Sharing The Burden: More Thoughts About Mars In Libra 2014

Giving someone a share of your burden is a mental thing.

And I don’t mean “crazy” mental thing.

I do mean… it’s something you think about, when you’re in relationship (with lovers OR friends) that you… don’t have to hold on so damn tightly (Four of Pentacles) to whatever you have.

Let some of your strength go.

Does that make sense to you? It’s about balancing (hello Mars in LIBRA!).

It also reminds me of the Ten of Wands card and upon seeing this card many readers will remark on the burden you are carrying and guide you to put some of it down. How many wands? How many down? Is it your burden? And so on 🙂


So I woke up this morning (a day off, a beautiful, rare much needed day off from psychic surgery) feeling sick. Actually last night we realized I had a low fever. So frustrating. I love cool weather but I keep getting run down. Plan to take it even easier today.

But I got up to feed the cats and have some decaf (my favorite thing) and started thinking about relationships and marriage and how sharing burdens (activating share-the-burden mind) is more a state of mind than a divvying up of activity. You have to realize what you’re doing.

It made me wonder what you think? How much of the burden are you carrying and how much of the burden do you want to let go or can you let go and how alone are you even in your most intimate relationships. And maybe you would prefer to be alone. Or maybe you have no clue how to get close. And the days pass.


It never fails to amaze me. This fear of getting close. It’s different for all of us 🙂 When I hear from clients or friends who can spend 20 years in a “relationship” and never let their partner see the ugly. See, I can’t help but show it! It comes out! And it’s AWESOME (lol).

Intimacy is a trigger for me (Chiron in the 8th House) and I have more holy unholy righteous anger than a full-time television pastor. My husband, bless his heart, has Mars in Capricorn. He’s got strategy, tactics. Plans are always in the making.

And I said to him: I have NO tactics. NONE. I have Mars in Cancer (and a side note about Mars in Cancer — thought to be an unlucky placement for Mars — a well aspected or powerfully aspected Mars in Cancer can be quite direct and forceful). No tactics. Just a powerful stream of I FEEL. Which, for Cancer, equals I KNOW. But tactics for Mars in Cancer are necessary. Tactics around… not drying up the emotional waters but taking good care of the levee. And learning how to share the burden. Venus in Capricorn lessons. Mars in Libra lessons. Life lessons! AND TO STOP BEING SO GODDAMN TIGHT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE – WITH YOUR LOVE, WITH YOUR STRENGTH, WITH YOUR WEAKNESS.


The Sun is now in Aquarius. We have shifted from strategic, tactical, long range plan Capricorn to “offbeat” Aquarius.

Aquarians out there, how do you feel about being considered offbeat? Strange? Brilliant? Light and radiant? Cold? Detached? Revolutionary? Idealist? Robotic? The scientist who complains you are not being functional and efficient enough. Yes, I do believe Virgo and Aquarius have much in common 😉

I admit I have a fondness for Aquarius — I have three personal planets in the 11th House and my mother always said about me: “she’ll do what she wants anyway.” I think for myself. Not a people pleaser or a trend follower and I’ll think for you too if you ask, ha!

So that’s the story 🙂 Happy Monday!

Love, MP

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