So I Got On A Plane: The Healing Power of Chiron in Aries

"chiron in aries"
Chiron in Aries: no time to waste

Chiron in Aries: crush the disease
Chiron in Aries: what do we want? HEALING! When do we want it? NOW. 

It’s like a television show wrap-up, after the finale. We have to talk about Chiron in Pisces. What did it mean? What did we learn? How do we say goodbye?

A gal in one of my chat rooms mentioned this – that some of my Chiron in Aries writing so far (look here) was helping her gain perspective.
She is Chiron in Pisces generation. I am Chiron in Aries.

I’m a very HOUSE oriented astrologer when there are houses available (when we have a birth time) so I am thinking about what will change when Chiron leaves my 7th House. You may want to do the same. What part of your chart is Chiron leaving? 

The sign Chiron is in describes HOW we try to get well, when healing ourselves or others — and I do identify Chiron as healing activity: medicine, magick, help, treatment — as well as our areas of focus. Chiron in Aries: HEAD CHAKRA. CROWN.

I wrote on my Facebook yesterday that Chiron in Aries will bring us medical breakthroughs. Will there be new treatments for burn victims or a cure for migraines? Aries and Mars rule fire and headaches.

Chiron in Pisces brought us spiritual and metaphysical “cures” and courses of study, such as the trendiness of everything tarot and astrology and occult these days. Shamans shamans everywhere! This was Chiron in Pisces for sure – the spirit as healing agent but with Chiron in Aries it won’t be as soft. It won’t be as compassionate. Aries is more hurry, more ego, more SELF.

Pisces is anti-self, anti-ego. See where I’m going here? Pisces is ALL ARE ONE. Aries is I AM ONE! The individual!

We are shifting from Jesus the lover to Jesus the fighter. Turn the other cheek was Chiron in Pisces. Throwing out the money changers from the temple is Chiron in Aries.

This Chiron in Pisces tarot and magick trend will cease to matter or be way less everywhere than it is now – and replaced by what? Car parts? What does Aries healing look like? Here’s one idea:

The holy masculine. And the holy masculine is more than car parts.

Chiron in Pisces was soggy. At worst, self pitying energy. Wet gushy attempts at healing trauma but ineffective inadequate platitudes. WHY ME type of energy.  I HURT. But Chiron in Aries is angry. I HURT AND I AM ANGRY. Winning at healing. Self-care. Self-cure

Why I believe Chiron in Aries will bring us modern medical breakthroughs may be my own intuition more than anything, but I feel the Aries wave coming and I feel like those of us Chiron in Aries generation will finally truly understand what Chiron in Aries wants from us because we will feel the CONTRAST (between Pisces and Aries). We will feel the compulsion to BURN WHAT NO LONGER SERVES US. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN.

This is not to say that the entire Chiron in Pisces generation did nothing but wallow. The opposite is true for Chiron in Pisces brought and still brings true healing for many and Chiron in Pisces people are HEALERS. MORE GOD.

But there just won’t be much patience anymore for wimpy escapist inspiration. You may notice FEWER sunset yoga memes on Instagram. Not totally eradicated but less and less and to be replaced by a more MASCULINE style and imagery of helping, fixing, healing. Resurgence of men’s movement, men’s groups. HURRY UP AND HEAL.

Mars is anger. Mars is brute force. Join the army. Use anger as therapeutic tool. Leeches come into fashion again. Bloodetting. Cutting and self-harm in the news again. More tattoos.  More talk about women’s menstrual cycles as innate healing wisdom. Mars rules blood. Mars rules boxing. Sports and fitness on social media expand even more. More strength training, especially for women (this trend has already started but not peaked yet).

Here’s an example of Aries and Mars energy from Grey’s Anatomy (I am their biggest fan).

Owen and Teddy have a complicated past. They were together in Iraq, both doctors. Teddy was in love with Owen. Owen was engaged. Back in Seattle Owen falls in love with Cristina, but Teddy was in love with Owen. Then she fell in love with someone else…

OKAY LONG STORY SHORT this week on Grey’s Anatomy: both Teddy and Owen are single but Teddy lives in Germany and Owen impulsively hops on a plane to go see her and pledge his love and desire.

I’m not gonna tell you how it ends but THAT IS MARS, THAT IS ARIES. One discussion with his ex and he’s on a plane to Germany to tell Teddy let’s do this!!! HELLO MARS!

Chiron in Pisces would HOLD SPACE or meditate. Should I visit Teddy? Maybe I’ll think about it, draw a couple Tarot cards, not follow their advice, ask my guides.

Chiron in Aries gets on the plane. Chiron in Aries flies the plane. Chiron in Aries IS THE PLANE.

And because Chiron in Aries is obvious, lays it all on the table, you may miss the opportunity if you don’t jump when Aries says jump because before you know it they are long gone.

Any questions? 
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Celebrate The Wound: Chiron In The Birth Chart

"venus conjunct chiron"

Worst case scenario:

This is what Chiron is, in the birthchart. This is what Chiron shows. The worst case scenario. This is what I found myself saying to a client the other day: that where Chiron is – in the birth chart – is that person’s WCS.

She’s got a Venus Chiron conjunction. That’s how this blog post was born.

And forever and ever we get triggered, when something (a transit, a person’s chart) touches our Chiron (and any planets near our Chiron).

I said to her: as soon as you start to love (Venus), your Chiron (your worst case scenario, your wound) wakes up.

I hate it when people say: oh the worst case scenarios don’t happen because of course they do. Her partner’s wife died in an accident. And there was a man I went out with. Same story. Here then gone. My mother went into the hospital and didn’t come out a day later. And often the WCS isn’t death at all. It’s surviving something no one should have to bear.

This is your Chiron. Somewhere in your chart, the unthinkable happened. That house, those aspects. And you get triggered, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I said to her:

You can’t not feel both. Venus AND Chiron. This won’t keep you from happiness or keep you from love, but you must surrender to being the healer and to being healed. Surrender to help and helping. To hurt and hurting.

To find Chiron in your own chart, you have to know how to read your chart. It’s actually pretty simple once you know the ground rules. There are free charts available on line of course and Google is your friend. Dig around. This is also something that we can talk about in a Reading so let me know.

