Making Peace With Chiron: God’s Highway

"chiron return"
When I first learned astrology, all those years ago, in that class in New York City, near Penn Station, from a real Occultist, a real Magician, I learned about Chiron. He included Chiron in the chart. Not everyone does.

Some folks do not include Chiron or do not consider him as important as the other outer planets or slow movers.

I wish I didn’t.

I wish we didn’t have a Chiron or need a Chiron.

I wish all of us were without wounds. But this is not “Moshiach time” as a lady I once worked for would probably say. In plain English, this isn’t heaven on earth. Yet.

We have our wounds and they need a representative(s). Chiron is one of these. He makes sure we are continually reminded of our vulnerability. Fragility. Humanity. It’s soooo painful, says Chiron. Can you soften when you are reminded of this instead of hardening your heart? I’ll try too.

Over the years I’ve met more than one astrologer who felt Chiron could NOT be healed, that this wound always opens and re-opens throughout our lives, depending on the transit and our life experiences. This has been my perspective too, and I always felt those “love and light” astrologers were full of shit.  You know the ones I mean? The ones who talk about how great Saturn and Pluto are as if their transits were theme park rides. Life is hard.

No one wants to be writhing in pain all the time and we’re not, for the most part, hopefully, ideally, AND YET those of us who are the explorers and seeker and deep divers, well, we live on a sharp edge. We get hurt. We trust. Many of us are empaths, artists, believers in the invisible.

Question: how to make peace with Chiron. That something will always hurt, has the potential to always hurt, and can get triggered pretty much any time. What do we do? Can we make peace? What do we do? So let’s say Chiron can’t be healed. And let’s say we are so wounded, so so so so wounded. And we try to work and love and be and live whatever life we have and… Chiron. Always Chiron.

“They say” we are supposed to take knowledge from our personal pain. That it’s a gift we can eventually give. Teach. That we can help others. I do believe this is true. Take our writhing and our sorrow and straighten up and strengthen and be a lighthouse for others, be a help, be a heart, life preserver.

Today I reached out to a friend. I was so bummed about something and she was there for me and she showed me good things when all I had to say was sorrowful things. She was a good mirror. She was good.

It was Chiron that was talking, my essential wound. My rejection. Not my filth. That’s Pluto. Not my punishment. That’s Saturn. But my Chiron. My essential wrongness. In all of us there is a place deep inside that just feels incapable of redemption, fixing, perfection, help. That’s Chiron’s curse and the irony is we really can hold others up, comfort others, even when we feel beyond that same help.

Maybe that’s the only way to make peace with Chiron. To give him voice. Speak about the wound. Speak loudly about the wound. Sing it. I’m not sure I ever do. Yes another way is to counsel others and be a good friend but I think there has to be this other way because for many of us giving counsel is not our path. But in this age of social media we can all speak out and take pain out of the dark and make it plain and SEEN. And heard.

Chiron says: I’m not good enough. I’m not X enough. The X is whatever House he’s in for you. That House becomes a black sun. X it out. Cross it out. Ignore it. Until BAM you are forced to confront your brokenness once again.

Advice: find a friend.
Advice: if you don’t have a friend find good counsel who will comfort you. Advice: if you don’t have a friend or counsel find GOD (Goddess, a candle, a Saint).

FIND IT. Because even if writhing in pain occasionally is inevitable, so is solace.

Have you made peace with Chiron? 

Are You Under Hard Transits? Read This First

"jupiter in libra"There’s all this change going on and we are being asked to NOT hold onto the past.

The past had its virtues yes. The past got us HERE but something else, something *better* is being asked of us now.

It’s a call. It’s a calling. But you have to get quiet and listen. You have to get quiet and hear your own particular call. What your life wants of you. What your God or Goddess/Higher Power/Fate wants of you. Things can’t remain the same.

If you try to block it, if you go kicking and screaming (as my teacher would say)… and then I forget how he ended that sentence.

But he was expressing the frustration of the planets, of the transits, of LIFE. He was speaking FOR life. He was saying pretty much DON’T go kicking and screaming under that hard transit. Allow yourself to be changed. Allow it.

And I will add:

allow it because if you block this or try to block this you also block the good. Your fear of change may be blocking the good.

