Sunday Morning Astrology: Moon in Taurus

"moon trine mars"

I have to head out this morning, early, and am waiting for my phone to charge so let’s look at some of today’s Moon aspects.

As I write, the Moon in Taurus has already trined Mars in Virgo.

What do you know of Moon trine Mars? Do you have this aspect? 

With Moon trine Mars, the emotional life and the mood matches the energy level. It’s like you always find time for your interests no matter how busy you are. Also these folks love Mom and family. In Taurus and Virgo? A baby born today would have a retrograde Mars and in Virgo…  I think I’d almost prefer Mars retrograde when in Virgo, turned in on itself to dismantle some of the Virgo fix-it urge.

The Moon also trines Pluto today – emotional depth and clairvoyance without the UGH. The harder Moon Pluto aspects show loss. The trine or sextile may also show  loss but more tangible support, that it’s easier to find support when the Pluto problems arise.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the evening so plan something sweet and delicious. Taurus loves their food and Moon Jupiter in Taurus loves their food even MORE. Jupiter expands what it touches.

With Moon aspects like this, it’s going to be a good day. When Momma is happy, everybody’s happy.


Got Sunday plans? Got Moon trine Mars?


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Astrology: Moon in Taurus”

  1. I do not have the trine, but do have moon sextile venus and mars : )
    Also have pluto square moon opposition sun, argh…….there has always got to be something pulling at the hem.

  2. Like this :) I have Taurus moon, but it’s inconjunct with my Mars in Sag, so, I have to schedule time for the things I love (and the things I dislike, like chores). Otherwise, with my busy-ness, it slips through, and then I get all blocked and sad because I haven’t done ___ in so long! But seriously, I love my planner. No real plans for today, though, maybe go to a farmer’s market on this grey day. :) Thanks for the morning post, nice moment for me to sit down and read it!

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