Sideways Happiness: How to Feel like a Virgo Moon

Happiness snuck up on me today, and I can genuinely say for the first time (ever?) that I am happy, which is different than fulfillment, artistic fulfillment for example. For a few years now, I’ve been writing plays and had a bunch of short plays produced and worked with directors and actors who inspired me. I felt it was my purpose. I felt full. But how this feels is different.

And like all feelings, this feeling, too, makes me want to create. And I like to talk about it because I want others to know (who may have difficult aspects like Venus Saturn or Moon Pluto or downer charts in general) that happiness is possible. And that  good things that we *can’t* imagine… do happen. And that your chart may not be as downer as it seems.

Now here’s the Kabbalistic part. Happiness: although I’m writing about it here, I don’t look at it directly in the face because that would be to look in the face of God, so to speak, and no one can do that and survive (speaking from the Jewish tradition). So you can feel the awe but it’s always your peripheral vision. Again, sideways happiness. Put on your shades.

I was cooking, baking actually, when all this occured to me and I rushed to clean and dry my hands so that I could type. See? I wasn’t looking, but there it was: the thought in my head and the swell in my heart. I am happy. What is this? asks Virgo Moon. What is this… happiness thing? And it was so simple. I was alone, I was reflecting, I was busy, I was baking. It was soooooo Virgo.

Virgo Moon analyzes the shit out of everything… to understand it better, and to be able to acknowledge because… when good things happen, which can be as simple as a good cup of coffee with heavy cream, we want to know who to thank, we want to say grace. My North Node is in the 6th House, in Pisces, conjunct my descendent. When we activate our North Nodes? Despite any struggle or pain in getting there, things do click over.

What are your thoughts on happiness? Can you see this reflected in your chart?

Note to self: moods come and moods go

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