Sometimes I see a Chiron placement in someone’s chart and wonder how it feels to them, that their wound feels as bad as mine does. It reminds me of a huge wave. A huge wave waiting. It waits for just the right moment and then you see, feel nothing else. Only the wound. That’s all you are. You become the wound. Nothing more. And we all have Chiron somewhere.

Is there help or hope for Chiron?

Yes. To dive in.

I don’t think we had this language before but things change. What you do with Chiron is talk about it, write about it, expose it, share it. Make it be known. Open it up. Show it off. Maybe not with everyone but, well, depending on where your Chiron is, you’ll KNOW who you need to share it with. Don’t hide anymore. Let it be seen. And then dance on its grave. Celebrate your wound. Crown it. Glory it. It’s what shouldn’t be seen so see it. SEE IT!

Got questions about your Chiron?
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I feel serious tonight. Gonna try to blog a bit more and then head to bed. Love you xoxo

You, Too, Are A Centaur (Chiron Retrograde June 27th)

Happy Monday, star flowers.

You are now walking backwards –
Chiron goes retrograde today –

what of your healing story?
What needs to be healed still?
Is healing possible?
What does your body tell you?
What bell is ringing?

What did you forget and must retrieve from the house where Chiron transits
AND your natal Chiron house.

What is there? Questions, questions…
What is there?

I am sitting in the front room of the house as I type this to you –
I rarely sit here. I really haven’t yet.
It’s been almost a month in this palace and not yet have I just sat here with my thoughts and my music and you –

but Chiron goes retrograde and there is space to fill…

When Chiron goes retrograde you do not become less of a beast.
You do not become less of a man (or woman).
You do not become less of a healer.
You do not become less healed.
When Chiron goes retrograde what happens? I’ll tell you what I think happens.

For you, too, are a centaur, even when Chiron goes retrograde.
You lose nothing.
You do not lose your bottom part.
You do not lose your top part.

You are still a beast. You remain a beast.
You are still a man. You remain a man.
Because you, too, are a centaur.


The Stars This Weekend : Mutable Mess But I Like It

"venus conjunct jupiter" So. About this weekend.

Really it’s this extended Virgo-Capricorn TRINE which is GOOD. Grounded, earthy, get it done well and easily energy. But lucky. Lucky breaks for some. Taurus with degrees around 12/13/14 fill out the trine and get a Grand Trine. My Saturn in Taurus is a little bit too high for this configuration but…

About the weekend: so much going on so I keep writing about it.

Sun entering Scorpio on Friday:

From Libra to Scorpio: from objective and rational and fair and beautiful and charming to… completely irrational obsessive magic and power :)

(I love my Libras but my mother was a Scorpio so… it’s in the blood.)

Mars Chiron opposition (which is so very medical). And, again, Virgo trine Capricorn. Venus Jupiter trine Pluto and then throw in the Pisces Moon which will sextile (a good aspect) Pluto but oppose (fight with) the Virgo planets (and you know how Pisces fights — tears, victim-ing).

The Pisces Moon will also square Saturn in Sagittarius and square the Gemini folks reading this.

It’s a good weekend to CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a mutable mess! CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a good weekend to talk to the dead. Scorpio Season begins. It’s a good weekend to Mars Chiron. What is Mars Chiron?

I have a Mars Chiron interchange — my Chiron is in Aries. Chiron in Aries people, Mars Chiron people, they RUN after healing, they bravely fiercely chase it. Nothing can stop them. Yes we can get obsessive, we can get borderline about our mission to get well but that’s the nature of the brave soldier healer beast. And if you’re lucky, if you are near us, loved by us, we will bring you along, we will heal you too. WE CANNOT HELP IT. Chiron in Aries people cannot help but heal others. I’d also like to add that Chiron in the 8th House also cannot help but heal others. It just happens. See? You don’t need to GIVE as much as you do. It happens automatically.

And Venus Jupiter is love – no matter the sign. It’s love.

Got weekend plans? :)


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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Jupiter In Leo Right Now (and Venus inconjunct Pluto)

"Venus inconjunct Pluto"I felt redeemed today, earlier today. The gift of nectar sweet truth.

Both Venus and Jupiter in Leo trining my 8th Chiron in Aries.
Venus is exact to it now.
Jupiter has a few more degrees but is in orb.
And I was thinking to myself lately about this — looking forward to it, to the Jupiter Chiron trine specifically and forgetting that Venus is there too, deep in my 12th House pounding away at the waves.

Keep your eyes on this one — on your fire trines. On what Jupiter in Leo will bring you.
Jupiter is at 7 degrees Leo now and will get to 9 degrees by month’s end.
Jupiter gets as far as 22 degrees before going retrograde in early December.
This is no small travelogue, right? This is MOST of Leo.
Then sweetie pie J goes all the way back to 12 degrees before turning direct in April 2015.

SO LISTEN UP YE PEEPS OF EARLY DEGREE FIRE SIGN BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE FOR JUPITER TO TRINE YOU THERE! (Early degree i.e. at least 7 degrees because that’s where Jupiter is now as I type this)

Got it? Jupiter goes retrograde at 22. And then goes direct at 12. So we are right now covering material and experience and gifts of sweet nectar truth and story and Jupiterean abandon that you WILL NOT EXPERIENCE AGAIN until next time. And next time will be different. Yes, it will be different.

"jupiter trine chiron" Venus inconjunct Pluto this week. And Mercury trine Pluto. And I’ll write about the weekend in a separate post but about this Venus Pluto inconjunct:

What is the inconjunct? I call it the aspect of dissociation.
Think of anyone  you know who has a chart full of this stuff. Sagittarius Cancer for example. Gemini Scorpio for example.
You kind of have to wait around until you get the part that YOU prefer to deal with, you know?

Let’s say you like Gemini style but not Scorpio style and you’ve got a Gemini guy or girl and you are grooving grooving grooving on her/his witty vibe AND THEN when you least expect it — or for months on end — all you get is the person living out their relentless surgical analysis of your personality!

Or let’s say you have a Sag/Cancer girlfriend and you love her nurturing caring sweetness vulnerability and home baked pies, but have no patience for her Saggy oblivious distractibility.

See, many of them are just as freaked out by themselves as YOU are. Once they get a clue that they even are this way. And some never do. The inconjunct is not about meeting in the middle (like the opposition is) — a seesaw which goes one way and then the other way and the goal is to have it level. The inconjunct has no such “easy” way out. It cannot be blended. IT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP DO YOU HEAR ME THE INCONJUNCT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP. NO SMOOTHIE HERE, BABY!

