Strong At Home: Saturn On My IC (Part Two)

"sun square pluto"Also wanted to mention – many of you know that I went from sharing my space to not sharing my space (unfortunate personal situation, long story which I wrote some about, but not lately) –

and thus your support of the Work, especially referring people to me, word of mouth, the reading bundles, my subscribers, everything and everyone — ¬†is so helpful and keeps the operation running smoothly.

And not just helpful for keeping the operation running smoothly– but for keeping me living my purpose. I can’t do this work (Saturn) without you.


Saturn through my 4th and I’m committed to staying here for the time being — I have possessions, pets, bills, a life. a business. Finding affordable and safe and quiet housing in my city is a THING. You find something that fits and you hold onto it. So I’m staying here for now but it’s a tightrope walk across the rooftops.

So I wanted to THANK YOU for your support of the Work. I’ve had readings lately that make me feel certain that I was born to do this. We all go through doubts — not just readers, mystics, healers, helpers — but everyone — and then comes that one call or one messaging session when you touch God and you know.

Thanks everyone.


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