**SPECIAL** Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius!

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius

Are you ready to set your intentions?

Here’s the deal:

-email only

-15 minutes

-25 by PayPal

(35 if you want me to include Tarot)

-your chart only/no chart comparison

-specify your preferred house system. I will use Placidus if no preference

-limited time/limited space so email me first for scheduling options moonpluto@gmail

-sometimes a person’s New Moon chart will lead me to other topics/transits but I try to keep it focused. I will tell you what I see.

-also, email readings with me are like old fashioned letters. I use up part of the time, leaving room for your response, any questions. We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time

-I only watch the clock when typing, not when prepping or reading your emails

-Cancerian nurturing included 🙂 And, by the way, I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio so my readings tend to be layered and I often overlap/move back and forth between the natal and transits, developing a holistic image of your situation while trying to help and encourage.

PS I will also do mini-readings on other topics as long as they aren’t too broad

Make sense? I look forward to visiting your chart!

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