We get Gemini intact and we get Scorpio intact and FULL-ON. But only one at a time! And sometimes five minutes apart. Like contractions! It can be shocking like contractions! And I call it dissociation because we get shocked when the “other” sign shows up. And they get shocked too — if they aren’t comfortable with BOTH the energies. Some natives are and some aren’t.

Now, in terms of an inconjunct by transit? We will all experience this. Venus in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

You better worship Venus in Leo (let people have their moments of pridefulness or vanity or glory, earned or not) or she will be PISSED and she will be mean and she will toss her hair and slam the door and #byefelicia.

So let Venus in Leo be and do Venus in Leo. Try not to be shocked or annoyed when she storms in and she storms out with script in hand. Because before you know it, Pluto in Capricorn will show his face too, and he is less pleasant and he is DEVILISH.

Understand, Venus in Leo is ultimately a loving pussycat that you better learn to stroke the right way or she will scratch and bite — but Pluto in Capricorn? Pluto in Capricorn is ccccccold. And is the other face of this transit. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care about you at all. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t going to bother hair tossing or storming or loving or making a scene. Pluto in Capricorn is long game strategy silence master builder scorched earth master plan THE ART OF WAR. You think everything is fine until one day: poof. No trace. Not even a hairbrush. Not even a hair.

You have to give them BOTH your time and attention. Can you do that? Can you embody both Venus in Leo AND Pluto in Capricorn for the next couple days without burning anything down?

So we are all under this energy, this unpredictable hide and seek switcharoo and whichever one predominates in your world is anyone’s guess. Or mine! But we’ll all have to deal with them BOTH.

Expect a few apologies by week’s end ;)

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Attack Of The Living Chirons!

"sun square pluto"Not even Sun in Cancer yet and I’m thinking a lot about family.

Click here for my Sun in Cancer post on Beliefnet
And click here for my new Beliefnet post on the Lovers Tarot card

I am feeling my mother around me. I am listening to music that I loved so much when I was in high school (falling into a Big Star worm hole here). And now calling my Uncle every Sunday. Family. Early years.

Sun in Cancer is THE primo time for this, ya? And it doesn’t have to be sad. It doesn’t have to be happy either. But I won’t blame you if you can’t stop thinking about WHO IS THERE.
Who you can count on.
Who is gone and never coming back. They were never there to begin with. Or maybe for a second of a second of a second. But you got born anyway.
Love and abandonment.
(Cheerful MoonPluto at your service ;))

Chiron goes retrograde on Friday.

A good friend of mine is under a massive Chiron attack. I suspected she’d been feeling depressed but I had thought she was under some damn good transits. I took a look.

Chiron Return. Chiron square Sun! There were a couple others too. Not happy Chiron, not happy. Moral of story: it pays to pay attention! See, it helps to know what’s happening in your chart so you can gauge the timing and make a plan, including exploration of that heavenly body’s purpose and natal situation in your chart. And that’s just for starters.

CHIRON RETURN IS A RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. The original crime. The original wound. Why? For healing. Yeah. I know this kind of talk probably BORES YOU. Because you thought you were already healed. That you had nothing left to heal. Or you don’t want to heal, you don’t want to deal. Listen. You want your life to get better? It gets better when you stop avoiding this stuff. Of course it’s your choice. But it all comes back in the end. Return of the Repressed. And then it comes out in weird dysfunctional ways if you don’t open it up, take a look, and send yourself back to those moments where you felt so alone. Send yourself back. This is Reiki talk. This is soul retrieval. You can GO BACK THERE and lend a hand. Otherwise the same mistakes, the same depression, the same fear…

This is my belief. Your mileage may vary.

Chiron Return is this… BIG HELLOOOOO. HELLO IN THERE!!! It’s the big you peering into the soul of the baby/child you TO STOP THE BLOOD. I often see a giraffe face. Really. A giraffe bending his/her face down to mine.

Chiron is a major player in my chart. I was born on a Chiron station. 8th House Chiron. And maybe we never figure it all out. I don’t think we have to. But if our lives keep… not living up to our desires then… time to do something different.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AFRAID. Not anymore. But you do have to… slow down, get off the drugs, get off automatic pilot. And by “drugs” I mean… anything that keeps you prisoner — whatever the addiction is. Don’t you want to know your own life? Instead of just running from thing to thing, place to place, person to person?

Gonna draw one card for the folks under their Chiron Return:

Ooooohhh King of Swords. Honesty. What is just. What is fair. UNFLINCHING. Because you didn’t get it then. You didn’t get what was just and fair. And this is a LOGIC King. No blindfold here, no emotional sway. He sees oh yes he sees. Kings (says Mary K. Greer) are SHAMANS. This King has come to SAVE YOU. It’s your own mind.

Love, MP

New Beliefnet post is here! About the Sun entering Cancer this week! 

Sit Still And Trust The Engineer: Mars Conjunct Uranus (Plus News From My 12th House)

Promised myself I’d blog about Kevin the firefighter, Las Vegas native (well, almost), who was sitting to my left on the flight down. He was helpful – putting up his armrest when I needed more room (I was in the middle seat), talking to me when I started feeling loony after 6 hours in the air, reminding me to unplug my ears due to the air pressure changes, and more!

Of course I had to ask his sign. Taurus. No wonder he was so reassuring and SOLID! I could lean on him if needed. And yes he saw himself in a few of the Taurus traits I mentioned.

Do you make friends en route?


This is the third time (I think — could be more) I’ve written about transiting Mars and Uranus conjunct my Chiron. Sun and Venus too if I’m feeling generous. An 8th House transit for me, one of those “other people” houses and early this morning all the old losses (hello 8th House Chiron!) were before my eyes, my mind was racing, couldn’t stop it, didn’t try to, until I fell asleep once again.

I knew what it was though. This transit. And that I had a choice. I didn’t have to sink. I could stay present, be my own witness, recognize the difference between then and now. All the old losses vs. the current fear of loss.

Last night on Facebook I read a Corrie ten Boom quote and it moved me. I memorized it.

“When a train goes through a tunnel, and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”


Also last night started thinking about the way I love, thinking about my 12th House Venus and how 12th House people need to embody love, BE love. This is different than just… loving a person, la di da. It’s bigger. It’s limitless. It’s forgiveness.

