Some Other Angel Just In Time: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Gemini

"full moon eclipse in gemini"It was a rainy day in the Big City. Ever have one of those?

And a day that starts one way and then ends up in the opposite direction. Makes your head spin.

Mercury newly direct but not stable yet. Need to get out of the “shadow” period first. A lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. And the serious intensity of Venus conjunct Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto. How it could be anything but rich as cream?

And everything that you thought was true… Wait. No. When you’re honest with yourself you realize that you’ve had your doubts.

Life is not only moving forward, it’s alarming. The revelations. Feel that?

Late afternoon I ran into a triple Pisces. Can’t remember the last time I saw her and we never make plans. What happens is, oddly enough, we run into each other in the Big City. I entered the Starbucks, like many New Yorkers do, just to use the bathroom 🙂 On my way out, I noticed her. She was sitting in the window. And we talked and we talked and we talked and I think she… changed the course of my life tonight. At the very least, food for though. At most, at best? One of those conversations that can only happen the evening before an eclipse. And the surprises and the shocks that come are what you knew all along but now you are left to… yourself. No one can decide but you.

My eclipse blessing for you, is that reality comes to you too, and gently, in the guise of a triple Pisces or some other angel just in time.



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