Schemes & Plots: Today’s Mercury Trine Mars

"mercury trine mars" I got a large soft ice cream.
Chocolate and vanilla twist. Similar to Mr Softee.
Why did I get so much?
I never get large anything but the cups looked small.
So we’re walking home, I get full, and I’m thinking eh I’ll save it…
and then I finish it on the slow walk back.
Warm sweet Sunday. Taurus Season.

It was HARD to get out of the house yesterday.
In one of the chat rooms were were discussing the reason for this because I wasn’t the only one.
Mars moving so slowly now, mere days from going direct.
And then I realized AHA Mercury (travel) square Neptune (cloudy haze).

Were you feeling that way too?

Mars goes direct on the 19th!

Today the Moon is void of course all day in Libra.
Full Moon in Scorpio Wednesday (which will get a separate post).
Mercury is trine Mars and I was writing on Facebook that today may be more about the mind, schemes and plots, than any actual DOING but your mileage may vary 🙂
I’ve got a busy day. Sun is shining.

Love, MP