Can you imagine? Being loved by a person embodying love? Being loved BY love? That’s what love from the 12th House feels like. Who among us can bear such a love ;)

And also how the 12th House is a solitary place. It can’t really be shared. Even though the 12th House Venus loves from this place. We can try to describe, explain what it’s like in there but we can’t be there *with* you. We are there alone although we love you from there.

My friend wound up having to work a double shift at work last night so our evening plans got dashed and at first I was annoyed, restless and then my 12th House kicked in. Even waiting for a friend is sweetened. And then you sit still and trust the engineer.


I know I haven’t been giving you much Vegas site seeing yet. What’s been happening here has been more internal than external. More 8th House than 9th House (travel) or 5th House (fun and games). See, I knew I was coming out here to gamble, but not that kind.

Love, MP


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Chiron In The 8th House (again) And The Redemption Of Venus (again)

We are talking about Chiron on the message board so I did a Google search and found myself :) this is from the Archives


Sometimes you have to wait a really long time for what you want, and I don’t know why this is. It’s a mystery larger than I can understand. There’s that word again: the ineffable.

When I think about mystery and longing for something, desire, I remember this song (click here) from Peter Greenaway’s movie, Drowning By Numbers.

It brings me back to my college days and the small art-house theatre, where I saw the movie, and the mad crush I had on the film theory graduate student. He had short dark hair and little glasses. I was an undergraduate and also into film theory, but poetry too.

I don’t know why I chose him or where I met him. He was easily ten years older.  I’ll never forget our first kiss, what a gentleman he was, how he stirred me with his mouth and how respectful, touching nothing. Getting close but not getting there.

What did I know of love? What did I know of men?

All I had to offer was my sex, my 8th House, my silence. I mean, I didn’t know how to talk (Mercury in Cancer) and the 8th House is Scorpio is quiet intensity brooding sexual. I was all locked up. Sex was my communication, my struggle to speak, to be intimate. But… it doesn’t work that way for men. I mean, I gave it away. I only wanted to be close. It never worked.

As I was waiting for a train today and finishing this post I also began to think aboutVenus in the 12th House (a jailer just like Chiron) and how after half a lifetime ofVenus 12th House issues, the Get Out Of Jail Free Card from Monopoly should just… appear in your hand, as you step out into the new day.

MoonPluto On The Road

Yours truly MoonPluto is not a frequent flyer. And that is one way to read a natal Saturn (fear) in the 9th House (travel). Although with such a placement, one could make a profession of it. Travel for work. And when I was younger I was always leaving. Lots of Greyhound bus trips in my past.

Next month, unless I change my mind (always an option says mood-ruled Cancer) I am going on a little trip and when I tell myself, when I give myself the option, that I don’t have to go, I realize it’s one of those “good for me” experiences.

I did a wee bit of astrological timing for this trip but I also wanted to leave some of it up to fate. I am traveling after Mercury retrograde but still in the shadow period. I’m traveling between the New and Full Moon, between the new seed and the revelation. The most important bit of timing though was to avoid my period as well as PMS :) (Please Goddess keep my cycle regular because I would prefer this adventure to be blood and crazy free. Thanks.)

And then I looked at the chart. After I bought the plane ticket. The fast moving planets will be in my 7th and 8th Houses (dealings with others), with Mars in confident forceful Aries awfully close to my natal 8th House Chiron. Chiron = what you don’t want to share with others. 8th House = sharing with others. Hmm.

Now the point of this trip is to “get out of dodge” as a Pisces friend of mine said to me the other day, as well as reconnect with an old friend but I am realizing the 8th House emphasis means I will not leave Way Out West unchanged. I’ll be thrust into my friend’s world, daily life, work, his kids, who he is now, after 24 years. I will cringe when he takes out the Yearbook.

I will *need* to blog this journey, bringing you the sights, sounds, smells of my temporary home :)

Do you consult the stars when making plans? 


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Pluto Square Chiron: Underneath The Bunker

I was asking the gals (and our one dude) on the message board which planet, which planetary energy, they identify with most these days.

I didn’t have an easy answer myself. And then I realized that it’s a transit that’s got me by the balls ;)

Pluto on the edge of entering my 5th House and squaring my 8th House Chiron:

issues of sex, woundedness, therapy, healing, desire, deep feelings, finding the root cause. Fear. Conflict.

It is, after all, a square.

Pluto and Chiron are not the fun and games guys although with the 5th House and the 8th involved… there will be relief and release through… pleasure.

What about you? Which planet? Which energy are you feeling most these days? Is there a long-term transit you are under in a pleasing or challenging way?

Healing Fire: Chiron In Aries

Adventures in acupuncture. A no-brainer perhaps. That someone (me!) with Chiron in Aries would be drawn to acupuncture. Why? Mars rules needles and asteroid Chiron has to do with healing (self and others).

The first time I had acupuncture, years ago, I swore never again. It was frightening, painful. What I thought was the sensation of chi moving through my body was unbearable. I know now that wasn’t chi. It was someone who didn’t know their shit.

Flash forward: for a recent (since the spring) nagging health problem I decide to try it, based on the recommendation of a friend who has been going to Mr. Lee for years and who Mr. Lee has cured. I trust the triple Pisces. And he’s Aries and I don’t know where his Chiron is but a warrior (Aries) is what’s needed to deal with my needle-fear and worry. Break on through to the other side, Mr. Lee!

First session: it went fine despite my near panic attack and wanting to leap off the table. Once it was over, I felt like a brave soldier. And afterwards I had 6 hours of BLISS. I came home and alerted my roommate:  I just had acupuncture. Leave me alone. Can’t talk :)

Second session: more difficult. More needles.  And the ENTIRE time I had to pee REALLY BAD. And afterwards, some relaxation but no bliss, not like the last time. And I felt sad but in Cancer-land (I have Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer) crying is *not a bad thing*

I decided not to judge this experience. That I had had TWO different experiences. Big fucking deal. Wanting to hold on to any emotion is sweet but foolish. Doesn’t work like that. So I sat with it. There it was.

In the days following I did not feel sad but as a Cancer a mood a minute is a given so that’s not really the point here. The point is that it has been helping me already. Helping me so much that the MD (who I also saw that week) who prescribed me a medication, well, I may not take it.

