something overlaid, a transparency. It was an interesting feeling, to notice this. To notice my own good earth.

And a funky thing I noticed for you mathy, gematria type peeps, Pluto is half the Sun now i.e. Pluto is at 7 Capricorn and the Sun is at 14! So there!

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We Are The Moon: Feeling The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"
we are the moon

The events of the last few days have me feeling really confused and yet in touch with my fate, destiny, Spirit, the future, I don’t know what to call it, but I feel it, and I believe it is Full Moon related: news, revelations.

And the Moon hasn’t even left Taurus yet…

Some of us Cancer peeps (Suns, Moons, Risings) are pretty damn sensitive to this stuff — we are the Moon!

And none of this is bad, just… out of the blue (Full Moon in my 11th). Maybe a hint or two along the way recently but… these culminations (another Full Moon key word) have surprised me truly.

I’m not even sure what to think so I’m trying not to and yet I can’t help it! My Virgo Moon is yearning to process and START FEELING but too much is… unsaid at the moment. Too much is.. yet to be revealed and perhaps Full Moon Day itself or the days shortly thereafter will reveal more.

What’s happening in your life? Are you feeling twinges of what’s-to-come? 


The Triggering Town And The Full Moon In Cancer: What’s The Source Of Your Heartache?

"full moon in cancer 2012"
the triggering town

Thanks everyone — you’ve been leaving wonderful thoughtful comments on the blog and I am grateful.

Wanted to mention that I’m under the weather at the moment so am slow to respond, but I will once I’m back up and at it! Tomorrow hopefully.

Walking geriatric dogs in the freezing weather yesterday definitely did me in. But I shall prevail! (Well, I shall prevail tomorrow, God willing.)

In the meantime, yesterday I had written a little blog post while I was on the road so read on…

The Triggering Town is the name of a book by American poet Richard Hugo and I read it as an undergrad. It’s not a book of poems though; it’s prose and from what I recall, about the process of making a poem. And how the poem’s trigger may be different from what results.

(Hell, it’s been a while. I should find it on ebay.)

What made me think of this? That word trigger and how we get triggered, how current pain or loss or grief or ache triggers the past and if we can only get a handle (god, there’s got to be a better word) on the past, give credit where credit is due… then we won’t hurt so much in the present.

For example, let’s say your relationship is breaking up. You are being left. Or maybe you are doing the leaving. In either case, the pain is enormous. Well maybe, just maybe, and I am kinda Freudian, but maybe, and likely, much of your present pain is connected to what came before — and if you can trace it back and acknowledge it, find the source(s), you gain perspective, and then the current bad guy (or bad girl) loses some of their power over you.

This is classic psychoanalysis. It’s not news even though Full Moons bring us news and the Full Moon in Cancer is this weekend.

But try it. Really. Try it. The next time you feel like shit, think to yourself: what does this remind me of? Trace it back. Do I sound like your friendly neighborhood therapist? Well, there’s a reason for that. I’ve had a lot of therapy over the years! (Not for a while though…)

I promise, this kind of thinking will likely lead you somewhere and hopefully to feeling more empowered and take the sting out of the present and make you a little bit more… sane.

I’m really into the sanity thing these days.


Cuz it’s not like these wounds that hurt so much come out of NOWHERE. They are linked back back back.

And because sometimes, sometimes, the hurt we are feeling now over him, over her, isn’t about him, or her, at all. Realize this and you won’t feel so humiliated or ashamed or stupid. Sure, you’ve got patterns to work through but… don’t give your power away so easily. He’s just a dumb guy ;) (or girl)

And their leaving you or being mean to you or whatever triggers that old pain which surfaces and screams: DEAL WITH ME.

Which you can then choose to do. Or not. Just be… aware.

So that’s the Triggering Town. Go there. Visit the place. It may look the same as you remember. It may look different. But go there now. As a tourist. You won’t be moving in. Don’t worry about that. You’re not a child anymore. But you can look through the window or walk in the door or… if that’s too scary, you can just find the town on the map and say, “No thanks.” 

And then pack your bags for good.

But remember, it’s a process. And while Mars is in Virgo we have the energy for this! Even MORE when Mars go retrograde will we have this energy for deep inner processing, work.

And this: revisit your 4th House for some clues on 1) where you come from and what hurt you  2) how to (re)build the life you want

PS And if you are waiting on me to finish a reading or schedule one, I do hope to be feeling better tomorrow. Friday for sure. Fingers crossed. 


Weird Things Are Happening Already: Full Moon In My 11th House

"full moon in cancer 2012"
C is for Full Moon in Cancer and Cookie

Where’s the upcoming Full Moon for you?

My previous post made mention of the 11th House being the house associated with Aquarius (weird) although of course you may have a different sign on this house cusp….

This Full Moon sits between my Cancer Sun and Cancer Mercury (with Mars right there too).

I don’t have any planets in the 5th house (Saturn ruled, for me) but the Cancer Full Moon not only crabcrawls through 11th House issues, but talks to the 5th House as well (these houses oppose each other on the wheel).

Are you making connections already regarding your own chart and the upcoming Loony Moony Moon?

Prepare for some Emotional Experiences :) no matter your sign. Not because this Full Moon is poorly aspected in the sky but because it’s CANCER, the sign of our FEEEEEEEEEEELINGS and Full Moons are emotional and things come to light and some of you may be very airy fairy and not accustomed to tiptoeing (or slamdancing) through THE MOOOOOODS.

Embody the Spirit of the Cancer. 

My suggestion: watch a tear-jearker, eat cookies.



Full Moon In Cancer – January 9th, 2012

"full moon in cancer 2012"
the first full moon of 2012!

There will be news of some kind for you this Full Moon.

Cancerian news. Capricornian news. Mom? Family? How you take care of yourself? Home?

What are you Mothering in your life? 

Or take the Capricorn side of it: what are you fathering? where are you building? 

Both these signs are concerned with SECURITY.

And you know what I’m going to say next, that you’ve got to find the houses this lunation will activate in your chart.

Other things to remember: Full Moons push up and out your emotions (especially with this one in Cancer).

Full Moons are bright light, potent for ritual work.

Full Moons end.

Full Moons finish.

Full Moons bring the results. Illumination!

Full Moons are very take-stock because it’s cards-on-the-table time.

We SEE by the light of the Full Moon.

We SEE how we’re doing and again it’s how we’re doing in our Cancer/Capricorn houses.

So get your coffee and your elephant ear and your broken cell phone ;) and visit your chart because you’ll want to locate what in your natal is aspected by this Moon.

Me? This Loony Moony Moon sits right between my Sun and Mercury in my 11th House. Sextiles my Moon and Pluto in the 1st. Squares my Jupiter in the 2nd. Trines my Neptune in the 3rd. Sextiles my Saturn in the 9th…

And you?