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The Stars Today And A Meditation For All Festivals Of Light This Season 2

What’s on my mind this morning: the question of “what’s next” and not asking “So Now What!” so continually: hello Mr. Fix-It-Mars-in-Virgo looking for the next problem to solve and fix it before the fear gets out of hand, the fear of your wooly life so tremendous. Sit still instead, like a tree, be the […]

CorkyThe Cork Says Plug Plug Plug (Moon Pluto People) 6

The thing about intense emotions is… drum roll please… they are YOURS to play with. Mars is in Leo, folks! Time to play. These intense emotions are not your mother’s or your lover’s or your neighbor’s or your dog’s. They are your beautiful feelings. And they are there for you to USE. What do you […]

Moon Pluto People In Relationship (Part @#%*!) 1

I was deleting old messages from my phone and found this. It’s possible I’ve already, um, posted this but some things bear repeating. Whether this is one of those things, I’m not sure ;) More about Moon Pluto People in relationship: I used to project my Emotional Intensity. I used to think IT was the […]

One Good Reason To Tweet And Why I Love Astrology 6

I’ve still got Sagittarius on my mind because I like chatting with Jason of Sagittarius Mind on Twitter. Or do I say that I enjoy “tweeting with” Jason of Sagittarius Mind on Twitter? I don’t know. All I know is that he’s chatty, as am I. At times. And in one of his tweets today, he […]