I may have neglected to mention that my Chiron in Aries resides in my 8th House. Whatever is uncovered, whatever wants to be freed, whatever  is set in motion due to the healing fire of the needle is deep stuff, old stuff, old as… acupuncture?

Chiron in Aries chases healing. Hunts it down. Is it that way for you too?

How do you get well? 



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Chiron Dogs

"chiron in the 7th house"This post is from the Archives…

Today I was talking to someone who adopts “rescue-dogs” and she was mentioning how they still get triggered (responding to perceived danger/threat) even years later.

Certain physical gestures (probably tones of voice too) can bring them back, psychologically, to the hard times.

They’re wounded and I thought to myself “Chiron dogs.” We’re all Chiron dogs. We’ve all got Chiron somewhere. We all get triggered.

I was writing about this the other day: that if Chiron in the chart shows where you canNOT be completely healed, then what?

I forget who I was reading. Howard Sasportas I think — that you CAN heal the Saturn pains in your chart. But with Chiron? The gift that keeps on giving ;)

What is the solution? Love? Is that always the solution? Patience? Ask yourself: what does my such and such (insert personal chart details here) Chiron need to feel safe? How do you stop the triggers from… not triggering you, but… stop them from doing damage to your heart and self-esteem.

That person you think is hurting you may not really be intentionally hurting you but somehow, someway, reminding you of an old pain. When you feel hurt, leap to unpack it, rather than leap to return the hurt. Now THAT is one way to work with Chiron. Not easy to leap out of Chiron-mind but worthwhile.


Someone hurt my feelings today but I can choose. I can choose whether to have this person in my life and if so what role they will play. I can choose whether their traits are too… whatever... for me. You do make choices, don’t you? About what you allow in your life?

I get hurt in intimate situations. I just do. Chiron in the 8th House. Get close to me and you will not be rewarded with a cookie. You’ll get other stuff but not so many cookies.

(Edited to add: it does get better. It’s a skill, a muscle.)


Transiting Chiron is in Pisces. Transiting Neptune is in Pisces. These fellows are in the early degrees of Pisces. Where they are traveling in your chart will be where you feel, at times, vulnerable and, at times, confused. Mystical. Mystified. And ouch ouch ouch it hurts. Touch at your own risk. You may get bit.


What does a dog need? Structure, right? Saturn. Exercise. Mars. And love from others and I want to call this love from others, the ability to reliably love, as a Sun issue, not a Venus issue (Venus is usually identified as the “love planet.”)

So try this at home, folks, with your Chiron. Give him something to do. Give him a routine. Food, shelter, hugs. Definitely hug your Chiron dogs. Yeah, you could have more than one, a whole litter maybe…

Revisit your natal Chiron to find out what you should be doing.

Love, MP


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Chiron: The Hurt That Keeps On Hurting. Or, Enter The Angels

"chiron in the 8th house"I woke up this morning feeling serious. Typical morning ;) but underneath that layer, I smile.

What are your layers? What’s your topmost layer? And yes you can think of it as layer cake or the earth’s layers or maybe you are a shell, a spiral. Maybe a grid :) The one thing I know for sure is that you’re an intricate and interesting being. There are memories and desires and mistakes.

And I’m wondering where Chiron fits in to your story. How much an influence you think he has on you. We are feeling an increased Chiron affect these days because he only recently went direct and is enjoying (ha!) support from transiting planets in Scorpio and Capricorn.

This is my Chiron “advice” for Saturday :) wherever you have Chiron in your natal chart (and according to your transits), you need to live in that house, unpleasant as it is when you spend too much time there, uncomfortable as it is. Do it anyway. It’s like a treasure hunt where you have to offer up all the riches you find but those riches are badly needed. And since you can’t avoid Chiron and Chiron lessons, don’t even try to avoid them. Take breaks, yes, but then come right back, with your shaky tenderness (as Pema Chodron would say).

Wherever you have Chiron is where you will not only feel rejected but risk rejection, and most likely get rejected. And yet you can help others. That’s the Chiron legacy and irony. That we suffer and alleviate others’ suffering and can’t cure our own, but imagine if we ALL did this… It’s making me think of guardian angels, of the folks who believe we have angels and guides looking out for us. And that you, that all of us, have a Chiron. Not just that vulnerable spot in our chart but someone out there in this vast world, physical or metaphysical, who can save us.

Good Morning from the Big City :)



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Setting Full Moon Intentions: Letting Go Of Guilt

"saturn in scorpio"I started a thread in our private group about boundaries. Whether folks have them. Whether they were better a month ago vs. 6 months ago vs. a year ago and this led me to the topic of GUILT.

I think we suffer guilt due to boundaries. That we feel guilty when we set them. We may even feel guilty when we don’t set them. When we live our lives according to our needs, making choices, and not according to making others happy 24/7, we feel guilty.

That the voice inside my head is “How dare you!” … and it could be any number of things not limited to, but including, how dare you

be happy, enjoy yourself, make a living in a way that makes you happy, take it easy, relax, feel safe, you need to suffer, you need to be miserable JUST LIKE ME.

And then I wonder whose voice this is. Because it feels like it comes from outside of me. That it’s NOT me. From my gut I get the answer right away and I know it’s true: it’s my grandmother. And you know what else? I think I’m tuning in to some deep shit because she’s not even saying this stuff to ME. She said it to MY MOTHER. And I’m reading, I’m picking up on that energy. Hello Saturn in Scorpio through my 3rd House. Scorpio/Pluto is the taboo. And Saturn in Scorpio through the 3rd is going to WRITE about it. It is taboo for this Cancer to write about familial mess (and you don’t even know the half of it because I don’t write about it) but Saturn in Scorpio tells the truth.

My mother did encourage me, especially my artistic/creative side but this is the maternal line I come from, my maternal blood. It is mine too. MY LEGACY, my Chiron (pain) in the 8th House.  Those places where you need to feel safe? Well, you aren’t. It’s like swimming in thorny water with Chiron there. Remember though, the place where Chiron hurts is also the place where Chiron heals.

So this Full Moon in Gemini, and Gemini is NOT a heavy sign, but the rest of the sky on this day IS, I announce my intention to RELEASE all guilt. Yeah. You heard me. ALL GUILT, mine or not mine, ancestral or personal to me. Go in peace, little guilt-zillas. This is our last goodbye.