Can you feel this? Parts of your world crumbling? The pieces are all around you and you scramble to maintain something which is no longer functioning and you fear of course you fear that you will lose what little you have.

Well, I made this discovery yesterday for myself, not theory or reading it but FEELING it, as I am tending to feel something crumble around me as I struggle to maintain it, give it life support, when maybe it needs to die.

And you know what I’m going to say. That death presumes resurrection! You just don’t know what or who you will come back as yet


The more you ALLOW the process… the greater your chance of success. Allow. This is a mindset and an action. Allow.

Say it:

I allow what needs to come through to come through. I trust you. I believe you will steer me right. No matter the past. No matter the mistakes. Illusions. Pain. In the blink of an eye it’s gone. It’s all gone and like the Fool card we have a clean slate. It’s like when you move and your old address is printed on the check. Cross out the old address. You don’t live there anymore.

When you are under hard transits that is what you must do: listen and allow.

If structures or ways of life are crumbling for you and you have no idea what will be built? Of course you are afraid. That’s normal and natural and okay. And breathing, listening, and allowing (i.e. surrendering. Isabel Hickey chose SURRENDER as one of her Pluto higher vibration keywords) will see you through.

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Attack Of The Living Chirons!

"sun square pluto"Not even Sun in Cancer yet and I’m thinking a lot about family.

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I am feeling my mother around me. I am listening to music that I loved so much when I was in high school (falling into a Big Star worm hole here). And now calling my Uncle every Sunday. Family. Early years.

Sun in Cancer is THE primo time for this, ya? And it doesn’t have to be sad. It doesn’t have to be happy either. But I won’t blame you if you can’t stop thinking about WHO IS THERE.
Who you can count on.
Who is gone and never coming back. They were never there to begin with. Or maybe for a second of a second of a second. But you got born anyway.
Love and abandonment.
(Cheerful MoonPluto at your service ;))

Chiron goes retrograde on Friday.

A good friend of mine is under a massive Chiron attack. I suspected she’d been feeling depressed but I had thought she was under some damn good transits. I took a look.

Chiron Return. Chiron square Sun! There were a couple others too. Not happy Chiron, not happy. Moral of story: it pays to pay attention! See, it helps to know what’s happening in your chart so you can gauge the timing and make a plan, including exploration of that heavenly body’s purpose and natal situation in your chart. And that’s just for starters.

CHIRON RETURN IS A RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. The original crime. The original wound. Why? For healing. Yeah. I know this kind of talk probably BORES YOU. Because you thought you were already healed. That you had nothing left to heal. Or you don’t want to heal, you don’t want to deal. Listen. You want your life to get better? It gets better when you stop avoiding this stuff. Of course it’s your choice. But it all comes back in the end. Return of the Repressed. And then it comes out in weird dysfunctional ways if you don’t open it up, take a look, and send yourself back to those moments where you felt so alone. Send yourself back. This is Reiki talk. This is soul retrieval. You can GO BACK THERE and lend a hand. Otherwise the same mistakes, the same depression, the same fear…

This is my belief. Your mileage may vary.

Chiron Return is this… BIG HELLOOOOO. HELLO IN THERE!!! It’s the big you peering into the soul of the baby/child you TO STOP THE BLOOD. I often see a giraffe face. Really. A giraffe bending his/her face down to mine.

Chiron is a major player in my chart. I was born on a Chiron station. 8th House Chiron. And maybe we never figure it all out. I don’t think we have to. But if our lives keep… not living up to our desires then… time to do something different.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AFRAID. Not anymore. But you do have to… slow down, get off the drugs, get off automatic pilot. And by “drugs” I mean… anything that keeps you prisoner — whatever the addiction is. Don’t you want to know your own life? Instead of just running from thing to thing, place to place, person to person?

Gonna draw one card for the folks under their Chiron Return:

Ooooohhh King of Swords. Honesty. What is just. What is fair. UNFLINCHING. Because you didn’t get it then. You didn’t get what was just and fair. And this is a LOGIC King. No blindfold here, no emotional sway. He sees oh yes he sees. Kings (says Mary K. Greer) are SHAMANS. This King has come to SAVE YOU. It’s your own mind.

Love, MP

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