So What About This Mars Square Saturn Transit?

"mars square saturn" I am the same person. I have not changed one bit.  Okay.  Correction. I am more confident. Stronger. I’m better. But I am the same person 6, 12, 26, 36, 40-something. The same one who when my high school friend contacted me after 20 years said it:  same. Still riding alone. Buses trains planes and now ferries.

Mars square Saturn is perhaps the worst transit this quarter. Infernal frustration. That’s right. Infernal. And you know what infernal means don’t you?

Mars square Saturn = driving with the breaks on. That’s a nicer way to put it. Maybe.

Don’t think you’re going to get there (to your final destination). You’re not. Not this week.

But how you make it through this week is up to you. You do have choices, options.  Write. Sing. Dance. Swear. Fuck. Cry. Whatever. Just get through. Driving with the breaks on through hell.

You can try to use Venus Mercury in Aquarius insight sextile Aries for inspiration but it’s limited. Under Mars square Saturn we are frustration oppression restriction collapsing under burdens Eight of Swords, Ten of Wands.

"mars square saturn" But here is your message of hope for the day: 

right before the breakthrough is the most painful. I keep finding this message in different books and different contexts, and not just from fellow mystic and occultists. I guess it’s damn familiar but I feel it. I feel it when I’m catching my breath, running for the bus in the blue-black cold. Breakthrough is coming.

How’s your week going? Are you the same? 


PS Mars Saturn is, actually, a very violent transit — so you may feel the stirrings within. I’ve been writing about rage on my Facebook. You can always Friend or Follow me there to get in on the conversation and, as always, the Private Blog exists as well as different ways to Work With Me.

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