Do you set intentions for Full Moons too? Do you pay attention to your life or let it pass the fuck on by? 



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Aries The Brave Soldier: Chiron In The 8th House

"chiron in the 8th house"It all started with Twitter.

I started tweeting just a little about the 8th House. About the 8th House being “how we get our needs met” according to astrologer Jeanne Avery. I love her books :)

And this afternoon I was waiting for the train. Yes, some subways were running in Brooklyn today and I was thinking about my natal Chiron in Aries in my 8th House and how… true it is for me. How painful. How I couldn’t remember the last time I… And I’m not going to finish that sentence but I promise you, it’s not what you think.

So there’s Chiron. There’s the 8th. There’s needs not getting met. And I remember once in astrology class my teacher saying that with Aries there? On the cusp of that house? I WILL NOT STOP until I solve it, heal it. Aries, the brave soldier.

The thing is this though: every time we tempt that heart space (cunt space, soul space) we open the wound again. And again. And again. And I swear last week I swore to myself that I would NEVER… well.. I just couldn’t imagine NOT giving my heart a break. The 8th House is a heart house. And then the next day I spoke to my Scorpio friend and I felt desire once more.

Is it better to feel it and have no relief? Or not to feel it at all? Share your thoughts…



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Chiron Conjunct Saturn: News From MoonPlutoLand

"chiron conjunct saturn"Today is the last day of the first class and I was responding to a thread I started last night about Chiron.

I forget how we got to Chiron again because we were discussing him early on but something someone said about their 8th House Chiron (my placement as well) made me want to post Chiron again.

And I was going through people’s responses and someone mentioned her Chiron Saturn conjunction. I see this a lot in charts. Often in Pisces, yes.

And this is what I had to say, off the cuff, but I think the point is relevant:

Chiron Saturn feels ouchy to me. These are both pain-points in the chart, but different. It’s like Chiron is the right hand and Saturn is the left hand and they take turns smacking each other. 

But Saturn grows up. Saturn makes us grow up. And Chiron always stays little. The two of them together, conjunct, well… Saturn starts TAKING CARE of Chiron. 

And THAT is how you heal Chiron. With the love of the father (Saturn).


PS I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Virgo AND the new Private Forum/Message Board will be open tomorrow. If interested, email me. Small monthly fee! We are going month to month. As long as people stay interested, the room will be open :) MoonPlutoLand The Sequel a.k.a. MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing :)

And this reminds me… in my tradition (Jewish), when 10 people come together to pray, it is said that the Shechina (God, God’s feminine presence) is among them. And when I meditate, my teacher always tells us that energy is raised in a group sitting together. That’s what this group is. There are more than 10 of us. We are raising some good good energy in there :)

Discussion Topics From MoonPluto Land: Mars Trine Neptune, The Sesquiquadrate, And More!

"moon conjunct pluto"We are almost at the halfway mark in my inaugural class in MoonPluto Land and I love it. It’s intense.

And I was talking about the upcoming transits in there, like I usually do, and noticing that tomorrow Mars is trine Neptune, exact. Mars in Scorpio. Neptune in Pisces.

And I asked the class to reflect on this. Reflect on the nature of Mars. Reflect on the nature of Neptune. Mars (the Warrior) in trine to Neptune (the Angel). What does it mean.

It’s an energy of protection is what I realized. Possibly the BEST protection there is. ArcAngel Michael, soldier of God.

I have this aspect in my natal chart and what I love about this class is that people ask questions and it makes me think about my chart in new ways. I usually associated this aspect with my writing because I have Neptune in the 3rd House but class discussion compelled me to talk about it more generally.

This aspect by transit means we can all feel it.


And yesterday someone brought up certain “minor” aspects, and I am no expert and began Googling and found contradictory information which made me think, and my previous theory was that minor aspects couldn’t tell us anything new. That what needed to be told was already THERE in the major aspects. But then I tweaked my theory.

It was the sesquiquadrate that the gal mentioned and some sources said “easier” than a square! And other sources said “harder” than a square!

And I realized not only do I want to learn more about the minor aspects but also that they may provide more keys and clues. And HOPE where there wasn’t any. It actually works both ways. Shows the problem. Shows the solution. But you have to dig.

Example from my chart: I’ve got Venus square Neptune and Venus square Saturn and I realized last night I also have Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron and it was indeed an aha moment.

It added a layer of sharp sharp sharp pain which IS my experience but which IS a little different than Saturn. It is most definitely Chiron. And many believe Chiron CANNOT be healed but I even began to rethink THAT. That Venus sesquiquadrate showed the pain but also the stitches and the potential of a whole heart because Chiron is the Wounded Healer.

Chiron in my 8th House ITSELF shows the pain already, but this…. this minor aspect REFINED it.

I am grateful to my first students in this inaugural class. Thank you for making me think :)

Love, MP


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Blood Days: Creativity, Pluto, And The Birth Process

"new moon in leo"I wake up thinking, as always. But a bit slower this morning. May I be blunt? I’m menstruating.

Any coincidence that this is Day 5 of the 7-Day “Cleanse”? And although I don’t like that word “cleanse” because it reminds of a Comet commercial, it’s also the name of a Sarah Kane play, whose work I admire :)

The blood days (the 1st two days) are probably the only times during the month when I allow myself to slow down. I can never remember which hormone does what but at the onset of menstruation, my mood (usually) goes up and I want to stay in bed. Nice combination :)

It’s not a moping depressive energy but that I can sink into rest and relaxation much easier. Like butter :) Less fluttery anxiety.  A dazed, relaxed pleasant feeling which is wonderful as long as I don’t have to leave the house.


I have Chiron in the 8th House in my natal. This placement can make intimacy tricky. Painful. Chiron is “the wounded healer” and many astrologers believe this place in the chart cannot be healed, that it always hurts. Easier to help others (than help yourself) wherever Chiron is in your chart.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself an 8th House person at all and perhaps that is why, because of Mr. Chiron there. More of a Pluto person with my 1st House Pluto, the house of the Self (no planets in Scorpio except Neptune which is “generational”) so taboo is not really my thing. Taboo is associated with the 8th. Interesting thing about keywords: you need to discover the ones that fit you. And even though the keywords for Pluto, the 8th House, and Pluto do overlap, there are some that cling to me and some that don’t.

