Scorpio Season + You Become The Little Room (Little Broom)

circus fortune tellerWherever I go, I crawl into a little room.

Makes sense to me astrologically. I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Venus in the 12th House.

Got my shell, got my hidden place. I’m thinking about space this morning. The space I live in. And thinking about making space sacred. The different ways we do or can do this. I want to dust the bookshelves today. That’s one way. Even “just” cleaning can move or clear energy.

So we are approaching Scorpio Season. We’ll have a New Moon Eclipse in this sign next week. Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pallas will conjoin in Scorpio, and yes I was writing about this on the Private Blog yesterday. Goddess Energy. I plan to explore this over these weeks, and wondering how you “do,” how you LIVE your Feminine Energy, your Goddess Energy.

Are you Warrior? Are you Lover? Are you Mother? Dreamer? Consort? Wife. Daughter. Artist. High Priestess. Witch. Goddess. Spirit. Cookie Monster 😉

All the roles, and so many more.

fall leavesWhen we moved into this apartment, I christened the little room “my room” although if he had wanted it, made it known, I would have given it up. Or shared it. And it needs work actually… not sure what it needs but ahh Scorpio Season project afoot!

Problems come though when YOU become the little room. When you make yourself small, too small. Too many roles and none of them fit. None of them are you. nine of pents

Let there be a still small space inside you — core strength and peace — but then you grow around it, grow bigger around it. Cushion and protect your core strength and peace.

Scorpio Season comes and the veil thins. Less separation between worlds. But maybe you live like this year round. I feel it more this time of year and it continues, easily, until Christmas, after Christmas, but now it is building, anticipation. Spirits rattling.

And I plan do it up… which means… well… it will be very Virgo. I want it to be very Virgo. Organized in my approach. Dusting the bookshelves isn’t just for appearance or gunk removal but to create space. On the shelves. AND IN MY HEAD. Dust the bookshelves and you have more room to learn. More space. New Knowledge. And I don’t mean Virgo in terms of perfection, not at all, but step by step.

There is someone I want to work with, to learn some spiritual topics from. I think it’s time. I discovered the opportunity existed and I thought: YES. I won’t find out for a few days their response but I will dust the bookshelves with that intention: for best outcome.

I think of my mother — a diary entry I have of hers. She mentioned never being much of a housekeeper and actually she was famous for NOT keeping house 🙂 but later in life she got so much pleasure from dusting, from watering the plants…

This is the Ancestor Time. Time to sweep out old notions and dead energy. Time to welcome helpful cheerful visitors 🙂 whether in body or spirit 🙂

Scorpio Season Little Room Little Broom posts to be continued on the Private Blog. 

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