*Special* Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon In Pisces!

"new moon in pisces"

What are these Mini-Moon Readings?

-15 minute readings by email. I usually do them for New Moons and Full Moons

How do they work?

-We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time. I send my first email (usually using about half or 10 minutes of the time) and then you respond when you’re able. And then I continue. I only watch the clock while typing, not while prepping or reading your emails so you do get the full 15 minutes, if not more.

What will a Moon Reading tell me?

-What I do is look at your transits for that day, starting with the Moon and possibly talking about other transits as well. I use the New or Full Moons not as single-day events but snapshots of what’s happening with you generally and the energy to come. The chart becomes a Tarot card, a portal, a psychic tool, so to speak.

Can I get Mini-Readings on other topics?

-Yes! Just keep it specific and best to limit it to one issue although other issues may come up when I look at the chart. Check out the links for Astro and Tarot on the left hand side of the page here

Are you psychic?

-I don’t “sell” myself as a psychic but people often say that I’m *spot-on* with what I tell them. Visit my testimonial page!

What does it cost?

-Mini-Moon (or other Mini-Astro) Readings are $35. Mini-Tarot is $25. Combined Astro + Tarot is $60 (30 minutes).

How do I know your schedule?

-Send me an email! moonpluto@gmail

What if I only want good news?

-I can keep it to the positive but I won’t make stuff up. For example, if you are asking about love and I’m not seeing/feeling it, I won’t lie but I will tell you where some groovy energy is gathering in your life/chart.

Please email me if you have questions (and yes Paul Newman had his natal Moon in Pisces!)