And yet. With a Moon Pluto conjunction I feel deeply and you know what is the most taboo? Having FEELINGS at all. About the shit no one wants to have feelings about or talk about, such as anger or feelings of loss. Disappointment. Ambivalence.

Oh. Wait. That IS taboo! 

I remember at my mother’s funeral, and yes I know everyone deals with shock and grief in different ways, but it was shocking to me, and yet not so shocking, that I was the only one FEELING IT in the moment. No delay.

Grief, especially when the death is unexpected, is a physical response. Like being thrown against a wall. A physical-psychological response.

And there I was in tears and there was… everyone else not. 


Which planet do you associate with your creative process? I know I need to be inspired, Neptune, but overall I feel Pluto in the process itself, the dredging up from inside. Pluto also rules crisis.

And then there’s Saturn. Form. Boundaries. Saturn is the ruler of my 5th House.

Inspiration isn’t enough. You have to DO something with it. Organize it. Set limits around it. Otherwise it’s… a baby who never learns to walk or talk. It stays in the realm of the blob ;) it doesn’t grow up, grow shape and form and selfhood, yes, the selfhood of the work of art.

Saturn is the secret.

Motherhood, creativity, birth, death: what’s your comfort level with these processes? I know you love this kind of question :)

Love, MP

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Chiron Dogs

"full moon eclipse in sagittarius" Today I was talking to someone who adopts “rescue-dogs” and she was mentioning how they still get triggered (responding to perceived danger/threat) even years later.

Certain physical gestures (probably tones of voice too) can bring them back, psychologically, to the hard times.

They’re wounded and I thought to myself “Chiron dogs.” We’re all Chiron dogs. We’ve all got Chiron somewhere. We all get triggered.

I was writing about this the other day: that if Chiron in the chart shows where you canNOT be completely healed, then what?

I forget who I was reading. Howard Sasportas I think — that you CAN heal the Saturn pains in your chart. But with Chiron? The gift that keeps on giving ;)

What is the solution? Love? Is that always the solution? Patience? Ask yourself: what does my such and such (insert personal chart details here) Chiron need to feel safe? How do you stop the triggers from… not triggering you, but… stop them from doing damage to your heart and self-esteem.

That person you think is hurting you may not really be intentionally hurting you but somehow, someway, reminding you of an old pain. When you feel hurt, leap to unpack it, rather than leap to return the hurt. Now THAT is one way to work with Chiron. Not easy to leap out of Chiron-mind but worthwhile.


Someone hurt my feelings today but I can choose. I can choose whether to have this person in my life and if so what role they will play. I can choose whether their traits are too… whatever... for me. You do make choices, don’t you? About what you allow in your life?

I get hurt in intimate situations. I just do. Chiron in the 8th House. Get close to me and you will not be rewarded with a cookie. You’ll get other stuff but not so many cookies.


Transiting Chiron is in Pisces. Transiting Neptune is in Pisces. These fellows are in the early degrees of Pisces. Where they are traveling in your chart will be where you feel, at times, vulnerable and, at times, confused. Mystical. Mystified. And ouch ouch ouch it hurts. Touch at your own risk. You may get bit.


What does a dog need? Structure, right? Saturn. Exercise. Mars. And love from others and I want to call this love from others, the ability to reliably love, as a Sun issue, not a Venus issue (Venus is usually identified as the “love planet.”)

So try this at home, folks, with your Chiron. Give him something to do. Give him a routine. Food, shelter, hugs. Definitely hug your Chiron dogs. Yeah, you could have more than one, a whole litter maybe…

Revisit your natal Chiron to find out what you should be doing.

Love, MP

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Jeanne Avery And The 8th House

"8th house in astrology"

Lately I’ve been reading astrologer Jeanne Avery and I LOVE the way she describes the 8th House.

She calls it the house of “getting your needs met.”

And the context for her is primal – the needs that are rooted in childhood.

I have Chiron in Aries in the 8th House… which has always made me driven (Mars) as a healer. To heal myself (or try to) and to heal others (or try to).

I have Chiron square Sun too, an aspect I always seem to forget that I have. Thanks Dad!

Hey. Listen. People of the Wound. The bigger the Chiron, the more power you have to help others. It really can work like that. If you choose it. If your chart did.

What do you think? How would you describe the 8th House?

Love, MP

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Nurture Yourself With Your Pluto!

"moon pluto conjunction"Energy in, energy out. That is life.

Makes me think of the 8th House: sharing. Intimacy.

The 8th House is known as “other people’s money” in part because it is the 2nd House of the 7th i.e. your partner’s money. Your partner’s ENERGY. I’ve got Chiron there. Oy. My partners are wounded.

If we do not receive, we lose the energy to give and I was thinking about my own mothering Cancerian energy. It does not regenerate. If I cut off my hands, they do not grow back. The regeneration happens elsewhere in the chart.

And then I get my aha moment: my Moon (Cancer’s ruler) is conjunct Pluto. My Cancerian energy DOES regenerate after all. Hands grow back.

What’s in your 8th? Where’s your Pluto? My 1st House Pluto guarantees I come back from the dead.

Along these lines, I am thinking about the people in my life: those who give, those who take, and the neutrals! I guess I’ve got some of each and sometimes they flip. Sometimes a neutral becomes a rabid taker or is a reformed taker. Yes, I am thinking of someone in particular who always tried to yank me out of my shell. Their needs were of utmost importance. Didn’t matter what I wanted. I cut these people out but if they change, I may let them back in.

And this: RECEIVING IS A SKILL i.e. learning to receive, to allow, to accept, to ATTRACT is a SKILL. If you don’t have it innately then you must skillfully learn how. With Venus in Gemini and retrograde now? Ponder this. Ponder your Venus and your ability to connect and draw to you the riches you require.

Demanding vs. Attracting: they are different.

What do you demand of others? 

Love, MP

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PS the picture is of Ingmar Bergman, Cancer Sun

When The Summer Comes Undone: Uranus Square Pluto

"uranus square pluto"

A wild and wicked week so far.  A wild and wicked day.

I remember telling a client the other day that this day may find her feeling topsy turvy because she’s ruled by the Moon (Cancer Rising) and the Moon made so many aspects today and not all of them while she was sleeping ;)

The Moon is now in early Capricorn: can I get a collective UGH!

