Shame, Bravery, And Saturn (Part 2)

It’s like this: once you get to the very bottom — and you don’t even need to know WHY i.e. despite Saturn in Scorpio (deep digging) you don’t need to excavate every little source of the root of your shame — but once you realize how much shame you do have, that it exists, that it’s there and you go “Ohhhh” and you realize you have notebooks full of it, lists upon lists. Then you are free. Because it’s no longer a secret to yourself.

That’s Saturn at work. Your shame (Scorpio/Pluto) becomes contained, structured, defined (Saturn). You can point to it. The result is that you feel less shitty. OR that you still feel shitty, but in a different way. Some detachment has arrived. Remember that Aquarius (who takes a step back) co-rules stern Saturn.

I can’t explain why this works exactly, but I think it’s true. Because I feel more free now, after watching that video and writing here — than I did two hours ago when I was wondering why I didn’t want to travel across the country on my trip. That’s the affect of these notebooks of shame. But now I know they are there. I can open them up, read them. Erase them. Change them. It’s like the Akashic Records in reverse. (That joke’s for Mary S. :))

There may be a Part 3 to this 🙂 Stay tuned. Keep commenting! I’m reading it 🙂

Love, MP


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