Nothing against the Moon in Capricorn but you know she will square Uranus (volatile) and conjunct Pluto (ahem) and okay okay okay think about this: later in spring and summer when the open hand that now exists between Uranus and Pluto becomes a fist and the Moon comes around to Capricorn. It’s like… fuck… Another Summer Of The Cardinal T-Square.

And then when the faster moving planets enter Cancer, we’ll get Grand Crosses during Capricorn Moon time.

Or you, your chart, may fill out the t-square!


I feel like we’re all slipping and sliding into something but we don’t know what. Life appears to go on as usual but nothing is as usual and nothing will be as usual. Know the feeling?


The Aries energy has been workin’ me. Aries is my 8th House. The Sun’s in Aries. Mercury will head back into Aries soon enough. Me no like transiting planets through my 8th. My 8th House has a  “Please Leave” sign on the door. Chiron prefers not to be teased.

Triangles, love and otherwise, are Pluto’s domain and I keep hearing about them or stepping in them. Manipulation, sorcery, shrewdery (I made up that word), all kinds of yuck, some of it mine!

Triangles happen when we cannot… well… why do they happen? Is it fear of true Pluto? Intimacy? Because the truth would ruin everything we hide behind?


Stray thoughts on the Venus in Gemini transit because I was responding to one of the comments and thought I’d bring the topic here to the main page.

I think we’ll KNOW STUFF, we’ll acquire useful, practical knowledge, answers, but we won’t know much of anything until it’s over. Think about it. Venus is love. Gemini talks. She’s going to be talking and talking and talking and talking with her mouth and her hands all over our lives, all over the house(s) she’s transiting.

Our job? To listen. To take notes. To not say any vows until Venus sings her last Gemini note because things will change. You will go one way. Then you will go another way. And then you will (may?) go back. ‘

And this Venus in Gemini chick? She’s going to sextile Uranus in Aries (which will be squaring Pluto). More about that next time…

Do you have planets in the early degrees of Libra or Aries or Cancer or Capricorn? 


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Dear Venus In The 8th House…

"venus in the 8th house"

What is it you want to show me? What is it I need to learn from you? Why do you keep showing up in my life? 

I’m thinking of one friend with this placement, one person that I used to sleep with, one person that I want to sleep with.

I have Venus in the 12th House and you’d think there would be an understanding. Scorpio trines Pisces but they seem worlds away to me right now. Hmm. Both potentially self-destructive but in different ways.

One of these folks has Venus in a water sign. The other two in air signs. And then of course there is the entire chart to consider BUT STILL it seems peculiar that I have them and I realize tonight that I must figure out why they are here, what I need to understand.

There’s an  unbridled unabashed approach to sex that I see in my Venus in the 8th House people.  From what I can grasp — no guilt, no shame. It’s a lusty placement. And they seem to be able to have impersonal sex (say, an orgy) as much as they can have the more typical 1:1 variety in a love-context.

I was on the phone today with one of my Venus in the 8th House people and telling him that I ALWAYS had one intention where sex was concerned. Always. Whereas he was saying that… each relationship he had had its own sexual story.

For me though? Single-minded. And I almost started to cry. Because I was remembering myself seeking and seeking and seeking and not finding, over and over, in my 20s and 30s.

For the moment I am guessing that it must be mutual… whatever it is between me and the 8th Housers. They have something for me. I have something for them. I have Chiron in the 8th House. I heal through sex. Heal others.  Heal myself. But it’s more thorny than horny.

Chiron in the 8th: sex causes pain. Not physical pain (although that may be true for some) but a kind of psychic pain because the distance cannot be closed between you and the other person and penetration is the closest you’ll come, so to speak, to closing that distance. And thus the endless longing of this Venus in the 12th House person.  And you want them to feel what you feel.

Maybe these 8th House people are showing up to tell me that YES the distance can be closed or YES the distance is an illusion or YES I love you anyway even though we aren’t the same or just… YES.

Who keeps showing up in your life?


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What’s In Your 8th House? Are You A Medium? Psychic?

"moon in the 8th house"

I am soooo excited to be here! I’ve had no time to blog today before right now. Been in readings but now I’m happy to be writing :)

And I want to talk about last night. I suppose I should talk about The Stars Today or The Stars Tomorrow but first let me talk about last night.

I met up with an out of town friend. She’s has an 8th House Moon. We knew each other a little bit 20 years ago, same circle of friends and have become friends on Facebook.

I had done a reading for her a couple weeks ago and mentioned that when we met up I’d answer questions, do some Tarot, etc.

It has been YEARS since I did Tarot in person. Probably the last time I did Tarot in person was…. 5  years ago, Halloween, and that night I did quickie readings ALL NIGHT. What a 3rd-eye headache I had!

We went to a bar. We were looking for a quiet enough bar. We found one. It was our second choice and good enough and I opened up the cards with some of her questions in mind and I could feel it. I could feel the energy, I could feel the information. It did feel different than it does when I’m alone doing things by email.

Maybe I was a little nervous but it’s like… I could feel the Tarot’s messages snaking through my arms. I felt jumpy, impatient, and I felt that if I didn’t get out what needed to come out that I would forget it. It was pushing on me.

The most interesting part of the evening though was hearing about her clairvoyance which I hadn’t known about. I had told her that it was likely she had some mediumistic ability but when I did her reading I was focusing on other things. Didn’t spend much time on the 8th and WOW what an 8th.

The things she tends to see are.. violent, often frightening. I believe she sees both the past and the future. Sees and feels.

And I began to wonder about the differences between intuitives. For example, I never ever receive such images. Well, the only time I have was when I suspected someone thinking harshly of me ( a psychic attack kind of thing) but otherwise this is not the kind of information that I pick up. I just don’t. And I don’t wish to. She is struggling with how to handle her gift better. I hope I helped. I recommended someone who I thought could help even more. Someone older, who I learned from.

But isn’t it interesting? So many people picking up stuff… and  yet it differs what they pick up.

I have Chiron in the 8th but Chiron in the 8th is NO Moon in the 8th. I was reminded what a powerful placement this is and of the 8th House in general and of its, well, darkness. It’s fucking dark in there. Where are my planets? 11th. Pretty damn bright. 1st House, 2nd House…. I’ve got a 12th House Venus but… it’s different. The pain of the 12th is just different than the pain of the 8th and this is a future blog topic for sure!

What intuitive gifts do you have? And are they gifts or burdens? 


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